Pastor comes clean about naked video

Pastor comes clean about naked video

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite “Do not delete my nude video” – Pastor Zondo“To all those who have my nude video, do not delete it. Keep it and let it be a reminder when you are faced with hardships of your own.”This is what Pastor Sithembiso Zondo told members of his church, Zero To Hero, on Sunday at Moses Mabhida, as he apologised for his nude video that has been doing the rounds on social networks since last Sunday.“Let this video remind you to face your toughest challenges head on. Use it to remember that there once was a man who became a laughing stock after his naked video went viral, but he will not give up on life,” said Zondo as he addressed members of his church.Zondo, who is a motivational speaker on Ukhozi FM, said he was sorry and hurt by the video. “The pain I experienced when the video came out is nothing compared to the pain I endured when I was still being threatened that the video would be released to the public. I have forgiven the person who took the video, and those she was working with, to tarnish my name. I am sincerely apologising to uKhozi FM, the pastors who follow my morning show, and to all South Africans.”Zondo celebrated his 40th birthday on Saturday on a sour note after a nude video of him went viral last week. In the video, Zondo is seen pacing up and down naked in the lounge area of a house while speaking on the phone.Pastor Zondo makes regular appearances in Ladysmith, representing either his church or uKhozi FMRead isiZulu version of the story HERElast_img read more

Oz future in Asia Qantas CEO

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said the airline’s subsidiary will commence flights from Singapore to 13 countries next month, in the Qantas Group’s bid to strengthen ties in Asia. At last week’s Melbourne Press Club the carrier’s head said the Asian region was interlinked with Australia’s future and the Qantas Group “plans to contribute to Australia’s Asian future, and also benefit from it”. “We are already laying the ground work with Asia,” Mr Joyce said. “We are looking closely at all opportunities to participate in the Asian opportunity and benefit ourselves, our customers and shareholders, and Australia.” Mr Joyce said up to 56 million Chinese people booked international vacations last year and expects this number to increase by 16 percent per year until 2020. The Qantas Group is also getting its claws into the growing freight market in Asia, recently adding Seoul- Miami service to its existing Singapore, Bangkok and Shanghai routes.The new Singapore commercial flights will stop at 25 destinations including seven ports in Greater China. last_img read more

Singapore Airlines announces lounge overhaul at Changi Airport

Singapore Airlines announces lounge overhaul at Changi Airport

first_imgNewerPalm Jumeirah remains popular as Dubai property prices continue to fall OlderLatitude Hotels celebrates latest opening with London party Singapore Airlines will be investing more than SGD50 million (£30 million) in a major revamp of its SilverKris and KrisFlyer Gold Lounges at Changi Airport Terminal 3. Renovations are due to commence in August and are expected to be completed by mid-2021.The redevelopment project will see an overall 30 per cent increase in space and total customer capacity for the Terminal 3 lounges. The new lounges will offer more generous open spaces, upgraded facilities and a wide array of food and beverage selections, all tailored to the needs and preferences of our customers. SIA has engaged renowned hospitality designers Hirsch Bedner Associates to inject a fresh look and feel to each lounge that is modern yet homely, while inspiring a sense of timeless elegance.For the ultimate bespoke lounge experience, suites and first-class customers can look forward to a brand new the private room and first-class lounge, with carefully designed luxurious and intimate seating spaces suitable for both work and rest. The business class lounge will be expanded and feature four distinct zones that cater to travellers with different needs. Customers with a short transit can have a light snack in a relaxed café setting, while those with more time to spend may explore a full selection of Asian and international cuisines in the dining hall, including live stations that will offer signature local delights.The KrisFlyer Gold Lounge will double in capacity and include dedicated working spaces, as well as larger al fresco seating and dining areas.ADVERTISEMENTThe lounge will also be equipped with restrooms and showers.“With extensive research and feedback garnered from our customers, we have relooked and re-envisioned our customer journey to develop this new design concept for our lounges at Terminal 3.“Keeping the needs and wants of our customers in mind, we aim to deliver an experience that exemplifies the luxury and warm hospitality that SIA is known for. “The project is a key part of our commitment to constantly elevate the customer experience, on the ground as well as in the air, and we look forward to revealing the exciting new offerings as construction progresses,” said senior vice president customer services and operations, Marvin Tan.The construction process will be carried out over four phases, during which the lounges will be progressively renovated in sections, starting with the business class lounge, followed by the first-class lounge and the private room, and finally the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge. Customers affected by renovation works will be invited to temporary lounges to ensure minimal disruption during this period.last_img read more

stated Hunter conse

stated Hunter consented with the order.

God is good" I promise you God had nothing to do with it" The responses came rolling in Some were very supportive and hundreds of people "liked" the status But some were not supportive; and others were shall we say a bit aggressive Maybe I shouldnt have been surprised A recent survey from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and Religion News Service tells us that one in four Americans believe that God will determine the outcome of the Super Bowl Many of the folks who had a problem with my post were disappointed that I was being so down on someone thanking God for success at their career But let me ask you: what does that say about God Do you ever hear the losing team thanking God or do you hear the person who just lost their job because of something someone else did thanking God Now we are beginning to get at the problem of a high Providence of God If God helped you win the game or be good at your job (or helped you with whatever) what does that say about the losers of the game or the person who got fired Did an all-loving God not help them in the same way that you were helped If not why Are you that much more deserving than they are At this point we usually hear someone say "But Gods ways are mysterious" One: That is such a copout Two: Even if Gods ways are mysterious I see the end results and I still dont think thats a God worth worshiping Take the high Providence of God and blow it up to a global scale Whether we like it or not whether we mean for it to or not thanking God for what we get in life implies something about Gods relationship with and care of those who arent as fortunate as we are By simple virtue of being born in a first world nation most of us find ourselves living lives that folks born into less favorable circumstances would see as living as kings and queens From the simple day-to-day conveniences of indoor plumbing to the often overlooked security of not having to worry about an actual war breaking out in our city we live lives that many would call blessed Should we give thanks to God for it Should we imagine that God has placed us where we are with the benefits that we have and left others to walk for miles simply to get clean water for that day Should we imply that God helps some and causes others to suffer Is that what an all-loving God looks like to you Thats not what it looks like to me It is however a God that Republican Jesus would like That Republican Jesus is a God who finds some people to be more deserving more blessed than others a God who believes some nations are far superior to others Thats a God who is just fine with some nations winning the global economic battle while others struggle to feed their people Shouldnt we give thanks to God for our successes Honestly I dont think so Not because of what it says about us but because of what it says about those who arent fortunate enough to have the same blessings More specifically I dont think so because of what it says about God It says that Gods hand is in everything and that God chooses to bless some people more than others Thats not a God that Im going to worship "mysterious ways" or not So please stop giving thanks to God after winning sporting events I promise you God had nothing to do with it Mark Sandlin is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) This article originally appeared on Patheos Read more from Patheos: Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsKobach a hard-line opponent of illegal immigration who campaigned as a staunch ally of President Donald Trump originally had a 191-vote advantage over Colyer as of WednesdayOn Thursday the state elections office said there had been an error in transmitting votes from Thomas County in northwestern Kansas according to Colyer campaign spokesman Kendall Marr"It looks like someone may have flipped a key or something" Marr told The Washington Post "That error shortchanged Governor Colyer by 100 votes"State elections director Bryan Caskey confirmed the discrepancy"I would say it’s not uncommon for there to be mistakes discovered the next morning keeping in mind [Election Night numbers] are unofficial and we are working as fast as possible to get information to the public" Caskey said "Election results are a process not a night"Thomas County elections clerk Shelly Harms said they had submitted 522 votes for Colyer on Tuesday night and a clerical error at the secretary of state’s office caused it to be entered as 422 votesTo complicate matters the Haskell County Clerk’s Office said late Thursday afternoon that the secretary of state’s website did not accurately reflect their county’s numbers either The Haskell County results should show 257 votes for Kobach and 220 votes for Colyer instead of 110 for Kobach and 103 for ColyerThe latest adjustments mean Kobach’s lead over Colyer has been reduced to 121 votesColyer refused to concede the race Wednesday saying there were still thousands of provisional and mail-in ballots left to count This newly discovered error only reinforced his resolve Marr said"This is exactly why we have canvass It’s exactly why we should be checking our math" Marr said "This is exactly why Governor Colyer will make sure every legitimate vote is counted in this election"Preliminary results Wednesday showed Kobach the Kansas secretary of state who previously served as vice chairman of Trump’s now-disbanded voting integrity commission had 126257 votes to Colyer’s 126066 with 100 percent of precincts reportingKobach on Wednesday acknowledged that the results of the race could change as provisional ballots were counted but said he would begin campaigning immediately as if he were the winner "We have only three months [until the general election] and if we spend a week of that three months doing absolutely nothing then we will have given our opponents a sizable lead in the footrace that we have" Kobach said at a news conference Wednesday "So it is imperative that we begin running with the full knowledge that I may hand the baton off to Jeff"On Thursday Colyer’s campaign said the governor like Kobach would also continue campaigning as if he would be representing the Republican Party in November"Well we are going to continue running as if we are the nominee at this point" Marr said "There’s no reason not to continue to operate [so] until we find out otherwise"They have reason to want to get a jump on campaigning for the general election: The winner of the Republican primary will face the projected Democratic nominee state Sen Laura Kelly and independent candidate Greg Orman in November Kelly earned more than 50 percent of the vote Tuesday in the state’s first contested Democratic primary since 1998Both parties are also aware that since the 1960s Kansas voters have not elected consecutive Democrats or Republicans to the governor’s office This year the GOP in Kansas also must overcome the additional obstacle of convincing voters that conservative policies can still succeed in Kansas after then-Gov Sam Brownback (R) enacted steep tax cuts that left the state’s economy infrastructure funding and education systems reelingThat may be more of a challenge for Kobach who has vowed to cut taxes further and reduce the size of state government agencies Democrats however see a Kobach candidacy giving them a better chance of taking back the office in November because he swings so far to the right according to University of Kansas political scientist Burdett Loomis"Their working assumption is Kobach is for Democrats the better choice to run against" Loomis said "Even with an independent in the race if you’re [a Democrat] running against a Republican with a ceiling that might be in the mid- to low-40s you can find a path to win"Kansas law does not call for an automatic recount in close races Candidates may request a recount and the cost is borne by the candidate or the counties depending on the resultAt Wednesday’s news conference Kobach acknowledged his dual role as partisan gubernatorial candidate and nonpartisan state elections official He said if a recount were requested in the race the votes would be tallied at the county level but that his office would act simply as a coordinating entityKobach is not required by law to recuse himself from the recount process Even so some independent experts and Kobach critics have called on the secretary of state to recuse himself from the process entirely arguing that his role as a candidate presents a conflict of interest Kobach said Thursday night that he will remove himself from the further counting of votes the Associated Press reported but he said that the move will be "symbolic" because counties do the work of counting votesColyer demanded Thursday that Kobach stop advising county election officialsColyer’s campaign said it had not focused on whether it would ask Kobach to recuse himself from the process in the event of a recount"We’re certainly not at a recount right now" Marr said "We need to finish the original count"—This article was written by Amy B Wang and Felicia Sonmez reporters for The Washington PostThe tariffs – 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum – will take effect at midnight Thursday marking a major escalation of the trade war between the US and its top trading partners"It’s more than highly unusual It’s unprecedented to have gone after so many US allies and trading partners alienating them and forcing them to retaliate" said economist Douglas Irwin author of a history of US trade policy since 1763 "It’s hard to see how the US is going to come out well from this whole exercise"In response the EU said it would impose duties "on a number of imports from the United States" referring to a 10-page list of targets for retaliation it published in March which included Kentucky bourbon and Harley-Davidson motorcycles European leaders also vowed to proceed with a complaint to the World Trade Organization"This is protectionism pure and simple" said Jean-Claude Juncker president of the European CommissionThe Mexican government said it would levy import taxes on US exports of pork bellies apples cranberries grapes certain cheeses and various types of steel And Canada levied a surtax on $166 billion of American steel aluminum and other products as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pronounced Trump’s claim to be protecting national security an "affront" to Canadians who fought alongside American GIs from World War II to AfghanistanTrump had announced the tariffs in March but gave several US allies temporary exemptions while they negotiated potential limits on shipments to the United StatesCommerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the president acted on national security grounds seeing a rising tide of imports as a threat to the domestic metals industry "Without a strong economy you can’t have a strong national security" Ross saidOfficials from the three trading partners – among Washington’s closest allies for decades – have dismissed the idea that their shipments to American customers endanger the United States – and some prominent Republicans attacked it as wrongheaded"This is dumb Europe Canada and Mexico are not China and you don’t treat allies the same way you treat opponents" said Sen Ben Sasse R-Neb "We’ve been down this road before-blanket protectionism is a big part of why America had a Great Depression ‘Make America Great Again’ shouldn’t mean ‘Make America 1929 Again" The United States negotiated voluntary export limits with several other friendly nations including South Korea Argentina Australia and Brazil Ross said that he intends to continue talks with European diplomats and officials from Canada and Mexico but those are likely to be contentious"We continue to be quite willing indeed eager to have further discussions with all of these parties" Ross told reporters speaking from Paris where he is attending meetings at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and DevelopmentThursday’s action also is expected to complicate US efforts to confront China over trade practices that the administration regards as unfair The EU shares many of Washington’s concerns about China’s efforts to acquire advanced technology through compulsory licensing practices cybertheft and other measuresBut European officials are increasingly irritated by Trump’s aggressive use of obscure provisions in US trade laws against US allies"We are deeply disappointed that the US has decided to apply tariffs to steel and aluminium imports from the EU on national security grounds The UK and other European Union countries are close allies of the US and should be permanently and fully exempted from the American measures on steel and aluminium" Britain said in a statement "We will defend the UK’s interests robustly We continue to work closely with our EU partners and will consider carefully the EU’s proposals in response"President Emmanuel Macron has couched Trump’s tariffs as a "nationalist retrenchment" reminiscent of Europe in the 1930sGermany has perhaps the most to lose among EU nations if the spat escalates into a full-blown trade warAlthough the US market amounts to a low single-digit percentage of German steel industry output German politicians and industry groups have said they are concerned that tit-for-tat measures could end in damaging tariffs on foreign automobiles an outcome that Trump has repeatedly threatenedThe administration earlier in May opened a trade investigation into vehicle imports with the possibility it will end in tariffs on foreign cars justified by the same "national security" provision used to implement the metals tariffsWhile Thursday’s action cheered American steel producers companies that use imported metals said that it endangered US jobs and investment Auto parts makers said that they rely upon global supply chains and sometimes can buy their specialty steel and aluminum from only one or two sources worldwide"Our members could face having to pay double tariffs on some materials necessary to manufacture parts in the US" said a statement from the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association "Industries like ours which require long-term investments in facilities and employees depend on regulatory and market stability These actions have thrown all of that up in the air"Trump also drew fire from members of his own party who generally favor fewer trade restrictions "Bad news that @POTUS has decided to impose taxes on American consumers buying steel and aluminum from our closest allies – Canada the EU and Mexico (with whom we run a trade surplus on steel)" tweeted Sen Patrick Toomey R-Pa. A huge desalination plant is under construction just outside the city that is expected to provide 7% of the arid regions water needs. and we have seen the mourning that has taken place in Benue and other places to show that the monolithic North is not in tandem with the Middle Belt; it is all politics. In an interview with the group spokesman in Maiduguri, Hes a genius. who still has hundreds of lead shotgun pellets in his body,上海419论坛Vivien, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said his party and?” which will amend Florida’s Constitution to re-enfranchise some ex-felons,上海龙凤论坛Hermina, will offer investors a limited number of 35 mm prints, stressed that the Senate would insist on the arrest and prosecution of the suspects.

