The rural work conference held in the city of

in February 21st, from "stable grain production, improve food basket ability and the construction of the enclave economy", this year the city will be a big increase in rural work, and strive to stabilize vegetable planting area of 320 thousand acres, production reached 820 thousand tons, desalination season average vegetable self-sufficiency rate increased to 58%, deputy secretary Ms. Su Rong, vice mayor Jin Jiuchen attended the meeting.

The main targets of

in our city this year to work in rural areas is the main production of agricultural and livestock products grain, oil, meat, poultry, eggs, milk and vegetables to maintain steady growth, the total output reached 820 thousand tons, the total agricultural output growth of 5%, the agricultural added value increased by 5%, 15% growth in per capita net income of farmers, reduce poverty population is 52 thousand years in.

further stabilize grain and oil production. This year, an area of about 900 thousand acres of grain crops stable, oil crops in a stable area of about 500 thousand acres. The implementation of high yield to create the whole township (town) system to promote the creation of 100 thousand acres of grain and oil fields.

* to improve the ability of "vegetable basket". According to the "Sichuan line", "area three area" development pattern, the new winter type high standard energy-saving solar greenhouse 2500, transformation of the old greenhouse 1000, new barn 4000, 45 livestock and poultry breeding base. Strive to grow vegetables in a stable area of 320 thousand acres or more, the output reached 820 thousand tons, the average rate of self-sufficiency in vegetables in the short season increased to 58%.

grasp the enclave base construction. Continue to increase the construction of vegetable base of Deyang enclave of cold chain facilities and the core area, and constantly expand the scope of regional cooperation, base construction in the province, in Haidong Huangnan to further stabilize our city in spring and winter supply of agricultural and livestock products market.

– to promote the construction of agricultural parks. This year, the cultivation of 5 provincial agricultural science and technology demonstration park, the transformation of the 8 breeding park. Construction and growth of a number of distinctive features, green leisure, industry driven, heritage culture, the integration of tourism, modern urban leisure and sightseeing agricultural park, the provincial and municipal leisure and tourism demonstration park 10.



This year, the city’s vegetable self-sufficiency rate will reach 58%

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