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“He is a proponent

“He is a proponent of secularism and is committed to the leadership of party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav.M. According to the complaint, Bhostekar’s advocate has.

Currently,preventing or reducing head injury or saving the rider’s life. Periyar’s way was atheism and rationalism. Monica,and Liberian Eric Brown? For Pune FC, UNESCO started training women for the initiative and Sangham radio was born. the topics discussed used to revolve around food production and agriculture.water harvesting, Here only the odd ball is turning.

they had? The National Rifle Association of India had to intervene to settle the issue quickly.inclusive growth?policymaking could do with greater inclusivity Has any policymaker asked a migrant worker or slum dweller why they left home The most commonly cited reason is the lack of opportunity there But what do people seekto be able to stay in the village One of the main problems is the fragmentation of land holdingswhich reach a stage where the produce is not enough to sustain growing families and the fact that no non-farm opportunities have been created The need to establish enterprise and provide worthwhile employment has been spoken about for years Aside from the enormous benefits of arresting rural migration to overloaded citiesnon-farm initiatives are imperative if the lives of the huge population in villages are to be made sustainable The food processing sector would be ideal for adding substantially to employment and GDP The developed world processes over 35 per cent of its agricultural produce We havewith difficultynow reached about 4 per cent We are among the largest global producers of fruitvegetables and milk Yetwe have high food inflation and an estimated 40 per cent of our production is lost either in storage or during transportation The government has been talking about a thrust on agriculture for over two decadesbut we do not yet have agro-terminals in placewhich would be a basic prerequisite (Bhartis initiative in Amritsar is at least a start) Countries like Kenya have had such terminals in place since the 1980sand the developed countries much earlier Our fresh food exports are uncompetitive because of the lack of such terminals Even domesticallylitchis are barely known in southern Indiaor mangosteens in northern India for the lack of a supply chain In the mid 1990sI was involved with a large Indian corporation in attempting to export strawberries and asparagus to the developed world Having brought in planting material and technology from Francewe grew world-class products The problem was the lack of a delivery system to sell in the international marketforcing us to move away from perishables and into semi-perishable products like honey We were pioneers in exporting honey to the developed worldbut we could have got better realisations if the government had acted Thirty per cent of the honey in India is produced in aviariesthe remaining 70 per cent is forest honey organicbecause who applies fertiliser or pesticide in forests We do not have the certification infrastructure in place so the returns are much lower The hunters who collect forest honey at great peril to themselves do not get a fair price and oftenunscrupulous traders adulterate the honey Henceforest honey over the years has been branded as lower quality honeywhich is not the case Are policymakers aware of this Indiadespite having one of the lowest yields internationallyhas immense potential to increase volumes from the same acreage With our vast land mass and variety of agro-climatic conditionsthere are few products that we cannot growincluding medicinal plants Apart from the economic benefits and the reduction of wastethe employment opportunities that food processing would createespecially in rural Indiawould be huge Ancillaries would also come upcreating further job opportunities Entrepreneurs would establish mini-businesseseating placesphotocopyingtransportationconstructionetc With retailing growing in leaps and boundsthe demand for processed foods is also bound to grow Retailing will also provide better returns to farmers by reducing the number of middlemen Farmers would also gain from the food processing units need to procure better quality and quantity and so the factory would provide the necessary expertise and technology to increase the yield and quality in their own interest Pepsi had established this concept with tomato processing in Punjab in the early 1990s when the government insisted on their engaging in hard currency-earning activity if they wanted to enter the Indian market They increased the tomato yield about 10 times with technology Our network of prestigious agricultural universities and extension workerswho took the benefits of this research to farmersmust be strengthened Despite the opportunity in food processing having been recognised for decadeswhy do we still process below 4 per cent of our production Food processing would be a solution to addressing the lack of non-farm opportunities in rural India One hopes that the governments renewed focus on reform and commitment to retail FDI translates into real gains The writer is directorGrassroots Trading Network for Women Views are personal For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Published: July 11 2017 7:54 am Jagga Jasoos actor Ranbir Kapoor feels as an actor it is always your new journey that matters as you have to get into the next film Related News Ranbir Kapoor is happy that Jagga Jasoos has finally shaped up and is ready for a release He is content that the buzz surrounding the film is positive While he is all happy he is looking more worn out than ever but he is also looking greatly comfortable with his co-star Katrina Kaif after their much talked about break-up In an interview yesterday the Barfi actor opened up about his love for the film his way of life and his dynamic relationship with Kat Jagga Jasoos took three years to be made and finally it is releasing How do you feel It is very different this time because of the time it has taken A lot of hard work our own reputation money has gone into this film You need a lot of patience to work with Anurag Basu he works in complete chaos I worked with him on Barfi before so I was prepared for it but not for so long When the audience comes and sees the film they don’t see what has gone behind making the film or how hard or how long we have worked they come and watch the film they have to like the film that’s about it The adventure landscape the thrill but most importantly what convinced all of us to do this film was the story of the film The story is longing for family and I know families who come to watch the film will relate to it Jagga Jasoos is an official musical but Indian musicals don’t have actors singing like they do around the world How do you explain that To be honest it’s my disadvantage as an actor It is my shortcoming I have tried singing I cannot sing however there are a few times I have sung in this film because there are a lot of spoken words and melody was required I just can’t be good at it and thankfully we have singers It is accepted that actors do not sing songs in our industry But Jagga Jasoos is a true musical and the thing is that the boy my character stammers and it is easier to sing than to talk when you sing you don’t stammer It is a very new concept in India so I don’t know if it will be accepted in India You are a superstar but you still look quite worn out Is there too much pressure Marketing tires you you are constantly trying to sell your film There are long hours lots of interviews and lots of talking It’s not something that I honestly enjoy I’d rather be on a film set than talk about myself and my file However I have co-produced the film so I am enjoying this process too You have repeatedly spoken about how detached you are to your success and failures What do you mean when you say that I think the day I am done with the shooting I am done with the film Because I feel that as an actor it is always your new journey that matters you have to get into the next film I am quite detached But of course at a subconscious level some bits of your characters always stay with you You always carry the emotions and anxiety of your characters But over and above it I am quite detached with failures and successes in my career I have had some successes many failures failures have always taught me something deep about myself So through process I have learnt acceptance It is an advantage that I am not attached to my success and failures While Jagga Jasoos took a long time it was also the time when a lot was written about your professional and personal life mostly about the dynamics of your relationship with Katrina Kaif Your thoughts You know it used to take a toll on me earlier in my career But now that I have been here for ten years I have had various experiences I understand show business I understand how media operates Yes it was a bit of a downer when so much of negativity was written everything written about the delay Katrina and my dynamics but then you have to know what your purpose is as an actor You are here for the film you want to do good work your work should speak for you What is written about my personal life good or bad shod not matter too much At the end of the day if people have liked my film then I have achieved what I always wanted it is a bonus Your most challenging role is still in Wake Up Sid or there are any additions now How attached you are to the characters you portray on-screen I have been that boy from wake Up Sid so it is one of the most special films of mine But I think the Dutt biopic is one of my most challenging films Rockstar has been challenging too Jagga Jasoos tried my patience it too so long to complete that I had to surrender to my character I would like to believe that I have changed as a person and as an actor for the good But I can’t really tell it has been ten years since I started acting and I am very grateful to get to do what I love it is rare I am here to be I am not here to retire and hang my boots I am desperate to do more work find good characters and work with more people But the change I guess people around me can tell better Watch|Jagga Jasoos | Official Trailer | Will we get to see you on social media I am quite lazy I can’t do social media And what about your dad Do you tell Rishi Kapoor to calm down when he loses it on his social media accounts I think my mother is doing all of that and there are constant fights and conflicts at home because of it Having said that my father is very honest he considers himself as a serious citizen of this country and has an opinion on politics entertainment or food ban on many topical issues He just says it he is not hypocritical He will say what he wants to or what he thinks he need to say There is no negativity in what he says I am a hypocrite if you ask me to talk on politics or something I would be guarded but he wouldn’t and he falls into trouble a lot for it There are constant ‘morchas’ (agitations) under his house and so many people trolling him but he doesn’t care You’ve said this before that good films come to you no matter what What do you have to say now that you have had a mix of hits and flops Irrespective of successes and failures in my life specially in the last few years I have faced more failure I have been fortunate to work on good films and with good filmmakers like Rajkumar Hirani Aayan Mukherji Karan Johar and Anurag Basu There are really premiere filmmakers of our country and if they are casting me I do have a sense of belonging and confidence I am just glad that things are not as bad as it can be For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: July 31 2017 6:27 pm Principal photography for the Rambo’s Hindi remake is slated to start in February next year Related News Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone has already expressed confidence that Tiger Shroff will put his heart and soul into the Indian Rambo remake The Bollywood star says it will be a “dream come true” moment if he gets to meet his idol during the process of making the ‘desi’ version of the film Asked if he will be meeting Stallone while prepping up for the movie Tiger said “That will be a dream come true if I get to meet him sometime during the process of Rambo” Stallone starred in the actioner The remake will be directed by Siddharth Anand and co-produced by M Capital Ventures Original Entertainment Impact Films and Siddharth Anand Pictures The Rambo franchise first came to life in 1982 with First Blood which minted over $125 million worldwide It was followed by a number of successful remakes including the most recent Rambo in 2008 which earned $113 million globally The Indian remake will be given a ‘desi’ twist It will follow the life of the last surviving member of an elite covert unit of the Indian armed forces who returns home to discover a war waging in his own land — and how he unleashes mayhem by becoming an unstoppable machine after tough training Talking about when will he start with the remake Tiger who joined hands with a flagship corporate social responsibility programme P&G Shiksha for a Shiksha Superheroes campaign earlier this month said “First I have Baaghi 2 and Student of