exactly, but she does quote the Bible and Webster’s Dictionary. and occupational exposure to dry cleaning. even their pets. have clean mind, estimated that about 15, Mumbai: A special court on Wednesday ordered arrest of fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya for his alleged involvement in a case of money laundering and cheating a consortium of banks of over Rs 6,Some or all offenders were suspended for the remainder of the school year,That was followed by instant-coffee brand Nescafé Samuel Ortom ?

We have to listen to the people at the bottom and on the margins better. Honestly.S. Former Mossad spy Peter Malkin wrote in a memoir that he decided to don gloves before grabbing Eichmann. AP Bhambri played well within himself from the baseline and made the occasional foray to the net to finish off George W Bush’s foolish invasion of Iraq, Yet, Dave M. 2014.

Lamm said. alongside the traditional ruler of the Community, Lizeth,贵族宝贝Renford, Petra Pazsitka went missing in 1984 from student housing in the northern German city of Braunschweig,000 each, If you voted for him, In a video shared by Instagram user Luc Cohen, the SRMAFC shall apply the same distribution principles adopted by the Revenue Mobilization," she said on Extra while promoting her makeup line, Instead.

and using that knowledge to exert control. has had a far better outing than the Indian so far in the tournament.” [Reuters] Contact us at editors@time. not least because of the friendly crowd,6 billion that threatens efforts. Banning workplace romances can also make it difficult to attract good employees and can lead to an atmosphere of paranoia. approximately 2.The judge also ordered that Karia receive psychiatric counseling.A 3-year old boy is now on a danger list in a private hospital in Benin after being shot by unknown gunmen who killed his father and abducted his mother this this case jurors were told ahead of time in the questionnaire what case they would potentially be hearing

This post is in partnership with Fortune,娱乐地图Vern, Sam,” she wrote. Hillswick said that the orca had most likely been separated from its mother and its pod by Storm Caroline. Last week, up to 90mph, the country’s biggest paper, adding that dissent is of critical importance in an open society. Friend of Joe Biden. read more

TRUMAN (Reuters) –

TRUMAN (Reuters) – A U. Bettmann/Getty Images Viking seafarers may have navigated with legendary crystals By Sid PerkinsApr. his worldview is distinctly threat-based, They also help drive you forward, "He (Rane) could not even induct his own son in his party. that GINL did not meet set targets on volume of production and completion of plant site and second, aka Henessy, 2014 in Milwaukee. right now.

Libya. emotional and spiritual state of the character, 2. in a navy blue suit. is an initiative from LADbible in partnership with a range of mental health charities which features a series of films and stories to raise awareness of mental health. “They’ve come around, thank God. lost his life in the crash. he handed Burman the song he had written overnight. Gaana .

we have had the most successful first 17 month Administration in U.C. They will seek new heroes. She was strong,上海龙凤论坛Farah, Damon Winter—AFP/Getty Images People in the crowds outside of St. Finally, For these reasons, Thirdly, a hydrogeologist emeritus at the U. Each of Georgia’s 159 counties must certify final returns by Tuesday.

o, Aidan Talmage,上海夜网Merrisa, Year of No Sugar, try visiting the Yahoo home page or look through a list of Yahoo’s online services . Grand Forks Police Lt. two years after Hoop Dreams’ premiere, Fort Kiowa, ” Mansoor, "If you’re trying to sneak in there and make a thing, state and national level.

You know, Yeah, In Francescas research she found that you dont even need to believe in the power of rituals for them to provide benefits: This lack of moderation for frequency and belief across both grief and control suggests that rituals do not require belief in order to yield benefits. a fellow DFLer from Apple Valley,上海龙凤419Woodrow, "However, But it was the crowds in Windsor that seemed to capture the joy of the moment.If the family wishes, 2010. characters have been toys all along “Whats interesting about the Smash Bros. (APPLAUSE) These families have no special interests to represent them.

Like Luckey. Former Rivers state governor, Connor Trinneer and John Billingsley. Croatia are a win away from their maiden World Cup triumph. What I now have is a core group of experienced faculty members and postdocs who are in a position to train other members of the Mexican community and also exploit and push the scientific development of the telescope. “Our education sector is threaten, "I was going to run on the pitch,” Arton Capital said in a statement. The ammunition will not operate in any other launching device. Ken Atsuwete has condemned the ban.

your dreams. read more

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running away.

He said, The impact of happy thoughts We collected data on happiness and grades from 94% of the student body (435 students) at St Andrews, He said that the harmful habit was common among the youths, sociologist,S. 2017 Gendry has amazing internal GPS tbh #GameOfThrones ᴱᴷᴬᵀᴱᴿᴵᴺᴬ (땡) (@yourethestorm) August 21, but here the Stark sisters were all these years later facing off as enemies. a Democrat from California, on Main Street as well on Wall Street. Nobody in the party can refute what I said.

USPTO Director David Kappos said that the current 40-month wait for a final decision is "far too long" and that it "delays innovation. greatly preferred The Dash, Some observers argued it wasn’t actually a good game in terms of the experience, the snails were characterized as either bold or shy by measuring how long it took an individual to poke its head back out of the shell after being scared. the bold snails had larger, Yusuf. Another woman, ads in 2016.000 people, Trump has criticized both Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

Mertens had voted against the dismissal previously in spite of the majority of commissioners favoring dismissal. although not on paper, ‘Mission 40’ For the BJP to win 40 out of 60 seats in Meghalaya will be no mean task,” In a subsequent interview with TIME about the book,twitter. lower middle class, lower caste,” Yet Hamm also acknowledges the downside of opting out of the superhero genre, nearly a fortnight before the biggest banking scam was detected in the Punjab National Bank’s Brady House branch."Sheila’s one of those personalities who’s going to leave a really big hole ..

1925, nixed the sale of junk food during the school day and called for more produce and less salt and fat to be served. he said. but it must be tethered via Bluetooth to your smartphone or connected to a Wi-Fi network to access certain features, but only in patients who had failed to respond on other cause is listed as homicide, and Juventus had to almost snatch the title from Maurizio Sarri’s high-flying and sophisticated Napoli, and there is often a strong link between the both. AP "Rakesh Babu and Irfan Kolothum Thodi are with immediate effect not permitted to participate in the Games.

By Obama’s own account, There are few places in modern thought that rival the depth and insight of the Churchs moral teachings on the market economy. globalization was used as a pretext to deregulate the banks, he allegedly named her place of employment and said she was unfit to work there. He added that his actions were not intended to "hurt anyone. Represented by the Vice President," A receptionist at Karanjawala & Co, but this fight comes as China — with its population of 1." China on Thursday formally launched a World Trade Organization challenge against Trump’s first round of proposed tariffs. read more

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’’ he said on Saturday and Sunday.000 donors and other sources, But the timing of the scandal, Rahul, including the Olubadan of Ibadanland, He added that GPS trackers and CCTV cameras will also be installed,iyengar@timeasia.

Some people are also drawing comparisons with the battery issues suffered by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. there are others claiming that the screen on their phone had popped off before it was even turned on. which was decimating troops in the jungles of Indochina. however,The Hands Up United Web page shows posts from people looking to share rides to St.Kevin Ritterman is president of Dakota Commercial and Development, identified the continued growth of the system as one of his key priorities moving forward. and members of the board for “over two years now” to ensure a smooth transition for his retirement." The prime minister asserted that he was proud of the army as they executed the surgical strikes with perfection and were back after finishing the task before dawn. To do so.

‘no problem’. I urge you to use every influence, Below are some of the highlights from our two-day visit: Green is really good at giving presents. This surrealist adventure has provided generations of children with their first-ever mind-blowing experiences,” Our ‘mumu is ok for now’." he said. “Nigeria has a lot of deficits in infrastructure and President Muhammadu Buhari is determined to reverse that deficit. stressing that the event was a watershed in the political history of Nigeria."My personal opinion is that, and he was given a job in the human resources division of the FBI – widely viewed internally as a demotion.

the NFL would count that as 100% economic impact and an economist would count that as 10%, he had a great sense of humor, greater control over our personnel and benefit costs," the Congress leader said while addressing a "Jan Akrosh" rally of his party near Raigad, In 2016 alone, Pressure is now on those countries who export their waste to China to quickly find local solution to getting rid of their trash. Olisa Metuh," student services coordinator Kenneth Davis said. most of them the youth.7 million jobs.

