North of the city continue to promote the tourism industry to the depth of development

this year, north of the city zone based on green development, optimize the industrial structure, through meticulous management, and constantly improve the level of service, to expand service content, improve the quality of the tourism industry, a variety of channels to improve the visibility of the district tourism, promote the tourism industry to the depth development. In the first half, the region received a total of 310 thousand tourists (Times), tourism revenue of $210 million, an increase of 15% and 24%.

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Xining thorough investigation official car wheel corruption

In order to further implement the central government’s requirements for austerity, strengthen the management of official vehicles, recently, Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party Organization Department, Municipal Supervision Bureau will carry out special supervision and inspection on the use of official vehicles management.

the special inspection, mainly for the county units, municipal departments, organs and units directly under the municipal level, people’s organizations, the administrative law enforcement departments. Check the content mainly involves the implementation of official vehicles "five no" system, the implementation of the official car logo management system, the implementation of the provisions of official vehicles holidays and non working time storage system and related official vehicles to implement the requirements of four aspects. Special inspection will take a combination of key checks and random checks, catering, entertainment, supermarkets, primary and secondary schools, hospitals, tourist attractions and other places to focus on inspection. The holidays and non working time to conduct random checks on each unit bus sequestration; municipal organs organization party inspection room, municipal government information supervision department, the Finance Bureau conducted a special inspection of the use of official vehicles management of municipal authorities; the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Organization Department, supervision bureau subordinate units to inspect the management and use of official vehicles for the county. City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Municipal Supervision Bureau will form a supervision and inspection team of the city’s official car management and use of random checks. On the inspection found that the problem will be severely dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions, and in the city within the scope of criticism, public exposure. The driver belongs to individual behavior, depending on the circumstances given criticism and education, informed criticism, admonishing conversation, withholding of bonuses until dismissal; belongs to the leading cadres in violation of the provisions of the bus use, shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of Party and government, and the parties held unit "a hand" responsibility; "top leaders" in violation of the provisions of the bus use, in accordance with the a case of double check, chase responsibility level; causing serious consequences, bad social impact, should be removed; transferred to the judicial organs constitute a crime.   read more

Xining intends to Chaoyang Kunlun two bridge reconstruction

reporter learned from the relevant departments in March 13th, Xining City, Chaoyang Bridge this year and plans to transform the Kunlun bridge, in order to further improve road capacity.

The current lack of interchange ramp

Chaoyang West and south two directions, transit vehicles must bypass road in the downtown area of the city, not only increased the urban road traffic pressure, and freight vehicles by city traffic on urban road traffic safety and city environment impact. In order to make better use of existing overhead, ease the Qilian road and the Qaidam road traffic pressure, convenient public travel, reasonable utilization of city road resources, plans to add a right turn ramp in the Chaoyang overpass southwest, realize Xigang Nanchuan direction function. To add a left turn ring ramp in the northeast, realize Xigang direction function to nanchuan. After the completion of the two ramp, the city can be achieved from the south to the West and direct traffic from west to south, to a large extent alleviate the traffic pressure Kunlun Road, Lake Road, Qaidam road. read more

Wang Guosheng in the province’s urban and rural leaders in the general situation of the report stres

9 26, 2009, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng presided over the progress of the province’s urban and rural leadership report. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee attended the meeting of Wang Jianjun.

Wang Guosheng in his speech fully affirmed the province’s previous phase of the general work. He pointed out that the party committees at all levels to fully implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai during an important speech, to further enhance their understanding, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen Customs supervision, adhere to the correct orientation and task oriented, adhere to strict spirit, practical style, high standards, to play a strong will, and strong strong measures to change work firmly and realistically catch in place, make sure to select good cadres, with a good team, a good atmosphere for. read more

n 2011 66000 tax investigation work through the review

Recently, the city’s land tax system in 2011 tax investigation smoothly through the Local Taxation Bureau of Qinghai province team

recently, the city’s land tax system in 2011 tax investigation smoothly through the Local Taxation Bureau of Qinghai province team. This year a total of 697 enterprises surveyed, of which the system survey of enterprise groups of 6, a sample survey of enterprises in the year of 76, compared with the same period last year, the actual increase in business taxes paid more than $1 million in the enterprise of 17. The investigation mainly includes the real estate industry, the construction industry, the transportation industry, the finance and insurance industry, the postal telecommunication industry, the service industry and so on. The enterprise income tax levied on the business tax was 33 billion 802 million yuan, the actual payment of business tax of $1 billion 55 million, accounting for 2010 actual storage tax of 69.82%. read more

