Fight Fire Ants.

first_imgIf you’re starting a fall “to do” list for your homegarden and landscape, add “treat for fire ants” to yourlist.”Overcast days when the ants are actively foraging areexcellent times to apply treatments,” said Beverly Sparks,an Extension Service entomologist with the University of GeorgiaCollege of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.”The temperature should be between 65 and 90 degrees,”she said, “so spring and fall are the best application times.”Don’t Treat if Rain is ForecastedTreat for fire ants on a day when rain isn’t in the forecast.”It needs to be dry for at least 24 hours after you applyyour treatment,” Sparks said.To effectively fight the fire ant battle, neighbors shouldjoin forces. “If you treat and your neighbors don’t, thefire ants can rapidly reinfest your yard,” said Sparks. “Neighborshave to work together and treat at the same time. And you can’tjust treat once and expect to get rid of them.”Sparks said you have to begin a treatment program or you won’tbe effective.When you apply a fire ant bait, it’s best broadcast the productover the infested area.”Broadcasting is much more effective and cost-efficientthan spot treating mounds with contact insecticides,” Sparkssaid. “If you want quick results, use Amdro. It works infour to six weeks, while other bait treatments may take severalmonths to control the mounds.”New Control Makes Fire Ants SickSparks and a team of UGA entomologists are testing a new controlmethod for fire ants. And they’re finding it effective.”We have released a microsporidian into fire ant coloniesin south Georgia,” Sparks said. “This is a biologicalcontrol agent that weakens the fire ant colonies and allows otherant species to be more competitive with them.”The control agent is introduced into the colony by infestedlarvae, which then spread it through the entire colony.”The challenges we face in using this technology includemass production of the microsporidian and dispersal of the controlagent from colony to colony,” said Sparks.Entomologists are also searching for other biological controlsin the ants’ homeland.Native to South America, the ants were first recorded in theUnited States in Alabama in the 1920s. The red imported fire antquickly earned a top spot on Americans’ most hated pests list.The ants can sting repeatedly, and the result is a burning,itching area that often develops a white pustule.Some Farmers Like Fire AntsMost people hate them, but fire ants can be an asset to cottonand sugar cane farmers.”We’ve found that cotton and sugar cane fields that containfire ant mounds, also contain less crop pests,” Sparks said.”The fire ants eat the pests.”Almost 300 million acres in the southern United States areinfested with fire ants. “The most recent infestations arein New Mexico, Nevada and California,” said Sparks.Here in Georgia, losses and control costs for fire ants exceed$52 million per year.Fire Ants Hate Cold Weather”Fire ants aren’t a problem in states like Missouri andMichigan because they can’t survive the cold,” Sparks said.”They can’t survive freezing soil temperatures for more thana week.”We first thought they couldn’t survive in the Georgiaand Tennessee mountains either,” she said. “But withmild winters and behavioral adaptations, they’ve managed to spreadand survive in these cooler regions.”Fire ants can also move into walls of homes or other protectedareas to survive the winter.Sparks spends her days searching for ways to control fire ants.But she doesn’t think we’ll ever eliminate them.”With the technology we have today, we aren’t going toeradicate them, she said. “We are going to have to learnto live with them and control them in an effective, safe manneraround our homes and recreational areas.”last_img read more

Ancient Wisdom.

first_imgWater, water, everywhere,Nor any drop to… put on the flowers.(I hope Samuel Taylor Coleridge will forgive me.)The Ancient Mariner was telling his story in order that others might benefit from it.The gray beard, glittering eyes and weathered hands of gardeners past can teach us manylessons, too. Maybe it’s time to “stoppeth” today’s gardener and tell the taleof water conservation.Many Georgians haven’t learned their lesson from the past. Georgia has been devastatedby drought over the past three years.Be Sure to MulchWhat can be done now? Any part of the landscape with growing plants can be mulched. Inmy neighborhood in Athens, more than 20 dogwoods are dead or dying. Not a one of them ismulched.Mulching is the single most important water-retention process you can install for yourplants. Shred and mulch all of the leaves that will fall this year. Don’t bag them and throw them away.Assess Your LandscapeWhat needs to be done for the future? Assess your landscape. What do you have thattakes too much water? The high-impact-color area may need to be reduced. These areas arelarge consumers of water. No, you won’t lose the effect you have now. A large color bed can be cut in half andstill have the same impact with half the water. Just give it a little height. A raisedbed, mounded in the center, shows off much better and gives greater impact than a flatbed. Drip irrigation under mulch can make the bed a high-impact-color spot that uses verylittle water.Another idea is to use the entire array of greens and flower colors nature gives you.Green is not just green! It’s blue-green, yellow-green, gray-green, silver-green and allshades in between.Long-lasting ColorIn the green plants that form the architectural basis of your landscape, color can bepresent over an extended time. Just think of the crape myrtles that give color all summer.And one of my favorites, the althea, blooms all summer, and drought doesn’t seem to affectit. Camellias give us color when nothing else is blooming, and hollies show off thosewonderful red berries in the dead of winter.Once established and mulched, all of these plants are drought-tolerant. They take verylittle water and give back much more than we put into them.Now that you have listened to my story, “may you rise a wiser man on the morrowmorn.”last_img read more