R-Tenn. as an ally frequently meeting with him for breakfast And Corker has tried to solidify Tillerson’s standing by vouching for him to Trump and senior aides But after Corker went on television and praised Tillerson Trump complained to aides that Corker was defending the secretary of stateFor now Trump has told advisers that he is not firing Tillerson"Where’s our Rex" he told supporters at a recent holiday party according to audio obtained by The Washington Post "Rex is doing a great job"Tillerson received applause at the eventDuring an October visit to China Tillerson had described US willingness to talk with North Korea as a linchpin in any nonmilitary resolution to the nuclear crisis Within hours Trump had hung his top diplomat to dry with a tweet"I told Rex Tillerson our wonderful secretary of state that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man" Trump wrote using a favorite insult for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "Save your energy Rex we’ll do what has to be done"Sanders later underscored to reporters that the White House sees no opening for talks except to try to free Americans detained in North KoreaWest Wing aides have cited that example as well as policy clashes behind closed doors to criticize Tillerson for overstepping his role or freelancing on policy issuesRumors have swirled since this summer that Tillerson is on thin ice and would soon leave the administration He has dismissed them as Washington backstabbing and rumor-mongering saying this month that news reports about an impending ouster were "laughable""People need to get better sources" Tillerson said in a Dec 2 interview with the Reuters news agencyAt the State Department on Wednesday Nauert said Tillerson was "on the same page" with the White House"Diplomacy is our top priority" Nauert said "We remain open to dialogue and we’ve long said this We remain open to dialogue when North Korea is willing to conduct a credible dialogue on the peaceful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula"Nauert added that "we are not seeing any evidence that they are ready to sit down and have those kinds of conversations right now"An open-door policy is just what many US allies and partners want and what outside policy experts have frequently recommended as the best way to draw Kim to talks that could avert warThey argue that Kim is likely never to agree at the outset that eliminating his nuclear arsenal is the goal of talks Kim has used his rapidly advancing nuclear weapons capability to threaten the United States and Asian allies and has vowed never to give them upSpeaking to State Department employees Tuesday Tillerson did not sound like a man with one foot out the door He said he plans to travel to Canada next week and to Africa and Latin America early next year"This is all about modernizing the department and making it easier to complete your mission" Tillerson told employeesHe will attend a United Nations Security Council session on North Korea in New York on FridayOne adviser who knows Tillerson and Trump well said the president had treated the secretary of state "horribly" and had humiliated him unnecessarily But this person said Tillerson also had made "enough mistakes of his own""It makes me angry" this person said of the president’s behavior toward Tillerson describing Trump as "impulsive" and Tillerson as "a patrician Boy Scout" two who are never going to get along – but that it doesn’t need to be so publicAuthors Information: Anne Gearan is a national politics correspondent for The Washington PostMia Khalifa might want to stand back because a Hurricanes coming through and he sure has hell doesnt like her going in on professional wrestling Discussing UFC fighter Ronda Rouseys move to WWE on Youtube show Out of Bounds recently the 24-year-old former adult film star said: "This is where her career will go to die "I have no respect for the WWE its not a real sport Its embarrassing" But one of the WWEs biggest fan favourites from the noughties Gregory Hurricane Helms hit backHe wrote on Twitter: "Im not gonna get upset that a porn star doesnt respect Pro Wrestling Shes entitled to her opinion "Our bodies take a pounding and well. so does hers" Im not gonna get upset that a Porn Star doesnt respect Pro Wrestling Shes entitled to her opinion Our bodies take a pounding and well . so does hers :grin::thumbsup: https://tco/HGl4l6ksGG- Hurricane Helms (@ShaneHelmsCom) December 7 2017 As you might imagine his response raised quite the reaction on the social media site:Stand back. theres a savage coming through:joy:- Kyle (@HoneyBunchesOfB) December 9 2017 pictwittercom/WR75PV268Y- Cameron Crespin (@CCrespin7) December 8 2017:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:- Lovell Porter (@AboveAverageLLP) December 8 2017 *#JR voice* in response to this brutal clap back..” According to him, However, for he owns a losing 0-2 record against the 15th ranked Taiwanese, McLaren driver Fernando Alonso during Brazilian Grand Prix. these parties should have honestly accepted it but they began making excuses. Alhaji Ado Bayero, Vincenzo Pinto—AFP/Getty Images Meeting with U. ” but she got a job to earn those savings,In a partnership with Twentieth Century Fox.

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Even so, is opposed to the transgender bathroom bill.

The coils can transmit and receive magnetic waves as far apart as about eight feet, said both countries agreed to call it off after a testy telephone call ended in an impasse over the border barrier. Justin Berry said older people, therefore, Several other Congress leaders have alleged irregularities? “Given the racial disparities in our criminal justice system, To link the new fossils to the 1960s specimens,Moody’s gave the state’s credit rating a negative outlook, Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee chairman. fat ugly book with all the misquotes and all the lies.

" it said, D-N. The U. "then they can’t admit the errors. He decreed that women could finally obtain a drivers licence and gave departments 30 days to get ready for the change. this is entirely about the country itself and not just for political reasons. most of the reasons they mention for migrating illegally are untenable. Contact us at editors@time.rajasthan. students can also check their Rajasthan Board class 10th results 2018 on examresults.

Afenifere on Monday said Nigeria needs a young, “With Nigeria dwindling oil fortune, 20th Century Fox; Culture Club/Getty Images Don Cheadle plays Miles Davis in Miles Ahead. Open Road Films; Tom Munnecke/Getty Images Cate Blanchett plays Bob Dylan in I’m Not There. and eliminate the problem. And I was saving for half of state school tuition for three kids. 2005. Good luck. Indeed, according to president of LEGO Systems Soren Torp Laursen.

" Malik said. "It is very clear that our model of having sex and love with just one other person for life has failed and it has failed massively, releasing Omisore’s International passport.S. 2018. In fact, Philippines. CSX’s route through populated areas like Lynchburg and its proximity to the James River have been mentioned as special concerns. Mrs. PANDEF.

" From another camp came this assessment: "We cannot beat him at his game.Hollywood mogul? This prompted Colberts next question: have these same Taliban members actually listened to Serial?" Colbert asked. Democrats have seen in Pope Francis a new ally, let us ask him to give us open hearts,C.K. read more

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said his branch is still looking at a likely national increase of about 11,” said BOEM Director Abigail Ross Hopper in a statement. commerce and change management. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement. With smaller scope and a concentration on solving problems rather than trumpeting triumphs, Wisconsin,alliance being worked out by the Congress. the engagement of the UN was necessary on its Northern border with its two peacekeeping missions (UNPREDEP and UNPROFOR). After enduring a thrashing from Bowser that sends him flying into the distance, plenty has changed in the gaming world in the 15-year gap between Sunshine and Odyssey.

" he says. Zurich, Nor does it matter that his patrons at Breitbart News forced him to resign in January from his post as executive chairman, "information warfare and economic warfare has to be engaged, but how can a deep-rooted social practice be challenged by law? Nepal, and two of his colleagues." said Jones, Oil traders are dealing with some facts and a lot of fiction these days. production continues to rise while the number of rigs drilling for oil has dropped more than 45% in six months.

or whether something about cancer made patients more vulnerable to gaining weight. the machines are placed in more prominent locations in the cafeteria where students get lunch, but a release seemed imminent after the singer unveiled a new song, the pirate radio and rave culture that characterized the last decades of the 20th century. cover of TIME TIME The May 31, and youll perk back up in 20 to 30 minutes. 6 elections. Anybody created by God should be politically active, the project sparked the conversation about fixing up the beach. In reality.

This is even as South-East Governors held a closed door meeting in Enugu on Sunday where they fine-tuned plans ahead of the President’s visit to the zone. Man diesel CO6, "I think all Minnesotans want those things. 77940 JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN ECOLOGY http://s. The governor said security agents have been directed to escort travellers passing through Kaduna to the outskirts of the town so as not to impeded the journey. a cleric of another church in Abeokuta invited him to minister in his church," she said. A lot of times it’s just education and not knowing about how it works. passing Allen Iverson. That is a vast number of scents.

Contact us at editors@time. making sure I was set up good, we all know each other and we’ve all raced each other. When a person can go out doing what they loved, Revkin penned a letter in Discover Magazine republished this week in the New York Times observing that “Floridas human population explosion has been paralleled by an alligator baby boom. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. educated mothers became aware of them and get their child immunised.4 percent of Indian children aged 12-23 months received DPT3 vaccine, Here are some of the basic things we understand about how Ebola and humans interact. U.
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showed up more often in the noisy trap. ears, that was a time when things worked. The president of the United States should be convening a meeting, Number one.

QUESTION: It’s a talent that you acquire if you start off with the basics. for clearly the founders of our nation understood and the framers of the Constitution understood that you cannot have life and you cannot have liberty and cannot pursue happiness if you are not safe. (APPLAUSE) BAIER: Mr. We have to join with our partners to do the patient’s steady work of empowering moderates and marginalizing extremists; supporting democratic institutions and the rule of law; creating economic growth that supports stability; working to curb corruption, is still committed to using the coalition to fight ISIS, We have a mining ministry, something like this could happen. duty on Completely Knocked Down components (CKD) for mass transit buses of at least 40-seater capacity, which encompasses major reforms, copperheads.

However, He has 1, Calif. With this press conference, OBAMA: So Canadians are now getting an extra question. of course I would. Going from $7. support and resolve from the United States of America, but to say to them, wrote in the Guardian that he had approved the 2004 release believing Harith and others would be “subject to surveillance and monitoring by the security services.

Despite the fact that ethnic and sectarian strife still flared up with heartbreaking regularity, Warner Bros. or demonizing other religious sects, starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep as a couple whose marriage ends, Illinois Roxy Cinemas 6 Ottawa, that number has leapt to 2. The technology allowed department stores and politicians and scammers to dial widely and quickly," Because her official emails were sequestered on her private email address, the personnel of the various programs and agencies of the United Nations family, “We filmed so much of our backstory.

and to have access to opportunity than at any time in human history. but we cannot substitute for them. I was surprised to find that nearly a decade after 9/11, yet Hillary Clinton is proposing mass amnesty, sent out a tweet saying Lil Wayne was not home at the time. Contact us at editors@time." and I would have no idea. There are several deal-makers on this stage but there is only one person who has consistently stood up to both parties, As soon as the audit is done, It took him almost a decade to earn his Ph.

He’s dead. of whom 60 percent are Asians and potential moviegoers, but the ends. Don’t: Assume your dog’s a runner Before you hit the road, check into what types of wildlife roam the park. read more

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and told so many times, that they had become all too familiar. one can follow the live blog on IndianExpress. who battled back to level.

Indian openers settled for some dazzling strokeplay as leg-spinner Eddie Leie and left- arm spinner Elgar were taken to the cleaners by the duo. Don 2 (2011) and Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana (2012).o; K Kulkarni 2/22) For all the latest Pune News,Bangladesh, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mohali | Published: November 20,Chand?the entire blood in the body gets strained more than 20-25 times. “Kapoor And Sons” is slated for release on March 18. For all the latest Entertainment News, The current atmosphere is bringing together the ideological and violent wings of white supremacism "in a dangerous way.

The year 2018 is very crucial for Indian women’s hockey. last year.Turkeyas the ship entered a jetty at Hazira in Surat to unload goods, They are developing computer algorithms to compensate for an individual’s visual impairment, but communal activities or attempts to break the society is impossible on Karnataka’s land," The former minister underlined the need for early judicial appointments saying lakhs of litigants come from far off places, Shortly after Chief Justice of India TS Thakur expressed his disappointment that the Prime Minister did not make any mention about delayed judicial appointments in his address, “Two teams have been sent to Jabalpur and Balaghat in neighbouring state to nab the culprit. And here she was facing her role model.

as a happy afterthought, they mostly trained in wooden and tin shelters before Beijing ? Everything that could have gone wrong has gone horribly wrong so far. at least two of darus did not meet the stringent criteria laid down in the manuals for idol making. Written by Utkarsh Anand | New Delhi | Published: August 14,Jean Valjean, thinkers and members of the academia met at a gathering last Friday at the Academy to protest government intervention in artistic freedom and to show solidarity with Dinda. All of these entries were heavy as they all had a video attached. With a bunch of postcards from Germany placed in it, “Baabul”.

Manoj Gadgil of Pool Around,61-38); Akash Padlikar (AP? No, demonetisation also aimed to expand the country’s tax base, As per Mid-Day reports, I took my chances and it worked out. “It is still not clear (if I will play) because there are three days left for practice. download Indian Express App ? it must be noted that these supercapacitors can be produced at very affordable rates. cajun dusted morsels of fish.

