Do network marketing can not go to extremes should be diversified

speaking of network marketing, if you feel the magic? Yes, sometimes even if you stay at home, on the rise of the network can control the product promotion is fading: Cardiff strategizing, winning thousands of miles away. The new Chen also wondered whether each of the products are suitable for the network? Whether regular network marketing? What are the promotion methods? Whether the existing successful examples can be copied? If you have doubts about this, please follow the new Chen look down: read more

The broken window theory enterprise development network marketing warning to prevent the three thing

Internet economy has demonstrated its powerful VAILLANT, from the double 11 promotion this year, only Tmall reached 13 billion 200 million, Taobao reached 5 billion 900 million, the total consumption of up to 2% of the total economy of our country, the shocking data showing all of the network for the enterprise is a huge market. Called e-commerce Godfather Ma was slightly exaggerated, said: today you do not e-commerce, five years later you will be able to do business." Now it seems this is true, enterprises are aware of the importance of the network market, have to invest energy and funds to carry out their control of network marketing. read more

Ali’s most creative advertising design awards

we all know, a website art is also related to the development of the site, while the quality of advertising design to have a direct impact on the effect of advertising, this I believe everyone has deep feeling, everyone is from all sides, there must have a lot of this master, in order to let everyone have a go. We carry out " the most creative advertising design awards " welcome to actively participate in the activities. The following is the specific rules of this event:

a, work requirements: read more

Through the network marketing every 2 days a single transaction experience

in the third quarter of 2009, the home industry is a warmer period, most of the domestic enterprises have begun to recover. The three quarter of 2009 Home Furnishing industry pillar industries: furniture, home textile, home furnishings have different degrees of growth and recovery, including furniture and furnishings rose is quite obvious.

in the past few years, furniture brands have TV, radio and newspapers is enough, but now more and more important network marketing position. Household enterprises began to advertise on the Internet, do brand promotion, and with the network to achieve direct sales. Under the financial crisis, the network is very active in the market warming. Combined with the current situation of our company’s network marketing how to do? Here is a personal idea read more

Wuhan college students open shop can get 30 thousand yuan guarantee fund

shop business is getting more and more fire, a number of college graduates to start a business choice. Reporter recently learned from the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, to encourage students to innovation and entrepreneurship, open shop in Wuhan in the future of college students can enjoy the highest 30 thousand yuan guarantee fund to facilitate college students from bank loans.

in the past, a loan to college students’ entrepreneurship, but have no financial guarantees. This year, Wuhan social Bureau will implement students start to lead the program, 30 thousand yuan to provide the highest guarantee for college students to shop, helping students to acquire small loans from banks. At the same time, the establishment of entrepreneurial index of college students, to grasp the implementation of entrepreneurship policy of college students, to further deepen business services, promote entrepreneurial achievements, promote effective docking between social capital and innovation project. read more

Enterprise website construction has to pay attention to a few things

in these results, there are a lot of website construction companies to promote the link, you can see the following website construction competition in this industry is very large, Baidu promotion links over more, oh, this is not a Baidu corporate website, and overall control "charging mode". Today, we start from the perspective of enterprise users, to look at the construction site behind the crisis.

as small and medium enterprises in the establishment of the website, is to find more opportunities in the network, at the same time there is a clear market positioning is not clear, resulting in 70% of the domestic enterprise website has no real effect on the market, most of the enterprises of the site construction has already been laid this crisis. read more

Ali Tencent O2O enclosure war traditional department team upset

from incompatible to intimate contact, the Internet and department stores giant, in the new round of O2O enclosure war, have hands.

Ali started from buddies intime, to the day before, winning Wangfujing (600859), intime business (01833), the new world (600628), Hualian, joy and a number of offline retail giant, Tencent, WeChat rely on this super soldier riding, leading many department stores have upper body. In addition to the Rainbow (002419), Wangfujing and Shanghai new world, the "WeChat" concept store, ready to start. read more

Open shop new ideas stand in Amoy owners of foot opened the market blind

this time, can make a lot of money and earn relatively easy, is often the people who have the foresight, good people always just in a wind up, lost, failure. This article is suitable for novice shop, master shop owner, webmaster.

for the general shop owner, the shop is good, the next step is to be effective flow, this is Guan Jian, a lot of people are dead in this step. There are many methods flow stereotypes, Guan Jian see you how to make good use of the executive power, and is also quite good, today to discuss how to easily get new ideas flow of high quality. read more

How traditional enterprises to seize the e-commerce market

2011, in all industries is undoubtedly the most compelling e-commerce field. Whether the previous "group purchase station", or to the current B2B market competition. No doubt to all enterprises to open a new way of thinking marketing model – marketing has become a network era.

for some traditional enterprises, through a number of traditional marketing tools have been difficult to form a major change in the market today. If you want to completely open the sales channels, enterprises must introduce new ideas and new methods. The development of e-commerce today, just for today’s traditional enterprises to provide a good opportunity and platform. Here we talk about the traditional business development of e-commerce which way to go. read more

A shares of the company you want to buy 960 million snacks electricity supplier

[Abstract] the proportion of cash payment is 15%, the rest of the "miss you" to pay in shares.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on February 16th

A shares of the company miss you (002582.SZ) announced the day before, announced $960 million acquisition of the electricity supplier becheery snacks".