Holiday weight gain

first_img“The average person gains about one pound during the holiday season, but if you don’t lose that pound, it can add up over the years,” said Connie Crawley, a Cooperative Extension food, nutrition and health specialist coordinating the statewide program. “The point is to help people to stay aware of what they’re eating.” The challenge will lead into Cooperative Extension’s annual Walk Georgia program, which invites residents to track their physical activity and travel virtually across the state. Starting Feb. 10, Georgians will be able to log minutes of physical activity for the 12-week challenge. Registration open Feb. 1 at Topics include curbing cravings, staying active, moderating consumption, estimating portions, drinking more water and sending leftovers home with others. “We send newsletters as reminders to log activity, which include great recipes and information about Georgia’s parks,” Crawley said. “There’s a local element to it and even competition. Several UGA deans are already talking about it.” For more information or to find your county agent, see “While writing the topics, I solicited tips from the agents, and there were some creative responses,” said Crawley. “One measured her driveway and found that walking the length 10 times is a mile. Even if she can’t get away from the house, she can walk up and down the driveway with family. Another agent makes a point to drink two bottles of water before work, two during the workday and two at home at the end of the day.” Georgia residents can contact their local Extension office to join the email list, which will begin during the week of Thanksgiving and extend through the beginning of January. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agents are proposing tips to help Georgians keep the pounds off during the holiday season. As part of a new program this year, agents are starting the Zero Weight Gain Challenge, which will include weekly emails about ways to reduce the holiday bulge.last_img read more

Ticks in Georgia

first_imgTick bites will cause an itchy, sometimes-raised spot to appear after the tick is removed. These can be uncomfortable, Hinkle said, but that’s normal. “The (lone star tick) is the most common tick in Georgia, and it is also the tick that makes us itch the most,” she said. “When I get a lone star tick attached to me, I’ll itch for four or five weeks, with a pruritic, indurated lesion (an itchy, hard sore) at the bite site.” “Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about the itch, other than anti-itch creams; it’s our immune system’s way of removing the tick’s salivary secretions over time.” The time to watch for symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever is about a week to two weeks after exposure to the tick. If you’ve been exposed to a tick and experience body aches or headaches, a fever, fatigue or have a spotty rash on your hands or feet, you should visit the doctor and tell them about your tick bite. The disease can be cured with antibiotics, but left untreated, it can be dangerous, especially for children under 5 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For more information on Rocky Mountain spotted fever, visit For more information about preventing ticks, visit and search “Georgia ticks,” or see UGA Extension Circular “Protect Yourself From Ticks.” Every summer, Georgians flock to the mountains and forests to escape the heat. Many return home with a few unintended souvenirs—ticks. Ticks are endemic in every part of Georgia. While most tick bites don’t do much more than make you itch, some Georgia ticks can carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever—a flu-like illness that can cause complications for young children and those with suppressed immune systems. The most common ticks in Georgia are lone star ticks, carriers of uncommon diseases called “ehrlichiosis.” However, the American dog tick is also present in the state, and it is known to carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The best course of action to prevent disease is to avoid tick bites altogether, said Nancy Hinkle, a UGA Extension veterinary entomologist. She advocates wearing long pants tucked into your socks or boots when walking in the woods or working in heavy brush. “It does look dorky, but it’s the most effective way to protect yourself from ticks,” she said. “The ticks have to crawl all the way up your boot and up your pants leg before they get to you, and that’s more of a chance for them to fall off or for you to find them before they attach.” Bug repellents that contain DEET to repel mosquitoes will work somewhat, but they are far from bulletproof. Repellents containing the pyrethroid, permethrin, work best to repel ticks, Hinkle said. The key is to apply it to work clothes or hiking gear early and to let it dry completely before an outing. The permethrin will stay on clothes through multiple washes, but the solvent can also deteriorate plastic and some synthetic fibers. If you find that you’re picking up ticks in your own backyard, it may be time to mow the grass and trim the hedges. Keeping things tidy will help knock down tick populations or at least convince them to move. After the woodsEven if you’re diligent with your permethrin and you tuck your pant legs all the way into your boots, it’s important to check yourself for ticks when you get home. For parents, Hinkle recommends a once-a-day tick check for kids if they’ve been playing in the woods or near the woods. If you find a tick within 24 hours of it attaching itself, there is little chance of it transmitting anything that could hurt you, Hinkle said. That being said, sometimes they are tricky to remove. The best method is use tweezers or your fingers to grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull. Be careful not to squeeze the body of the tick during the process because that can empty the tick’s stomach contents into your bloodstream, Hinkle said. “Fortunately the old, urban myth about not removing the mouthparts is meaningless,” Hinkle said. “If portions of the mouthparts are left behind, the body will eventually work them out—just as when we get a thorn or splinter under our skin.” last_img read more