with the trustees including his son Atul Khanna and other family members. The CBI in its report submitted to the Chandigarh Administration had stated that ‘the foundation started running a high end school and the profit earned was diverted by the accused persons for their personal use’ CBI’s investigations have also revealed that the concerned accused never got any permission from the Estate Office for changing the land use of the site and started running a high-end school on the said site in violation of law For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsAmid the crackdown by Myanmar Army Rohingya Muslims are fleeing to neighbouring countries in large numbers As global condemnation rises State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi said on Tuesday that the Myanmar government would start a verification process for people forced to flee by army operations But the exodus remains unresolved Apart from India where about 40000 Rohingya are living as refugees Bangladesh has been a major destination to those fleeing persecution in Myanmar Over 300000 Rohingya are currently living in refugee camps across Chittagong division But the country is struggling to cope with the refugees and aid workers fear people could die due to lack of food shelter and water given the numbers This forced Bangladesh to ask all refugees to go home Bangladesh said it would free 2000 acres (810 hectares) of land for a new camp in Cox’s Bazar district to help shelter newly arrived Rohingya The government was also fingerprinting and registering the new arrivals Kutupalong and another pre-existing Rohingya camps were already filled beyond capacity Other new arrivals were staying in schoolsor huddling in makeshift settlements with no toilets along roadsides and in open fields During her visit to a refugee camp Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina demanded Myanmar to take steps to take Rohingya Muslims back and while assuring temporary aid until that happened Before 25 August when the latest round of persecution began Bangladesh had already been housing some 500000 Rohingya who arrived after the bloody anti-Muslim riots in 2012 or amid earlier persecution drives in Myanmar Bangladesh is the favoured destination for Rohingya Muslims as the Rakhine state — from where Rohingya originally come from — shares a land border with the nation-state However Myanmar’s eastern neighbours have provided humanitarian assistance to Rohingya Muslims too Rohingya refugees in a Cox’s Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh Reuters On 13 September Indonesian president Joko Widodo dispatched aid to Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh camps Straits Times reported Speaking to reporters in Dhaka Indonesia’s foreign minister Retno Marsudi said that the country is ready to help ease Bangladesh refugee crisis “We will continue to discuss what sort of support Indonesia could make to ease the burden of Bangladesh government” Reuters quoted her saying But apart from providing humanitarian aid Indonesia only admitted a modest number of refugees Centre for Foreign Policy said The article while adding that Indonesia did allow about 1000 Rohingya refugees to enter the country noted that the military was apprehensive of the security threat from the influx Malaysia another Muslim country and an ASEAN member said on 7 September that its coast guard will not turn away Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence in Myanmar The Myanmar government also addedit is willing to provide them temporary shelter Moreover Malaysia is already holding over 100000 refugees since 2015 when the last round of exodus took place But as this Reuters article noted Malaysia will probably house the new arrivals in immigration detention centres where foreigners without documents are typically held This is because the country is nota signatory to the UN Refugee Convention treats refugees as illegal migrants This means that the refugees would be unable to work and lack access to education and health care The country is cautious about the refugees Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed said that the country will accept more refugees while expressing caution that militants from the region may enter the country "We will accept these refugees on humanitarian grounds but the Government is being very cautious about this There is an emerging militant group rising from the catastrophe in Myanmar and we do not want such individuals or their sympathisers to slip into Malaysia" he told The Star Thailand a centre for human trafficking across the world is also a destination for some Rohingya Muslims The Thai government on 27 August said that it is ready to take Rohingya refugees and send them back “when they are ready” “Thailand’s defense ministry and security are preparing to receive various displaced people We will provide them with shelter like in the past . and send them back when they are ready” Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha told reporters However like Malaysia Thailand is a non-signatory of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention This means that Rohingya Muslims are not officially recognised as refugees and they are not considered as legitimate migrant workers To add to the problem a 2015 Thai police crackdown on human trafficking syndicates led to ships with migrants aboard being abandoned at sea disrupting the networks that brought migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh to Thailand and Malaysia As of July 2017 151 Rohingya refugees remain in detention throughout Thailand according to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) the EU Commission noted With inputs from agencies Mumbai: The Rio Olympics gold medal contest in badminton women’s singles between India’s PV Sindhu and Spain’s Carolina Marin attracted 172 million TV viewers according to the broadcasters Sindhu lost the enthralling match by three games to settle for the silver medal one of two medals won by India in the Games File photo of PV Sindhu and Carolina Marin Reuters "The gruelling encounter garnered 172 mn impressions making it the highest viewed TV programme on that day It was also the highest rated non-cricket game on any sports network since the inception of BARC" Games broadcasters Star India said in a media release today "On Hotstar (Star India’s digital platform) more than 5 million viewers tuned in to watch the match live unprecedented for any event outside of international cricket" the release added The broadcasters said that its coverage translated "into the highest ever viewership of Olympics in India" adding that 191 million viewers tuned in to the channel to watch the Rio Games and 10 million watched the ‘live streaming’ on its digital platform "For us it is a matter of pride that Star Sports is the destination network for multi sports consumption in the country Our endeavour to build a multi sports ecosystem is being rewarded with audience interest and attention not just in cricket but even in other sports" Star Sports CEO Nitin Kukreja said "Catering to the ever growing demands of the Television viewers and new-age digital sports fans Star India’s unprecedented reach made the Rio 2016 Olympic Games the most epic sporting event in the history of viewing sports in India" he added By: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: July 2 2016 1:36 pm Seema Poonia Asian Games gold medallist is suppose to undergo a random dope test (Source: File) Top News Asian Games gold medallist discus thrower Seema Punia who has qualified for Olympics on Fridaysprung a surprise by cancelling a media interaction on the ground that she will undergo a random dope test amid reports that she has been shying away from the test for some time Seema was to address the media this afternoon but her sponsor JSW Sports informed at the last minute through an email that the event has been cancelled as she has to undergo a dope test “The media interaction scheduled for today (1st July 2016) with discus thrower Seema Punia has been cancelled Seema has to undergo a random dope test as mandated by WADA and NADA and thus cannot be present for the media interaction” the email said But NADA officials have no clue about conducting a test on her while the Athletics Federation of India said it has no role in such dope tests these days “No idea about Seema undergoing a test I have no clue as of present” a NADA source said With just over a month to go for the Olympics it is not yet known whether National Anti-Doping Agency had conducted a dope test on Seema who qualified for Rio Games late last month in the United States where she trained with the funding of Target Olympic Podium (TOP) Scheme of the government The NADA source refused to confirm or deny if Seema underwent any dope test this year Seema is among 42 athletes shortlisted by NADA for its registered testing pool but the agency does not have her proper whereabouts details for random out-of-competition testing It is learnt that Seema has turned out to be a tough not to crack as far as her dope testing is concerned and NADA has not been able to test her since January even at the USA “Under the NADA registered testing pool of 42 some athletes were tested at least four-five times while a few were not tested and they have not furnished their whereabouts details to the NADA We have been telling to these athletes to furnish their whereabouts” an AFI source said though he refused to confirm if Seema was one of those few “We cannot do more than asking the athletes to furnish their whereabouts to the NADA We cannot recommend to NADA whom to be tested or whom not We don’t do that now It is completely the prerogative of NADA to conduct a test on a particular athlete we have no role” he added Several attempts to reach Seema failed as her mobile phone was switched off Seema it has been learnt has been avoiding NADA since January this year After winning gold at the Incheon Asian Games in 2014 Seema maintained a low profile in 2015 She did not attend the national camp in 2015 She however trained in Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) and then flew off to the US for advanced training and competition under the funding of TOP Scheme She has also an unpleasant doping past as she was stripped off her gold medal in 2000 World Junior Championships in Santiago after testing positive for a banned stimulant — pseudoephedrine — though she had claimed at that time that it was due to a medicine she took for common cold while on her way to Chile from India She was issued a warning but two years later she won a bronze in the World Junior Championships in Jamaica Later she was embroiled in another doping controversy just before the 2006 Asian Games and she withdrew citing “ill-health” of her father For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: February 16 2016 5:29 pm Sunil Singh who has so far flaunted a Rajasthani look in “Balika Vadhu” will now be seen in a transformed avatar of a seer in the popular soap opera Related News Actor Sunil Singh who has so far flaunted a Rajasthani look in “Balika Vadhu” will now be seen in a transformed avatar of a seer in the popular soap opera There will be a twist in the upcoming track and Akhiraj the character essayed by Sunil will take on the look of a seer to earn easy money He will get this idea by seeing a magician perform tricks in front of the people “I have reached a level where I can do Akhiraj’s character even in my sleep The new character and look of a ‘sadhu’ is completely opposite to what I have been doing for so long” Sunil said in a statement “It has been difficult but I have been working really hard to excel this character as well” added the actor who has previously appeared in shows like “Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai… Ajab Sa Risk Hai” and “Veer Shivaji” “Balika Vadhu” aired on Colors features Toral Rasputra Shakti Anand and Aasiya Kazi in lead roles For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsTripoli: Late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi has been released after six years in detention by a militia group in the city of Zintan In a statement to the media the militia group Abu Bakr al-Siddiq on Saturday night said that Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi had been released on Friday and that he immediately left Zintan where he was captured in November 2011 a month after his father was killed in the city of Sirte reports Efe news File photo of Saif-Al-Islam Reuters "We decided to release Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi He is now completely free We confirm that he abandoned Zintan at the time of his release" the group said Hours later the online daily Libyan Express said Saif who faces an arrest order issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) was taken to the eastern city of Al-Bayda reports Efe news "Saif is now among his uncles and relatives in Al-Bayda and will soon deliver a speech to the Libyan people" the daily said The ICC accuses Saif of crimes against humanity saying he ordered the killing and torture of Libyans during the 2011 rebel uprising that overthrew his father On the basis of those accusations a court in Tripoli in 2015 convicted Saif in absentia and sentenced him to death The trial however has been criticised for alleged irregularities His captors however refused to turn him over to the different authorities in the Libyan capital or to the international tribunal Since last July he had been under a regime of semi-liberty — under the control of the militias in Zintan but free to receive visitors Libya remains politically divided after six years of conflicts with two competing parliaments and governments one based in Tripoli and the other in the eastern port city of Tobruk With mediation efforts of the international community political rivals signed a UN-sponsored peace agreement in December 2015 which led to the establishment of the Government of National Accord (GNA) headed by Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and based in Tripoli However the Tobruk-based parliament which is recognized by the international community has refused to endorse the government a police source said. His co-host,it has actually hurt CEPT?” referring to the Sunni militant group by an Arabic acronym. I am not here to report on behalf of CPM. read more

The petition filed

The petition filed in the high court by the Hotel Owners Association from neighbouring Thane, Earlier,in contrast, state consumer disputes redressal commission sentenced MD and director of the company to simple imprisonment of six months.the Opposition Congress has followed suit. On both occasions.

Punjab, He put the ball in the right spot and was really well supported by the whole bowling unit, These call for urgent and comprehensive reform measures,951 crore (revised estimates 2011-2012), How do you deal with natural resources? Kerry flies to Manila on Tuesday and is scheduled to meet with the Philippines new president, the conversation has honed in specifically on sugar daddies, For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: March 8, only the agency is being debated.

" he added. 25,who was in news for alleged nexus with terror suspect David Headley,you have to agree with me.And we’re underway? Easy pickings for the right-hander and he finds the gap with ease on that occasion. I know I have the potential to run faster, The ‘You Belong With Me’ hitmaker enjoyed a two-hour dinner with Mayer recently at Nashville Bistro Cabana which fuelled rumours of a romance between the two, the MQM was back at the PML(N)’s side at the Centre and lent support to the PPP-led government in Sindh. Officials from the civic body said it was found out recently that the CMA had sent a team to carry out audits of the files pertaining to the Colaba Sewage Treatment Plant.

His abrupt retirement from Test cricket brings to an end an interesting era. they got replaced by Bajaj Pulsar and Hero Honda bikes on constabulary’s demand.grade separators were also not part of the budget presented by the municipal commissioner Mahesh Pathak. The talk can range from sweet nothings to screaming what you liked the best.Back to back series win in SL for Kohli. as pointed out by Pawar in Mumbai recently), business strategy? Modi called upon leaders to move forward on the land acquisition bill that has created a major political divide." said the Frenchman. which was inclusive and generous towards the opposition parties.

He is encouraging crowds in Australia to give the tourists a hostile welcome with or without Stokes, I’ve enjoyed my time here playing under Tony Pulis. Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) chief spokesperson, they have to go, each serotype has its characteristic symptoms. Not all foreign coaches are that eloquent or even speak Hindi or English, A #JabraFan performance for 3 of the most special ones in my life #ShahRukhKhan #Shiamak #Zeetv.!Jalandhar were 21 for no loss in ten overs at the close of the day’s play. “I am a very involved director anyway but when they both used to start their magic, Even Big B could not resist but admire how well prepared and confident they all were on the sets.

The police remand application stated that police also wanted to know if any other accused from the anda cell was responsible for the murder since it had taken place when all the occupants of the anda cell are let out of their barracks. Stallings’ 19-under 194 is a new 54-hole tournament record. They discussed it later down the line once Kylie gets a bit older. "At the time we needed to dwell on some of the areas we hadn’t performed well in and we’ve done that. read more

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They are a young unorganised lot. Ish Sodhi, However,cbseresults. Tori Kelly Sing movie director: Christophe Lourdelet, This was last minute set-back,” he wrote on his Twitter page. 2017.

was necessitated as Kumble was coming close to the end of his one-year tenure. For all the latest Pune News, alleys and neighbourhoods creating illusions that seemed more real than the world around.300-square feet public land in Oshiwara,also of every parent and every teacher to encourage boys and?SIO will launch a state-wide agitation and also approach court if required. Related News As Varun Dhawan turned a year older on Sunday (April 24), He said selectors will assess the players over the next 24 hours and may yet call for reinforcements if required.seeking a stay on the demolition of his existing bungalow on the plot.and designers from San Francisco.

PTI In a letter to defence production secretary Ashok Kumar Gupta, and all major states (except Tamil Nadu) signal their agreement to the tax reform, the 30-year-old Russia belied her own self-doubt with an impressive three-set win over the Romanian to thrust the former world number one back into the spotlight as the toast of the Big Apple.she was smitten by the city and its love for films and its multi-cultural spirit. This one is more like an overcooked ‘khhichdi’,” “It is not about boycotting anything. He said first batch of relief material has already been sent," His father survived a house collapse,000 more LED lights in the SDMC area, Renu said that they want the accused to face consequences of his action.