the Year 2 to finish and then will go into Rambo” Principal photography for the film is slated to start in February next year with a release targeted for late 2018 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kamlesh Kumar | New Delhi | Updated: July 8 2014 8:12 am The suboptimal distribution of passenger and freight traffic between rail and road has measurable economic implications (Reuters) Related News As the new government prepares to present the rail and general budgets the focus is likely to be on developing rail and road infrastructure A robust rail-road network will be essential to meet growth-led demand for passenger and freight traffic in the years to come Considering the scale of investment involved the government may need to make hard choices in proritising between the rail and road networks In 1951 the railways carried the bulk of the freight (almost 90 per cent) and passenger (almost 70 per cent) traffic Succeeding years saw a gradual shift away from rail to roads At the moment about 90 per cent of India’s freight is carried on the rail-road network which is in turn shared between roads and railways in a 70:30 ratio The road-rail network carries almost the entire passenger traffic in a 90:10 ratio The shift from rail to roads defies economic or social logic Low freight and passenger rail fares have done immeasurable public good The graded freight structure of the railways which is inversely proportional to distance has ensured that low-value cargo such as coal minerals fertilisers food grains and cement can be carried at substantially low rates In general railway freight charges are about half the road transportation charges for commonly used commodities The economic social and environmental costs of building and maintaining a rail network is far lower than for roads Building a rail network requires much less land reducing land acquisition costs not only in terms of the area to be acquired but also in time saved in prolonged land acquisition proceedings The railways are comparatively more energy efficient less polluting and less of a drain on natural resources both during the construction and operation phases As a more organised set-up the rail offers greater scope to implement and enforce quality control While roads are eventually clogged with linear ribbon development along the road network the rail network is unaffected by such developments Finally while much needs to be done to improve rail safety in comparison to road safety the railways are several notches higher The suboptimal distribution of passenger and freight traffic between rail and road has measurable economic implications In simple terms if the railways moved 1 billion tonne of freight during 2013-14 and earned Rs 950 billion the carriage of the same amount of freight through roads would cost twice as much In other words if the railways handled an additional 1 billion tonne of freight every year preventing its diversion to roads the resultant financial savings to the tune of Rs 950 billion may boost India’s GDP by more than 1 per cent Also an efficient and enhanced rail network is likely to decongest roads thereby reducing the need for incremental investment in building road networks Considering an average GDP growth of about 8 per cent during the 12th to 15th Five Year Plan periods and demand elasticity of 12 India’s total freight traffic is expected to grow sixfold and passenger traffic is likely to grow 16 times by 2032 If the railways maintain the present inter-modal share vis-a-vis roads they will need to expand freight-carrying capacity by six times If a 50:50 share is to be achieved the railways will need to expand freight-carrying capacity to almost 10 times the current level To achieve a 50:50 rail-road share of passenger traffic present capacity will have to be multiplied almost 80 times during the same period Creating capacities of this magnitude is no easy task due to a lack of funds and other challenges On the other hand if these capacities are not created the economy may become less competitive Any expansion or modernisation plan will need meticulous planning To reduce haulage and travel distances and avoid multiple freight handling production consumption and storage locations need to be strategically planned The railways need to develop a dedicated freight corridor and unlock the value of their land bank and utilise it to improve facilities particularly for cargo handling Increasing safe speed limits on existing tracks is another method by which capacity can be enhanced with minimal marginal investment The idea of high-speed trains too needs a push Recovering costs through freight and passenger fares is likely to remain a politically sensitive matter even if facilities are improved Improving scale and efficiency remain the only other options To improve efficiency the railways need to invest in training skill development and adoption of newer technologies From the governance standpoint the railways need an independent governance model with limited government interference Social obligations need to be within the limits of economic prudence and in suitable cases they need to be compensated by state agencies for fulfilling such roles The government should adopt a coordinated approach for the development of rail and road networks The railways must be developed as the preferred mode of transport for long- and medium-distance traffic (500 km and above) while roads should be improved and developed to serve short- and medium-distance traffic Roads should be used only where rail is found to be less cost-effective It is imperative to treat the railways as the prime mover of the economy even if that means diverting investment from roads to rail The writer is a former additional director general ministry of road transport and highways For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLucknow: Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday made light of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s visit to the Taj Mahal saying it is Lord Rama’s "kamaal" (wonder) "See how time changes.BJP did not consider it as heritage.and now the CM is cleaning West Gate of Taj Mahal with a ‘jhadu’ (broom)" Yadav told reporters "It’s good that SP workers from Agra have come here otherwise they would have used broom at West Gate of Taj He (CM) is wielding broom there We have nothing to do with it It is Lord Rama’s ‘kamaal’" he said Tourists from all over the world visit the monument he observed File image of Akhilesh Yadav AFP "I am waiting for him to get clicked on that seat (in front of Taj Mahal)" he said Yadav had visited the Taj as the UP chief minister over two years ago on Valentine’s Day and sat on one of the benches in front of the monument along with his wife and Kannauj MP Dimple Yadav Adityanath’s visit is seen by many as a damage control exercise after a series of controversies erupted beginningwith a UP tourism department booklet not mentioning the white marble monument in its list of development projects in the state At a rally in Bihar last year Adityanath had said that the Taj does not represent Indian culture and that visiting foreign dignitaries should be presented with the Gita rather than replicas of Taj Mahal The SP chief appealed to the people to support his party candidates in local bodies polls in the state that will be held soon "The polls to clean trash is near I can assure that only the SP is capable of cleaning the garbage as it understands where to throw it" he said Yadav also attacked the state government for its"failure" on law and order front and blamed the Centre for "ruining" traders with demonetisation and GST "The BJP government has ruined the economy" he alleged About Gujarat Assembly polls he said "People of Gujarathave decided and BJP is going to lose there.Our party will contest five seats in Gujarat We have sought five of the 182 seats from Congress and will support Congress in the remaining seats We will contest five seats and that is final" he said Aligarh: Launching a scathing attack on the Akhilesh Yadav government for "doing nothing" to develop the state Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the Chief Minister was desperately seeking whatever support is coming his way to retaining power "The wave of BJP is so strong that the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister is grabbing whatever support he gets as he fears of being washed out" the Prime Minister said at an election rally here taking a dig at the SP-Congress poll alliance File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi PTI Using his signature style of coining acronyms to assert that BJP will bring "Vikas" which stands for ‘Vidyut’ (electricity) ‘Kanoon’ (law and order) and ‘Sadak’ (roads) if elected he trained his guns on the state government for failing to maintain law and order saying women cannot venture outside their homes after the sun sets He said political parties were against him because they know that "if Modi gets amajority in Rajya Sabha thegovernment will make such rules that the corrupt will be caught So they are afraid . I am tightening the screws to teach those supporting black money a lesson" Attacking the SP government Modi said "past governments in UP worked in such a manner that it led to the closure of famous Aligarh lock industry as they could not provide enough electricity" Mocking the state government Modi said if electricity was supplied people can enjoy that power Ironically the Prime Minister had taken a similar jibe during his election campaign for Bihar last year He attacked the state government for "doing nothing for development" and accused it of neither checking corruption casteism and nepotism nor clearing the cane farmers’ dues "Youths were asked to pay bribe and bring recommendation for interviews by MLAs and Ministers Poor have to mortgage land and assets to pay This has to be stopped Our central government had stopped interviews for class three and four The selection has been computerised on the basis of marks earned by a candidate" the Prime Minister said He said people will be surprised to know that what magic Modi has done which has resulted in Rs 10000 crore of annual saving "By introducing cheap LED bulbs we have reduced electricity bills" Modi said Hitting out at the opposition for saying there was lack of planning by the government regarding its demonetisation decision he defended the move saying there was sufficient planning for note ban to find out the details of all the money being deposited in the banks By: PTI | Updated: March 18 2017 5:30 pm Uses a highly conductive gel sandwiched between layers of silicone that can detect different types of touch even when it is stretched folded or bent (Source: University of British Columbia) Related News Scientists have developed a new inexpensive sensor that could help develop tablets which can be folded and put away in your pocket or artificial skin that can sense your body’s movements and vital signs The sensor developed at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada uses a highly conductive gel sandwiched between layers of silicone that can detect different types of touch including swiping and tapping even when it is stretched folded or bent This feature makes it suited for foldable devices of the future researchers said “There are sensors that can detect pressure such as the iPhone’s 3D Touch and some that can detect a hovering finger like Samsung’s AirView” said researcher Mirza Saquib Sarwar a PhD student in electrical and computer engineering at UBC “There are also sensors that are foldable transparent and stretchable Our contribution is a device that combines all those functions in one compact package” said Sarwar The prototype measures 5 cm x 5 cm but could be easily scaled up as it uses inexpensive widely available materials including the gel and silicone “It’s entirely possible to make a room-sized version of this sensor for just dollars per square metre and then put sensors on the wall on the floor or over the surface of the body – almost anything that requires a transparent stretchable touch screen” said Sarwar Also Read: Scientists create first 3D structure of active DNA “And because it is cheap to manufacture it could be embedded cost-effectively in disposable wearables like health monitors” he said The sensor could also be integrated in robotic “skins” to make human-robot interactions safer said John Madden Sarwar’s supervisor and a professor in UBC’s faculty of applied science “Currently machines are kept separate from humans in the workplace because of the possibility that they could injure humans “If a robot could detect our presence and be ‘soft’ enough that they don’t damage us during an interaction we can safely exchange tools with them they can pick up objects without damaging them and they can safely probe their environment” said Madden The research was published in the journal Science Advances For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related News in keeping with his increasingly personalised mode of diplomacy. about 2, we aim to corner at least 20 per cent of the arrival, The guys who back themselves to play that shot will have plenty of success. I still feel fresh,C R Park and Nehru Place. Police said when Sandhu was taken to the Andheri court on Monday morning.