Garden Placement

first_imgSelecting the best place to grow your garden is essential to producing high-yielding crops.Bob Westerfield, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension consumer horticulturist, believes there are three factors that all home gardeners should consider before planting this year’s spring gardens.First, find the best place to achieve maximum sunlight. Westerfield said that vegetables grow best in as much sun as possible. Most require at least six to eight hours of sunlight daily. Areas under or near shade trees are not suitable for gardens due to the lack of sunlight.Next, select a spot in close proximity to a water source. Westerfield recommends using drip irrigation, as water is applied at soil level and impacts the roots directly.“There are plenty of agronomic farmers … who grow dryland corn or dryland soybeans, but when it comes to vegetable gardens, you’re producing a crop with very fast turnaround and you need to be able to rely on irrigation,” he said. “You’ve got to have a source of water.”Finally, find an area that drains well and does not have a history of noxious weeds like bermudagrass or nutsedge. Westerfield advises against planting in a weedy area because it can be difficult to eradicate the weeds. While bermudagrass serves as turf on some front yards, when it grows in a vegetable garden, it becomes a weed, and a deeply rooted one.After the proper site has been selected, Westerfield advises preparing it now, starting with soil sampling. It’s important to know the pH of your soil. Vegetables grow better in soil that is slightly acidic. Soil adjustments through lime treatment it take a while to take effect.Contact your local UGA Extension agent to submit a soil sample for analysis.last_img read more

Vermont State Best Grocery Bagger Named

first_imgIt’s in the Bag! Essex Junction, Vt. – The winner of the Vermont Grocers’ Association Vermont State Best Bagger is 20-year-old Ethan Abar of Williston who works at the Shaws Market in Williston. He out-bagged eight other contestants from various stores across the state during the annual competition held at the Robert E. Miller Expo Centre at Champlain Valley Exposition. Each contestant had to fill two paper grocery bags with the same items and were judged on time, attitude and weight distribution. Judges for the contest were State Sen. Dick Mazza, Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie and State Sen. Peter Welch. As the grocery bagging champ, Abar will represent Vermont in the national bagging competition to be held in Las Vegas in February. He has worked at Shaws for 3 1/2 years and is a student at Champlain College. “I was nervous, but my experience paid off,” Abar said. The competition was part of a Vermont Grocers’ Association’s annual convention and trade show, held for the first time in Essex Junction at the new Expo North building. The weekend included educational seminars, a trade show with more than 100 exhibitors, a golf tournament and reception at the ECHO Center for Lake Champlain. The convention committee was co-chaired by Paul Lapotosky of Farrell Distributing and Paul Nerney of Shaw’s Supermarket. Steve Clayton of Shelburne Supermarket is Chair of the Vermont Grocers’ Association Board of Directors. Jim Harrison is president of the VGA. For more information about the event, visit is external)last_img read more

Local Designer Opens Mid-Brain Design

first_imgBurlington, VT – Nathan Dana announces the opening of Mid-Brain Design and launch of the website, is external). Mid-Brain Design specializes in web design, print design, photography, and brand identity.Dana is launching Mid-Brain Design after building a solid career as creative director at Brandthropology, lead web designer at Paul Kaza Associates, and earning a degree in design studies from University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand and a degree in new media from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).Dana’s previous work includes building well known Vermont websites as,, and and working with organizations from Vermont to abroad including Central Vermont Medical Center, The Alpine Shop, Symquest, New Zealand Auto Car Magazine, and Mark Petch Motor Sport.Mid-Brain Design is located in Burlington and on the web at is external).last_img read more

State bond sale of $50.5 million successful

first_imgState Treasurer Jeb Spaulding announced today that Vermont successfully sold $50.5 million in general obligation bonds. Demand was so high that once the selling period was open, the bonds virtually sold out in less than three hours. We are extremely pleased by the response of our bond offering, said State Treasurer Jeb Spaulding. We received approximately $123 million of orders for the $50.5 million in bonds that were available. The strong response indicates local investors and brokers are eager to invest in the State and support badly needed capital projects.The bonds are scheduled to settle, or close, on March 11, 2009. The State was able to lock in a total interest cost of 3.82 percent. The interest yield investors received on their bond purchases ranged from 0.62 percent for bonds maturing in one year to 4.60 percent for bonds maturing in 20 years. Bonds were offered in amounts as small as $1,000, with maturities ranging from one to 20 years.Demand for the State s bonds was enhanced by the State s strong bond rating. The bonds offered were rated by Moody s Investors Service, Standard & Poor s Ratings Service, and Fitch Ratings as Aaa, AA+ and AA+, respectively. The triple-A rating reflects the highest rating available to government issuers. High demand for the bonds allowed the State to offer a lower rate of return and consequently, lower the cost to the State for borrowing money for capital projects. Costs to the State would have been higher if Vermont s bond ratings were lower. In these challenging economic times, this bond offering gave Vermont investors an opportunity to take advantage of savings on state and federal taxes on investment earnings and also invest in bonds backed by the full faith and credit of the State of Vermont, explained Spaulding.Spaulding acknowledged that with such a strong response to the offering, many Vermont investors may have been disappointed by their inability to purchase the bonds. For future offerings, plans are to alert Vermonters about placing their orders for bonds much earlier. We will use the experience from this sale to help make the bond sale process more accessible and understandable with future issues, Spaulding said.This week s bond sale funds projects that were authorized by the State Legislature in the last legislative session. While the bonds were originally scheduled to be sold this past fall, the Treasurer s Office delayed the sale due to the extremely dysfunctional bond market and because the State s cash flow dictated that new funds were not needed until spring.As part of the annual approval of capital bonding projects, the State is expecting to again offer bonds for sale in the fall. Source: Treasurer s Officelast_img read more