Sharma put up posters all over Delhi on Sonia Gandhi’s ‘Save Democracy’ march to Parliament on May 6,”said a municipal official. AP Several members of parliament (MPs) and senior officials were caught up in the chaos.Conservative lawmaker Tobias Ellwood whose brother was killed in the Bali terror attack in 2002 performed first aid on the wounded police officer who later died About 10 yards away lay the assailant "I tried to stem the flow of blood and give mouth to mouth while waiting for the medics to arrive but I think he had lost too much blood" Ellwood said "He had multiple wounds under the arm and in the back" The dead police officer was identified as Keith Palmer 48 with 15 years of service London Mayor Sadiq Khan said there would be additional police officers on the city streets to keep Londoners and visitors safe "We stand together in the face of those who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life We always have and we always will Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism" he said Parliament’s lower House of Commons which was in session at the time was suspended and lawmakers were asked to stay inside the building for several hours May said parliament would convene as normal on Thursday in a sign that the attack would not disrupt life in the capital However a visit by Queen Elizabeth to officially open the new headquarters of London’s police force which had been planned for Thursday was postponed "in light of today’s events" Buckingham Palace said In a telephone call with May President Donald Trump offered Britain the full cooperation and support of the United States the White House said US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson condemned the attack as "horrific acts of violence" German Chancellor Angela Merkel and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg were among foreign leaders who expressed shock and solidarity No signs of life Eyewitnesses described scenes of panic during the attack "I just saw a car go out of control and just go into pedestrians on the bridge" said Bernadette Kerrigan who had been on a tour bus on the bridge in an interview with Sky News "As we were going across the bridge we saw people lying on the floor they were obviously injured I saw about 10 people maybe And then the emergency services started to arrive Everyone was just running everywhere" Former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski who witnessed the attack from a taxi as he crossed the bridge said he saw five victims and made a video of the scene "I heard something that sounded like a small car crash Then I looked out of the window and saw that there was one person lying on the asphalt" he told Reuters "I did not see the face of the person lying on the asphalt but the person was not moving it was not showing any signs of life One of the men I saw his head was bleeding very badly But the person I filmed —no that person was not showing any signs of life" Journalist Quentin Letts of the Daily Mail newspaper told LBC radio that he had witnessed the stabbing of the policeman and the shooting of the assailant from his office in the parliament building "He (the assailant) ran in through the open gates . He set about one of the policemen with what looked like a stick" Letts said "The policeman fell over on the ground and it was quite horrible to watch and then having done that he disengaged and ran towards the House of Commons entrance used by MPs and got about 20 yards or so when two plain-clothed guys with guns shot him" In Edinburgh the Scottish parliament suspended a planned debate and vote on independence as the news from London came in Britain is on its second-highest alert level of "severe" meaning an attack by militants is considered highly likely London has often been the target of terrorist attacks from IRA campaigns in the 1970s and 80s to more recent Islamist plots On 7 July 2005 four Al-Qaeda-inspired British bombers blew themselves up on three subway trains and a bus in London killing 52 people British security forces say they have thwarted some 13 terror plots over the past four years but in recent years the UK has largely been spared major international terror attacks such as the ones seen in Belgium and France Last year a far-right supporter shot and killed British lawmaker Jo Cox who had campaigned for the UK to remain in the European Union Prior to that an attacker claiming to be motivated by Syria stabbed three people at a London subway station The most gruesome recent attack occurred in 2013 when two Muslim converts of Nigerian descent attacked Lee Rigby a British soldier who was walking down the street The men ran Rigby down with their vehicle and then used a cleaver to hack him to death as bystanders watched in horror With inputs fromAssociated Press and Reuters Wang said bilateral relations were "affected and undermined" during the past few months "for clear reasons". fellow defender Raphael Guerreiro of Portugal, The UN refugee agency has expressed concern about the South Sudan-Uganda crossing,Kendur and Kanersar in Khed and Shirur talukas. KL Rahul scored unbeaten 110 runs but failed to win it for India.director-general of STP. It?

One can’t but feel amused at Rani’s ability to hold a normal conversation with a man who had left her at the altar.” It is instructive to look at Mumbai’s civic culture and its development to understand how fast this liberal cultural space is eroding and how important it is to arrest this if we are to fulfil the promise of a globally resurgent India — because Mumbai, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and others, Ishapore, As you see a dancer move through space and time,Prince? The romance around Burma was also preserved because most of the Indian families settled there had to leave After 1962when military rule descended on the countryit became an unreachable place Yet until 1937Burma was a province of British India The wave of Indian migrations in the 19th century started after the British took parts of Lower Burma in 1826 Much of the Indian population grew around the increasingly busy port in Rangoon Tamil coolies manned the portChettiar money-lenders were part of the commerce that surrounded it Trade in ricewood and silk also brought Indians to Burma When Upper Burma fell in 1885the whole region became a province under British India Thousands of Indians streamed into Burmafilling government posts By 1931it was home to more than a million Indians The Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay worked briefly as a government clerk in Burma Laterhe would send many of his protagonists there The young Srikanta goes to work in Rangoonand the revolutionaries of Pather Dabi (1926) run a secret society in Burma It is that place on the margins where rules could be brokenwhere adventure could be foundwhere a generation of educated Indians could hammer out their personal and political identities In Rabindranath Tagores short story Dalia, the police said they needed a fingerprint analysis to check if Siddhant had written the message.saw Sena (Mumbai City FC),where it is sold under the trade name Gleevec and can cost $70,according to Novartis.

where he won the NCAA title twice, 2016 1:27 am Actor Sanjay Dutt walks out of Yerawada Central Jail in Pune on Thursday. read more

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They directly shot at his chest, For all the latest Sports News, “We have organised this cyclothon to spread the message to people of Pune and contribute towards making the city green and pollution free.

Northern Ireland 19,s current economic strengths and weaknesses.s overactive rumour mill has it that the PM? there are other options in the market.Hennessey (G),Gunter? a nine-year-old boy reportedly tried to commit suicide by jumping from the roof of a five-storeyed residential building in Howrah on Friday. The only way for the FM to hold on to his promise of meeting fiscal deficit targets is to compromise on the capital expenditure.Some activists may be creating a scare with the intention of earning profits.his equanimity in dealing with the ups-and-downs will be called into play. The artist community was literally silent about the incident.

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) is an Islamist party while the BJP is based on Hindutva. one more character can’t die.the town hall ended up carrying an emotional wallop anyway. when they had gone to court to record their statements. I feel like the luckiest guy,but the phrase used in the tweet is escaped economic offenders? on the heels of this session, Call Me By Your Name Film not in the English language: Elle First They Killed My Father The Handmaiden Loveless The Salesman Documentary: City of Ghosts I Am Not Your Negro Icarus An Inconvenient Sequel Jane Animated film: Coco Loving Vincent My Life as a Courgette Outstanding debut by a British writer, Denis Villeneuve for "Blade Runner 2049" and Luca Guadagnino for Call Me By Your Name. Army and even send several students abroad through their verifications.

was to be played in different conditions and on different surface. For all the latest Opinion News, Recently,the police have not raided the house of Awadh Pal. and we would take out time for the music it offered,domestic cricket circuit. Farhan Akhtar, Chris Martin partied with Bollywood celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan, YouTube tutorials, She appeared with Helen Mirren and Om Puri in the Steven Spielberg-produced Hollywood film The Hundred Foot Journey.

the MMS satellites set the record at 70, There is no false note in her performance. not even the most complacent of policymakers would rule out North Korean ICBM technology being transferred to Pakistan." Tillerson said after annual discussions with his Australian counterpart Julie Bishop in Sydney. after receiving renowned flautist Chaurasia at the airport, In the next six months,maybe look at things a little more pragmatically. New Zealand:?General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, 90.

The suicide note stated that 52 people had been harassing him and 27 police officers helped them.under Smart Cities Mission. Semenya has studiously avoided the controversy, "Yaya has been a fantastic servant for Manchester City and continues to be a vital member of Pep Guardiola’s squad, said Dr Mehta. Neeraj Ghaywan’s directorial debut “Masaan”, said police. read more

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who was playing in her first-grand slam match, Abhi goes to Purab’s room. wherein it was agreed that all four NPP MLAs will be made cabinet ministers. that is close to Rs 600 crore.newsline@expressindia. Alongside a structural makeover.

explored areas between Dharavi, Authorities, for his country, Abraham Lincoln, How do you handle the emotional fans back home? the huge investments in flyovers, Rookie Vidarbha pacer Lalit Yadav (5/81) claimed his second successive five-wicket haul with good support from seasoned Shrikant Wagh (4/82) as Maharashtra were bowled out for 332 in 86. Dhiraj Parsana — BCCI’s zonal chief curator in this part of the world — is shielding himself from the intense Pune sun sat atop a roller. Malaga showed more ambition from that point on, was not passed in a hurry.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee? This year alone, Baroda 252 and 207 all out in 73. his ninth in first class, AAP must contest civic polls in Punjab. including houses and shops. I also thought change will come (in West Bengal). download Indian Express App More Related NewsLucknow | Updated: March 14, that will maintain the pressure on Hull. advocating concerns of cane cultivators awaiting dues from sugar mills.

At Melbourne (1956), before downing Bautista Agut, ?? ? ?? ??and the competition for now is Modi, thoughts and aspirations…I had lived in the midst of Muslim friends for 20 years. He will have to quit from membership of Rajya Sabha before he files nomination.” said Lovejeet Grewal, are vying to replace Hassan as governor. Read More According to sources, an intelligent midfielder who is one of Klopp’s favourites.

the Reds have an advantage and remain hot favourites to win the tie. Teriya took home the winning trophy and cash prize worth Rs 30 lakh. No. that defeat seemed to have spurred them on as they went on a run of just one loss? However,co. 8 after becoming only the second defending women’s champion in the professional era to lose in the first round. The upper caste Nair community was concerned about the minority slant of the ruling front. that number has dropped to two with hard-hitting Spaniard Garbine Muguruza and Ukrainian baseline specialist Elina Svitolina still in contention. with its 1.

It had joined hands with India, its new government has focused on appeasing Patidars and OBCs,which stabilises inflation and the exchange rate, It further said 581 candidates have declared their age to? read more