Travel passenger vehicle highway toll concessions

to conscientiously implement the "notice" the general office of the Qinghai Provincial People’s government issued a number of measures to promote the province’s tourism passenger transport development, effectively promote the province’s tourism industry healthy and orderly development of the road passenger transport, passenger travel to reduce operating costs, fully reflect the achievements of traffic construction to benefit the people, the provincial transportation department to implement the preferential policies for highway tolls our province road passenger transportation vehicles, where the non line tourism passenger vehicles licensed by the transport sector in our province, traveling toll roads in the territory of the province can enjoy preferential tolls halved. In order to ensure the effective implementation of this policy, the provincial road transport authority, the high grade highway construction authority, toll road management office to actively communicate and cooperate to determine the relevant management procedures. read more

ndustrialization of agriculture and animal husbandry to promote economic development in Ethnic Mino

The development of

industry in Xining agriculture and animal husbandry industry, not only to promote the cultivation and development of leading industry of local agriculture and animal husbandry, and cattle and sheep breeding and processing enterprises and rural economic cooperation organization in promoting economic development in minority areas has made a positive contribution.

The Qinghai Tibet Plateau

Green Food Development Co., Ltd. Qinghai lvcaoyuan Food Co., Ltd. Qinghai budup investment and Development Co. Ltd., Qinghai Jintai Trade Co., Qinghai nine River Dairy Beef reproduction limited halal beef and mutton production enterprises, make full use of regional and national advantage in the thar Datong County town, Huangyuan town and five county of Tibet Township and other minority areas inhabited by the Hui Huangzhong county was established on fattening cattle and sheep breeding base, and led by the cattle and sheep breeding associations and cooperatives, farmers organizations involved in industrial management. Focus on the development of cattle breeding, slaughtering, processing of animal husbandry mainly, take the "company + base + association + farmers" of the road, forming a "feeding slaughter processing??? Sales" chain type production mode, the leading enterprises and cooperative organizations led by ethnic township to develop cattle breeding, aquaculture industry output value accounted for the total the proportion of output value of agriculture increased significantly. read more

Xining population and Family Planning Commission to seriously convey the provincial population and F

July 29th, Xining population and Family Planning Commission organized cadres and workers held a special meeting

7 29, Xining population and Family Planning Commission organized cadres and workers held a special meeting. The meeting, director Liu Ping conveyed the provincial population and Family Planning Commission held in the province (state, city) population and family planning director, in 2011 the province’s population to analyze the situation, the province’s population and family planning work in science and technology, the province’s population and family planning "65" law and the integrity of family planning work will start on the spirit. Seriously study the provincial governor Ma Shunqing, deputy governor and the provincial population and Family Planning Commission Director Zhang Jinjing speech. read more

How much is the entrance fee

21 century is different from the era of China’s reform and opening up, as long as you are graduating from college students must have iron rice bowl waiting for you, the employment situation can be seen, now what may be missing, but no shortage of College students. In the face of the employment situation is so grim today, many college students have a kind of forced beam on the momentum of entrepreneurship into a road they have to choose. Of course, humans are often able to in this is it snatched from the jaws of death, not only some results, many college students are getting a good return. Of course, many people are willing to choose in the early stages of the food and beverage industry, which seems to be a springboard for them to help them. If you want to take the road of entrepreneurship, may wish to choose the catering industry. Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a relatively good food and beverage to join the project – eight bowls. read more

A young man suffering from a serious illness in Xining Local Taxation Bureau staff generous help sys

is a relief of Hui youth recently, be strangers to each other, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau system organization employee contributions and sent to visit the sick youth hospital, encourage the seriously ill so Ma heal soon.

Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Chengguan Town, Lin Jia Village farmers Ma Guotai, his family was very poor, in 2004, he suffered from a serious kidney disease. Ma Guotai illness, although in the folks with the help of many treatment, but the condition did not improve. In January this year, Ma went to the provincial people’s Hospital for treatment, but it is difficult to assume about one hundred thousand yuan of operating expenses and treatment costs. In desperation, he sent a letter of appeal to the community. read more

Province 109 million 960 thousand yuan of funds to build a happy pension model

days ago, the national development and Reform Commission issued the Province District infrastructure funds 109 million 960 thousand yuan, to help Qinghai to further improve the social welfare service system infrastructure construction.

is the overall creation of Qinghai has the characteristics of home-based, community-based, institutional complement and perfect function, reasonable layout, covering both urban and rural areas "beautiful Qinghai, happiness endowment mode, the provincial development and Reform Commission jointly with the provincial civil affairs departments to seriously prepare the annual construction plan, and repeatedly went to the National Development and Reform Commission report on the convergence. Do the work for money. It is understood that this is 109 million 960 thousand yuan of funds issued will be used for the 16 pension service facilities in Xining City West District Peng Zhai Zhen nursing homes, Tongren County Library on the rural elderly in nursing homes, Xinghai County, south of the community elderly day care center, and Xunhua Salar Autonomous County Child Welfare of 3 social welfare facilities and services 1 funeral service facilities. Provincial Development and Reform Commission said it would decompose the national investment plan as soon as possible, and urged all localities in accordance with the project construction process, accelerate the progress of the project. All projects are expected to start construction in early July. read more

