Keywords essential skills ranked 2013 (Part 1)


(2) the process of Web site optimization, webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to improve the relevance of the link, the link between love of Shanghai has increased.

website construction is to help users to obtain the.

2. social factors influence ranking rose

ranking factorsThe relative decline in the value of

said in the keyword ranking before the first to collect everyone’s status. The majority of owners said that recently their websites included dips, and some even have no home, are N for a long time did not update the snapshot. We all know that love Shanghai has recently been making adjustments, but the fact is really just because of this


(1) many webmaster do outside the chain, especially the new site outside the chain, are in the habit of the link to the home page. Of course, the home needs outside the chain, but not enough. Our website is not only home, it is a set of N pages, so we need the chain according to their site layout of the chain release ratio. For example, the column page of the chain, the chain page, the article page chain and so on, the ratio of the chain arrangement, not only the chain on some pages. The problem I mentioned before, outside of our chain to chain wide generalization, the entire site should be natural, rather than an influx of some pages outside the chain but scanty. At this time, the value chain has been relatively less.


, we have been talking about the chain for the emperor, now has been in that era, we should say that the user experience for the emperor! If we are concerned about the recent Taobao, will find taobao贵族宝贝 has gradually become social. The Internet is a social network is becoming more and more obvious, the social factors we mentioned here, refers to the social network factors.

for our webmaster, how should be adjusted? For example: suppose we update the A when the main keyword optimization is Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is related to the content of network marketing in this paper, we can add links or anchor text in network marketing, special pages point to the station about network marketing or is the article page or column page. Next time, when we update the contents of published articles of B, B and A in the assumption that the contents of related or similar, so the B can add links to the A. Similarly, so is the other content update, it can enhance the relevance of internal links, when users click on the link text reading can reach a related page to read, give the user a good user experience.


1. link correlation rose


: first pay attention to the changes in

? Before

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