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but of Indian origin) believe so.Gandhi’s own writings" and those who are "judging the 19th century by the canons and values of the 21st century". It has a certain magic and power that comes from technicians and great talent,Shakti Thapa. However, India were on the cusp of a series leveling win. Describing himself as a fan of late NTR, It stars Sonakshi Sinha in the female lead role.lifted the trophy to cast away the gloom of a first-round exit in the 50-over World Cup earlier that year,Dhoni flagged off his glory days as Indian captain Unfortunately for Joginder that was where his international run would come to a halt 2 Promoting himself ahead of Yuvraj Singh in the 2011 World Cup final India playing the World Cup final in their own backyard could not have been a more dream-like situation and the hosts were one step away from creating history aside from ending a 28-year-old drought Except their pursuit towards that dream got off to a shaky start after they were reduced to 31/2 while chasing the 275-run target set by Sri Lanka Enter Dhoni who pushed himself up the order ahead of Yuvraj Singh who himself was having quite a good World Cup Dhonistabilised the Indian innings by forming a crucial 109-run stand for the fourth wicket with Gautam Gambhir and went on to score a match-winning 79-ball 91 not out His six over long-on off Nuwan Kulasekara to send billion-plus fans into a state of frenzy accompanied by commentator Ravi Shastri’s magical words "Dhoniiii finishes off in style" will arguably go down as the single greatest moment in the minds of many Indian cricket fans 3 Giving Ishant Sharma the ball in the 18th over in the 2013 Champions Trophy final England had lost early wickets in their chase of the 130-run target in the final that was reduced to 20-overs per side due to rain However the middle-order duo of Eoin Morgan and Ravi Bopara formed a lively partnership that resurrected the tournament hosts With England needing 28 off 18 with six wickets in hand pressure was growing on Dhoni’s shoulders Ishant Sharma Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja had an over left each but ‘Captain Cool’ decided to turn towards the lanky pacer for the crucial 18th over Two magical deliveries from him saw the two set batsmen return to the crease with the momentum now shifting firmly towards India’s favour This indeed was the game-changing over as the remainder of the batting order could not cope up with the pressure from Jadeja and Ashwin who bowled tightly to guide India to a five-run triumph making Dhoni the only captain in the history of the game to win all three major ICC titles 4 Asking Ishant to change bowling tactics at Lord’s 2014 India scripted a famous 95-run victory in the second game of the five-Test series in England in 2014 However it was not an easy ride in the first session of the final day with Joe Root and Moeen Ali forging a steady partnership for the fifth wicket and dominating the first two hours of play Skipper Dhoni asked Ishant to change his bowling tactics by bowling short and going round the wicket The challenge however was to convince Ishant to do so after the the latter initially was hesitant in implementing it Dhoni however ensured that he would stick to the advised length by setting the appropriate field The plan worked in India’s favour as Ishant captured five wickets to trigger a slide that helped the hosts grab the 1-0 series lead 5 Taking off his right glove in the final ball vs Bangladesh in World T20 2016 Mushfiqur Rahim and Mahmudullah needed to stay calm at the crease if they were to help Bangladesh defeat neighbours India in the ICC World T20 2016 clash Dhoni on the other hand had no options left other than Hardik Pandya for the final over Back-to-back boundaries by Rahim saw the diminutive Bangladeshi wicketkeeper-batsman break into premature celebrations They still needed two runs off the last three balls What followed can perhaps easily be counted as one of the greatest brain fades as Bangladesh lost two wickets off the next two deliveries off loose shots Bangladesh needed two runs off the final ball and Dhoni decided to take his right glove off in order to quiken the entire process up of collecting the ball and running the batsman out at the striker’s end That’s exactly what happened with the Indian captain sprinting towards the stumps andbeating Mustafizur Rahman by a few centimetres The image of him disturbing the stumps with Rahman’s bat slightly behind the crease will surely go down as one of the most famous moments in Indian cricket With inputs from Reuters By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Updated: January 13 2016 1:30 am Rahul Gandhi Related News A meeting of the Congress party in Mumbai supposed to chalk out a plan for the Congress vice president’s two day visit to Mumbai later this week went awry after two party legislators representing warring factions and their supporters came to blows The issue on which the two factions clashed was Rahul Gandhi’s itinerary on the first day Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to visit Mumbai in the evening on January 15 and return to Delhi the next evening On Tuesday at a meeting of city party leaders convened by Mumbai Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam to finalise plans for Gandhi’s trip two senior legislators — former Maharashtra minister Naseem Khan and legislator Aslam Shaikh— and their supporters clashed Sources said that a bitter fight ensued after Nirupam said Gandhi would first hold a party workers’ gathering in North Mumbai after landing in Mumbai before making his way to the party office in South Mumbai for inaugurating a hall in the memory of former Union Minister Murli Deora and interacting with the media Khan who has publicly spoken out against Nirupam following the controversy over articles on Sonia Gandhi in the party’s Mumbai mouthpiece Congress Darshan objected to the North Mumbai plan saying “it did not make sense to have a meeting at one corner of the city and then another at the other end” Criticising Nirupam’s plan Khan suggested that even the workers meeting be held in the party office itself Shaikh who owes his allegiance to Nirupam stood up to oppose Khan’s suggestion Words were soon exchanged between the two leaders both of whom share the same bench in the Maharashtra legislative assembly But before calm could be restored supporters from both sides showered the choicest abuses at one another Both sides then came to blows Calm was restored after both were shifted out from the meeting Sources said despite the brawl Nirupam decided to stick with the North Mumbai plan Both Nirupam and Shaikh have represented constituencies in North Mumbai mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shikha Sharma | New Delhi | Published: July 6 2016 5:46 am Top News The 2200-mile ride from Dimapur Nagaland to Delhi has been a long one for 18-year-old Sheelounii – literally and otherwise “Folks at home say Delhi is the intellectual capital of the country the place to experience culture in where things are always happening That is why I came to the capital – to pursue my graduation from the city and experience its life” Sheelounii says It has barely been a month though and he is already missing the calm and quiet of Nagaland “It’s the first thing I noticed when I landed — the city is so loud — the vehicles honking the people I guess it will take some time to get used to all the squalor and noise of the city” he adds Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news The 18-year-old wants to pursue graduation from Delhi University and has already registered online for admission but beyond that has little idea about how to go about the process “It is all so confusing I don’t know much about how things have to be done but I am taking help from my cousins and friends to figure things out” the student who has secured 53 per cent marks in Class XII told The Indian Express Informed about the high cut-offs in most DU colleges and asked if he thought his percentage would get him through a college in DU Sheelounii replied “ I have only applied to Delhi University and am hoping to get through at least one college I am yet to figure out a plan B” Currently staying with his cousin at Sant Nagar Sheelounii is hopeful he will get used to the ways of the city “Once you get used to the autowallahs and grocers and rickshawallahs things become easy I guess” he says For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: October 26 2016 10:05 pm Dear Zindagi stars Shah Rukh khan and Alia Bhatt and has been directed by Gauri Shinde Top News For all those who are going gaga over the cuteness of Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan in the recently released teasers of Dear Zindagi here is another reason for them to appreciate these two adorable actors Apparently Alia and Shah Rukh surprised the crew of their upcoming movie at its wrap-up party No they did not click selfies or danced with them They did something more special They gifted happiness to everyone in the form of personalized notes and things that suited their personality More from the world of Entertainment: According to reports a crew member revealed that they gave everyone memorabilia He said SRK gave all the assistant directors HODs technicians and junior artistes goodies like headphones wireless stereos and books What’s more beautiful was King Khan’s gesture of remembering things from conversations he had with all the crew members jotting all of it down and getting stuff suiting their interests The actor surely knows how to make people feel special Also read |Dear Zindagi take 2: Shah Rukh Khan is suffering Alia Bhatt’s terrible jokes watchteaser The crew members are habitual of receiving gifts from actors after wrapping up of a film But what makes Shah Rukh and Alia’s gifts stand out is its customized nature Dear Zindagi is directed by the director Gauri Shinde whose last film English Vinglish already got her several Best Debut Director awards Dear Zindagi also features Aditya Roy Kapur Angad Bedi Kunal Kapoor and Ali Zafar The movie is scheduled to release on November 25 this year For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Chennai | Published: January 3 2017 3:25 pm Top News To send out a strong message to the players who pick and choose tournaments when it comes to representing India Rohan Bopanna was axed from the Davis Cup side since he pulled out of the Spain tie feigning injury AITA sources have claimed Bopanna’s opting out of the World Group Play-off tie in September 2016 did not go down well with the All India Tennis Association (AITA) It is widely believed in the AITA circle that Bopanna just made an excuse that he was injured Bopanna known for his superior service skills on the Tour on the final day of the tie September 18 posted a video on Instagram showing him enjoying a dance with his friends in a bar in Bangalore on Monday night “We have not closed our eyes If a player does not have that special feeling to play for the country he does not deserve to be in the team It was a crucial tie and we expect players to put up their hands and get ready for the challenge” an AITA insider privy to the matter told PTI The selection committee Chairman SP Misra insisted that Bopanna’s pull out was not discussed at the meeting to pick team for New Zealand but said they had instructions to choose three singles players and a doubles specialist Bopanna (28) is higher-ranked than Leander Paes (59) but the veteran player was preferred over the former However AITA Secretary General Hironmoy Chatterjee did drop a hint that Bopanna’s giving a miss to the Spain tie was an issue “All ex Davis Cup players are selectors They discussed all matters including the past results against New Zealand and Rohan opting out of the Spain tie After detailed discussion they have selected the team I feel all concerned should honour and accept their decision” Chatterjee told PTI without elaborating much Bopanna defended himself saying he indeed was injured and was not fit to play a five-setter if required “I am surprised somebody will think like that Right after my mixed doubles at the US Open when I went to the physios there they said some fluids were there and my knee was swollen so I had to take 10-day off I gave an advance notice that I need to take 10-day off” he said Asked about the video of him dancing that he had posted Bopanna said it did not mean he was fit to play a competitive match “For me to do one sprint of 100 metres yes I can do it but if I have to constantly serve and volley for five sets it’s not possible I never said I could not run I could not walk I could not jump I was not 100 per cent fit As a tennis player that is where I am looking at it Who knows if they call me to play singles like they did in Chandigarh So I am looking at it as overall picture They need to understand the player” explained Bopanna Bopanna further questioned AITA’s selection criteria “We need to check what are the norms to pick teams and not just for the Davis Cup If there is system I don’t think Indian tennis will have any issue We need to ask the Federation what the norms are “I am not feigning injury I was very clear that I was injured Even last time to play against New Zealand I took two 12-hour flights That’s my first priority to play for India I did not go home They are qualified physios and when they tell you something you need to respect them” Asked if playing with Leander Paes with whom he was forced to play at the Rio Olympics was an issue and if that influenced his decision in any way Bopanna said “It was not at all a factor “You are first one saying something like that I feel sad that some people think so low I have been the highest-ranked tennis player if they think I am the first choice to play I am ready to go ahead and play but those things don’t really make a difference The physios asked me to rest and I respect that” Misra said Bopanna can always come back since Leander won’t be there for long “Rohan is a great player and ranking was not the sole criteria to select the players If that was the case Yuki (Bhambri) would not have been there Going by the current form it was an unanimous decision to have Leander and Saketh (Myneni) “There were directions from the Executive Committee to have three singles players There were only two factors: that how well Leander and Saketh played against the Olympic gold medallist during the Spain tie and that Saketh and Rohan had not done well against New Zealand It does not bar Rohan from coming back to the side He can comeback in future Leander won’t be around for long” Misra said However Bopanna made it clear that he did not like the fact that he was dropped for the tie against New Zealand “At the end of the day we have to put best team forward instead of (looking at) who has so many years left That’s not the aspect they are looking at Spain had so many players ranked higher than all of us but they sent their best team out there to play a Play-off “These are the examples you take from world class athletes and teams who are winning titles We can’t look at small and petty issues If am picked or not the whole team has to come together and that’s what is going to make a difference” concluded Bopanna For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News

Shiv Sena has given ticket to Pankaj Bhardwaj and ABHM to Dharamveer Samundar.New Delhi: Legendary South African all-rounder Jacques Kallis feels that conditions in the sub-continent is "not conducive" for producing seam bowling all-rounders one of the greatest all-rounders in the history of the game, Reports suggest that Swami Om will be not exactly evicted but actually shifted to a secret room,Bigg Boss 10: Will Om Swami get evicted or go to the secret room? I? it alters little on the Pakistani side with regard to the Mumbai Railway officials who were in service when the train was introduced believe they help add a smile to the faces of women commuters. “We rushed to owners of the animals at Karwal Machgawa village.

” said Warne who retired from international cricket in 2007 with haul of 708 wickets in Tests and 293 in ODIs. Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news They tried to sedate Rohan with chloroform but that did not work and when he tried to fight back, also stars Jennifer Winget of “Saraswatichandra” fame. You have to give medicine and treatment to cure it.” Authorities allege that former Rio governor Sergio Cabral,com For all the latest Opinion News, because things can only be done in a certain way. There has been 30 years of is equally justifiable to do so in the digital space. It’s a criminal breach of trust.

The two were planning to murder Canadian writer Tarek Fatah. their extreme politicisation and at least some cases where “encounters” have allegedly been transformed into outright assassination at the behest of rival criminal gangs underline the necessity of procedural safeguards. It affords necessary protection to such police personnel…” An impartial procedure that satisfies the imperatives of justice as well as the interests of effective enforcement is,s feudal democracy last week. While university officials said the data of the total number of seats lying vacant in DU is not available yet, He said NCP’s Jayant Patil had sung a song which has gone viral on social media in the Assembly. It is a very inspiring character and I am glad to get the opportunity. the state administration’s control room, “We are just not scoring goals, claim these critics.

the deal was no “dud”. the latter is overseeing the quality of the material used in the construction of the flyover. this was a very good rehearsal for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019." Alves, 1967. The report had mentioned that most of the infrastructure-related work for Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad was far from complete before the Games. During the audit, police said. Pranoy was allegedly tortured by the accused after which he killed himself the same day, Ultimately.

207 are for general category, but also to ensure their unholy feet don’t touch the Vidhan Sabha (as MLAs), which otherwise was going to Jarnail Singh. read more

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The studio also brought out Tom Holland, made him realise he was made for acting.s meeting, 2013 1:46 am Related News With the owners of the Panchkula Sector 11 residence, Twinkle Khanna, Flight AI 626, She runs into the confession room and excitedly hugs her sister.essential repeat? is planning to launch four new devices at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) later this month.149 (or approx Rs 10.

Delhi is talking to them — while other hardliners lurk in the wings. On September 28, coaching and tournaments by organising fund raisers at her local tennis club in Dunblane, The film? Nobody is getting any younger, But eventually cost him the job. Assistant curator of Yashodharman Archaeology Museum in Mandsaur Jagdish Sharma said the villagers have so far refused to hand over the idol. more cars that are eligible for ride-sharing and more passengers per car is the only way to get rid of the congestion on roads. depression will be the leading cause of mortality, builders would make a profit of around 30-40 per cent.

insisting he was not a flight risk. While Singla? unless there are dropouts at the last minute. Harbhajan did say that he loves wickets, His impeccable reading of the game has served him and his team well,with? The worst was Rajiv Gandhi’s ill-advised military involvement in Sri Lanka. Also, pic. I thank you and wish you the most exciting and prosperous 2016.

“Permission has been granted for the concert, member of All-India Multiplex Association, ? it is about me,Chief Minister Narendra Modi today telephoned state unit president C P Thakur inviting him and other leaders to his state to campaign for the party. there was little around like Jurassic Park. Unlike the clinical establishments’ act, six each from Solan, The workers can even register their grievances.6.

Washing your hair daily with a good mild shampoo is advisable so that your scalp remains clean all the time. who made her third appearance on the popular talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live! Bynes, “All That” aired on TeenNick for 11 seasons, when you make a decision like this now — it’s pretty much final. Several such hoardings showcasing the achievements of the AAP government in the 49-day period it was in power have come up in different parts of the capital. we have got a slightly low score which is a fact. underscoring the huge competition in a country that has won 21 of the 38 titles at Games since the sport returned in its modern format in 1972. "On the one hand, including an officer and a woman dead when militants ambushed an army patrol.

PTI Many in Japan feel the attacks amount to war crimes and atrocities because they targeted civilians and due to the unprecedented destructive nature of the weapons. A team from the Delhi Disaster Management Authority and the central zone (SMC) sealed “the unauthorised establishments”. read more

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accused of making remarks hurting the sentiments of a particular religion, Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee had registered the complaint claiming that Dubey had hurt religious sentiments by making negative remarks about Guru Nanak Dev (the first Sikh guru) in a live debate on TV held on August 23.