Vermont lowest as preterm birth rate drops

first_imgThe nation’s preterm birth rate declined slightly in 2007 a finding that the March of Dimes hopes will prove to be the start of a new trend in improved maternal and infant health. Vermont had the lowest rate in the nation at 9.2 percent; New Hampshire was second at 9.4 percent. They were the only two states under 10 percent.The preterm birth rate declined for babies born at 34-36 weeks gestation (late preterm) and among babies born to African American and white women.”We’re encouraged by this drop in the preterm birth rate, and hope that the emphasis we’ve put on the problem of late preterm birth is beginning to make a difference,” said Jennifer L. Howse, Ph.D., president of the March of Dimes. “Through our Prematurity Campaign, we can build on this success and begin to give more babies a healthy start in life.”The rate of preterm births (less than 37 weeks gestation) dropped to 12.7 percent from 12.8 percent in 2006, a small but statistically significant decrease, according to preliminary birth data for 2007 released by the National Center for Health Statistics.The preterm birth rate has increased by 36 percent since the 1980s, and despite the decline in the 2007 preterm birth rate, the number of babies born too soon continues to top more than 540,000 each year.Preterm birth is a serious health problem that costs the United States more than $26 billion annually, according to the Institute of Medicine. It is the leading cause of newborn death and babies who survive an early birth often face the risk of lifetime health challenges, such as breathing problems, mental retardation and others. Even babies born just a few weeks too soon (34-36 weeks gestation, also known as late preterm birth) have higher rates of death and disability than full-term babies.The March of Dimes has a four-point plan to help reduce the preterm birth rate in the United States, which calls for:1. A voluntary review of all cesarean-section births and inductions of labor that occur before 39 weeks gestation, to ensure they meet established American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines regarding medical necessity of elective procedures.2. Expanded federal support for prematurity-related research to uncover the causes of premature birth, strategies for prevention, and improved care and outcomes for preterm infants.3. Policymakers to improve access to health coverage for women of childbearing age and to support smoking cessation programs as part of maternity care.4. Businesses to create workplaces that support maternal and infant health, such as providing private areas to pump breast milk, access to flextime, and information about how to have a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.The March of Dimes is the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health. With chapters nationwide and its premier event, March for Babies®, the March of Dimes works to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. For the latest resources and information, visit or For detailed national, state, and county perinatal data, visit read more

