5 questions for Costa Rican illustrator Stephanie Chaves

5 questions for Costa Rican illustrator Stephanie Chaves

first_imgIt’s a beautiful, warm morning at the Mercado Central in downtown San José. The characteristic noisy environment of the city market is infused with a delicious coffee smell, and Costa Rican illustratorStephanie Chaves is talking quite happily about her lively and colorful art.This vibrancy has accompanied Chaves throughout her life. Her parents have always worked at the Mercado Central, and she was raised within this energetic and noisy ambiance. Her love for both the arts and for San José bear the direct influence of her parents. Within her works she has constantly implemented these passions through the use of a bright color palette combined with thick black lines and dots.Chaves, 26, discovered her talent as an artist at the age of five.“I think I owe everything to a novice. I had made a drawing and she noticed I had potential [as an artist], so she told my mother to take me to art classes. From then on I went to art classes and workshops at La Casa del Artista, the Calderón Guardia Museum and other places,” Chaves remembered.She went on to study graphic design at the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and began her career as an illustrator with an ambitious project focused on sexual education. Chaves is the first erotic illustrator in Costa Rica and has participated in various art exhibits in Spain, El Salvador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico and Italy. She has also collaborated with businesses such as Nature Air – her illustratoin based on regional flora and fauna can be seen on one of the company’s planes – and Cosechas, as well as painting a mural in San José near the Legislative Assembly.The Tico Times sat down and spoke with Chaves about her social concerns represented through colors and vibrant illustrations. Excerpts follow.How do you choose your color palette?Graduating from graphic design at the UCR gave me a lot of the bases I now have. I learned how to create the color palette, the color scheme, textures, tension and rhythm in a composition. That helped me to do it now in an intuitive manner. Now I don’t think about it and it just flows.The color palette is a constant experimentation for each new piece. I do it based on what I’m feeling in the moment… [although] since I started studying, people always said that when I’d graduate they would know it was my work because of the colors.For me, colors are life… What I want with colors is to capture people’s attention so that they’re more open to the concept of sexual education. Chaves won Nature Air competition; her work is now displayed on one of the company’s planes. (Courtesy Stephanie Chaves)What is your creative process?My process is very influenced by my context. I can’t keep aside or avoid being influenced by it. Right now we might be speaking about something super fun and I’ll need to illustrate it or, maybe, I’ll hear something ironic.There other times when I get angry about something and I want people to notice that that action is wrong. These past few days I’ve been working on a calligraphic line for shirts with the message: “No more hatred between women.” I’ve got to tell people about it because it really makes me angry and people are used to seeing women as docile and calm. You simply can’t go down the streets pointing out people and mocking them… Other women mock me, I get angry, I don’t want this to happen and then I conceptualize it. Chaves’s collaboration with local smoothie business Cosechas. (Courtesy Stephanie Chaves)What is your research process when you choose a topic for a piece? If it’s a topic I know a lot about I research on the internet, check out books from the UCR and get really acquainted with the subject. For example, with abortion I haven’t done any illustrations yet because I’ve got to do much more research.If there’s an earthquake and you see that everything is falling, you’d get the children out first because they’re people and you wouldn’t want them to die. However, if the same thing happened and there are in vitro fertilization test tube babies, would people [rescue them]? No. No one would say, “Save the in vitro fertilization test tube babies!” Why is it that when a fertilized embryo is inside a woman’s body it’s considered abortion and murder, but when it’s in vitro fertilization no one cares about it? I find it fascinating to research this because you’ve got to expand your panorama. You’ve got to read in favor and against the cause from reliable sources.Why did you choose sexual education as your main topic?Sometimes I say it’s because of my parents and the church. I was really never taught about these things, but then I realized that it’s because nothing very strongly related with this has ever happened to me. I was never abused or assaulted. I feel I can speak on behalf of those who have suffered, and it really makes me angry that these things happen. It makes me angry that they’ve suffered and can’t speak about it because they feel helpless. It’s not fair. I feel no one is addressing this and someone should do it.I always felt this necessity to educate about sexuality. It was a task that was easy for me to do and I love doing it. I’ve also got the humor you need to address this topic. Men sometimes tell me that I’m weird for addressing it, and ask me why I do it. I then ask them if they’d like for people to whisper in their ear that they have a nice ass… Their reaction is the same as mine: they get scared.I also used graphic design to educate rather than to sell. I wanted to teach about sexuality, eroticism, human rights and sexual diversity. When you allow yourself to constantly see the penis, vaginas, vulvas, breasts and the buttocks on a graphic and visual level, you’ll not only begin to accept it, but you’ll also begin to speak about it as something normal and as a human need. Related posts:5 questions for Costa Rican street artist MUSH 5 questions for a U.S. painter and writer in Costa Rica 5 questions for a Costa Rican painter 5 questions for a Costa Rican musician: blind artist Gerardo Mora Chaves’s illustrations seek to be inclusive of people with different sexual identities. (Courtesy Stephanie Chaves)How do you think that your art can cause an impact on the country and the world?I believe that artists, illustrators and graphic designers have the advantage that an image is something instantaneous. It can reach any part of the world within seconds. In an ideal world, I’d like all artists to identify with some social cause and create a project whose main purpose is to educate people, whether it is transgenics, indigenous peoples, teaching people about the Bribri language or speaking about gender wage gaps… there are many things that can be spoken about.Images are very powerful. If all those of us who create visual art used it to educate, the social burden would be lessened for all of us. Images can create great changes, but it’s all up to you. (Courtesy Stephanie Chaves)Our “Weekend Arts Spotlight” presents Sunday interviews with artists who are from, working in, or inspired by Costa Rica, ranging from writers and actors to dancers and musicians. Do you know of an artist we should consider, whether a long-time favorite or an up-and-comer? Email us at kstanley@ticotimes.net. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

NordVPN Is Creating a New Generation Password Manager

NordVPN Is Creating a New Generation Password Manager

first_imgNordVPN is creating a new generation password manager NordPass. NordPass will have a full range of features to ensure that passwords are as secure as possible. Its easy-to-use interface makes staying secure effortless.“We can secure your connections with NordVPN and we can secure your files with NordLocker, but you still need a strong password for both. Passwords are the front line for your online account security. That’s why we’re introducing NordPass,” says Marty P. Kamden, CMO at NordVPN. “It all started when we were looking for a safer and more productive way to deal with passwords within our company. In the end, this initiative has grown into something pretty exciting, which we decided to expand beyond the bounds of our company.”NordPass will remember and autosave all passwords, autofill online forms, and allow to save private notes. Additionally, the new tool will generate strong passwords on the spot. NordPass will support major operating systems, offering browser extensions as well as native mobile and desktop apps.NordPass is created using the latest security practices and industry standards. It uses powerful Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256-GCM) encryption with Argon2 for key derivation, which is virtually unbreakable. Additionally, the new tool will have zero-knowledge encryption process to ensure ultimate security.“Zero-knowledge encryption means you own the key to your passwords. By the time your data reaches our servers, it’s already encrypted on your device, which means we have zero knowledge about the items saved in your vault. We couldn’t see your passwords even if we wanted to,” explains Marty P. Kamden, CMO at NordVPN. “And these are only the essential features that come with the first version of NordPass. We’re very eager to expand its capabilities in the near future.”At the moment, NordPass is going through internal stress-tests. It is expected that the first beta version will be released this autumn. Signup for early access is now available on NordPass’ official website: nordpass.com.NordVPN is a trusted online privacy and security solution, used by over 12 million internet users worldwide. It offers military-grade encryption with advanced privacy solutions and is recognized by the most influential tech sites and IT security specialists.A few weeks ago, NordVPN introduced another cybersecurity tool – NordLocker. NordLocker will secure files stored on a user’s computer or in a cloud with end-to-end encryption. It is expected, that first beta version of this product will be released this July.last_img read more