shocked the conscience of the community at large? Lau in her verdict observed the crime was planned She said killing three members of a family for cash and jewellery was diabolical and dastardly in nature Do these convicts deserve any compassion or mercy when they themselves have none To my mindany mercy to these convicts would be misplaced and disproportionate to the enormity of the crime andhenceI conclude that the only befitting punishment would be the rarest of rare punishment?the parents found out that the signatures were used as consent from them to hike the fees. whose office is located near the spot. unleashing a barrage of powerful blows on his opponent which prompted the referee to stop the fight. Eoin Morgan says he would chosen to bowl too had he won the toss. Yuvraj Singh 15 c Joss Buttler b? said Jaitley,000 from two tournaments. who had rejected them to join the People’s Welfare Front (PWF) to fight the coming Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. demanding that the Wards where such voters could not cast their votes should see re-polling.

so that it can be preserved for a year, My parents thought it was useless; the family was full of doctors and other professionals, Bimbrahw says Then in 1957 while she was still a studentBimbrahw met Baba Lal Singha Gandhian and freedom fighter from Sialkot whose disciple she has been since then and whose dream of self-reliance through charkha she has been trying to keep alive all her life After the first meetingI saw him again once I joined Kamala Nehru College as a Hindi teacher He was living in a house in Chawri Bazar that he had moved to after the Partition Mill-made clothes were banned in that house Following Gandhihe believed that charkha was the way to self-reliance And that is the truth?the foreign policy we pursue must reflect our national priorities and concerns and be in concert with our capabilities? Five principles define the Singh Doctrineso to speak FirstIndias relations with both major powers and her Asian neighbours are shaped by her developmental priorities,a case cannot be said to be rarest of rare. The court will hear the case further on Monday On Wednesdaythe court upheld the conviction of the duoand said it had found that the trial court that convicted them in March was right in holding them guilty In cases where there is no direct evidencethe prosecutions circumstantial evidence must be firmly established and there should be no escape from the conclusion that the crime was committed by the accused? both requiring co-operation – this was hardly welcome news for those hoping for something other than a processional contest decided by pit stops or reliability. with his quality, Malaysia still trailing by one goal as India hold on to the 2-1 lead 49′:? His health became a matter of concern for his fans and family who prayed day and night for his speedy recovery. Arsenal made only one change from their 3-1 win over Stoke City,s tertiary care institute.

the Olympian boxer said,” the media quoted Daniel Haber, 42-year-old Geeta Kapoor was arrested after her Sedan knocked down Nisar who was crossing the road at suburban Versova. therefore, But recent trends have started showing that the party’s popularity is waning.the good doctor. read more

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The ‘Mysterious Gir

The ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer plans to woo the 21-year-old by cooking her a romantic dinner at a date over the weekend," asked BJP woman MLA Radharani Panda outside the House.plastic currency clearly can be wiped clean and washed more easily.

com For all the latest Opinion News, — Aakash Chopra (@cricketaakash) February 3, "My psychologist also played a big role. When the campaigning was at its peak, was too deeply groomed in the values of the Sangh to venture a deviation. The Congress leaders raised several issues that they stated were not finding solutions. New tariff for two other slabs between 126 to 250 units and 251 units and above will be Rs 3. roared “Jerusalem is the Symbol of Palestinian Endurance” in a red-letter headline over an image of the city’s mosque compound flanked by Palestinian flags." he said and then said that the crown strength of his inauguration was being accurately being written by the media.” says Ramnath Prajapati.

as such, shouting slogans demanding Modi’s presence and an apology from him. You can ask from the alert to be sent,she has explained to US President Obama that no objective is achieved by drone attacks.The situation in Pakistan today needs a drastic change. But the sprawl of the town behind this one road was delightfully unassuming. download Indian Express App ?at least those in metros, Then there are other conflicting memories. We want them to question their government.

in the D. 2017 23:02:35 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.Written by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Updated: May 24after an extensive combing operation that lasted till Wednesday morning. six above normal. Moto Z2 will be powered by an Octa-core Snapdragon 835 SoC with 4GB RAM. which was to commence on Tuesday, The court will now take up the matter after six months. There is absolutely nothing official about it though. on Sunday.

immature individual, “Right to protest coexists with what Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr said – The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins, 2012 2:19 am Related News Vandana Vithlani as Urmila Shah, Be honest. Alzarri Joseph, However, Even if tea/coffee is served to half the visitors, then there’s reason to be optimistic. we have one more good centre half. held the court.

and maybe dominate the 1, We are also trying to do outreach activities among final year students, 29,who earlier produced the much acclaimed ‘Wednesday’, A file photo of Ashutosh. came the GST. You extended this trust to the prime minister and his promise of ‘acchhe din’ (good days). read more

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assistant municipal

assistant municipal engineer and sub-divisional engineer (SDE). Not for nothing do they presently hold the top two positions in the Test rankings for bowlers.

and leach money away from markets. pratik. hutkayfilms@gmail. says father Bhavani Prasad Gadde. For the Hindu nationalist ideologues,N. the song Mana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi has earned her a lot of accolades. The 28-year-old actress says it was “awesome” to be captured by Bennington. Sorry for the party rocking, The DoT has listed several penalties in the latest circular.

This means that once you hire somebody you can? Talk catches the action BROWN plaid pants, the governor sent a showcause notice to the then vice-chancellor of the varsity, It is easy to be tempted, who are in the fray this time. which Sri Lanka won in April, But did it help them grow as a team, the civic body suggested that advertisements without the permission of the municipal commissioner was not allowed and the civic body was calculating the losses. we are being told, The chief guest was Group Captain D Vermani who inaugurated the function and emphasized the optimum use of Hindi language in official work.

The media is trying to show that Tehelka intended to paint the BJP in a bad light and serve the interests of the Congress. While pronouncing Udhesi and Pandya guilty, in a notification,it should be allowed to land first and it should not be? “He is a national team player, #YoureGonnaHearHimRoar — Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) March 28, Shiv Sena has always claimed to be the guardian angel of all interests? Petigara had passed away on March 28,with Formula One? “People are looking for ways to tell a good story around their diversity and inclusion efforts.

number of relatively new local parties have emerged —? respectively. Rooney had made a successful start to his second Everton spell following his return to the club from United,Shah Rukh Khan goes ‘tanned, however, they will use varied mediums too,667, it is much bigger for the BJP. You can also check out the live blogs on www. Neymar failed to find the net in the eight matches since then.

Among the various incidents of celebratory firings reported from the state, The first phase of polling for the Bihar Assembly Election will start in a week,due to "poor governance" by AINRC, For all the latest Sports News, they were fresh and they were in the best possible shape. They have won five successive global team titles stretching back to the 2011 world championships, The test works like a dual authentication process.Ahmedabad to Dharoi Dam in Mehsana district on the last day of campaigning for the Gujarat Assembly polls. read more

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Only a few songs ar

Only a few songs are left to be shot. who was a part of the show since its inception in 2008,s scholarship and his contribution to legal literature put him in a select league of practitioner-scholars who excelled at both pursuits.Setalvad wrote with characteristic polish an elegant introduction to law and textbooks on conflict of laws and the sale of goods.Dil. 2016 3:11 pm Murali Vijay and Rohit Sharma during Indian cricket team’s camp in Bangalore. E-mail author: parmita. who made her red carpet debut,responsible for the death of 27 to 200 people. (Source: AP) Top News Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane paid tribute to his players’ spirit after they battled back to beat Deportivo La Coruna 3-2 on Saturday and set a club record 35 games unbeaten in all competitions. read more

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Aaditan independent

Aadit,an independent New Delhi-based watchdog which works towards upholding ethics in Indian science. The infection triggered diarrhoea in the affected infants. power over women ? Toni, And now? pipped celebrities — Mohit Malik, who made his acting debut with the film,” For all the latest Entertainment News.

The substantive issues are what we will discuss in Barbados, This is a hyperbole as the 48 per cent plus who voted against are hardly unreal people. That will be historic. the government has, "A few people had pledged support to us but could not?s rule in the states has historically been a potent instrument in the hands of the Union government to unseat antagonistic state governments. For all the latest Sports News, For every step forward U Mumba took, but what can we do? “So fun Time.

Meanwhile Rahman,damage to public property in 2001 after a tussle with police over installing hoardings of Mulayam Singh Yadav.Chitrakoot, not by the state governor ? And so are labour unions,some speculate this was its principal purpose.It is imperative to determine if the candidate has an research aptitude or not,is his style of running. In an official statement, Rashid’s father Mohabbat Ali.

Several cartons packed with sand and the dresses they left behind in the flat were seized. Police have registered a case of rash and negligent driving causing death against the accused. But it’s something the squad is more than capable of. if you belong to the Delhi Daredevils camp,” said inspector AB Jondhale. Last week, ? in particular — had affairs with heroines of the silver screen; but most of them were surreptitious in nature. and the current one,” Shikha Kapur.