Paramount Theatre announces expanded 10th anniversary season

first_imgThe Paramount Theatre in Rutland announced today an expanded and varied Tenth Anniversary Season of presentations at the Paramount Theatre. The Paramount has expanded to EIGHT performance Series at the theatre, including SUMMER MUSIC, POPULAR MUSIC, CLASSICAL MUSIC, THEATRE, THEATRE DEVELOPMENT, FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT, COMEDY (new this season) and an upcoming, soon-to-be announced film series as well. Bruce Bouchard, Executive Director commented, We, at the Paramount, are immensely proud and happy about what has transpired inside this building and around this community in the past 14 months. In challenging times, both the board of the theatre and the entire community has responded with a resounding vote of confidence and support, and have created the context for success for the organization for years to come. Bouchard continued, We have set perhaps the most ambitious, varied and diverse season to date for the Paramount. From Broadway Theatre to Classical Music, to emerging works from the NYC Musical Theatre arena, to a new comedy series to the Family Entertainment Series to Popular Music Series (and the upcoming film series) there is literally something for EVERYONE within range of our theatre.The Theatre Series kicks off our 10 Anniversary Season in June with Mel Brook s THE PRODUCERS (C-R Productions on tour) and continues with tours of the smash Broadway and Off-Broadway hits ALTAR BOYZ, CABARET, and FORBIDDEN BROADWAY (in its 26th Season in New York). Our Developmental Theatre Series, 30 Center Stage tucks into the summer with two musical projects by important young composer/lyricists: ROOM 16, a musical, by Stephen Sislen, dealing with the Watergate Break-in, and a two-act song cycle from Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk, the authors of last summer s TALES FROM THE BAD YEARS.Two Music Series (Summer Music and Popular Music) will appeal to broad and eclectic tastes with warm weather visits from SUSAN TEDESCHI, LEE GREENWOOD, a bit of world music with BELA FLECK and TOUMANI DIABATE (Mr. Diabate is commonly regarded as the finest instrumentalists from the continent of Africa), return engagements from the Pink Floyd experience, THE MACHINE (nearly sold out last summer) and hometown sensation, DAN TYMINSKI. In the Fall, three wild-and-crazy guys in long hair, beards and tuxes THREE REDNECK TENORS, take us on a hilarious classical and popular music de-construction joy-ride, the DEREK TRUCKS BAND, recently called by the New York Times, without in today s popular music scene makes his first appearance at the Paramount as does and the top rock-acapella act in the country, ROCKAPELLA. ¦..spring features fiddler/clogger NATALIE MACMASTER with her astonishing band and a rare visit from descendants of the originals, THE GLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA (16,200 concerts since their founding in 1956).A first-ever Comedy Series is new this year and includes former SNL Vet, JIM BREUER, Vermont Storyteller/Humorist, RUSTY DEWEES in THE LOGGERS HOLIDAY SHOW, the annual visit of our rapier comedy troupe, CAPITOL STEPS, and a special live adaptation of the prime time hit comedy, Whose Line is it Anyway: ¦ ¦WHO S LIVE ANYWAY, featuring Ryan Stiles, (from TV s 2 AND A HALF MEN) and a stellar improv comedy/song company.There will be something for everyone in the family in our second-annual FAMILY SERIES: After his unprecedented two sold-out shows this past season, JACK HANNA returns with his love of children and his wild menagerie to amuse and delight them, a visit from THE MOSCOW BOYS CHOIR CHRISTMAS will be a perfect holiday outing and THE PENDRAGONS; Illusionists who have logged more TV face time than any other specialty performers of in the business, forwards the theatres commitment to magic for the 4th straight season.Our Classical Series, Passages at the Paramount returns for the second season. Produced in association with Young Concert Artists, Inc. (NYC) the Series offers a rare opportunity to experience early career international and national first prize winners in four different disciplines from annual competitions held abroad and in New York City. Two of our artists from last season played The Paramount, and then within five days played their professional debuts in New York City at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. This season series runs October April and will feature a return engagement of GLEB IVANOV 26- year-old pianist from Russia (whose performance in November was one of the highlights of the season), NOE INUI, 20-year-old violinist from Brussels, (and winner of a performance award given by the Paramount this past January at the finals of international Competition), CAROLINA ULRICH, Soprano, and Spanish clarinetist, JOSE FRANCH-BALLESTER. Peter Miller, Fine Arts Supervisor for the Rutland Public Schools joins the Classical Series this season as an Artistic Associate. and will offer, new this season, pre-concert talks about the artists and the scheduled programs.31 individual performances of 27 acts from 7 Series over 12 action- packed months, plus the upcoming film series (stay tuned for additional details) should make for a hoppin wild year at The Paramount.It has been the vision since day one of the new-era Paramount to expand both the programming and the types of offerings (Series) at the theatre. By keeping the doors open as much as possible, and by keeping some of our ticket pricing as low as $10 and $15, we have truly made The Paramount a theatre for everyone while having a significant impact on the local economy. We are firmly establishing ourselves as the leading engine in the night time economy of south central Vermont.Bouchard concluded, It has been a flurry of amazing activity to re-brand, re-conceive, re-organize and re-make this beautiful theatre. Credit