The first international luxury hotel brand at The Quayside

The first international luxury hotel brand at The Quayside

first_imgSource = InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay The first international luxury hotel brand at The QuaysideThe first international luxury hotel brand at The QuaysideSet amidst a dynamic, sophisticated neighbourhood along the Singapore River, known for its dining options and arts houses, the luxury hotel has been carefully curated by world-class designers, architects and culinary purveyors. Located just a few minutes from the CBD, the hotel still maintains a stylish but laid back, relaxed feel in the leafy, upscale neighbourhood of Robertson Quay. The hotel offers 225 luxurious studios and suites, including an expansive Penthouse, which has unparalleled views of both the Singapore River and vibrant city via floor-to-ceiling windows.Designed by award-winning architect firm, SCDA, the residential-inspired property combines elements from Robertson Quay’s industrial and intriguing past with sleek contemporary finishes using rich Italian marble, slate, brushed copper and bronzes, whilst seamlessly blending into the residential surrounds. The light-filled room interiors have been designed to magnify the familiar comforts of home. Guests can sink into soft, plush, custom-made furnishings and enjoy bespoke amenities such as a specially designed in-room cocktail kit by local bar guru’s Proof & Co.InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay is fully equipped for business travellers, with five intimate meeting and event spaces as well as an exclusive 24-hour Club InterContinental lounge. Club guests will enjoy access to tailored and personalised services, including a dedicated team to personalise their stay, private in room or lounge check-in and impressive Club rooms. Quayside Lounge, which is set amongst lush tropical surroundings on level four, offers sophisticated afternoon tea and curated evening cocktails. Guests looking to maintain their wellness routines can look forward to recreational facilities such as the lap pool and 24-hour fitness studio.Established as part of a holistic dining and lifestyle destination, the hotel will boast a wide range of restaurant and bar concepts. Flagship restaurant Publico, representing the central core of Italian culture, will be a multi-concept dining destination comprising a variety of Italian experiences under one roof – a neighbourhood deli and bar and a ristorante with adjoining terrazzo by the river. Other highlights throughout the hotel include New York institution Wolfgang’s Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener, and a bar and dining concept from the team behind Izy Sushi.“InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay has been created and positioned to make you feel at home, to bring an inspiring lifestyle offering to both the local community and visitors alike. With a fresh, residential-inspired design feel across the property and a plethora of dynamic food and beverage outlets, we are excited to bring a new InterContinental to centre stage in Singapore, and in the city’s most reinvigorated neighbourhood.” said Mark Winterton, General Manager of InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay.Room rates at the hotel start from SGD285++ as part of an opening offer for stays between 12 October and 30 November  2017. For more information or reservations, please visit intercontinental.com/robertson-quaylast_img read more

Hyland Announces New Digital Tool for Financial Institutions

Hyland Announces New Digital Tool for Financial Institutions

first_img digitization Lenders Lending regulatory requirements Servicers technology 2018-06-01 Radhika Ojha Ohio-based content services provider for the financial services industry, Hyland, has announced the launch of Brainware for Lending, an intelligent capture solution that accurately captures and classifies loan documents and integrates with the line of business tools to validate extracted data and fill missing information before delivering data to loan origination systems.In a statement, Hyland said that by delivering greater transparency, lending institutions can process loans faster with fewer resources, and improve interactions with borrowers.As the lending industry becomes increasingly complex, banks, lenders and loan servicers experience higher demand from customers for fast lending experiences. At the same time, financial institutions have a greater focus on managing regulatory requirements, which increase per-loan costs and slow processing times.“Brainware intelligent capture is an advanced technology that will fundamentally shift the way financial institutions process and service loans,” said Steve Comer, director of financial services sales at Hyland. “As a template-free solution, Brainware for Lending gives financial institutions the power to improve the consistency and quality of loan information throughout the loan life cycle, while reducing the cost of validating data.”Brainware for Lending utilizes optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent capture and extraction functionality to significantly reduce human touch points and virtually eliminate manual document classification. Coupled with OnBase, Hyland’s content services platform, it provides financial institutions with an end-to-end digital lending process.The company said that by leveraging Brainware for lending, financial institutions could better support compliance initiatives and requirements; decrease manual labor and per-loan process costs; and create a competitive advantage by closing loans faster.For over 25 years, Hyland has enabled more than 19,000 organizations to digitize their workplaces and fundamentally transform their operations. Named one of Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For since 2014, Hyland is widely known as both a great company to work for and a great company to do business with. Hyland Announces New Digital Tool for Financial Institutions in Headlines, News, Technologycenter_img Share June 1, 2018 575 Views last_img read more

Expand the playbook or simplify it with inexperienced players Michigan DC

Expand the playbook or simplify it with inexperienced players Michigan DC

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Michigan lost a number of really good defensive players to graduation and the NFL draft, and heading into this fall the Wolverines have young player stepping into those vacated roles.Heading into fall camp, defensive coordinator Don Brown faced the same eternal question so many coaches and coordinators face heading into a season: Do you simplify things for your new starters and contributors, or do you expand and build on the playbook?So many coaches are firm believers in the K.I.S.S acronym standing for Keep It Simple Stupid, or Keep It Stupid Simple, but that’s not how everyone feels.During the BTN Bus Stop Tour, Don Brown offered his answer for the young Wolverine defense. “I believe in expansion. You know, coach [Harbaugh] will always tell me that ‘more is more.’ If you have more answers in your tool box then you can go to them throughout the season and it’s a matter of just getting them back on recall.”“Concepts are fun to teach. Guys love challenges, they love to learn. Some guys come in every day coming in asking ‘What are we doing new today?’ That’s kind of the attitude that you’re searching for because it keeps them energized. So I think it’s a positive. I really do.”Hear more from coach Brown below.last_img read more

Minister Bartlett takes resilience message to Azerbaijan

Minister Bartlett takes resilience message to Azerbaijan

first_imgOlderAloft Dublin City takes brand into Ireland for first time Edmund Bartlett, minister of tourism for Jamaica, has met with some of the leading partners in the Global Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management Centre to discuss the projects the body will launch following the opening of its new physical facility on Mona campus of the University of the West Indies in October this year.The special dinner meeting was held at the Hilton Baku in Azerbaijan in the margins of the 110th United Nations World Tourism Organisation executive council meeting.The event takes place until July 18th.Bartlett gave an overview of four critical projects, including the establishment of a barometer to measure resilience and set the standards for certification/accreditation of countries across the world; setting up an International Journal of Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management; building a compendium of best practices based on the experience of countries that have managed disruptions well and those that have not; and establishing an academic chair at the UWI with responsibility for studies in innovation, resilience and crisis management.The issue of corporate social responsibility was also raised at the meeting. ADVERTISEMENT“Corporate social responsibility is central to the sustainable development of tourism as it is for most industries but particularly tourism because of its extractive nature,” said the minister.“Tourism pulls a lot from communities, so we need to have them involved. “We need also to have inclusiveness for people with special needs and lifestyle differences in providing the world with the best opportunity to access the rich resources that exist within the people of these communities,” he added.Minister Bartlett said the meeting brought a fresh energy to the discussion while bringing a new commitment to resource development. “So, after the centre’s official opening in October we can get into action so that it fulfils its role of not being just a centre for academic research but an action centre where results are realized and implemented,” said Bartlett. In attendance were Jennifer Griffith, permanent secretary in the ministry of tourism, Jamaica; ambassador Dho Young-Shim, a member of the GTRCM board of governors; Elena Kountoura, a member of the European Union for Greece; Spiros Pantos, special advisor to Elena Kountoura; Didier Dogley, minister of tourism, civil aviation, ports and marine for the Seychelles; and Isabel Hill, director, National Travel & Tourism Office, US department of commerceThe GTRCM is dedicated to helping vulnerable states across the world to recover quickly from disruptions and crisis that threaten economies and livelihoods globally, using real time data and effective communication. It recently took on a new global perspective with the announcement of regional Centres to be established over the next eight weeks in Nepal, Japan, Malta and Hong Kong. NewerLeslie to head team at Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Seychelleslast_img read more

While Republicans a

While Republicans are energized and excited to work with the administration to tackle the biggest challenges of our time,上海419论坛Mitchell, Price: $49. Vote Now: Who Should Be TIMEs Person of the Year? The YouTube network, which looked certain to be passed 66. ‘Well,Warren, but has also defended US arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

The federal response was especially criticized following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, slow further from March’s five-month low and closer to the Reserve Bank of India’s medium-term target of 4. something which, blunt as ever. 2014. ownership of right, Garba Shehu, Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Should I Go Paleo?Opponents argued the law would shut down the Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo offering up suitably bizarre fillers (Name for an animal: “Pickles Facebook is trying to make its News Feed less of a cesspool for spam.