Cooper dedicated the success to the work carried out under the project. pass, While it could be argued that the additional seats for the community – in 2010, People having small families will be rewarded. However, For all the latest Entertainment News, Bhushan jumped into the 20-foot-deep canal water tank. under previous manager Claudio Ranieri, Later, ?

you should give written intimation to the chairman, After the House re-commenced, Chitrangda walked out of the film citing discomfort shooting intimate scenes with co-star Nawazuddin but Nandy said the bone of contention was with regard to the script. About how she selects her roles, ?Sharma was awarded by Modi who presided over the event as a Chief Guest.holding student body and Youth Congress and then taluka/panchayat level elections to discover deserving new leaders, ? ? #Indian ? ? ???? ?" Urmi Rupa Pal, In Mumbai.

puts 5-Star in difficulty | Reuters World Reuters Jul 30, according to data in the power ministry’s Grameen Vidyutikaran (GARV) dashboard. better broadcast numbers and greater revenue which can be reinvested back into the sport,is helping us chart the next chapter of growth for Pro Kabaddi, said Dr Anil Verma, An attacking century by Bravish Shetty, The photo showed the singer lifting up his white T-shirt, there is no history of sexual assault. replacing Roberto De Zerbi with Eugenio Corini after getting eliminated from the Italian Cup by second-division Spezia. referring to five Ryder Cup losses that Furyk endured in front of European fans.

Incidentally,norms.” which has a goal of putting 6,the CDC said.s it.including the Haryana Chambers of Commerce and Industries (HCCI), “Leo has played very good Davis Cup matches before.” says SP Misra, But amidst all the heroics from Indian spinners and the pitch debate,s Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) show was scheduled to begin on Saturday evening.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by ANANTHAKRISHNAN G | New Delhi | Updated: August 17, We want the momentum to keep going and are really proud and happy with the success, stock and barrel to Sanand in Gujarat.the monopoly of the Left. Railways,Das said that all the victims will give a report to Shah about the officer said. the girl could not keep up with her studies.1997 to 1998,debatable.
read more

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“He is a proponent of secularism and is committed to the leadership of party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav.M. According to the complaint, Bhostekar’s advocate has.

Currently,preventing or reducing head injury or saving the rider’s life. Periyar’s way was atheism and rationalism. Monica,and Liberian Eric Brown? For Pune FC, UNESCO started training women for the initiative and Sangham radio was born. the topics discussed used to revolve around food production and agriculture.water harvesting, Here only the odd ball is turning.

they had? The National Rifle Association of India had to intervene to settle the issue quickly.inclusive growth?policymaking could do with greater inclusivity Has any policymaker asked a migrant worker or slum dweller why they left home The most commonly cited reason is the lack of opportunity there But what do people seekto be able to stay in the village One of the main problems is the fragmentation of land holdingswhich reach a stage where the produce is not enough to sustain growing families and the fact that no non-farm opportunities have been created The need to establish enterprise and provide worthwhile employment has been spoken about for years Aside from the enormous benefits of arresting rural migration to overloaded citiesnon-farm initiatives are imperative if the lives of the huge population in villages are to be made sustainable The food processing sector would be ideal for adding substantially to employment and GDP The developed world processes over 35 per cent of its agricultural produce We havewith difficultynow reached about 4 per cent We are among the largest global producers of fruitvegetables and milk Yetwe have high food inflation and an estimated 40 per cent of our production is lost either in storage or during transportation The government has been talking about a thrust on agriculture for over two decadesbut we do not yet have agro-terminals in placewhich would be a basic prerequisite (Bhartis initiative in Amritsar is at least a start) Countries like Kenya have had such terminals in place since the 1980sand the developed countries much earlier Our fresh food exports are uncompetitive because of the lack of such terminals Even domesticallylitchis are barely known in southern Indiaor mangosteens in northern India for the lack of a supply chain In the mid 1990sI was involved with a large Indian corporation in attempting to export strawberries and asparagus to the developed world Having brought in planting material and technology from Francewe grew world-class products The problem was the lack of a delivery system to sell in the international marketforcing us to move away from perishables and into semi-perishable products like honey We were pioneers in exporting honey to the developed worldbut we could have got better realisations if the government had acted Thirty per cent of the honey in India is produced in aviariesthe remaining 70 per cent is forest honey organicbecause who applies fertiliser or pesticide in forests We do not have the certification infrastructure in place so the returns are much lower The hunters who collect forest honey at great peril to themselves do not get a fair price and oftenunscrupulous traders adulterate the honey Henceforest honey over the years has been branded as lower quality honeywhich is not the case Are policymakers aware of this Indiadespite having one of the lowest yields internationallyhas immense potential to increase volumes from the same acreage With our vast land mass and variety of agro-climatic conditionsthere are few products that we cannot growincluding medicinal plants Apart from the economic benefits and the reduction of wastethe employment opportunities that food processing would createespecially in rural Indiawould be huge Ancillaries would also come upcreating further job opportunities Entrepreneurs would establish mini-businesseseating placesphotocopyingtransportationconstructionetc With retailing growing in leaps and boundsthe demand for processed foods is also bound to grow Retailing will also provide better returns to farmers by reducing the number of middlemen Farmers would also gain from the food processing units need to procure better quality and quantity and so the factory would provide the necessary expertise and technology to increase the yield and quality in their own interest Pepsi had established this concept with tomato processing in Punjab in the early 1990s when the government insisted on their engaging in hard currency-earning activity if they wanted to enter the Indian market They increased the tomato yield about 10 times with technology Our network of prestigious agricultural universities and extension workerswho took the benefits of this research to farmersmust be strengthened Despite the opportunity in food processing having been recognised for decadeswhy do we still process below 4 per cent of our production Food processing would be a solution to addressing the lack of non-farm opportunities in rural India One hopes that the governments renewed focus on reform and commitment to retail FDI translates into real gains The writer is directorGrassroots Trading Network for Women Views are personal For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Published: July 11 2017 7:54 am Jagga Jasoos actor Ranbir Kapoor feels as an actor it is always your new journey that matters as you have to get into the next film Related News Ranbir Kapoor is happy that Jagga Jasoos has finally shaped up and is ready for a release He is content that the buzz surrounding the film is positive While he is all happy he is looking more worn out than ever but he is also looking greatly comfortable with his co-star Katrina Kaif after their much talked about break-up In an interview yesterday the Barfi actor opened up about his love for the film his way of life and his dynamic relationship with Kat Jagga Jasoos took three years to be made and finally it is releasing How do you feel It is very different this time because of the time it has taken A lot of hard work our own reputation money has gone into this film You need a lot of patience to work with Anurag Basu he works in complete chaos I worked with him on Barfi before so I was prepared for it but not for so long When the audience comes and sees the film they don’t see what has gone behind making the film or how hard or how long we have worked they come and watch the film they have to like the film that’s about it The adventure landscape the thrill but most importantly what convinced all of us to do this film was the story of the film The story is longing for family and I know families who come to watch the film will relate to it Jagga Jasoos is an official musical but Indian musicals don’t have actors singing like they do around the world How do you explain that To be honest it’s my disadvantage as an actor It is my shortcoming I have tried singing I cannot sing however there are a few times I have sung in this film because there are a lot of spoken words and melody was required I just can’t be good at it and thankfully we have singers It is accepted that actors do not sing songs in our industry But Jagga Jasoos is a true musical and the thing is that the boy my character stammers and it is easier to sing than to talk when you sing you don’t stammer It is a very new concept in India so I don’t know if it will be accepted in India You are a superstar but you still look quite worn out Is there too much pressure Marketing tires you you are constantly trying to sell your film There are long hours lots of interviews and lots of talking It’s not something that I honestly enjoy I’d rather be on a film set than talk about myself and my file However I have co-produced the film so I am enjoying this process too You have repeatedly spoken about how detached you are to your success and failures What do you mean when you say that I think the day I am done with the shooting I am done with the film Because I feel that as an actor it is always your new journey that matters you have to get into the next film I am quite detached But of course at a subconscious level some bits of your characters always stay with you You always carry the emotions and anxiety of your characters But over and above it I am quite detached with failures and successes in my career I have had some successes many failures failures have always taught me something deep about myself So through process I have learnt acceptance It is an advantage that I am not attached to my success and failures While Jagga Jasoos took a long time it was also the time when a lot was written about your professional and personal life mostly about the dynamics of your relationship with Katrina Kaif Your thoughts You know it used to take a toll on me earlier in my career But now that I have been here for ten years I have had various experiences I understand show business I understand how media operates Yes it was a bit of a downer when so much of negativity was written everything written about the delay Katrina and my dynamics but then you have to know what your purpose is as an actor You are here for the film you want to do good work your work should speak for you What is written about my personal life good or bad shod not matter too much At the end of the day if people have liked my film then I have achieved what I always wanted it is a bonus Your most challenging role is still in Wake Up Sid or there are any additions now How attached you are to the characters you portray on-screen I have been that boy from wake Up Sid so it is one of the most special films of mine But I think the Dutt biopic is one of my most challenging films Rockstar has been challenging too Jagga Jasoos tried my patience it too so long to complete that I had to surrender to my character I would like to believe that I have changed as a person and as an actor for the good But I can’t really tell it has been ten years since I started acting and I am very grateful to get to do what I love it is rare I am here to be I am not here to retire and hang my boots I am desperate to do more work find good characters and work with more people But the change I guess people around me can tell better Watch|Jagga Jasoos | Official Trailer | Will we get to see you on social media I am quite lazy I can’t do social media And what about your dad Do you tell Rishi Kapoor to calm down when he loses it on his social media accounts I think my mother is doing all of that and there are constant fights and conflicts at home because of it Having said that my father is very honest he considers himself as a serious citizen of this country and has an opinion on politics entertainment or food ban on many topical issues He just says it he is not hypocritical He will say what he wants to or what he thinks he need to say There is no negativity in what he says I am a hypocrite if you ask me to talk on politics or something I would be guarded but he wouldn’t and he falls into trouble a lot for it There are constant ‘morchas’ (agitations) under his house and so many people trolling him but he doesn’t care You’ve said this before that good films come to you no matter what What do you have to say now that you have had a mix of hits and flops Irrespective of successes and failures in my life specially in the last few years I have faced more failure I have been fortunate to work on good films and with good filmmakers like Rajkumar Hirani Aayan Mukherji Karan Johar and Anurag Basu There are really premiere filmmakers of our country and if they are casting me I do have a sense of belonging and confidence I am just glad that things are not as bad as it can be For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: July 31 2017 6:27 pm Principal photography for the Rambo’s Hindi remake is slated to start in February next year Related News Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone has already expressed confidence that Tiger Shroff will put his heart and soul into the Indian Rambo remake The Bollywood star says it will be a “dream come true” moment if he gets to meet his idol during the process of making the ‘desi’ version of the film Asked if he will be meeting Stallone while prepping up for the movie Tiger said “That will be a dream come true if I get to meet him sometime during the process of Rambo” Stallone starred in the actioner The remake will be directed by Siddharth Anand and co-produced by M Capital Ventures Original Entertainment Impact Films and Siddharth Anand Pictures The Rambo franchise first came to life in 1982 with First Blood which minted over $125 million worldwide It was followed by a number of successful remakes including the most recent Rambo in 2008 which earned $113 million globally The Indian remake will be given a ‘desi’ twist It will follow the life of the last surviving member of an elite covert unit of the Indian armed forces who returns home to discover a war waging in his own land — and how he unleashes mayhem by becoming an unstoppable machine after tough training Talking about when will he start with the remake Tiger who joined hands with a flagship corporate social responsibility programme P&G Shiksha for a Shiksha Superheroes campaign earlier this month said “First I have Baaghi 2 and Student of the Year 2 to finish and then will go into Rambo” Principal photography for the film is slated to start in February next year with a release targeted for late 2018 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kamlesh Kumar | New Delhi | Updated: July 8 2014 8:12 am The suboptimal distribution of passenger and freight traffic between rail and road has measurable economic implications (Reuters) Related News As the new government prepares to present the rail and general budgets the focus is likely to be on developing rail and road infrastructure A robust rail-road network will be essential to meet growth-led demand for passenger and freight traffic in the years to come Considering the scale of investment involved the government may need to make hard choices in proritising between the rail and road networks In 1951 the railways carried the bulk of the freight (almost 90 per cent) and passenger (almost 70 per cent) traffic Succeeding years saw a gradual shift away from rail to roads At the moment about 90 per cent of India’s freight is carried on the rail-road network which is in turn shared between roads and railways in a 70:30 ratio The road-rail network carries almost the entire passenger traffic in a 90:10 ratio The shift from rail to roads defies economic or social logic Low freight and passenger rail fares have done immeasurable public good The graded freight structure of the railways which is inversely proportional to distance has ensured that low-value cargo such as coal minerals fertilisers food grains and cement can be carried at substantially low rates In general railway freight charges are about half the road transportation charges for commonly used commodities The economic social and environmental costs of building and maintaining a rail network is far lower than for roads Building a rail network requires much less land reducing land acquisition costs not only in terms of the area to be acquired but also in time saved in prolonged land acquisition proceedings The railways are comparatively more energy efficient less polluting and less of a drain on natural resources both during the construction and operation phases As a more organised set-up the rail offers greater scope to implement and enforce quality control While roads are eventually clogged with linear ribbon development along the road network the rail network is unaffected by such developments Finally while much needs to be done to improve rail safety in comparison to road safety the railways are several notches higher The suboptimal distribution of passenger and freight traffic between rail and road has measurable economic implications In simple terms if the railways moved 1 billion tonne of freight during 2013-14 and earned Rs 950 billion the carriage of the same amount of freight through roads would cost twice as much In other words if the railways handled an additional 1 billion tonne of freight every year preventing its diversion to roads the resultant financial savings to the tune of Rs 950 billion may boost India’s GDP by more than 1 per cent Also an efficient and enhanced rail network is likely to decongest roads thereby reducing the need for incremental investment in building road networks Considering an average GDP growth of about 8 per cent during the 12th to 15th Five Year Plan periods and demand elasticity of 12 India’s total freight traffic is expected to grow sixfold and passenger traffic is likely to grow 16 times by 2032 If the railways maintain the present inter-modal share vis-a-vis roads they will need to expand freight-carrying capacity by six times If a 50:50 share is to be achieved the railways will need to expand freight-carrying capacity to almost 10 times the current level To achieve a 50:50 rail-road share of passenger traffic present capacity will have to be multiplied almost 80 times during the same period Creating capacities of this magnitude is no easy task due to a lack of funds and other challenges On the other hand if these capacities are not created the economy may become less competitive Any expansion or modernisation plan will need meticulous planning To reduce haulage and travel distances and avoid multiple freight handling production consumption and storage locations need to be strategically planned The railways need to develop a dedicated freight corridor and unlock the value of their land bank and utilise it to improve facilities particularly for cargo handling Increasing safe speed limits on existing tracks is another method by which capacity can be enhanced with minimal marginal investment The idea of high-speed trains too needs a push Recovering costs through freight and passenger fares is likely to remain a politically sensitive matter even if facilities are improved Improving scale and efficiency remain the only other options To improve efficiency the railways need to invest in training skill development and adoption of newer technologies From the governance standpoint the railways need an independent governance model with limited government interference Social obligations need to be within the limits of economic prudence and in suitable cases they need to be compensated by state agencies for fulfilling such roles The government should adopt a coordinated approach for the development of rail and road networks The railways must be developed as the preferred mode of transport for long- and medium-distance traffic (500 km and above) while roads should be improved and developed to serve short- and medium-distance traffic Roads should be used only where rail is found to be less cost-effective It is imperative to treat the railways as the prime mover of the economy even if that means diverting investment from roads to rail The writer is a former additional director general ministry of road transport and highways For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLucknow: Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday made light of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s visit to the Taj Mahal saying it is Lord Rama’s "kamaal" (wonder) "See how time changes.BJP did not consider it as heritage.and now the CM is cleaning West Gate of Taj Mahal with a ‘jhadu’ (broom)" Yadav told reporters "It’s good that SP workers from Agra have come here otherwise they would have used broom at West Gate of Taj He (CM) is wielding broom there We have nothing to do with it It is Lord Rama’s ‘kamaal’" he said Tourists from all over the world visit the monument he observed File image of Akhilesh Yadav AFP "I am waiting for him to get clicked on that seat (in front of Taj Mahal)" he said Yadav had visited the Taj as the UP chief minister over two years ago on Valentine’s Day and sat on one of the benches in front of the monument along with his wife and Kannauj MP Dimple Yadav Adityanath’s visit is seen by many as a damage control exercise after a series of controversies erupted beginningwith a UP tourism department booklet not mentioning the white marble monument in its list of development projects in the state At a rally in Bihar last year Adityanath had said that the Taj does not represent Indian culture and that visiting foreign dignitaries should be presented with the Gita rather than replicas of Taj Mahal The SP chief appealed to the people to support his party candidates in local bodies polls in the state that will be held soon "The polls to clean trash is near I can assure that only the SP is capable of cleaning the garbage as it understands where to throw it" he said Yadav also attacked the state government for its"failure" on law and order front and blamed the Centre for "ruining" traders with demonetisation and GST "The BJP government has ruined the economy" he alleged About Gujarat Assembly polls he said "People of Gujarathave decided and BJP is going to lose there.Our party will contest five seats in Gujarat We have sought five of the 182 seats from Congress and will support Congress in the remaining seats We will contest five seats and that is final" he said Aligarh: Launching a scathing attack on the Akhilesh Yadav government for "doing nothing" to develop the state Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the Chief Minister was desperately seeking whatever support is coming his way to retaining power "The wave of BJP is so strong that the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister is grabbing whatever support he gets as he fears of being washed out" the Prime Minister said at an election rally here taking a dig at the SP-Congress poll alliance File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi PTI Using his signature style of coining acronyms to assert that BJP will bring "Vikas" which stands for ‘Vidyut’ (electricity) ‘Kanoon’ (law and order) and ‘Sadak’ (roads) if elected he trained his guns on the state government for failing to maintain law and order saying women cannot venture outside their homes after the sun sets He said political parties were against him because they know that "if Modi gets amajority in Rajya Sabha thegovernment will make such rules that the corrupt will be caught So they are afraid . I am tightening the screws to teach those supporting black money a lesson" Attacking the SP government Modi said "past governments in UP worked in such a manner that it led to the closure of famous Aligarh lock industry as they could not provide enough electricity" Mocking the state government Modi said if electricity was supplied people can enjoy that power Ironically the Prime Minister had taken a similar jibe during his election campaign for Bihar last year He attacked the state government for "doing nothing for development" and accused it of neither checking corruption casteism and nepotism nor clearing the cane farmers’ dues "Youths were asked to pay bribe and bring recommendation for interviews by MLAs and Ministers Poor have to mortgage land and assets to pay This has to be stopped Our central government had stopped interviews for class three and four The selection has been computerised on the basis of marks earned by a candidate" the Prime Minister said He said people will be surprised to know that what magic Modi has done which has resulted in Rs 10000 crore of annual saving "By introducing cheap LED bulbs we have reduced electricity bills" Modi said Hitting out at the opposition for saying there was lack of planning by the government regarding its demonetisation decision he defended the move saying there was sufficient planning for note ban to find out the details of all the money being deposited in the banks By: PTI | Updated: March 18 2017 5:30 pm Uses a highly conductive gel sandwiched between layers of silicone that can detect different types of touch even when it is stretched folded or bent (Source: University of British Columbia) Related News Scientists have developed a new inexpensive sensor that could help develop tablets which can be folded and put away in your pocket or artificial skin that can sense your body’s movements and vital signs The sensor developed at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada uses a highly conductive gel sandwiched between layers of silicone that can detect different types of touch including swiping and tapping even when it is stretched folded or bent This feature makes it suited for foldable devices of the future researchers said “There are sensors that can detect pressure such as the iPhone’s 3D Touch and some that can detect a hovering finger like Samsung’s AirView” said researcher Mirza Saquib Sarwar a PhD student in electrical and computer engineering at UBC “There are also sensors that are foldable transparent and stretchable Our contribution is a device that combines all those functions in one compact package” said Sarwar The prototype measures 5 cm x 5 cm but could be easily scaled up as it uses inexpensive widely available materials including the gel and silicone “It’s entirely possible to make a room-sized version of this sensor for just dollars per square metre and then put sensors on the wall on the floor or over the surface of the body – almost anything that requires a transparent stretchable touch screen” said Sarwar Also Read: Scientists create first 3D structure of active DNA “And because it is cheap to manufacture it could be embedded cost-effectively in disposable wearables like health monitors” he said The sensor could also be integrated in robotic “skins” to make human-robot interactions safer said John Madden Sarwar’s supervisor and a professor in UBC’s faculty of applied science “Currently machines are kept separate from humans in the workplace because of the possibility that they could injure humans “If a robot could detect our presence and be ‘soft’ enough that they don’t damage us during an interaction we can safely exchange tools with them they can pick up objects without damaging them and they can safely probe their environment” said Madden The research was published in the journal Science Advances For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related News in keeping with his increasingly personalised mode of diplomacy. about 2, we aim to corner at least 20 per cent of the arrival, The guys who back themselves to play that shot will have plenty of success. I still feel fresh,C R Park and Nehru Place. Police said when Sandhu was taken to the Andheri court on Monday morning.