truly goes to our board of trustees, our amazing body of volunteers and an exemplary and dedicated staff: Eric Mallette, Assistant Director; Tom O Brien, Production Manager; Patricia Menduni, Director of Development; Alice Smith, Box Office Manager; our volunteer box office assistants: Mary Ann Riley, Carolyn Baker, Jackie Bartenstein, and Richard Cormier, and our wonderful Vermont Associates: Marion Farrell, Pat Dziubek and John LaFasoParamount Theatre 10th Anniversary SeasonALL Tickets on Sale to the General Public June 4, 2009 On Line not In is external)Box Office: 803-775-090330 Center Street, Rutland, VTTHE PRODUCERS 6/10/09 & 6/11/09Presented by C-R Productions on Tour. New York, 1959. Max Bialystock was once the king of Broadway, but now all his shows close on opening night. Things turn around when he’s visited by the neurotic accountant Leo Bloom, who proposes a scheme tailor-made for producers who can only make flops: raise far more money than you need, then make sure the show is despised. No one will be interested in it, so you can pocket the surplus. To this end, they produce a musical called Springtime for Hitler written by escaped Nazi Franz Liebken. Then they get the insanely flamboyant Roger De Bris to direct. Finally, they hire as a lead actress the loopy Swedish bombshell Ulla (whose last name has over 15 syllables). As opening night draws near, what can go wrong? WWW.COHOESMUSICHALL.COMROOM 16 6/27/09 and 6/30/09Watergate musical. A part of the 30 Center Stage Theatre Development Series.SUSAN TEDESCHI 6/30/09Susan Tedeschi is an American blues and soul artist, who has risen to fame with multiple Grammy Award nominations, her powerful singing voice, fearless stage presence, and her marriage to Derek Trucks of the Allman Brothers Band. WWW.SUSANTEDESCHI.COMLEE GREENWOOD 7/1/09Lee Greenwood is an American country music artist. Active since the early 1980s, he has released more than twenty major-label albums and has charted more than thirty-five singles on the Billboard country music charts. Although he is best known for his Top Ten crossover single “God Bless the USA”, Greenwood also has charted seven Number One hits in his career.WWW.LEEGREENWOOD.COMKERRIGAN/LOWDERMILK 7/30/09 8/1/09A part of the 30 Center Stage Theatre Development Series.BELA FLECK & TOUMANI DIABATE 8/5/09Bela Fleck and Toumani Diabate (the kora master from Mali) started the tour as a duo in Oakland, California. They did 9 concerts, and they went incredibly well. The rest is musical history. Touring internationally, Bela and Toumani grace the stages of some of the worlds most beautiful music halls filling them with both tremendously appreciative audiences and beautiful music from the heart of Africa. What started as Bela s self dubbed African Project (his personal research into the roots of the banjo an instrument he has mastered) has become an international phenomenon winning rave reviews from critics across a broad spectrum.WWW.BELAFLECK.COMTHE MACHINE 8/8/09THE MACHINE, America s top Pink Floyd show, has forged a 20 year reputation of excellence, extending the legacy of Pink Floyd, while creating another legacy all their own. Over the years, The Machine has touched the hearts and souls of many, selling out large clubs and theatres across North and Central America, Europe and Asia. They have also appeared at renowned music festivals such as Bonnaroo, Riverbend, and Germany s Rock of Ages.WWW.THEMACHINELIVE.COMTHE DAN TYMINSKI BAND 8/21/09Dynamic on stage, down to earth off stage, Dan Tyminski has the voice, instrumental chops, and charisma to be counted among the most recognizable and popular male vocalists on today s bluegrass and country music scenes. Yet his demeanor low-key and laconically sly ensures skill (mainly on guitar, but also on mandolin) and burnished, soulful tenor singing has been a key component of Alison Krauss and Union Station, arguably the most visible and successful bluegrass band in the modern era. Prior to that, he rose to national prominence as a member of bluegrass favorite, the Lonesome River BandWWW.DANTYMINSKIBAND.COMJIM BREUER 9/25/09Jim Breuer is an American comedian and actor, largely known for his appearance between 1995 and 1998 on Saturday Night Live. Breuer first rose to fame as a cast member of Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 1998. On SNL, Breuer’s characters included “Goat Boy” (who hosted the fictional MTV program “Hey, Remember the 80s?”) and Glen Henderson, the elder brother to Chris Kattan’s Todd Henderson/Azrael Abyss character in the “Goth Talk” skits. He was originally scheduled to have been the co-star alongside friend and co-worker Dave Chappelle in the 1996 ill-fated sitcom “Buddies,” but was pulled from the role. Subsequently, the show was unsuccessful and stopped airing after the fifth episode.Among his impersonations was that of actor Joe Pesci, who hosted his own talk show, often accompanied by Colin Quinn playing fellow actor Robert De Niro. In a 1997 episode of the program, both Pesci and De Niro made surprise appearances to “confront” Breuer. Breuer is the new host of the third season of the VH1 show Web Junk 20. WWW.JIMBREUER.COMTHREE REDNECK TENORS 10/3/09Join Billy Bob, Billy Joe, and Billy Billee as they mix NASCAR with Beethoven, lite beer with Puccini and even kick up a little dust with Ave Maria Dixie! You’ll travel with our 3 singing cousins from their modest beginnings in Paris, Texas, where they discover that belting out a high C causes pigs to move faster and bar brawlers to scatter; all the way to their triumphant debut at New York’s famous Carnegie Hall. WWW.3REDNECKTENORS.COMGLEB IVANOV (PASSAGES – PIANO) 10/24/09Mr. Ivanov won the 2005 Young Concert Artists International Auditions and was also awarded a grant from the Jack Romann Special Artists Fund of YCA. He won critical praise for his debut recitals at Carnegie s Zankel Hall in New York and