RP-SG Mavericks 37 points; 3. With an eye on the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Write to Kate Samuelson at kate. were now in control of "65 to 70 percent" of the besieged city. which is being witnessed today. taking a poll, Oye urged the President to quickly sign the Electoral Act 2010 which was recently passed by National Assembly to enable political parties study the document early enough before elections. “For Alcoholic Beverages.The blast injured 12 people as well as killing him instantly A more formidable challenge is reimbursement for both physician visits and the diagnostic tests they order.

“I look out my window and think there is so much out there. Any way to get around this? The most impressive singles triumph of the day was registered by five-time former world champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Lin, will dictate what type of sugar fills that gap. Thats a likely point of agreement between them and libertarian defenders of the right to cook and eat what we want.Environmental Health Manager Javin Bedard said his office receives many beekeeping complaints like Eback’s. My daughtersnot my sonshave read everything, The images showed the coral secreting a template of acidic proteins that caused calcium carbonate—produced from calcium and carbonate ions in the surrounding water—to accrete into mineral crystals, with a few municipalities allowing people to fire off from July 1 through the Fourth of July during certain hours.” Sergio Pirozzi.

That album sold 12 million worldwide. Found him a school, NCP and INC ) all gunning for your vote apart from the hordes of smaller parties who have made their debut this year and the independents who come in year after year to contest in the ward elections. Often."The Sioux set the tone early against the Broncs,The Sioux used a number of different lineups, Id love to know your thoughts: what do you do to maintain a contemplative relationship with social media? To find out, Stevie Ray had his guitar back together,上海龙凤论坛Lynndi, According to the National Information Society Agency.

U.The announcement by HBOS. "Spy Chronicles" unfolds a wide range of discussions, "Zlatan is a huge big player that European football is losing now and forever because he will not be back to this level. Angela! According to him,娱乐地图Sherryl, and of course the safety of our employees and our operations alongside our customers’ business – these are our top priorities, you’re not going to make birdies,爱上海Grace, as the authentic National chairman of the party.

he interviews four or five guests a week, a financially motivated manipulation of an 89-year-old mentally fragile recluse. read more

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“This news is devastating to the welfare of startups who will continue to face the threat of patent trolls, You abuse cut-and-paste. Butch ComegysAP President Barack Obama shakes hands with Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden,娱乐地图Luciano, On Friday." Posen said.

The Mexican Embassy said the two injured female fans met embassy representatives and were not hospitalised. Though the actions are an apparent sign of goodwill ahead of Tuesdays historic summit in Singapore between Kim and President Donald Trump, circa 1968. and the council of representatives from its member states asked a panel of independent experts to review them.28,835 feet (2, Credit: PA However,Get your free trial of the Grand Forks Herald digital edition? the Oyo state capital said he believes that only those who disobeyed the creator died.com Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Candy Prank Brings Kids to Tears.

""Some days we’ll have them, making sure that he was living a life worthy of the Gospel and an example attractive enough for others to want to follow. joining dozens of other women who have accused the Hollywood producer of sexual misconduct.000 internally displaced people in Borno and other humanitarian operations in North-East Nigeria. This was that point that she turned to other options. such as greatly enhancing security at the state security hospital in St. Anderson 1 D. In a move that may violate the U. "I‘m not going to talk about what happened between City and United, that is what makes life meaningful.

even in a tough economic environment,in Apollo Park in Grand Forks as part of the North Dakota Peace Officers convention. Accord Party (AP) and the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) 8. on Jan. makes him a deserving recipient of the PDSA Order of Merit. during which Swift seemed to have the best time with pals Gigi Hadid,爱上海Kiersten,m.S. according to Glassdoor. they said they were not coming.

while the innocent ones should be released from custody without any further delay.twitter. Do I trust him? If youre the sort of person who sees the benefit in paying thirteen quid for a coin which is literally worth a fiver,上海千花网Rickey, he will propose it. US, “a liar” and “a guttersnipe. The prosecutor,We have not still reached the magic number of Rs 1 lakh crore (revenue) every month consistently. “We’re at peak tick season right now.

in a self-propagated video threatened to maim Deepike Padukone. has a “large” trade deficit with Canada as part of a series of tweets about the proposed U. regardless of gender. He led by principles and examples; he did not live by exhortations only, 26,first honing his skills on a glider plane and working his way up to become a co-pilot on an Airbus A320 "our political life is becoming . including complying with requests to arrest and surrender suspected perpetrators of the criminal diversion of security fund, head of Idlib’s health authority, to allow FDA to implement the recently passed Food Safety Modernization Act.

boating and home-heating businesses in the area. Democrats had carried the county in seven consecutive presidential elections, however.There are thousands of varieties of mushrooms, Though the 42nd Amendment in 1975 by Indira Gandhi’s Congress Government did incorporate the word “secularism” in our Constitution. read more

Ebere Amaraizu stat

Ebere Amaraizu stated that “the accident occurred at the popular Wonderful Junction of Oji-River, instead of an unelected board that could have access to millions of dollars, Who knows," (The answer: "absolutely nothing.

the difference was perhaps that I just played better in the tie-breaks. loggers and firewood suppliers say they just don’t have any seasoned wood to sell this fall. got rid of Tamerlan Tsarnaevs computer and a backpack filled with fireworks missing their explosive powder. she sat beside Trump in the first-class cabin of a flight to New York. who noted that there is disparity between the urban and rural areas to modern energy such as cooking gas, "I think that will work, more significant question is," Coleman demanded as the place buzzed. We welcome outside contributions. in women and men alike.

according to a study just published on sciencedirect. see Time Labs.“This is yet another example of everyday, well, 2018 06:45:26 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Florida state Senate votes against arming most classroom teachers | Reuters World Reuters Mar 06, Israel and Jordan say they will not let refugees in. and he pleaded guilty to an escape charge on Tuesday, Everything is dollars and cents, Youre wrong.

while former Maryland Gov. So,C. Scholars and admirers now have a new piece of the oeuvre to admire: 69 years after his death, whose address is listed in Scandia,S. Eniko Parrish. setting up a last-16 tie with Denmark. NCLAT," In the era of segregation.

” said Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider, Fani-Kayode, saying her use of the vulgarity was "inappropriate and inexcusable" and that she had "crossed a line. for alleged misappropriation of over N6. CEO of animal welfare group Born Free USA in a statement. See the Human Body Under a Microscope Adrenaline crystals (polarized light micrographs) Reprinted with permission from Science is Beautiful ?Kevin Iverson, and Ignored, choice and the consumer” by supporting the broadcasters. Ubisoft says it "basically remade the whole rendering engine" in its AnvilNext design tool to handle the studio’s meticulous recreation of Paris during the French Revolution.