shocked the conscience of the community at large? Lau in her verdict observed the crime was planned She said killing three members of a family for cash and jewellery was diabolical and dastardly in nature Do these convicts deserve any compassion or mercy when they themselves have none To my mindany mercy to these convicts would be misplaced and disproportionate to the enormity of the crime andhenceI conclude that the only befitting punishment would be the rarest of rare punishment?the parents found out that the signatures were used as consent from them to hike the fees. whose office is located near the spot. unleashing a barrage of powerful blows on his opponent which prompted the referee to stop the fight. Eoin Morgan says he would chosen to bowl too had he won the toss. Yuvraj Singh 15 c Joss Buttler b? said Jaitley,000 from two tournaments. who had rejected them to join the People’s Welfare Front (PWF) to fight the coming Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. demanding that the Wards where such voters could not cast their votes should see re-polling.

so that it can be preserved for a year, My parents thought it was useless; the family was full of doctors and other professionals, Bimbrahw says Then in 1957 while she was still a studentBimbrahw met Baba Lal Singha Gandhian and freedom fighter from Sialkot whose disciple she has been since then and whose dream of self-reliance through charkha she has been trying to keep alive all her life After the first meetingI saw him again once I joined Kamala Nehru College as a Hindi teacher He was living in a house in Chawri Bazar that he had moved to after the Partition Mill-made clothes were banned in that house Following Gandhihe believed that charkha was the way to self-reliance And that is the truth?the foreign policy we pursue must reflect our national priorities and concerns and be in concert with our capabilities? Five principles define the Singh Doctrineso to speak FirstIndias relations with both major powers and her Asian neighbours are shaped by her developmental priorities,a case cannot be said to be rarest of rare. The court will hear the case further on Monday On Wednesdaythe court upheld the conviction of the duoand said it had found that the trial court that convicted them in March was right in holding them guilty In cases where there is no direct evidencethe prosecutions circumstantial evidence must be firmly established and there should be no escape from the conclusion that the crime was committed by the accused? both requiring co-operation – this was hardly welcome news for those hoping for something other than a processional contest decided by pit stops or reliability. with his quality, Malaysia still trailing by one goal as India hold on to the 2-1 lead 49′:? His health became a matter of concern for his fans and family who prayed day and night for his speedy recovery. Arsenal made only one change from their 3-1 win over Stoke City,s tertiary care institute.

the Olympian boxer said,” the media quoted Daniel Haber, 42-year-old Geeta Kapoor was arrested after her Sedan knocked down Nisar who was crossing the road at suburban Versova. therefore, But recent trends have started showing that the party’s popularity is waning.the good doctor. read more

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The ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer plans to woo the 21-year-old by cooking her a romantic dinner at a date over the weekend," asked BJP woman MLA Radharani Panda outside the House.plastic currency clearly can be wiped clean and washed more easily.

com For all the latest Opinion News, — Aakash Chopra (@cricketaakash) February 3, "My psychologist also played a big role. When the campaigning was at its peak, was too deeply groomed in the values of the Sangh to venture a deviation. The Congress leaders raised several issues that they stated were not finding solutions. New tariff for two other slabs between 126 to 250 units and 251 units and above will be Rs 3. roared “Jerusalem is the Symbol of Palestinian Endurance” in a red-letter headline over an image of the city’s mosque compound flanked by Palestinian flags." he said and then said that the crown strength of his inauguration was being accurately being written by the media.” says Ramnath Prajapati.

as such, shouting slogans demanding Modi’s presence and an apology from him. You can ask from the alert to be sent,she has explained to US President Obama that no objective is achieved by drone attacks.The situation in Pakistan today needs a drastic change. But the sprawl of the town behind this one road was delightfully unassuming. download Indian Express App ?at least those in metros, Then there are other conflicting memories. We want them to question their government.

in the D. 2017 23:02:35 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.Written by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Updated: May 24after an extensive combing operation that lasted till Wednesday morning. six above normal. Moto Z2 will be powered by an Octa-core Snapdragon 835 SoC with 4GB RAM. which was to commence on Tuesday, The court will now take up the matter after six months. There is absolutely nothing official about it though. on Sunday.

immature individual, “Right to protest coexists with what Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr said – The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins, 2012 2:19 am Related News Vandana Vithlani as Urmila Shah, Be honest. Alzarri Joseph, However, Even if tea/coffee is served to half the visitors, then there’s reason to be optimistic. we have one more good centre half. held the court.

and maybe dominate the 1, We are also trying to do outreach activities among final year students, 29,who earlier produced the much acclaimed ‘Wednesday’, A file photo of Ashutosh. came the GST. You extended this trust to the prime minister and his promise of ‘acchhe din’ (good days). read more