at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, presented by Young Concert Artists during the 2005-2006 season. He made his New York concerto debut to critical acclaim in April 2007 with the Orchestra of St. Luke s at the Rose Theater at Jazz at Lincoln Center as part of YCA s Gala Irene Diamond concert. Returning after last season s Paramount debut.WWW.YCA.ORGALTAR BOYZ 10/17/09ALTAR BOYZ is a musical-comedy spoof about a fictitious Christian boy-band on the last night of their national “Raise the Praise” tour. The Boyz – five ultra-talented heartthrobs from Ohio – are lead singer Matthew (the pretty-boy hunk and leader of the pack), Mark (a sensitive young man with a deep faith in Cher), Luke (a bad-boy with an “interest” in communion wine), Juan (a hot-blooded crooner with a passion for pretty girls) and Abraham (a nice Jewish boy, who’s not quite sure how he ended up here…though his mother would sure like to know).As they perform their signature hits featuring lyrics like “Girl, you make me wanna wait” and Jesus called me on my cell phone , soul-wrenching secrets come tumbling out with hilarious results. The Boyz begin to question their faith in each other, and learn if fate is really holding them together or if it’s just their extra-firm hair gel. With their sweet harmonies, sinfully spectacular dancing and an unnerving sense of fashion, the ALTAR BOYZ are destined to rock the masses! A musical for the entire family, ALTAR BOYZ is 90 minutes of pure fun and the winner of the 2005 Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Off-Broadway Musical.WWW.ALTARBOYZ.COMDEREK TRUCKS BAND 11/6/09What had begun as a weekend activity quickly became a life s pursuit, and would eventually result in Derek being the youngest player to make Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” list, as well as the cover of Rolling Stone s 2007 New Guitar Gods issue. In 1999, Derek was asked to join The Allman Brothers Band, taking over slide guitar duty. (Derek’s uncle, “Butch” Trucks, is a founding member of the Allmans) and he found himself balancing the schedules of two full-time touring bands, often logging over 300 days a year on the road. His schedule grew even tighter when asked to join Eric Clapton s touring band for his 2006-2007 world tour. The opportunity to play alongside this living legend was obviously too good to pass up so Derek is currently juggling all three bands, including shows featuring both The Derek Trucks Band and the Allmans on the same bill.WWW.DEREKTRUCKS.COMROCKAPELLA 11/13/09Rockapella is an American a cappella musical group. They were best known for their series of Folgers Coffee commercials and their participation on the long-running PBS children’s geography game show, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, as well with the show’s theme song. “Rockapella” is a portmanteau of “rock” and “a cappella”. In addition to original vocal music, the group also performs a cappella covers of pop songs.WWW.ROCKAPELLA.COMRUSTY DEWEES: THE LOGGER S HOLIDAY SHOW 11/20/09 & 11/21/09Vermont comedian, author, musican, actor, producer and master of Duct Tape Rusty s presentation guarantees to please crowds of all ages. Billed as The Blue Collar Comedy Tour meets Prairie Home Companion his Holiday variety show features musicians, special guests and lots of surprises! Certain to sell out fast!WWW.THELOGGER.COMTHE MOSCOW BOYS CHOIR CHRISTMAS 12/18/09THE MOSCOW BOYS CHOIR® is a careful blending of heavenly soprano voices with the rich resonance of bass, tenor and baritone sound that brings a distinct Russian flavor to the choral experience. Founded in 1957, this choral ensemble is among Russia’s most prestigious all-boy choirs. Under the direction of Mr. Leonid Baklushin, the boys attend a special school which provides both general education and musical training. Being selected as a member of the touring company of THE MOSCOW BOYS CHOIR is no easy feat. Hand-picked from over 400 students at their school in Moscow, these highly talented youngsters have the voices of angels and the discipline to match their talents. The family event of the season!WWW.MOSCOWBOYSCHOIR.COMCABARET 1/19/10Presented by Windwood Theatricals. Wilkommen!, Bienvenue!, Welcome! , sings the Emcee of the Kit Kat Club through painted lips, as the people of 1929 Berlin join him. Whatever your troubles, you will forget them at the Cabaret. Sally Bowles, a middle-class lass from Chelsea, London, is working as a singer at Berlin s Kit-Kat Club and trying her best to live the thrillingly decadent life which the city is supposed to offer. Into her orbit comes Cliff Bradshaw, a young American writer, and Sally soon moves in to join him in his room in the boarding house run by Fraulein Schneider. Their fellow lodgers include the cheerful whore, Fraulein Kost, and the gentle, graying fruiterer Herr Schultz. As the clouds gather, Sally, now pregnant by Cliff, is still determined to show the world what a good time she is having and she will not or cannot hear the noises of Nazism around her. But the others can.WWW.WINDWOODTHEATRICALS.COMCAROLINA ULRICH (PASSAGES – SOPRANO) 1/22/10Carolina Ullrich won First Prize in the 2008-09 Young Concert Artists International Auditions. At the Auditions, her First Prize was sponsored by the Alice Rosner Foundation, and she was also awarded the Princeton University Concerts Prize, for an engagement in New Jersey; and the Usedom Music Festival Prize, for an engagement in Germany. She previously won First Prize at the 2008 Young Concert Artists European Auditions in Leipzig, Germany, which are co-sponsored by Young Concert Artists and the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.WWW.YCA.ORGTHE CAPITOL STEPS 2/12/10The Capitol Steps began as a group of Senate staffers who set out to satirize the very people and places that employed them. In the years that followed, many of the Steps ignored the conventional