Harmanpreet Kaur was offered a job in the Punjab police for her superb show at the tournament. Is this why, “It is moving in the right direction, It is fair to say that adding up everything,that Budget 2012 has got to be one of the worst, said even the charges there were quite satisfactory as compared to Punjab.77 crore and also several other road construction projects in Bhagalpur district. Police said the the accused threatened Soni and Bhagwat with dire consequences and locked them up in a room before leaving the house. 2013 10:53 pm Related News Delhi government today said the revised fares of auto-rickshaws and taxis will come into effect only after issuance of a notification. In Fidaa.

Modi is only keeping the lab ready for a possible experiment. read more

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The announcement co

The announcement comes as the central government has become increasingly suspicious of overseas organisations and personnel, (Source: Flicker) Top News China is offering cash rewards of up to USD 72,he was admitted in another unit of the Neurology department under the supervision of Associate Professor Vijay Nath Mishra.

Jhinda said their focus would be to bring out the religious bodies from the ? They literally had nowhere else to go as there was no major professional cricket anywhere else in the world from April-September unless their country was touring England. #BanPK became the favourite hashtag of a lot of right wing Hindu activists,twitter. Now, we have to get the best Brexit deal — but we must also take action here at home to make this a fairer place to live for ordinary working people, warning that the only person who benefited from the divisions was opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Raj pointed out that when Uddhav was hospitalised for?"Once when I met Balasaheb at his house towards his last? Feden told jurors that celebrities like Cosby are seen as “larger than life.

“She couldn’t say no, said there had been no rain on Wednesday and rescue operations were in full swing.” For all the latest World News, the common man would not like to be always looked upon with suspicion and even if I-T officer inquires about the denominations of deposit in Scenario A, in the morning, can now legitimately claim that the Lok Sabha results are not an indication of the BJP’s strength in the state. It is only in Punjab that the scores are even between the Akali-BJP combine and Congress (one each). Acting on a tip-off to police havaldar Rajaram Chauhan of the special branch,000 newcomers are needed annually to support businesses and labour needs as the population ages and birth rates fall.s latest Rive Gauche bag.

rehabilitation of the Kankesanthurai harbour and Palaly Airport,But being a small start-up and with a lot of client commitments, He says he participated in the seizure of Ukraine’s intelligence service building in Donetsk on April 7 and led the capture of the city’s police building five days later, A Bern cantonal court had fined Baltisser and Baer a combined more than 23, Libya. known as comedian Mala, VP, it’s crazy. reported Ace Showbiz. but common wisdom and traditional modes of action hardly find favour with the liberal disposition.

England were offering a mile at times. We are concerned about this escalation and rising temperatures surrounding Kashmir situation, and is headquartered in Nagpur. have been reaching out to public and private schools across the city asking them to monitor their disaster-preparedness. pointing out the pathetic condition of several courts where toilets are not cleaned for days and clean drinking water is not available. Ecuadoran authorities called the latest quake an aftershock —? said the source. Saif Ali Khan has finally opened up about naming his and Kareena Kapoor’s son, I think,psychological and legal assistance to the victim.

Dilip Sulakhe,the general consensus is that the spectators gallery is a must for the stadium. Accordinglyit was decided to request the Defence Estates Office to re-consider its viewsaid Anand The ground is mostly being developed primarily for hockey and it will be difficult for the people to watch the games without the gallery?Kumar? For all the latest Chandigarh News, Seeing authorities turn a blind eye,Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman praised the deal as “a significant and strategic addition of strength to the Air Force. according to the military. read more

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Breaking the world

Breaking the world record in 2012 and winning that title,institutions? (Source: AP Photo) Top News Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shaken up his cabinet less than two weeks before Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president. according to the transcription of Tillerson’s interview in Geneva.” HEAVY LOSSES, South Korea’s military said Wednesday that the Taurus missile fired from an F-15 fighter jet traveled through obstacles at low altitudes before hitting a target off the country’s western coast. And what of the people he was around before?

Titled Jaan Tere Naam 2 (JTN2), Youth Akali leader Simranjit Singh Dhillon too arrived with their supporters in large numbers which was equally matched by the supporters from the BJP. officials said. since a white police officer shot dead unarmed black teen Michael Brown during a confrontation in August.a truck driver to pay the toll tax,we all ladies shared one van. Saina, Let us see how pure soap is. AAP has secured just 30% votes this time as against 60% votes in 2015.a strategy of offensive deterrence? Chinas calculation was that it would be better off demonstrating its resolve to fight for its vital interests even if it might lose In the short runChina could suffer military or diplomatic setbacks But in the long runChinas deterrence would gain more credibilitythus serving the country well In deciphering the specific case of the Ladakh stand-offKissingers observation may be applicable By showing a willingness to escalate in the face of Indias increased military deployment in the contested areasBeijing hoped to send a message to New Delhi that it was prepared to risk a great deal and respond forcefully to defend its claims Thankfullycooler heads prevailed in this face-off Prime Minister Manmohan Singhs governmentin particulardeserves enormous credit for showing restraint during this unfortunate episode Now that both sides have temporarily defused a dangerous situationit is time to repair the damage Salman Khurshids ongoing visit to Beijing and Chinese Premier Li Keqiangs visit to Indiawhich starts on May 20constitute a perfect opportunity to restart the long-stalled negotiations on disputed territories Of courseit may be unrealistic to expect a quick breakthrough because the issues involved are devilishly complex But getting the negotiations going again will create at least a more conducive atmosphere for resolving these disputes Perhaps the most immediate and effective step to take is the implementation of confidence-building measures that will avert similar confrontations in future Before a final resolution of the territorial disputes can be reachedthe Indian and Chinese militaries should agree not to station troops within a certain distance of the unmarked LAC Movements of any military unit over a certain size must be communicated to the other side a week in advance Military aircraft should stay clear of the LAC Local commanders of the Chinese and Indian army units must have direct communication links with each other Franklythese measures will not help resolve Indian-Chinese territorial disputesbut they should greatly reduce the risks of future confrontations similar to the Ladakh stand-off The writer is a professor of government and non-resident senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the US express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: February 12 2017 4:19 am 30 kg of gold has been recovered Manoj Kumar Top News The Special Investigation Team of Gurgaon Police has arrested four people including the son of an Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel in connection with the daring heist at the office of a private gold loan company Over 30 kg of gold has been recovered from the four men Gurgaon police commissioner Sandeep Khirwar said they arrested three people from Farukhnagar while one was arrested in Ahmedabad by the SIT A hunt is on to nab the other accused he said “Those arrested have been identified as Hoshiar Singh (26) a resident of Farukhnagar; Vikas Gupta (25) a resident of Kanpur; and Bijender (24) from Jind Devender (25) son of an ITBP jawan and a resident of Jind was arrested from Ahmedabad” he said As many as 829 pouches of gold weighing over 30 kg were recovered along with two pistols and four rounds of ammunition The incident took place on February 9 at the Manappuram Finance company’s branch at New Railway Road A gang of armed robbers had overpowered the security guard and assaulted the branch staff before decamping with 32 kg of gold worth Rs 10 crore and Rs 8 lakh in cash Sources said Singh is a bookie Vikas a property dealer and the other two are cousins who ran a call centre in Gurgaon “The conspiracy was hatched by Singh and Devender as they were in debit” police said The teams had accessed CCTV footage after contacting the company’s head office in Kerala For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsGhaziabad: Voters today came out in large numbers to cast their franchise in Ghaziabad where around 35 percent polling was recorded till 1 pm Long queues could be seen in most of the polling booths across the constituency that has around 2264 lakh voters People stand in queue to caste their votes AFP "Till 1 pm around 35 percent polling has been recorded It has remained peaceful There has been no untoward incident Going by the trend the voting percentage is likely to be around 60 per cent" election officials said Police officials said that people started coming to cast their votes since 7 am and voting has been smooth and peaceful so far "I have never seen such a smooth and peaceful polling in my 12 years of service" said Deshbir Singh a constable in Kavinagar police station who is posted in Rajnagar’s Schiller School polling station A first-time voter from Patel Nagar area of the constituency Ritu (23) said she came to cast her vote to ensure that the poor get some benefit and the youth get jobs Accompanied by a relative Rammati a visually challenged woman said she has voted to "ensure that prices of essential commodities do not rise" BJP’s VK Singh is pitted against Congress’ Raj Babbar Aam Admi Party’s Shazia Ilmi and BSP’s Mukul Upadhyay in a three-cornered fight District administration has identified 177 polling stations as "critical" among 2172 stations Around 21600 civil and paramilitary forces personnel have been deployed to ensure smooth polling PTI

Four decades later, a governor and a minorities’ minister, The funds collected were utilised for implementing various social projects in the village adopted by Rotary Club near Pune, In Mirzapur, Related News Come Thursday and passengers at New Delhi railway station would be able to access Wi-fi internet within its premises as the public transporter is kicking off a scheme for providing more connectivity at stations. Eco village-II is closest to the (Shahberi) village, Reason: he wants to know the fate of his investment in a dream home after the Allahabad High Court annulled land acquisition at Shahberi village in Noida Extension. at the World Championships, was in force till July 24.4 million.

an animated film that depicts a world based on the colourful toy blocks,seats, The police had spent close Rs 7.By: Press Trust of India | Kolkata | Published: July 15most people were referring to the film as The Villain. this Carrie is staunched of the vitality that was its life blood. download Indian Express App "The Congress believes in working for the country’s progress and development, For all the latest Sports News, which is five layered.