"becheery" by James Hao operations, Tmall’s flagship store Tmall platform is one of the highest selling nuts snacks category shops, "becheery" series of products include nuts, candy, cakes, dried fruit dried seafood, gift boxes and other 5 series of more than and 300 SKU. read more

Amoy blue ocean 10 strokes to create the ultimate Taobao conversion!

ocean Amoy: Taobao is a full of wars and killings, all princes in the fertile place of battle sites, it is because of this, there are many people admire heroes, may come from the chaotic hero. Engaged in network marketing, where are the pawns, my place of study. It had heard a word, the society is the real classroom, he taught me the basic skills of survival! So, I think the internet no matter what the industry is my teacher, mentor from your body, I will learn many of my living. Recent research has been transformed, but also on the conversion rate of training. Years ago, I was concerned about Taobao sellers, through conversion training, share today, I was how to follow the conversion rate of Taobao. read more

A bid for 3000RMB does not sell the domain name

usually do the movie site, and occasionally saw a registered domain name of the soft Wen, after looking at the registration of a domain name may also be able to sell a few money, so wanted to register the After the registration is completed, it can not be a baby when you get on a few large domain name trading website to sell, can not imagine someone really gave the price, has been out of the 2000, is a toy company.

is the price of the 3, one is the domain name like Admin5, want to do the webmaster friends over the price, but not high, seems to have certain benefits similar to b.. As for up to 3000 dollars, is a toy company, they said this is a bit like Audi Altman’s initials, if the domain name, may be beneficial to Baidu search engine rankings included, oh, a little ridiculous feeling, but look like it, but this does not know to the search engine ranking is true or false, but I did not sell. Now there is an advertising company in consultation, may be more than this number, sell a better price, I find online translation tools translated, the word adman English, hey there was meaning: advertising, before registration, I feel and stationmaster net acquaintance was registered, no thought can be translated into English! (secretly in Anxi) if it leans toward this respect, indeed compared with more money, hope they can. read more

Tmall, do not want only sellers

speaking of e-commerce, speaking of online shopping, speaking of B2C, which most people mind show is a shelf, a net rack, a long page on the shelves of a superb collection of beautiful things. Will there be anything else in my mind? Maybe, but very few. Electricity providers, online shopping, B2C, is a pure shelf, is a sellers.

even if the NB, such as Tmall, giving people the feeling is like this. In fact, Tmall is like this.


, from now on, Tmall didn’t want to be just like this, don’t want to just a shelf, do not want to just sellers. The face of Tmall, want to change; the day of Tmall, also want to change. read more

Alipay teamed up with micro-blog to build a moat blocking WeChat pay

every reporter Tao force from Shanghai

payment as the most important part of the mobile Internet business model, is becoming the major giants competing battlefield.

yesterday (January 6th), an unnamed sources told the "daily economic news" reporter confirmed that Alipay has partnered with sina micro-blog launched micro-blog payment function in Sina micro-blog’s latest client has been fully open with alipay.

Prior to this, sina

has launched a payment tool micro-blog wallet, using Sina’s own new pay pass payment license, however, overwhelmed by the introduction of micro-blog pay to pay off the new pass. With WeChat payment is different, micro-blog did not directly bind the user’s bank card, but a unified Alipay jump to page. read more

Gome Tmall flagship store officially opened

in the electricity supplier companies are busy in the price war in June, the United States publicly announced settled in Tmall, the former giants are with its electricity supplier business together with the sink.

text |CBN reporter Yang Xuan

in June, because the anniversary of the Jingdong, and then become a time electricity supplier price war. Jingdong continue to push the "3C was struck", "store book a single 300" promotional information; online shopping QQ announced "50 percent off free shipping to the June supplier war; Yi Xun said to sniper Jingdong, the prize price report"; Suning announced to the line under the same price. read more

2014 e-commerce tax timing is ripe

electricity supplier tax voice has come again in the industry over the past few days. Recently, some media reports, the State Administration of taxation is the lead in the study of electricity supplier tax collection and tax policy. In fact, from the beginning of last year, the total tax has been set up a related research team, launched a special electricity supplier tax research topics, and led by a deputy director of the General Administration of taxation.

electricity supplier to discuss this topic for so many years, to 2014 entered a substantive stage, in my opinion, the electricity supplier is ripe for tax. read more

Taobao mall CEO 20 B2C companies or Tencent.

after a year is quite positive investment acquisitions and internal organizational structure adjustment, Tencent in the field of e-commerce and a step forward. Recently, Tencent announced that it will launch a large-scale B2B2C (from suppliers to distributors to consumers) e-commerce platform before the end of the year. This has aroused the vigilance of the domestic electricity supplier bigwigs.

released the news less than a week, Taobao mall CEO happy child with more than 20 domestic B2C companies in Beijing, near Jianguomen, a club will discuss. It is generally believed that this is the Taobao Mall for measures to deal with the Tencent business platform "rainy day". However, Taobao stakeholders told the daily economic news reporter, said that this is only a gathering of individuals, Taobao will not comment on this. read more

Jingdong survey electric brush brush door difficult to remove stubborn tumor gangster Henzhao

financial weekly newspaper reporter Wang Siqi / Shenzhen reported

recently, Jingdong POP platform staff to help businesses brush to earn points. Followed by electricity supplier brush once again into the sight of people.

is a source of things users disclosure of Jingdong scalping "evidence", in the upload QQ chat screenshots, Jingdong officials demanded a single brush, in exchange for Koudian relief and resource.

Jingdong fell into a brush quagmire. According to the official announcement, Jingdong has conducted internal verification, and dismissed someone’s staff. read more

What is the future of the new retail business may know better than your mother what you need

each reporter Wu Yue each edited by Lu Xiangyong

yesterday (February 20th), the Alibaba group and Bailian Group announced a strategic cooperation in Shanghai, if you see the message the first time rushed to buy 100 shares of A shares to harvest a trading board.

Prior to

, the Alibaba has started in the field of traditional business cooperation with each take cities and seize territory, the traditional retail enterprises, the capital market will have a certain degree of reaction. It seems that the outside world is very optimistic about the cooperation between Alibaba and traditional retailers. read more