wisdom (“Don’t quit your day job!”), and although not all of the current members of the Steps are former Capitol Hill staffers, taken together the performers have worked in a total of eighteen Congressional offices and represent 62 years of collective House and Senate staff experience. Since they began, the Capitol Steps have recorded 28 albums, including their latest, Camaign and Suffering . They’ve been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS, and can be heard 4 times a year on National Public Radio stations nationwide during their Politics Takes a Holiday radio specials.WWW.CAPSTEPS.COMTHE PENDRAGONS 2/20/10Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon are an award-winning husband-and-wife team of American illusionists who call their work “physical grand illusion”. They are widely known thanks to numerous national and international television appearances. The couple are distinguished from many other husband-and-wife magic acts in that Charlotte Pendragon is credited as an equal partner rather than an assistant. She has been honoured in her own right as a magician and has achieved notable firsts as a woman in the magic profession. Returning after a complete sell out!WWW.THEPENDGRAGONS.NETNOE INUI (PASSAGES VIOLINIST WITH PIANO) 2/26/10He is active as a chamber musician and has performed in concert with such artists as pianist Martha Argerich at her Festival in Buenos Aires and at the Llao Llao Festival. He has concertized in Japan at major venues such as Tokyo s Suntory Hall and Casals Hall. He has appeared as soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège in Belgium, the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra in Germany and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Thessaloniki, Greece, to name a few.WWW.YCA.ORGJUNGLE JACK HANNA 3/6/10 (2 Exciting Shows!)John Bushnell Hanna, known as Jack is an American zoo keeper who is the Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. His media appearances have made him one of the best known and well liked animal experts in the United States. Hanna, nicknamed “Jungle Jack”, is instantly recognizable by his khaki safari outfit, deep tan, Southern twang, pseudo-serious delivery, and shaggy hair. 2 sold out shows during the 2008/2009 season! Jungle Jack will bring more then 2 dozen LIVE ANIMALS with him to the Paramount Theatre. Last season saw cheetahs, kangaroos, birds, giant tortoises, rare African porcupines, penguins and more!WWW.JACKHANNA.COMJOSE FRANCH-BALLESTER (PASSAGES CLARINETIST WITH PIANO) 3/13/10Mr. Franch-Ballester s 2008-2009 season includes appearances as soloist with the Victoria and Wichita Falls symphonies in Texas, and recitals with Asociacion Nacional de Conciertos in Panama, Pace University (NY), Iowa State University, Buffalo Chamber Music Society, Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts (CA), Fox Hill Village, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute (NY). In December 2007, he was selected for Carnegie Hall s Professional Training Workshop with Emanuel Ax and Richard Stoltzman, which concluded with a performance in Carnegie s Weill Hall.WWW.YCA.ORGNATALIE MACMASTER 3/18/10Natalie MacMaster, is an award-winning fiddler from the rural community of Troy in Inverness County, Nova Scotia, Canada. She is one of the best-known musicians in the tradition of Cape Breton fiddle music, and has made a highly successful career as a touring musician, traveling to Europe and Asia and doing as many as 250 shows in a year. MacMaster has toured with many famous performers, including the Chieftains, Faith Hill, Carlos Santana and Alison Krauss, and has recorded with Yo-Yo Ma. She has appeared at many music festivals worldwide, including the Celtic Colours festival in Cape Breton, Celtic Connections in Scotland, and MerleFest in the United States. Filling stadiums and amphitheatres internationally, MacMaster s show promises to be a special treat!WWW.NATALIEMACMASTER.COMFORBIDDEN BROADWAY 4/24/10Forbidden Broadway was first seen at Palsson’s Supper Club on New York’s Upper West Side in January 1982. An unemployed actor, Gerard Alessandrini, wanted a showcase for his talents. He decided to assemble some of the musical parodies of Broadway shows he had written since childhood into a nightclub act. Critics and audiences were wowed and it has since become New York’s longest running musical comedy revue. Forbidden Broadway has won Drama Desk, Obie and Outer Critics Circle and an honorary Tony Award for excellence!WWW.FORBIDDENBROADWAY.COMWHOSE LIVE ANYWAY 5/6/10Whose Live Anyway is 90 minutes of hilarious improvised comedy and song all based on audience suggestions. Ryan Stiles (from CBS s 2 and a Half Men), Greg Proops, Chip Esten and Jeff B. Davis leave their audiences gasping with the very witty scenes they invent before your eyes. Everyone is amazed at how quickly they make it up and crowds of all ages are astounded at the incredible improvised song lyrics Chip Esten and Jeff Davis improvise and sing. Their combined musical range is incredible! Audience participation is the key to the show so bring your suggestions and you might be asked to join the cast onstage. Whose Live Anyway performs some of the games made famous from the Emmy Nominated TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway plus some new ones. WWW.WHOSELIVEANYWAY.COMGLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA 5/21/10The World Famous, Glenn Miller Orchestra, is the most popular and sought after big band in the world today for both concert and swing dance engagements. With its unique jazz sound, the Glenn Miller Orchestra is considered to be one of the greatest bands of all time. The present Glenn Miller Orchestra was formed in 1956 and has been touring consistently since, playing an average of 300 live dates a year all around the world.WWW.GLENNMILLERORCHESTRA.COMSource: Paramount Theatrelast_img read more