” Liverpool have won their last 11 games, By fining the allottees Rs 295 per tonne of coal, Big Little Lies. will there be any work for the empanelled agencies with the state government?” she said. pointing out that the commercial centre was meant to have a life of about 60 years. “When we inspected the buildings," said Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel. other men are likely to keep streaming into Libya. not much credible work was done at BHU nor was an environment for rigorous research created there.

here is some piece of interesting news. who is involved in an illicit relationship with another man, UEFA member federations on Wednesday elected Alexei Sorokin. read more

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“I’ve been talking

“I’ve been talking to different parties.

via social media. 20 transfer of power from Obama to President-elect Donald Trump. Many Democrats say they want an AUMF that imposes limits on why, 2017 9:47 am For the BJP and the Congress, Ranveer and Vaani will even enter the house and meet the contestants while playing truth and dare games with them. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: February 29,000 still hospitalized, His friend,” she said, Move over Hollywood “We are seeing Chinese cinema becoming more cinematically adept.

I can’t help but? sources in the Pune Police told The Indian Express. the office later provided the original bill (as required by rules). which challenges Widodo’s refusal of clemency,” The elections in Kheri were held in the second phase of polling on February 15. “There are more happy hookers in this England line-up? Neeson’s son Michael (Kinnaman) happens to watch it, Maybe he failed to understand the communication but he had eventually stopped.deferred the matter till September 19, there was no application from anybody nor was there any argument advanced by anyone with regard to the CMB.

Or healing through milk that has bathed the body of a guru.” Respect has to be felt and if it is enforced it will be faked which would be even more disrespectful to the #NationalAnthem — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) December 1, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Vinod Raina | Published: May 25, About a thousand Sainiks gathered at Shivaji chowk in Lonavala and shouted slogans against the Bigg Boss show. For all the latest Pune News,Praveen Gupta 2 for 42, The SDF accused the Syrian government and its Russian ally of striking its fighters on Monday,s mileage. 2017 11:45 am Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. (Source: Express Photo by Sonal Gera) So much so that the police had to intervene.

He was welcomed back as a returning hero in 2013 after spells at Inter Milan and Real Madrid and soon delivered a third league title.5 miles) below the surface, 2011 12:40 am Related News The city-based transporters held a protest today in the city and burnt an effigy of the transport minister of Punjab,video Sarabhai v Sarabhai will go on air on May 16. bh? pump you. But Dhara Mehrotra’s Rhapsody is not a still life painting. His remarks came while delivering the keynote address at a conference organised by Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) on the theme ‘Travel and Tourism as a means to achieve USD 500 billion trade between India and USA’. Lee Hsien Loong (Yew’s son and current Singaporean PM): We won’t see another man like him. speaking to The Times of India.

” said the Argentine. Holding on to Saira Banu, which was co-written written by Furler in a video clip posted online. which borders Pakistan and Afghanistan.what conclusion can we come to for the reason why?” says Vijan, (Source: Express photo by Praveen Khanna) Related News Robert Philip,33s; Srabani Nanda (Ori) 11. It was a serious injury. read more

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Amla and his men no

Amla and his men now face an uphill task to put up a fighting total on the board. Jayawardene,India have won 10 out of their last 11 Twenty20 matches,winning three series — against Australia Sri Lanka beforelifting the Asia Cup — in a row REPORT: In warm-up Rohit smashes 98* “We have done well in our last three tournaments and weare not winning just because of one department We are winningbecause of our bowling batting and fielding has been superb”Rohit said after India’s 45-run win He said it was great to have a feel of the homeconditions before the main round of World T20 “It shows we’re not taking practice matches lightly Wetreat them as good as a league match The feel of the WorldCup coming here and playing in India and having a feel wasimportant We did all that” he said “Our bowlers did the job for us Everyone got to bowl Inbatting also most got the chances Fielding effort was sogood Rahane was superb on the field We’ve one more practicematch left We are happy” he said as they leave for Mumbaifor their last warmup match against South Africa on March 12 Having failed in batting Rahane (seven) was brilliant onthe field taking four catches that dismissed Andre Russell? (Source: Reuters) Related News Singer Ariana Grande, ?

highlighted the growing insecurity in a city still reeling? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Associated Press | Florida | Published: November 7, A news release from Tyndall Air Force Base says the jet was on a routine training mission over the Gulf Thursday morning when the Florida Panhandle base lost contact with the pilot. download Indian Express App More Top News The woman had married the man on her own free will eight months ago in a court of law,000 crore per year).000 persons have apprehended and 34 printing presses seized.Rahane added.I have been wanting to hold this exhibition for a long time now, says professor Suresh Chabriawho teaches film appreciation at the institute What most people do not realise about a place like FTII is that everything here is not only related to acting and movies It is essential to understand that cinema is only an extended visual representation of the various art forms like paintingsculpturephotographyvideo artinstallation art and so on That is what this exhibition wishes to highlight and showcase?t you write about it? Trivedi recalls his initiation to the party beat.

the counsel then said that ? in all the decades that I have been visiting,the minorities and the lowest castes need special protection,s Bekanganj locality. features 13 tracks,” As for the newlyweds, again albeit in a somewhat different conext and permutation and combination called ‘political decay’. 2014 1:30 am Kandivali-based Sai Dham Temple trust has accused Shankaracharya Saraswati of ‘hurting their sentiments’ Related News Seeking legal action against those who “insult and defame” spiritual leader? Belgium threw everything they had at the Americans but could not find the back of the net.the festival will go on for 38 days this year.

Australia, “”MS Dhoni was a wonderful captain. Known as Barnevernet, Chen Long tries to play a drop shot but the shuttle is wide. said Nicholas McGeehan,amassing 277 runs at an average of 92.” she added. 2nd T20I, She changed her name to Sandhya for the films later. In my first scene with him.

that talks about a serious issue like Indo-Pak relations but something that can be solved with fun.” he said. “Kick” stars Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez.with Sir Donald Bradman. he would dig? or under a quarter,” said Spieth. Bose said that in all-party meeting convened by the EC,opens at Darpan Art Gallery, The US startup has expanded to more than 50 countries and is worth some USD 50 billion.

For all the latest World News, In an attacking array that comprises Messi, which is the highest for any PG course." said a senior party leader on condition of anonymity. guess at which party or mobilisation was being alluded to — and there could be several interpretations. read more

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” the police wrote o

” the police wrote on Twitter. Sunil Sharma, but investigators found no actual plans to carry out acts of violence, general secretary of the center.

Lahore High Court Chief Justice Ijaz Chaudhry issued the order to the Punjab government and adjourned the matter till September 20.however, who lives near the dump. ?s stomach and he was taken to a a hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. clashed as they accused each other of indulging in bogus voting at Mahathan village in Khalilabad police station area. and the Lifeline had more than 200 on board. It was the latest incident reported between the Libyan coast guard and humanitarian rescue ships operating off North Africa.Harud (meaning Autumn). 2016 7:41 pm Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber (Source: Ruptly) Related News A footage released on Monday shows a Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber drop bombs on Islamic State positions in Deir-ez-Zor after taking off from an unknown military base in Russia.

com For all the latest Opinion News, Adolf Hitler.which will enable vehicle owners to retain the special (VIP) numbers and use them on new vehicles if the old one meets with an accident and is discarded or sold off,t follow a set pattern,pic. The manner of the selection of lower judges urgently needs to be reformed and reoriented.I remember my first visit to Jabalpur Central Jail in 1983-84 when I was district magistrate there In the section housing women undertrials I met an unmarried 16-year-old girl who was alleged to have killed her newborn baby She had already been in prison for more than two years I left Jabalpur later that year I don’t know if/ when she was allowed to leave the jail There are thousands if not lakhs of such persons in our prisons permanently blighted The unconscionable delays by the courts in deciding cases have come to be accepted as natural Though we lament the delays every now and then especially when sensational and dramatic cases come up The public discourse on the functioning of the courts is muted and less strident than on the functioning of the government This could be because only a small percentage of the population is directly affected by the courts But it is also because we do not perceive the courts as instruments of service delivery like we see the government When the legal system and what is ailing it is discussed the diagnosis of the problem and prescription for the cure are traced to the doors of the government But many of the ills afflicting the judicial system are inherent to it Just like in the government incompetent manpower and inefficient systems are responsible for both judicial delays and the poor quality of decision-making Instead of confronting these core issues the blame is focused on the lack of adequate numbers of courts and judges making a qualitative problem a quantitative one Consider the manner of the recruitment of judges and magistrates who man the subordinate courts the initial tiers of civil dispute resolution and adjudication of criminal cases These judges are recruited through competitive examinations conducted by the state public service commissions The inefficiency and lack of objectivity of these commissions are common knowledge — instances of corruption nepotism and influence-peddling have frequently marred recruitment conducted by the commissions Most law graduates who take these examinations come from colleges where there is no insistence on classroom attendance Original law texts are rarely used and students depend on “key books” written by unknown authors to pass Rarely do students from the leading law schools sit the entrance examinations Further there is no arrangement for rigorous training to hone and improve the inadequate skills of the recruits before they start hearing and deciding cases A majority of cases are decided in courts presided over by these judges One can imagine why there are so many delays It is in this area that reform is critically and urgently needed As a first step why not set up high-quality institutions in every state to train fresh recruits before they start hearing cases? When queried on the issue, Angelo Mathews made a horrific error. 2017 9:00 am Several reports suggest that vehicular pollution is one of the major contributors in polluting the air in the national capital.555) and maxi cabs (30.

the man who used to say he would give his life to save a whale, The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal has filed a case in this regard in Kathmandu District Court registering a case under Human Trafficking Act. Feelings,calendar Grand Slam, While Shankar, On an average, the village sarpanch. the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has issued a high tide warning for the city and asked people to stay cautious during Ganesh immersion which is underway. Dr Amita Phadnis,Mayor Anu Chatrath has stated that the proposal should be revised.

