first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Cansa is also all about research. Once we know what risk factors can cause cancer in our environment and lifestyle, we know what we can change. There are many researchers working tirelessly to find a cure for cancer.Cansa encourages people to be screened,as early detection could be the difference between life and death. Those living with this disease need patient care, which Cansa is actively involved in. Some patients require home visits, counselling or group support. Patients often feel they are a burden to their families, and speaking to an outsider can definitely help.“No cancer patient needs to go through it alone,” says Estella Naicker of Cansa. “One in four South Africans will suffer from cancer at some stage in their life, which is higher than HIV/Aids and TB combined.”Cansa is volunteer-driven and encourages people to take care of their own. They are always looking for fresh ideas and helping hands, and everyone is welcome to join the committee.If you are interested in joining or helping in any way, please contact Estella on 079-256-7570. Cansa hosted a Shavathon in support of cancer patients and survivors at the Oval Shopping Centre on Saturday.People had the choice of spraying their hair, either with patterns or solid colour, shaving it off or donating a pony tail. Many shoppers stopped to support this good cause and raise money for the cancer association. Most opted to spray their hair with fun designs such as stars, butterflies and hearts. Journalist Mandy Killian even took her dog, Luna, to show their support.Cansa is an organisation that works towards fighting this deadly disease. Cansa’s objectives are to educate people on what causes cancer and how it can be prevented. It has been said that 30% of all cancer cases could’ve been prevented by changing one’s lifestyle and environment. Cansa gives presentations and talks, and hands out pamphlets and posters to those interested.last_img

Cansa hosts Shavathon at Oval Shopping Centre

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