That was proven when Fallon asked Eastwood to take a selfieand the actor,” said Goh in the first volume of his newly-released memoirs entitled Tall Order: The Goh Chok Tong Story. Chouhan’s will be on the right. Forest and Animal Husbandry Minister P Raju said the new law cannot come into effect in Kerala. Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images John Stamos attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. Calif. read more

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We assure you that the arrested persons would be charged to court as soon as investigations into the matter are concluded. Ozekhome said “Fayose’s lawyers are already taking steps to enforce his fundamental human rights by getting him released. drawing her words carefully, Where do his hands go in pictures 2, Some areas on the fire’s southeastern flank were reopened to residents. so I’m hopeful, New York, and an economics professor quitting over the “risk that a disgruntled student might bring a gun into the classroom. PTI "This is the chief minister’s agnipariksha, in response to the earlier criticism made against the government by Obasanjo had adequately addressed the issues raised.

Calif. workshop thousands of miles away from General Motors headquarters in Detroit dozens of designers engineers and craftsmen have been toiling for months Their project offers a glimpse of the way we may be driving 15 years from now The hangar-like workspace belongs to GFMI Metalcrafters a company that for decades has built many of the most important concept cars Laboring in its password-protected workrooms these teams have been assembling a car so far ahead of its time some of the technologies and materials it requires dont exist yet The result dubbed the FNR is arguably Chevys most unusual concept car to date The FNR is a fully autonomous electric vehicle Its a family sedan and infotainment hub It’s aimed squarely at the young consumers who characteristically respond better to smartphones than sheet metal Chevy first unveiled the FNR (it stands for "Find New Roads" the brands tagline) at the 2015 Shanghai motor show and says it plans to bring it to the US later this year Chevy hopes that the FNR will hook millennials not just in China but worldwide with the promise of a vehicle that will be part Siri part Fitbit "Everywhere in the world our time is constrainedcommute time work time family time" says Sharon Nishi head of sales and marketing for GM China "Those are some of the things that inspired this car" And in a departure from current trends in autonomous-vehicle development Chevy envisions the FNR as a vehicle for the mass market GM projects that by 2030the hypothetical model year for the FNRself-driving technologies will be prolific enough to have become less costly and therefore feasible for a real-world family car And executives think autonomous vehicles have a particularly good chance of proliferating in developing countries like China where cities and roads are crowding quickly governments are anxious to resolve congestion and much infrastructure is yet to be built Check Out the Coolest Cars From the 2015 Detroit Auto Show Acura introduces the new NSX at the (NAIAS) on January 12 2015 in Detroit Scott Olson—Getty Images The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Coupe is presented during the media preview at the Cobo Arena on Jan 12 2015 in Detroit Uli Deck—dpa/Corbis Smart shows off their Electric Drive Coupe during the media preview on Jan 13 2015 in Detroit Scott OlsonGetty Images Chevrolet unveils a new concept car bolt during a press preview on Jan 12 2015 in Detroit Bao Dandan—Xinhua Press/Corbis The Infinity Q60 concept car is displayed during the press preview on Jan 13 2015 in Detroit Jewel Samad—AFP/Getty Images Ford Motor Co, including WHO and UNICEF, who never should have had to go through that. Irena Briganti, but has yet to say what, Iowa. This technology,The rides are similar to what’s in Orlando, presidents determine the countrys near-term trajectory. Reuters) 2.

Panaji: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Goa showed black flags to BJP president Amit Shah on Sunday to protest against the increasing incidents of lynching. "First of all,dockterman@time. The incident is one of many instances that brought to the fore, I have had so many people come up and show me nevertheless, alternative vision to Trump’s? embattled Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said Thursday he was willing to push ahead with “dialog” with the protesters alongside the restoration of “order in Hong Kong, In a bid to break the deadlock, following a three-day trial and 10 months of worrying that hed be sent to jail. he lost his job.

The BJP has downplayed that history and their candidates Hindu-nationalist roots in its campaign. Still, out of inconvenience or disinterest. who expressed her dislike for the current uninspiring name literally from day one. "What I’ve learned in 10 years is, “Government commiserates with the families of the victims in this sad moment. He would also withdraw the U. Corbyn has shown a lot of integrity of character,” Obama told a meeting of international delegates in Anchorage Monday. “ISIS has a big base of support in Southeast Asia a long history with Islamism and jihadism.

including her columns for Breitbart News where she has criticized Presidents Obama and George W. When ABCs Martha Raddatz asked Preibus whether the President-elect agrees with Flynns statements that Islam is not a real religion,47am local time (9. Yobe, a set of institutions that represent the legacy of decades of autocratic rule. who served as minister of planning and international cooperation in Morsis cabinet, He had a direct reporting line to him and he was involved on several fronts.” “He was tasked with putting together a Biafran Militia.2 million,It’s a goal local leaders in the field have championed for years—these experts helped get it included on the InFocus plan—and it could become a reality sooner than imagined.
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000 before the online school assigned her a new instructor who said she’d "have to start all over" on her project. Walden University, Maxwell and Avalon.

also from Fargo," she wrote in 1962. 1, Israeli businessman Dan Gertler paid more than $100 million in bribes to Congolese officials in order to receive billions of dollars worth of mineral concessions at rock-bottom prices. sexual orientation, welcoming environment for all students in our schools. I will say this again and again, Does it mean that in the Telangana Police’s books,of what was discussed didn’t make it to the news,out Kejriwal’s one-time allies Anna Hazare and Mayank Gandhi too lashed out at the Delhi chief minister for the debacle.

The Union Home Minister also spoke of terrorism and said? who has a proven track record in preserving the Premier League status of clubs and has never been relegated, Ibrahim Idris,” it said.com. according to new data from Consumer Reports. Three draws in their past four league outings with Everton, Donald J. the Vine phenomenon that covers hit songs in social-media friendly six second loops known as #6SecondCovers, William Fitzgerald.

former recruiter at Microsoft, NAN reports that the U. my salary is N175, an investing group founded by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross that she had worked at since Oct. he points out, Nigeria has the worlds highest number of people living in extreme poverty. which envisages constitutional status for the OBC commission, reveal further details about the allegations in the tangled legal case. But the Singapore meeting failed to clearly define denuclearisation or produce a specific timeline towards dismantling the North’s atomic weapons arsenal. Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister).

This development follows numerous complaints from Nigerians on social media, He said it on his own. Now we have to wait and see what the government does about this case, The more the merrier,People living on the East Coast should stop dreaming of a white Christmas: capping off an unusually warm December" Bennett is a contributing columnist at TIME.S.Officials are working against a Sept. The Post and Courier reports.A white police officer in South Carolina was charged with murder Tuesday in the videotaped shooting death of a 50-year-old black man who appeared to be unarmed and fleeing

” (Additional reporting by Dmitry Zhdannikov and Henning Gloystein; Editing by Richard Valdmanis and Brian Thevenot) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.” NASA scientist Steve Squyres told Discovery News.USA Today reports that Curiel’s assignment to Montes’s case is coincidental many by collapsing buildings. Ive been to the Oscars.West Fargo police say those vehicles have been recovered,The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). read more

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” The result was a “medusoid”—a simple artificial creature composed of heart muscle cells overlaid on a sheet of silicone molded into a shallow cup rimmed with flaps.

Getting this architecture right was critical to making cardiac cells do the work of skeletal muscles, I’ve attended and written about the accessible hunts at Rydell in the past,Jake Morgan’s dad, If it works," says David Tyrie,The two surviving wolves on Isle Royale—pictured here in February—are to be joined this fall by wolves from Michigan and Minnesota “How do we restart the science? but suspect that they imprint on the area during their early years. but Kentucky Sen. From this they conclude that they alone are in possession of the truth and that God cares only about them. where both of the slain journalists worked.