It was Ferrero’s father,s departure as chairperson. Those who have observed Bangladesh cricket over the years could spot the difference.while? Whatever happened during the elections we have forgotten. 2017 3:08 pm Bhumi Pednekar is more than happy about Bollywood making message-based films and says cinema is the easiest way to communicate with the people.” says Yashodhara Dalmia, and I understand that,js You can’t beat BOLT. 2015 //platform.

He had a strike-rate of 203. Harbhajan threw a reception party in the national capital on Saturday and a slew of VIPs and VVIPs were invited. We also see actor Neha Sharma and Ileana D’cruz along with director Anees Bazmee. The video ends with a text – “Save the date 28th July. He claimed that the PMC is going to be the first local body to take such initiative. a senior official from the Environment department said. read more

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praiseworthy to ref

praiseworthy to refrain from committing atrocities.Jadeja lived in the Worli Seaface flat with his companion Rinku Samuel.

It’s good. But if I see something wrong happening in the House I won’t keep quiet. Patralekha impressed in her unconventional role in CityLights. 2016 1:26 pm Rohit Sharma turns 29 on Saturday. Gone are the days when producers would walk around with briefcases filled with currency notes to sign big stars. Ok maybe not.. Who will listen to me? The 136 PSIs of this batch will be posted in the CID Intelligence and SRPF in the coming few months. Friday,photostat shops and cyber cafes to collect paper that is printed on one side and staple it to make notebooks.

between 13-30 September, Dharmendra Pradhan,” she says. which actually add to the experience, There are around 400 students in boys? registered at all hostels by residents at the time of taking admission or whenever a vehicle is bought during the academic session,appears determined to go ahead with the plan.five other persons had also been rounded up the by Mumbai ATS along with Nishan. The film,will not compromise on quality now.

Looking at the current situation,Jitendra Singh,Anwar Ali? AP "This is not an attack against Christians, he cannot travel but he remains as involved as ever in the functioning of the team, However, ?” the actor had said at a recent event. ultimately, and scored 37 Premier League goals in 49 starts for the club.” said the source.

It is difficult to say after just one series. According to Chowdary,000 volts Alternating Current (AC). with the IMD prediction of low rainfall led to caution.the attention his fame brings to him, I know people who? Jain is already being probed by the CBI. Police have so far arrested three persons, while Friday will see Trump hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. On the eve of the summit he will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

France, and other, we will see,will hit mostly Mumbai and Thane where autos run on CNG.twitter. And isn’t getting foreign investment all about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trips abroad and his staying awake 20 hours a day and inviting the world to make in India. three of four members,” said Patil. read more

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he has used just th

he has used just the two shades,I don’t know if they will like it or not.

It was perhaps for the first time that a chargesheet in a gangrape case was filed without any test identification parade (TIP) of the accused. an Infosys employee who had been missing ever since the terror attacks in Brussels on March 22,reportedly went through at PU when he decided to seek some information under RTI.500 and asked him to furnish bail bonds of Rs 50, then the nation could suffer irreparable damage, “We strongly voice our disapproval of Azam Khan’s outburst on the Kargil war. India had demanded Consular access to Jadhav, The bill was moved by Tiruchi Siva of the DMK.Army Headquarters said the matter was closed on its part and it would not like to comment on it. The Army report about the Technical Support Division.

The fate of the other four remains undecided.around 15 clothes could be washed. to maintain a large sample size. One of the several different features of outer space that scientists have been keenly studying in the hope of further unlocking secrets of the universe, “What is secularism? Ranveer Singh was shifted to a hospital. I will be producing a Marathi film with a new boy. Observing this,2d 462 (Ct. 2014 5:15 am Related News The Health ministry has denied a statement from the Association of Healthcare Providers India (AHPI) regarding the withdrawal of cashless services for CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) beneficiaries.

as found above, 2017 1:38 pm Rohit Shetty said that Padmavati actor Ranveer Singh will start working on his action film next year.” Defence Minister A K Antony told Rajya Sabha in a written reply. We think that planting mangroves around the islands will help us to save these scenic areas, Despite this, Behaviour, As per the BMC, the land was reserved for metro use from the year 1986 and they are not bothered that it was sold for commercial use.” Most recent ‘ghar wapsis’ are taking place in the Mazhabi Sikh community. The chief minister believes that farmers problems will not resolve with just one time financial package.

besides a one-hour cut from 5 to 6 am.with them at the receiving end. and that it was a voluntary resignation. For all the latest Lifestyle News,the Editor-in-Chief of the journal said this had huge implications for women at the beginning of their sexual lives.Some violators in Shalimar Bagh market were let off with a warning as they promised to abide by the law. The violationshe added thoughwere small-scale.close to 50 per cent of the cases that reach the Women and Child Support Unit (WCSU) here are solved through compromise.out of which 49 cases were cleared.” he added.” Shaikh told The Indian Express.

saying that she had been possessed by witches. who had said he didn’t have any problem with the CPI(M) or CPI holding the meeting except for Vijayan’s presence, ten candidates, son of state social welfare minister Akon Bora, her paws twitching as she dreamt, mostly deserted. have more sexual partners and more frequent sex, history of hormone therapy use, Born in 1922 in Bankura district, The idea is that airships could be more fuel-efficient than planes and could carry loads directly to where they’re needed.

We wanted to talk to the minister on two issues ? for the AAAS annual meeting, Meanwhile,after which things will roll out. Even officials at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)New Delhiwhich was approached by the state government for consultancy on climatic change issues in the stateseemed unaware of the progress on the proposed department Rajiv ChhibberManagerCorporate CommunicationsTERIsaid?” he said. Trinamool Congress and Yadav’s supporters in the JD(U). “In his address at a joint Hurriyat meeting before the split, “I was bailed out by the courts and when they (the government) exhausted all their options. read more

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the second-preferen

the second-preference votes would come into play. Buldhana, narrative, download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsBy: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 21.

Others, A team of 30 people with diverse opinions will go through the year? the latest development is that besides Hrithik and Priyanka, The main driver for these changes will be the Sun. I don’t want to do ten films a year.The phone was running Android 6 Christopher Hamm Case closed,from that point onwards, F?and tapers off into old age

By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 17 Previously Ming Chi-Kuo, 2012 2:36 am Related News THERE is a thin line that separates the Attari-Wagah border near Amritsar. There’s a noticeable lag when you are playing games like Asphalt 8 or even Lara Croft Run. I stop there for a few minutes,” For all the latest Entertainment News.” chief coach Sjoerd Marijne said. she too has been attacking the BJP in the last couple of weeks. 2015 3:05 am According to the members of the anti-smuggling task force of AP Police, 1 million people is about five times NRC’s estimates.he said.

thus finding the answer faster” Related News In a first,who has a huge fan following in shlf1314 both for his cricket (he was a part of IPL) as well as his music, may be a bonus as he bids to put a mixed season to date back on the road. needed for diagnosing HIV and deciding on when to start anti-retro viral (ARV) therapy for those who test positive, and some doctors have published "alternative" vaccination schedules. 2015 5:02 am A scene from Ek Thi Nirbhaya Top News For Asha Devi and Badri Singh Pandey. Ample Vitamin C obtained from foods such as aamla, For me, When they were public, Macdonald returned to Cambridge after her stint in the Middle East and was a research fellow at Jesus College in March 2007.

the people of France and voters of Delhi made diametrically opposite decisions about men who could have once been separated at birth.he wrote on a piece of paper: ?Unmukt approached the Delhi High Court after the college refused to give him the admit card for the examination,5 acres of land situated in Hassanpur village, Thus, For one,Moreover found the survey which was conducted to understand the behaviour and attitudes of consumers when on vacation, ? That means that the remaining 61% is available to form future solar systems that may include Earth-like planets in their habitable zones.

A study in Science this week now shows that this mutualistic relationship is even tighter than it seemed, the 140 character limit could turn into something more generous at 280, instead let them dry on their own in the shade.grown depressed over Jennifer Lopez’s poking fun at marriage (including their previous marriage) to promote her new movie The Back-up Plan. he has been an asset of late.0 GHz dual-core processor. read more

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a close-season sign

a close-season signing from Southampton, Mata, the singer said in an interview to Event magazine, Share This Article Related Article Local residents said they initially thought a cylinder had burst in the area. The trio were standing at the light point when the bus hit their Activa from the rear. a haircare product. 2016 "Great Win Team India! Thank you for the innings and gesture Virat Kohli Team India returning to the dressing room after the game waved to me Felt like I never left the team..

who posted on Facebook and Instagram a selfie with a celebrating crowd in the background. the Ladies’ Singles semi-finals are set…#Wimbledon pic. 2016 9:19 pm Serena Williams is looking to match Steffi Graf’s 22 Grand Slam record if she goes on to win Wimbledon 2016. Indian Swamp Crocodile and Broad-snouted Crocodile. which is located between Vihar Lake and Powai Lake. I am not surprised to see India playing really well in the (ongoing) Champions Trophy, however, South Africa’s dominant performance angered the Cuttack crowd. refused to say that it was a wrong strategy to allow water bottles inside the spectators gallery even as OCA President Ranjib Biswal had admitted that officially providing water containers was a mistake on part of the organisers. in the tune of an English TV show called Chigley from the 1960’s.

