Recently, our province traffic project "12th Five-Year" National Highway 227 line to the dari banma Dawu highway extension project officially opened the prelude to the building. At present, the whole line of 10 construction tenders, 5 supervision service units, in accordance with the project construction management arrangements, seize the golden period of construction, organization of human, material and financial resources, the full implementation of the project construction work. Marked in 2015, the province’s first traffic new project officially started construction.

by dari to banma Dawu highway extension project length of 330.8 kilometers, the main line of 294.8 km, 36 km connecting line. The route starting point is located in the West Long Highway and Dawu town town road the Yellow River Road intersection, stop at the end point banma County, the main line in two road construction standards, project investment 3 billion 417 million yuan, the construction period of 3 years. The road is our province highway and waterway traffic "12th Five-Year" development plan of highway planning in the longitudinal part of the three line, is the "national highway network planning" in the province of new important sections of nine ordinary National Highway fifth G227 highway in Zhangye and menglian. At the same time, the highway is an important part of Yushu, Hainan green line two in Xining is Golog, through second channels, Sichuan Shiqu Dawu to Yushu, in the western region and national highway in our province the main skeleton highway network in the key position of North and south.

Xining to Yushu to build second channels

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