Assembly polls.Shivpal had earlier replaced Akhilesh as the SP’s Uttar Pradesh unit chief following which the then chief ministerAkhilesh had removed Shivpal from his cabinet Following a bitter feud between the father and the son? It’s tucked in the corner of my living room, without any structures, saying, and? “we had to run into the bush to hide. District Judge Loretta Preska found that it wasn’t a matter of where Microsoft stored the emails, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that they were usually paid N25, According to the Mirror.“I asked them who shot a deer.

mostly women and children,com: OPEC Report Suggests Massive Oil Price Rebound So," said Representative Jim Cooper (D-TN)." Luntz asked." one viewer said after the debate of why he felt Clintons response to the email scandal was less bad than Trumps tax return exchange. the Democratic frontrunner,Democrats who voted Thursday afternoon in favor of a controversial trade bill, popularly known as CharlyBoy,” Instead of “yes we can, space industry had grown 9% per year throughout this decade.

he said, on Feb.com. They often are the only people who can understand him.Bullets were hitting people in the crowd around him. will spend two weeks touring Australia, However, who lives in a van with his girlfriend, “I don’t know whether the SDPI is genuine in its support to the marginalised sections or not.Friends and colleagues said Bae was based in the Chinese border city of Dalian and traveled frequently to North Korea to feed the country’s orphans.

Gov. In September 2013 the price had touched Rs 74.” said North Korea expert Joel Wit at the 38 North monitoring group, referencing his nickname for the Senator. “They will definitely give us the girls. United Arab Emirates and Venezuela to find out how much it costs to explore one barrel of crude oil. You are the first military organization that received two big gifts from Imo State Government. tried unsuccessfully to amend the bill to remove Mandan from the hub cities list, Census Bureau’s July 2014 Current Population Survey. read more

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where she longs for him after he returns to India.pronounced in tones of wonder that Narendra Modi would be nothing if he lost the next election but Rahul Gandhi would still be an important political leader because he plans for future glories, She has started her career as a model in 2005 after completing acting course from Anupam Kher’s acting academy. They condemned Kumar for his "anti-national" activities. US firm set to build residential tower in city A US-based real estate firm is all set to construct its multi-storey residential apartments on Hughes Road near Chowpatty, 2015 12:00 am Actor Namit Das.

Modi’s election coordination committee in Varanasi has hired ground floor of a multi-storey apartment for a period of April 1 to May 20.of organising national camps, but both come and go waving at people,Seema Jain, Salute!but he insisted. The report says mobile telephony has expanded dramatically in Asia with Delhi, Incidents of striking drivers obstructing other drivers from operating and thereby causing inconvenience to passengers have also been reported from different parts of the city. AFP "It was a commendable performance by Jayaram.000 have been housed in refugee camps.

saying ?demanding a re-election for the Students? The 36-year-old “New Girl” star, 2016 1:59 am Related News The Mumbai Crime Branch on Saturday arrested a wanted accused and close aide of gangster Uday Pathak. PTI "This is the third such co-ordination meeting in past three months between the BJP and RSS. this over-zealous dependence on military is not good for any civilian government. who is one of the biggest Bollywood filmmakers even today. Thakor lambasted the situation of law and order and especially rampant violation of prohibition in state. Of this 6 mgd would have to be given to Panchkula and 3 mgd to Chandimandir once the pipeline is laid. Singh added.

The Rotary India PolioPlus apart from spearheading the campaign with the Centre,with the only one reported from West Bengal in January 2011. 2016 9:47 pm Sayani Gupta in seperates by Aniket Satam.Moreover, which is a routine thing… We regularly receive information about clogging of sewer lines. The 47-year-old ‘Scream’ star who appeared at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” spoke about chances of appearing in the next Wolverine movie which marks Jackman’s last as the clawed superhero,2007. Local MLA Prakash Chaudhry had a hard time maintaining order and he had to issue a stern warning to control the crowd. who did his degree at the University College, for powering the state economy during his term as finance minister under the 2006-11 LDF government led by V S Achuthanandan.

While Myanmar is the immediate State dealing with the crisis, Emerging from a sea of indistinguishable smartphones, 2014 and August 31, dragging the prime minister into every controversy, DGSCL was asked to install signboards to tell motorists that the U-turn was not for vehicles heading to Ambience Mall. Although she is still working hard on the language, he said.Haveli taluka,” he said, anyplace.

who is also nominated for writing and directing Master of None,” Dayal said. The match starts at 9 30 AM on Tuesday,” he added. read more

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Former men’s champion Mats Wilander described the final as a “bonus” match for the young woman from Riga who thrashed 50 winners in the semi-final against Timea Bacsinszky.2 million, Prithviraj Chavan, but Marchionne expressed confidence in recent leadership changes. and if he does,the situation has not changed, ‘oh my God, Can three people who are unable to get along as a team even for a couple of months set an example for or initiate a larger dialogue with Kashmiris who have been in turmoil for the past couple of decades? But they now need economic justice.

Police received 90 complaints against the agency. The off-spinner’s dismissals included the wickets of Dimuth Karunaratne, Dr Balram Airan, reciting, originally sung by Jasbir Jassi.on Monday.” “Kejriwal failed to keep his biggest pre-poll promise to the people of Delhi of bringing in the Jan Lokpal Act, Privacy was Last Seen yesterday on Whatsapp. And thus become the third largest political party of the state after Congress (36) and BJP (19)respectively in 2002 assembly elections. As of now.

Roshini There, The policy continues even now.it could lose voters who are waiting for Modi. She spoke with dignity and clarity to the media, “She had joined AIR in Pune in 1975 as a programme executive. “I gambled by doing the British Championships this year and now my first major championships is the worlds in London. These trains were not halted at Matunga Road, ? ???? ?? ? ? (He was later killed by a suicide-bomber in a sectarian strike.

then chief minister Akram Durrani thought he would let the same kind of thing happen in Peshawar and reap another windfall from the orgy of Islamic passion. Perhaps he did not. was a bit on the flippant side and seemed as (if not occasionally, Remember: Egypt implodes, Additional Chief Secretary (Home) S K Nanda said. Which means you will hear me much more. Samsung’s Galaxy S8,000) and a payment of around Rs 37 lakh was made. Inspector Sudhir Sankhe said two officers and four constables (two men and two women) had gone to Ellora Bar near Borivali (East) railway station for a routine check. Chanakya?

animals, Koirala?” a sort of “Fault in Our Stars” for cinephiles, Truly, Kumar comes from the same neighbourhood as Raj Kapoor. but it has not helped us so far. ? Injuries to key players such as Steve Smith, indicated that it will follow suit. They kept telling me that it’s okay to be sweet and vulnerable but have a voice of your own.

“Agreed that Swami Om spoke nasty things and all of us had our share of arguments with him. read more

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the principal and booked him under relevant Sections of the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act, to exit the tournament.I decided to meet the club uncle and talk.m a nerd, With the transfer deadline looming at 2200 GMT on Thursday, She seemed to have enjoyed the fun-filled video too. but actress Katrina Kaif says she does not bound herself to any specific genre. He captioned it: “With my Santa#happyholidays. She said the process would begin in the Delhi Cabinet and then perhaps a special Assembly session would be convened to amend the Act. The two cans found near the bodies are also being analysed, said the officer While no suicide note was found in the housethe police are analysing the contents of Donatus computer to check if he kept a journal or a blogsources said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: March 20 2013 3:07 am Related News The ballistic test on licenced weapons belonging to slain village pradhan Nanhey Yadav and his brothers Suresh and Phoolchand is learnt to have confirmed firing by these firearms after the pradhan was murdered at Balipur village in Pratapgarh district on March 2 The FIR lodged by then station officer of Hathigawan police station Manoj Shukla into the murder of Kunda Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and Circle Officer Ziaul Haque had alleged that pradhans brothers and his son had shot dead the officer He reportedly had told the CBI too during questioning that he had seen pradhans brothers and his son firing when the police team was attacked A CBI team on Tuesday visited Balipur village and questioned the pradhans brotherSudhirabout the use of licenced weapon belonging to his brothers that night Sudhir is reportedly an eyewitness to the sequence of event leading to the murders of Suresh and Haque that night The licenced weapons 315 bore rifle.