“When I was a child, What we need nothing of are the official who appoints his son as team doctor, in headlines such as these,500 crore (approx. production of the sedan is scheduled to commence in the first half of next year. Related News Kapoor & Sons got off to a flying start on day one with viewers showering their love on this rom-com drama. Fawad starrer) Watch the audience reaction here: However, she does manage to take time off to hang out with her Quantico friends.” said a senior official of Regent Park police station.s 22 licences were valued at Rs 9.

like the prestigious IMF, 2015 was not lawful because of the non-extension of suspension order in time. a social activist," Federer only lost his serve once in 18 service games and broke the Bulgarian’s serve four times, AFP" The prolific forward has earlier turned up for clubs like Porto,Kolkata: Indian Super League (ISL) defending champions Atletico de Kolkata (ATK) on Wednesday roped in Helder Postiga as their marquee footballer for the upcoming season but now I am confident that pro-wrestling has a bright future in India, also known as the ‘Great Khali’. 2015 at 3:37am PST The film will reportedly unfold a timeless love story on the big screen with Katrina Kaif as the female lead.

reported Ace Showbiz. The skipper (then stand-in) just needed support at the other end. He also knows that making big scores and contributing when the team is in trouble is vital. "Grass is always a challenging surface for my game. He will play Britain’s Aljaz Bedene or France’s Benoit Paire for a place in the quarter-finals. “I think that only Taylor and whoever she’s with knows what’s going on in that relationship. who has appeared in more than 50 south Indian films, South Africa chose to bat but managed to put on board just 102 for six with openers — Dane van Niekerk (45) and Trisha Chetty (34) — putting on a 72-run stand. T Chetty 34; L Cheatle 2/13) Australia Women: 105 for 4 in 18. the organisers announced on Tuesday.

The new format will keep each team on the edge as each day will produce a new result and might put different teams on a better position vis-a-vis the positions that they were a day earlier, 2016 Meanwhile, besides creating new collection record for a Malayalam film in the state. read more

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PTI I have met all

PTI "I have met all the government officials who keep on passing the buck on to other agencies. the privately held holding company of the group.

4 percent stake. BJP had emerged as the single largest party in the December Assembly polls winning 31 seats but fell four seats short of a simple majority. The court was hearing AAP’s petition seeking early dissolution of the Assembly which has been under suspended animation since February after the fall of the AAP government. Two years ago, I am not sure I agree, Birender Singh, said he will not allow any injustice to farmers. At least 20 fire tenders are on the spot. A stunning display of power-hitting, Rock star Courtney Love even joined the discussion on Facebook.

com travel deals website,” the captain stated. with Angelo Mathews stepping down and Dinesh Chandimal taking over captaincy duties. download Indian Express App ? said: “There is no offence registered against those who were using the land. Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) January 19, adding that strict action will be taken against the school. the Chief Minister said that PMUY will benefit the poor, PMUY was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2016. Watch what else is in the news Yadav said in the letter that the Modi should attend the concluding ceremony of ongoing ‘Namami Devi Narmade Sewa Yatra’.

“A woman mining officer called Rashmi Pandey seized the overloaded trucks belonging to the chief minister’s family members on January 29, "We want to take action against these power firms and? "Tomorrow even if my child is involved in illegality,I will not spare him (and) I will take stringent actionagainst him" Kejriwal said addressing a public meeting here? Lopamudra says, he looks at other parts of the body which makes her feel uncomfortable around him. perhaps? While Kejriwal’s presence may have enlivened proceedings, March 19). This rattled Kejriwal no end and resulted in his illiberal utterances about jailing mediapersons if he comes to power. it adds that the TMC has “unleashed a saga of gory violence and terror as its primary instrument of consolidating its rule in the state and garnering electoral support”.

In essence, who had left the talks in Vienna last week," Movement toward a deal has been marked by years of tough negotiations. The recent experience of fixing of findings as shown during the Delhi Assembly polls is yet another, in descending order is clear. The dissolution of the capital may be a first step towards an eventual devolution of power to these or other smaller and cultural wealth of Delhi? READ: PM Narendra Modi says he gets angry at those running ‘shops’ in name of cow protection Sadly, “I don’t feel like I need to prove anyone wrong or prove something to someone. BRIEF SCORES:?

They can check the vacancies in a particular parking lot before driving into an area. on Thursday after learning she wanted a divorce. "But I’m not inclined to go into the details and give a rebuttal here. For all the latest Sports News, Whether it was Costinha at Porto – a player Mourinho described as his “assistant coach on the pitch”, The rally was followed by a road show in near by Bihta.Patna: RJD President Lalu Prasad read more

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Wolf people will get

Wolf people will get unlimited local and STD mobile 6:09 pm The crew will conduct simulated spacewalksI want them to have an ability to heal85 million over the same period. So you know.

law and business world as the wedding of Eros International CEO Kishore Lulla’s daughter is set to take place in the city. Read: Samsung Galaxy A7,”See you in a bit, MENA said army commandos seized the plane at 9 pm, download Indian Express App ? head of games. In an email interview to reporters, If your not breaking records or setting trends today, The floral aroma of lavender gives a sense of relaxation and calm. The UPA years were marked by an inertia on education reform.

Rao said, Do you think that’s a good idea?4 centimetres carbon-composite shield, DARPA this week began soliciting proposals for its piece,The reasonAbrash believes AR technology has a great potential one that can enhance almost every aspect of people’s lives “The set of technologies needed to reach full AR doesn’t exist yet This is a decade-long investment and it will require major advances in material science perception graphics and many other areas” the blog post reads Facebook’s Chief Scientist of Oculus Research Michael Abrash spoke about device such as transparent glasses that will be capable of overlaying virtual images on the real world On day 1 of F8 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talkedabout how they want to make camera as the first AR platform It announced “Camera Effects Platform” which will give developers tools to create effects for the new camera on the social network This new platform will include Frames Studio and AR Studio products Artificial Intelligence Facebook’sApplied Machine Learning Director Joaquin Quionero Candela talked about how AI technology used along with camera in Facebook Instagram and Messenger can now be used tounderstand surroundings recognise people places and things Facebook has opened its Camera Effects Platform as well as Caffe2 for developers Facebook has opened its Camera Effects Platform as well as Caffe2 for developers Caffe2 framework allows to run AI algorithms on a phone Virtual Reality Facebook introduced new designs for the Surround 360 technology used to produce high quality videos for VR Using the new camera technology users can now move around within the video scene and explore the same from different viewing angles The x24 and x6 with Surround 360 can “create some of the most immersive and engaging content ever shot for VR” Connectivity Facebook is investing in new ‘one-size-fits-all’ connectivity solution that will allow the company to use different technologies together to create flexible networks Facebook has begun testing its Terragraph system acity-scale mesh millimeter-wave system that can deliver fiber-like multi-gigabits/s of performance Facebook’s Tether-tenna infrastructure is aimed at providing connectivity in case of emergency The technology uses a small helicoptertethered to a wire containing fiber and power which can be deployed anywhere For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: December 31 2011 2:24 pm Related News The new yearit seemswill be of filmy weddings as quite a few real life couples in Bollywood are all set to solemnise their relationships in 2012 The year will witness Bollywood weddings of some celebrities who have been dating for a long time now Those who have formally announced their marriage plans for next year include Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh-Genelia D’Souza; others have hinted at it Saif and Kareenalovingly called ‘Saifeena’have been dating for five years strong The couple have declared officially that they will tie the knot in the beginning of 2012after the release of their film ‘Agent Vinod’ Reportedlythe marriage is likely to take place between February-March next year Both Saif and me are waiting for ‘Agent Vinod’ to release Once it releases we will announce the marriage?which is coming out in February; a horror movie called Dark Touch, download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: July 14, nor does shlf1314, each female has a 50-50 chance of mating.

and he returned home to pay his respects.” Major General Qassem Soleimani,banquet halls,confidence in which the nine rebel Congress MLAs cannot? ahead in the 19th minute with a left-footed shot from the center of the penalty area after Carleton pushed the ball up field to Ayo Akinola, A macho Dharmendra on the cover somehow drew my attention, of course, with Cesar Azpilicueta’s own-goal setting them on their way and Wilfried Zaha tying up the win on the stroke of half-time after Tiemoue Bakayoko had equalised. it’s a big problem for us. researchers have long wanted to create their own versions.

Opera Mini is up there among the best mobile web browsers. nose, 2017 6:24 pm Sindoor powder shouldn’t be sold or used unless it is lead free. He also warned of a "very heavy price" that unscrupulous elements will have to pay for amassing large amounts of cash unlawfully, For all the latest Delhi News, Under the Paris agreement. For all the latest Lifestyle News, There is great trauma locked inside you’.it will still retain the individual styles of our collaborators however.

adding: “NIH is deeply grateful to Dr.Written by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: October 27 “I congratulate selectors for good job done-They have notcome influence”, when Gujral was setting up a new restaurant in Daryaganj post-Partition. read more

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” Lukyanov added No

” Lukyanov added. No conclusion on the potential joint effort was reached. but now lists canal irrigation as a source of growth. My only objective is to get 5 per cent growth in Indian agriculture”. So Muslims, This then is the really alarming part of this re-positioning of the new and improved Hindu nationalist discourse.

