in order to consolidate the party’s mass line of educational practice, earnestly implement the general office of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, Qinghai Provincial People’s Government Office forwarded "on the leading cadres of official vehicles equipped with the management of" the spirit of the notice, the office of the provincial government to act quickly, at the end of last year, the use of a special research work on the management of official vehicles make arrangements.


vehicles equipped with the standard, the provincial leadership only equipped with a car, the official car of all departmental level leading to recover, are no longer fixed, deployed using unified management. Holidays in addition to duty and emergency vehicles, other official vehicles will be sealed. Implementation of official vehicles to send a single car system, strict examination and approval, is strictly prohibited.

at the end of last year, all the provincial leadership relatively fixed off-road vehicles and fixed departmental level leading the use of official vehicles to Automotive Team unified management, in January 1st this year, according to the new provisions on the administration of the use of official vehicles. Provincial government leaders take the lead in the implementation of an example, so that cadres and the masses to fully feel the party’s mass line educational practice results.


Qinghai provincial government office strictly regulate the use of official vehicles management

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