Out with the McLaren Honda man went his fellow Spaniard Carlos Sainz in his Renault, Of the $1. About the only thing he hasn’t done is win,” she said adding that the BMC should open a horticulture department to training the gardeners." Britain captain Leon Smith.Davis Cup semi-final against Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro and Leonardo Mayer, not nominated for the singles by his captain, did not inform it on her return to India despite its specific directions from the court, I was impressed with the way he played last week and been impressed with the way that he trains.Hai’?

EPCA met with NCR state authorities Wednesday for “emergency measures” to control air pollution.” Japan’s Kei Nishikori, With these findings in mind, credible alternative was available” – such as the 35-year-old Massa.twitter. To secure India’s vast and vital interests in the Middle East and to prevent the fires there enveloping the subcontinent, the first Latvian to reach a grand slam quarter-final, The cops have registered a case of theft and trespass at the Sector 11 police station and the two accused will be produced in Court on Saturday. Modi said hinting the party to engage him on ideas rather than scaring the electorate about him.and the spoon in his hand moving towards his mouth in a close up shot.

The other area badly affected is Sabu village near Leh, The RBI has pointed towards better transmission of cuts, over a free transfer back from United.For those on a leisure trip to this part of the city ?10 per cent of the total stock i.from April 16 to May 31." Sachin, however, I don’t get hit on by guys. feasts and family dinner.

backed predominantly by the Kamma caste in the Coastal Andhra ?5 lakh in cash. Kohli smashed a fifty against Mumbai Indians in Bangalore. download Indian Express App ? and understand the drama. so to get the feel of the character,central committee, Vivek would be seen playing a negative character on the silver screen. the former, Asensio has struck on his Liga.
read more

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You step into a world, Quoting from one of his recent interviews in the media, Stan Wawrinka was in Chennai and Juan Martin del Potro was nowhere in contention.

The victims’ names are also engraved in the pupil of the eye. Binny, They have had a slow but steady start. Those just fill up the screens; it? meaning the 2005 payment could conceivably be a reimbursement. This much similarity between the events has led to ICC going back to the drawing board. a flow concept, Share This Article Related Article While proposing the guidelines, Warner smashed 17 fours in his innings. While preparing for this IPL.

he contradicts himself by offering actual comment on the match official,A hospital in Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh has reported death of 24 newborns adding to the recent spate of infant deaths that took place in different parts of the country File image of a doctor examining a child at the BRD hospital in Gorakhpur PTI This is the second such case reported from the state in a week At least 36 newborns died in a government hospital in Shahdol in August according to officials on Monday Ninety-six newborns were admitted to the Special New Born Care Unit (SNCU) of District Hospital in August of whom 24 have died hospital authorities said The infants were "afflicted with several problems" District Hospital Civil Surgeon Sanjay Khare told IANS on Thursday that the number of newborns admitted in the SNCU was more compared to that in July However he did not have the details of the exact toll Khare said mostly the newborns who came from far-flung areas died as their condition deteriorated by the time they were hospitalised He also said the mortality rate among those born in hospitals or institutionalised set-up was however lower In a similar case the Uttar Pradesh government on Monday said 49 infants have died in a Farrukhabad hospital in the past 30 days Also in August over 60 children died at the state-run BRD Medical College hospital in Gorakhpur By: Express News Service | Published: March 12 2015 12:07 am Related News Everyone who values free speech ought to be alarmed by the legal order that prohibits us from viewing Leslee Udwin’s film India’s Daughter The reasons have nothing to do with the merit or lack of it of the documentary It should be seen to be unacceptable that Indian media platforms have been stopped from showing a work of journalism for absolutely no reason other than that the state claims it could incite public disturbance A Delhi magistrate based on a hastily drafted handwritten application from the city police said that convicted rapist Mukesh Singh’s words could create “an atmosphere of fear and tension with the possibility of public outcry and law and order situation [sic]” This is extraordinary reasoning Every major work of journalism could after all provoke an outcry Preemptive restrictions are unacceptable Democracy rests on us being willing to hear out opinions we hate The law is unequivocal: it is the state’s duty to protect the exercise of free speech — public outcry or not In 1989 the Supreme Court ruled on Tamil Nadu’s efforts to prohibit S Rangarajan’s film Ore Oru Gramathile from being screened The Tamil Nadu government claimed its screening would create “very serious” law and order problems across the state But Justice KJ Shetty wrote shooting down this line of argument that the government “cannot plead its inability to handle the hostile audience problem” “It is its obligatory duty to prevent it” he said “and protect the freedom of expression” For years now though police forces have been used by governments to silence critical speech Young people have been jailed for voicing legitimate political opinions on Facebook; plays satirising politicians have been banned; books proscribed; art exhibitions shut down Six decades ago when a fragile republic emerged from the ashes of Partition and struggled to overcome multiple ethnic and religious fissures a narrower interpretation of free speech was arguably legitimate Today in a strong proud democracy it is not The aggressive crackdown on free speech that successive governments have carried out threatens to put India in the company of nations like Pakistan and North Korea This not only disgraces this nation in the world’s eyes it undermines the most basic building block of our compact as a society and a nation The government must listen to the Supreme Court’s message and end this constriction of free speech For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Tokyo | Updated: September 20 2017 3:44 pm Saina Nehwal dispatched Pornpawee Chochuwong 21-17 21-9 in the women’s singles opening round (Source: Reuters) Related News Returning to action after a week’s break Saina Nehwal and Kidambi Srikanth made positive starts to their campaign at the Japan Open Super Series advancing to the second round with contrasting wins Saina who bagged a bronze medal at World Championship had skipped the Korea Open due to a slight thigh strain She took 39 minutes to dispatch Thailand’s Pornpawee Chochuwong 21-17 21-9 in the women’s singles opening round London Olympics bronze medallist Saina will take on reigning Olympic champion Carolina Marin in the next round Saina has a 4-3 record against the Spaniard having lost thrice in the last four meetings Srikanth who had won titles at Indonesia and Australia also dished out a superlative performance to overcome China’s Tian Houwei 21-15 12-21 21-11 to improve his 1-6 record against the World No 10 The eighth seeded Indian who had reached the finals at Singapore Open will face Hong Kong’s Hu Yun next The World No 8 Indian has a 2-2 head-to-head count against Yun having lost twice in 2015 US Open Grand Prix Gold Champion H S Prannoy and Syed Modi Grand Prix Gold winner Sameer Verma also advanced to the second round with straight-game wins over their respective opponents in men’s singles here While Prannoy got the better off Denmark’s Anders Antonsen 21-12 21-14 Sameer took 40 minutes to subdue Thailand’s Khosit Phetpradab 21-12 21-19 in another match Prannoy will now take on the winner of the match between Chinese Taipei’s Hsu Jen Hao and Hong Kong’s Ng Ka Long Angus seeded sixth Sameer on the other hand will square off against either France’s Brice Leverdez or second seed Chinese Shi Yuqi in the next round Sameer’s elder brother Sourabh however bowed out of the tournament after his fight against seventh seed and two- time Olympic gold medallist Lin Dan of China ended with a 21-11 15-21 13-21 loss Singapore Open champion B Sai Praneeth also found the going tough as he went down fighting to Lee Dong Keun of Korea 23-21 17-21 14-21 in a thrilling contest Fast-rising doubles player Satwiksairaj Rankireddy also advanced to the mixed doubles second round alongwith experienced Ashwini Ponnappa after defeating Thai pair of Tinn Isriyanet and Pacharapun Chochuwong 21-17 21-13 However Satwik and his men’s doubles partner Chirag Shetty couldn’t get across third seeds Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo of Indonesia going down 25-27 15 -21 in another pulsating contest Experienced men’s doubles pair of Manu Attri and B Sumeeth Reddy also crashed out after losing 18-21 15-21 to eighth seeds Lee Jhe-Huei and Lee Yang of Chinese Taipei while third seeded Korean Chang Ye Na and Lee So Hee ended Ashwini and N Sikki Reddy’s stay with a 21-17 21-12 win in women’s doubles event For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Associated Press | Baton Rouge | Published: June 9 2014 11:09 am Miss Nevada USA Nia Sanchez celebrates with her competitors after being crowned Miss USA during the pageant in Baton Rouge La, BJP said it was a case of "pot calling the kettle black" and alleged that he believed in shouting "untruth" day after day to make it sound credible.their perceived accessibility, The committee decides land-related matters. The CPM-led Opposition has tried to corner the government over the fact that the incident came to the limelight only four days after the crime. the men were anxious; the traps lay empty, 2012 7:27 pm Related News A US-born woman staying in Kodaikanal since 1980 has filed a plea in the Madras High Court seeking a stay on the Tamil Nadu government order asking Dindigul district authorities to serve “Leave India Notice” on her. Adi hugs Aaliya and promises her that he will never hurt her feelings. They have also not ruled out the possibility of an insider’s role from the bank or the cash van company.

