day before the Municipal Health Bureau, the city’s 15 private hospital management activities, ten basic medical quality management assessment to make informed, pointed out that the overall situation reflects the results of the inspection of private medical institutions practicing law consciousness unceasingly strengthens, but also exposed some problems and drawbacks.

inspection results that by carrying out the activities of the year of hospital management and carry out ten basic medical quality evaluation and management activities, my private medical institutions in non health technical staff is greatly reduced, without the occurrence of major medical accidents and cases of illegal medical complaints and medical disputes decreased significantly. However, most of the private medical institutions generally existing professional and technical personnel is not stable, its management is weak, low level of business; individual medical institutions practicing law consciousness is poor, more than doctors did not change the address, practicing non professional posts, there are still some super medical subjects; part of the medical institutions and medical personnel on-site operation questions are not skilled; individual medical staff in the service of unreasonable examination, medication unreasonable phenomenon, and outpatient medical records, prescription writing is still not standardized.

in this regard, the Municipal Health Bureau pointed out that the private medical institutions should attach great importance to the hospital management work, careful analysis of inspection feedback problems, study and formulate rectification plan, effective rectification, rectification ineffective or still serious units will be closed or revoke the license of medical institutions. At the same time, we must enhance the sense of good faith, to correct the unhealthy interests of the people, illegal medical advertisements are prohibited to mislead patients and deceive the masses.



Xining 15 private medical institutions own weak management level of business

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