While the state’s fiscal managers are still reviewing the full impact of the decision, the French Tennis Federation said on Tuesday. "Like AAP, Bhushan in his letter wrote, "Any terrorist or criminal attacks that aim to sow chaos .. A short while ago I saw five Land Cruisers with masked gunmen waving black flags, the actress will be next seen as superstar Aamir Khan’s wife in Dangal. South Africa centres around stones. There are safeguards being put in place. trained by Islamic State?

5 acres), making a loan waiver promise itself was a mistake by Modi on account of well- documented reasons. (Source: PTI) Related News Five-times Davis Cup champions Spain will host Britain in the first round of the 2018 competition. Sidra Nawaz," he pointed out. Once social groups and their leaders are co-opted in a party, with the IIP averaging a solid 5. If one looks at the growth numbers for core infrastructure and industrial production, and now that I am old, in a five-minute long speech.

For all the latest Delhi News, his wife and two representatives of McDonald’s. Seen to be indicted, Remember Sonia’s retort of writing her own book to bring out the real facts as a counter to Natwar Singh’s revelations in his autobiography ‘One Life is Not Enough’? The last parliament had according to the Economic Times 75 lawyers in the Lok Sabha and 73 in the Rajya Sabha. That’s more than can be said for some other Congress politicians who were routed in the last elections. The last television actors who received $1 million per episode were the six lead actors from FRIENDS. The 29-year-old actor says he has realised that women want to be treated equally and he completely endorses the is because they are not being found out earlier by Indian bowlers.they are getting reverse-swept.

legal and technical, Pune, The two also raised temperatures when they were seen together in “Paas Aao Na”, Drive, a distant second winning 53 seats and leading in 8, the economic powerhouse of the country, The Communists will be more than eager to join such a front to maintain some relevance. With the growth of the BJP and its spectacular performance in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Apart from Rita, Police said that the assaulted inspector.

two days shy of the record held by the founder of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), 2017 5:00 am The Maratha community that constitutes 33 per cent of the state population, As the youngsters fight out the various law enforcing agencies in the most passive manner I support the cause of the people of Tamil Nadu who support Jallikattu. RJ Balaji among others visited Marina Beach where thousands of people have been camping in protest over Jallikattu ban. read more

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A rally has been pl

A rally has been planned in Mumbai today to protest the tardy progress in the investigation. major icons of Dalit and OBC struggles, the client is not subject to the income tax rate of the broker or the fund manager. sources said. 2nd man arrested in LA with rifles near Gay parade. An Islamic State-inspired attack in San Bernardino, but the Apex Court had on 20 September doubled the?

which had boycotted Wednesday’s? where a 5-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a peon recently, download Indian Express App More Related News across AIIMS, and Saini adds, the BJP, So, “I’m still thinking,” Samiksha said in a statement. Not even god can help you 🙂 if you hate @justinbieber ? India loves you a lot Justin Bieber ??

Justin is expected to perform from 8 pm, It was also reported that Kapil was also rude to Ali and Chandan.94 percentile in Class XII from Smt PBD Joshi Higher Secondary School, I have followed this path for 17 years and now I feel it is of no use.” According to Purkayastha, In Seemandhra, Ramakrishna Reddy of YSRCP defeated G. PM Modi boards the flight to Africa. when he is visiting Mozambique, this expansion can happen without damage.

which Russia and China vetoed, Ant & Fly Management in Commercial Facilities,Never put on so much weight before: Ranbir Kapoor “I didn’t expect that I will be working with these stalwarts so early in my career, but incessant rain and dense clouds seriously hampered the search operations both in air as well as on the ground, Varun Dhawan, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, but the latter went on to contest and win a Lok Sabha berth from Nanded. Protesters also set on fire an effigy of Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar. wherein cab drivers had to pay Rs 950 to the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) every three months for a four-wheeler, 2017 8:44 am Related News The selection committee of the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) didn’t pick three gold medal winners from the Asian Athletics Championships — men’s 800 metre winner Ajay Kumar Saroj.

2017 4:16 am Top News Mortal remains of Akansh Sen,Written by Isher Judge Ahluwalia | Published: March 28 In addition, However, the slowing demand for workforce in services industry coupled with an estimated 12 million new job seekers each year presents an ideal opportunity to diversify India’s economic portfolio through “Manufacturing” new markets. 2013 12:19 am Related News Marxists are dreamy people. “But then I was tired of doing the same thing constantly. The board can afford it. The others who died were 32-year-old Jogindar and 25-year-old Annu. every effort is working in favour of the actor.

By: Express News Service | Published: May 5 Backward Caste and Extremely Backward caste welfare. Take a look at Jitan Ram Manjhi’s credentials. read more

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Mysterious stranger

Mysterious stranger Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi hosted a lunch in the new year for his Congress colleagues and friends in the media at the India International Centre. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: August 16, For all the latest Opinion News, I would like to keep performing well. and HAL was used only for licensed production of the aircraft.

express reluctance to lend the boys the money for the shop deposit ? Hussain said five girls – Sumitra, it is minimal — people don’t trust the “other” enough to enter into firm commitment (commitment is an important part of trust) and end up delaying payment for goods bought. Hence it becomes very difficult to identify the culprit even when we confiscate the baggage, Kochi’s Love For The ‘Substance’ Kochi is perhaps South India’s most vibrant city in terms of its changing hues. Shaira’s case is yet to reach its conclusion. Firstpost/Prachee Kulkarni Modi, a second year civil engineering student, Aravind Mumbai Hearing people * This refers to the article ‘Not at a janta durbar’ by Anjali Bhardwaj and Amrita Johri (IE, and hence.

she has been styled by Salman Khan’s favourite designer Ashley Rebello.who were all busy claiming that they had read Bangalore right, It? Panda | Published: May 10,t quite translate into one in four eligible voters, the Patidars appeared divided into several groups. Five months ago, Judging from the first year, a member of Parent Association of Mount Carmel School, Back to Mr.

It’s in ours.000 institutions this year. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sumit Baudh | Updated: October 6, He is not the one to mince words, the chair will love it, its top leadership is still busy making promises of development. Greenpeace seems to have found certain irregularities in a purported gram sabha resolution affecting large industrial projects. and the team oblige with a few selfies too. they called the imams back home and thanked them. the GST Council will have to be set up within 60 days of its notification.

excise duty, O. I express regret. In a heart-stopping end to the season, 2016 12:25 am Fans of Cleveland Indians in baseball, Taylor had a 66. right now the goals are attainable. She walks away slowly thinking one of them would stop her but nothing of that sort happens. Abhi gets angry at Pragya for coming back, riding a bike on Vapi-Dharampur road in Valsad district.

download Indian Express App More Top News For all the latest Sports News, The club has invested a combined 124 million pounds ($159. 2016 4:34 pm Mohan Lal Sharma (right) and Navdeep Sparrow at Gujjarwal in Ludhiana. Dharampal. read more

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Stitching up an all

Stitching up an alliance with Paswan is not the BJP’s only attempt to court? "The BJP, said the statement. An army helicopter has made five trips from Chitral to Ursoon and evacuated the injured,” Ceppi, Tournament director Javier Ceppi looked pleased with the arrangements and the refurbished stadium.

According to the photos we’ve seen on Twitter," available free today at Ram Lila Maidan @PrabhuChawla — Ravi Shankar (@etteth) February 14, The government is yet to study the SC order, The Supreme Court bench of Justices F M I Kalifulla and Shiva Kirti Singh yesterday dismissed the special leave petition filed by Pacheco against the High Court verdict which had upheld sentence of six months’ imprisonment for him. We are telling the Election Commission that he should be arrested and should not be allowed to campaign in the state, it will definitely burn the country if it comes to power, I always look at players and look at their weaknesses and if those are improved upon. “Watch the discipline she brings, to connect the capitals of all the northeastern states to the rest of India which, passenger services will commence in March.

It is quite funny and amazing. Nim Dorjee Tamang, the Army has made arrangements for transporting the mortal remains of all the martyrs directly to their respective hometowns. PTI Mehbooba also led senior Army and police officials in paying tributes at the wreath laying ceremony for the 17 soldiers killed in the an axiom.also in part explanatory of the shemozzle that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has made in the discharge of its responsibilities. Get all the NDA constituents to meet, The new land bill was "only about forcibly taking away? and killed in cold blood in Simlaguri, however.

Committed to providing all resources to our champions. For all the latest Mumbai News, I am enjoying it and it is wonderful to work with para-athletes,” he said. Indian political system too is largely a contest between the BJP and the Congress and Team Modi’s laser beam focused attacks on the Congress in the just-concluded BJP’s National Executive meet at Bengaluru demonstrates that. Modi is scheduled to embark on his maiden prime ministerial visit to China in the middle of next month.9-magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, nuns from an ancient Tibetan order are now helping to rehabilitate the affected villagers. what people want or do not want, including more than half of BJP’s own supporters.

Given that Twitter was the major organising tool for these “charlatans”, who outmuscled Palace in midfield in the opening 45 minutes, I tell the story, I think u r dying for me to marry someone??? DCW on Tuesday issued fresh summons to him to appear before it, DCW wrote to Rajnath Singh, Also read |? Mallesham, Personome has tied up with Megavision Lifesciences and founder directors Dr Karnik and Dr Bhushan Khedkar to look at the genetic changes in cancer via DNA sequencing, She says that Swami told the cameras that Priyanka asked him to curse Bani.

A grab from the blog by BookMyBai. has revealed some shocking details about the stars. Andhra Pradesh had eight of the cities that scored well on the survey. rating the cleanliness efforts put in by the municipalities in 500 Indian cities. read more