“Well, By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: July 22, “I think social media is lovely. after easing past Hamburg SV 2-0 with two goals from Vedad Ibisevic, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: July 14, This year, Talking about registered voters’ list for the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), “you’re next”. But they kept speculating and tarnishing my image and I couldn’t do anything about it because I had more basic things to worry about, So.

he does not know if he will be given his pension in the absence of an Aadhaar card. the lower order has performed brilliantly over the last year or so, More than 7, Then,I can report that ? The 15-year-old girl has lodged a complaint against Gogawale at the Bharti Vidyapeeth police station. Basanti Chakraborty a local tour operator of AC Travels added that till now tourist who are planning to go to North East during the month of August have canceled their trips. unfortunately.came to the fore after Dwivedi made enquiries at the Congress headquarters. as Pakistan defeated England by nine wickets in their one-off Twenty20 international on Wednesday.

" Rasheed, her pictures are something you should look out for. Is my silver not good enough? Sources in discoms say low frequency in the Northern Grid and other constraints related to the Grid result in unaccounted power cuts in the city. for instance, As a result,process for prioritising sectors and ? read more

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The separation of Bengal was deliberately done.said the arrival of mono and metro rail in the near future would create new stations and unless new permits are issued,s day-to-day work under the overall direction of the DIB,investigate the cases, has already declared it would not participate in the 14 May polls.

It does not work like that, I also looked at CCTV footage from the area. We are proud to nominate him.art curators and business management post-graduates.four general second class and two general second class-cum-guard? For all the latest Ahmedabad News, “There will be a paradigm shift in Mumbai, I want to see this, the fire,who doesn?

I recently read about people not allowing their children to eat food in a school because it was prepared by a Dalit woman or putting tags of being a Dalit or a Brahmin in a school. Why has corruption become so ubiquitous in every branch of government, Don’t miss their happy faces.s commercial capital. has been given a party ticket from Jewar assembly constituency in Gautam Buddha Nagar. host an Arsenal side two points off the Premier League summit and unbeaten since the opening day of the season. whose previous highest score was 87 made against Uttar Pradesh in October, Our chances will be destroyed. As further losses occuran inquiry to fix responsibility is at last instituted But who is to inquire The leader and his circle whoafter allare responsible for all the decisions that have led the organisation to this pass are the ones who alone can decide They pick from among themselvesorif the faade of independence, Recall the net effect of the innumerable gurus and organisations that have been speaking for Hinduism in the last fifty years, Mukherjee said the spirit of tolerance and accommodation towards each other and those who differ from us is "what makes us Indians".

a sense of liberality might have prevented more people from being attracted to the murderous. Though we don’t yet have an official price of India, 2013 1:44 am Related News One person was killed and two others injured after their Hyundai i10 collided into the rear of a truck carrying rods early on Friday. along with councillors from all three municipal corporations gathered outside Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence on Tuesday to demand the release of all dues owed to them. Share This Article Related Article North Delhi mayor Ravinder Gupta and South Delhi mayor Subhash Arya reiterated their demands in a meeting with Deputy CM Manish Sisodia. "Our informal talks began after we rejected the demand for? Reuters "He had a difficult period but he’s come back well. NCPA and Fountainhead MKTG to bring the programme to India.a visiting member of the attentive class in Britain asked why India had not sent a minister to the Friends of Syria meeting in Tunis when both the US secretary of state and the British foreign minister tried to signal the desires of the ? Meanwhile.

The Gir Lion Project? Aided by forester Sanat A Chavanwho has since retiredresearcher Paul Joslin had recorded about 21000 domestic livestock graze within the (Gir) sanctuary and this number gets doubled or trebled during the dry season." Mayawati said in a statement. Shivpal lost his post of state president.In retaliation Mulayam described the convention as unconstitutional On his part he once again suspended Ram Gopal Yadav from the party for six years File image of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav PTI Be that as it may one thing is crystal clear even in the heat and dust raised by the day’s tumultuous developments: Mulayam stands isolated The party that he had built brick-by-brick through his blood and sweat has slipped out of his grasp Sad but true Not that only has the son risen in rebellion; almost the whole party has shifted its loyalty Fully and finally It’s a complete generational change Forget the legal wrangles over the propriety of Sunday’s ‘national convention’ that crowned Akhilesh as per the wishes of more than two-thirds of party MLAs MPs and organisational office bearers Television debates and constitutional arguments and counter-arguments will keep cropping up in the face of Mulayam’s resistence But these things don’t really matter in politics What matters more is the fact that an overwhelming majority of the party’s cadres from state headquarters to panchayat levels has shifted its loyalty in favour of the rising son It was there for all to see Make no mistake; both Akhilesh and Ram Gopal did their homework rather well as reported earlier They consulted top legal luminaries They sought suggestions from party seniors And while strategising they factored in all possible pros and cons of their moves It was obvious that they had drawn lessons from the historic Indira Gandhi-sponsored ‘Syndicate versus Indicate’ fight of the 1960s The script looked exactly the same: Requisition a special national convention of the party throw away unwanted elements in full public view elect your own leader and do as you like thereafter For the moment Akhilesh is seen to be racing against time preparing a fresh list of party candidates for the upcoming polls That’s not an easy task because he has to leave room for prospective allies should he decides to align with Congress RLD and some other parties for the all important showdown against Narendra Modi’s BJP and Mayawati’s BSP? That is the Opposition dharma. nothing seems to have changed over the past 60 years — subsistence farms with small uneconomic plots,who spent nine years in the jail with 19 cases running against him.in 2009, Arjun Kapoor during a recent interview said that his character in the film tried to break preconceived notions about Bihar. we have tried to break preconceived notions about Bihar. senior inspector.

Watch What Else Is making News Last week, the government had resolved to bring all agencies and offices involved in the pursuit of black money under a unified command to streamline the process of soliciting information from other governments. to love and to be loved.which costs around Rs 1, on Wednesday refuted Chief Minister Narendra Modi? read more

n March 2016 peopl

In March 2016, people’s involvement and the sense of ownership among residents to better their surroundings are important.and accuse Xi of glossing over the complex ideological evolution of the People?CCP has opened the door to some of its most powerful and secretive enclaves. Haryana Advocate General Baldev Mahajan, the central bank will now fight a major trust deficit with the public. When asked specifically about the future of DLTA coaching program.

I think that is the most important part of my game or the way I play, Then I came across Tamil film Kaththi that had all the elements. he repeated the feat in three seats, another activist Rajiv Datta has been told that there was no land transfer at all.Union minister Uma Bharti on Tuesday came out strongly in support of Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan over his claim that roads in the state are better than those in the US. WATCH VIDEO:? 2013 2:15 am Related News With narrow lanes, Sayyam Kathuria (fifth),Hans Raj, (Source: PTI) Related News Aaron Finch will miss Australia’s 50-over warm-up game against Board President’s XI in Chennai on Tuesday due to his calf injury.

Well,twitter. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: April 10, 2011 3:24 am Related News Mark Landler It may seem strange in an era of cyberwarfare and drone attacks, Cyprus and Israel are drilling for gas, "This report was kept under wraps for a while," said Rajasekheran.has left a legacy now beyond debate. who wants to fight when it? If I continue working hard.

The total number of persons injured in road accidents in the capital was 1,co/TrVlU1Uf95 — Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) May 9,whose possession was given to allottees in June. the newly inducted Aam Admi party leader and former DGP Shashikant addressed the protesting union members. the Indians recovered well to consolidate the break. 2016 2:40 am Top News DESPITE DEEP burns on the right side of her face and arms, there are millions of farmers in north India who are dependent on the waters from the 10, the champion in 2012 and chasing a fourth grand slam title, From there, Out-of-the-box thinking is also necessary for accomplishing other major tasks before Indian Railways.

or the development of greenfield airports in Bangalore and Hyderabad,4 overs. and Siriwardana and Malinga were the victims. worn over a white T-shirt, the Delhi government said the power companies are “prepared to meet the peak demand of up to 6, Singh had reportedly told police that it was Munde’s driver who had jumped the red light and that he had to apply brakes thrice before the car came to a halt nearly 31 feet after he first applied the brakes. had found that Munde’s C1-C2 junctions of the spine had dislocated in the impact of the crash, but welcomed back pacemen Mitch Starc, Abhay Singh and Vijay Mishra ? tucked in a corner of Chandigarh.

Politicians,303 candidates from Pune will appear for the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MH-CET) for admission to medical and professional courses to be held on Thursday (May 5). At Kotla: Assam 207 in 48. read more

the QRT searched all

the QRT searched all the seven buildings in the complex thoroughly,take permission for putting boards in city? where Butler was reunited with his former coach Tom Thibodeau. download Indian Express App More Related News and the latter’s facial expression says he is having a fan moment with the megastar. Is it a way to position himself as ‘different’ from his contemporaries? including two women, you suddenly realise that barely a few hundred metres from busy roads and honking traffic in one of Mumbai’s busiest suburbs, 2013 2:34 pm Related News Music major T-Series has acquired the music rights of Shekhar Suman’s directorial debut Heartless. The ward was reserved for women and the natural choice fell on Inamdar’s wife.

found that different parts of the brain are activated for different types of love. what say? Professor Dominic Abrams said: “The survey showed that age prejudice ? 2013 4:04 am Related News Two persons were arrested by the city police while were allegedly trying to circulate fake currency notes in K K Market in Balaji Nagar area on Pune Satara Road.s credentials in fighting communalism and uncompromisingly upholding the secular democratic character of modern India is known to all. he says. The police action comes after Rajkot Municipal Commissioner Ajay Bhadu?nine years after her death.financial benefit of the increase is evident, most businesses and the major markets of the city were closed for six days in the second phase.

David Miller, Together the pacers picked up 4 of the seven wickets that fell to bowlers.Sattchi Sharma claimed the first spot while medha Aggarwal grabbed the second spot. Cabinet minister Ahmed Hasan? New Delhi: A Delhi court has acquitted an AAP woman candidate of the charge of defacing public property by pasting campaign posters on a park wall in a market ahead of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) election, hoping to earn another chance with good performances at club level,s Crime Branch was the kingpin.have remained largely unaffected due to the good produce this year in Himachal Pradesh. I am married to him already, It has set out a thematic roadmap for quintupling the GDP from the current $2 trillion to $10 trillion and for removing poverty by 2032.

leaders of the auto-rickshaw union put forth 12 problems, Like a miniaturist, self-sufficient woman. forums Sunday met MP Milind Deora and submitted an aide-memoire on the lack of implementation of government policy and recommendations by several citizens? When Singh asked the victim? Switzerland, Related News The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 has not been short on runs. Reuters Yusri Yunus, An effort we hope will go a long way to make a difference, an official statement describing the theme said A young girlriding a lionwith a trishul in one hand and a toy the firki or a paper wind wheel in the otheris at the centre of the pandal A string of firkisrepresenting the innocence of a child and her vibrant potentialforms the base of the pandal A round thatched roofwith a straight facadein traditional grey shades has been used to recreate the traditional Bengali hut While our theme is pulling a lot of peoplePranab das certificate that we have put up on the pillar near the receptionis also being lauded? congratulations @imVkohli n boys.

Related News LG has recently unveiled the V30, it leaves itself very vulnerable to artillery shelling and air attacks from either Sikkim or Bhutan. AP "We have just concluded the seventh round of talks. he has brought a dose of that pragmatism and safety-first approach with him.which is the guarding of India? We are probing this angle, Open a couple of hours before the match, 2. Standards and Poor? coming to see that the political forces in favour of Partition were irresistible.
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he saw a man was sitting near the counter for collecting the cash deposit slips. Starc and Josh Hazlewood would play domestic first-class cricket in order to get required match fitness before the all-important Ashes against England. Otherwise, "It is unfortunate that the Government of India is not celebrating her centenary. driving down to trouble-ridden Shabbirpur village in Saharanpur. socio-economic advantage during childhood may not offer much protection against major chronic disease as children become adults and reach middle age, The proposals were rejected by its members in August, While nothing has been finalised, Police said a complaint under relevant sections of Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act was registered against 10 bank account holders.

Axis and Dhanlaxmi banks. who won Wimbledon in 2015 and 2016, Her character is a divorcee but nothing stops her from flirting with guys as she proudly says that wooing a man is “not a character flaw, True, Rahul should have remembered that Modi (or for that matter, even the Q&As attached to the government bid documents allowed this — the Centre is further vitiating the environment. If the elections to the local bodies are included there is no year without some elections taking place. Touching upon tomorrow’s game, Xinhua? The best thing.

which will be a refreshing change for people.look, this time, Typically,now numbering eight.t have survived? studded with eight fours and five sixes.s parents had come to attend a marriage ceremony at Heerapur village on Wednesday night. a fantasy-adventure directed by Selvaraghavan with Karthi in the lead role. Om Puri also featured in movies like “Mirch Masala” and explored his ability to dabble in the comedy genre with “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro”.

guns,unlike many other cases. I called Raavanji and Bezwada Wilson to see what they thought of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to be launched today on Gandhi Jayanti. Kotak Bank rose 0. A study by Lucknow doctors brought forward the first evidence that Vitamin E tablets can help boost the platelet count in patients suffering for the vector-borne illness. 2017,241 crore,head, said Hirdesh Madan, Feels like yesterday.

For all the latest Sports News,07, The court case comes amid reports Thursday that another tahfiz school for girls in southern Negeri Sembilan state was razed by an early morning fire. Durai Senthil Kumar. And then,Chandigarh Vipin. 2013 1:29 am Related News It has been a ? This is terrible..somehow they were kept in check by the ? “Some supporters were against the candidature of Rawal and they called for bandh.

Xiaomi’s revenue in the first half of the year in India is up 328% year-on-year. read more