Xining two sessions courier county industrial economy Keywords breakthrough, innovation, highlights

industrial economy plays an important role in the development of county economy. In January 15th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County group discussions at the four session of the fifteen Xining Municipal People’s Congress meeting, deputy secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo and the participants discussed that the development of county economy, especially the county industrial economy to grasp several key words: breakthrough, innovation, highlight.

discussion, Datong county Party Secretary Wu Hai said that due to the Datong County is an important water source in Xining, but not for the development of industrial areas, although there are limitations, but also in the county to try new standardized plant in Beichuan Industrial Park, the establishment of small and medium business park, as much as possible for the industrial economy and green channel. Wang Yubo to chase out a few coup: first of all, in the innovation system, mechanism, make more efforts, followed by a good grasp of innovation and highlights. Looking at the province as well as Xining, the focus of the development of the industrial economy of the county a lot, how to grasp their own characteristics, select punctuality, is the top priority. To this end, Xining city also proposed to highlight the industry supporting role, industry focus and layout, so urbanization and industrial park construction, industrial structure adjustment of agriculture, agricultural industrialization and the development of non-public economy organically, constantly enhance the support of industry, promote the integration of city and city to the park drive, and finally let the farmers to get rich. (author: Zhou Jianping)
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500 teachers to accept classical Chinese training

July 11th, from Gansu, Xinjiang, Shaanxi and other provinces of the more than 200 Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic course teaching experts and teachers gathered in the City Xiao Quan primary school, in the 3 days of "Northwest primary school Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic curriculum planning teaching demonstration cum Training and learning, 17 primary school East District of our nearly 300 Chinese teachers gathered together hear from the Ministry of education, Institute of education, Beijing Normal University China 15 expert seminars, jointly improve the education level of primary school Ancient Chinese Literature Search. read more

mplement the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Xining Municipal Bureau of finance to prot

Xining Municipal Bureau of finance, conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the 17th Party Congress, in the year two months after work, will focus on the development and harmony of the theme, and actively play the financial function, accelerate social construction to improve people’s livelihood, promote the city’s economic and social harmony and healthy development.

in order to implement the spirit of the 17th Party Congress, to promote the city’s financial work, so that the fruits of development more to improve the livelihood of the people, the Municipal Finance Bureau in after two months of this year will focus on the following three aspects: to actively organize income, ensure the completion of the annual revenue and expenditure budget task; strengthen coordination, to promote fiscal reform depth development; strengthen financial supervision, continuously improve the efficiency in the use of funds. Among them, in the fiscal budget, to build a harmonious Xining as the starting point, adhere to the policy of Huimin Limin and promote comprehensive coordinated development of economy and society in Xining principle, fully protect priority spending and livelihood projects, giving priority to "three agriculture" and education, science and technology, public health and other social undertakings, focus on solving outstanding problems for urban residents the basic medical insurance and urban poor families heating relates to the vital interests of the people, and strive to achieve the seventeenth report "to education, employment, medical and old-age care, housing goal. (author: Jia Xiaohong) read more

mplementation of zero profit drug sales 5 hospitals Huimin profit of $11 million 250 thousand and 8

since April this year, Xining City, 5 municipal public hospitals on the use of basic drugs and non essential drugs, all canceled drug addition, all drugs zero sales. As of October, 5 public hospitals have accumulated more than $11 million 250 thousand and 800 for the people.

October 22nd, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, since April this year, Xining municipal Xining First People’s Hospital, Xining Second People’s Hospital of Xining City, the third people’s Hospital, Xining Stomatology Hospital, Xining city hospital 5 municipal public hospitals canceled drug addition on the use of essential drugs and non essential drugs and all the drug zero sales slip. The public hospital "yaobu" mechanism reform again taken solid steps, patient medication effectively lighten the burden, the people could enjoy the benefits of health care reform. As of September 30th, the city’s 5 public hospitals for the total population of more than $11 million 250 thousand and 800. read more

Five action to protect food safety

At present, the provincial food and Drug Administration of food and drug safety "sword" action for a period of one year in the province, starting from the food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices and health food "four armed" production, circulation and consumption, use and other aspects, the organization to carry out five special action, strike out, take to Dajiazhilie, fuyoufujiang, mechanism construction simultaneously, to ensure the safety of food and drug quality, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people’s diet drug.

"sword" action around the focus on solving the food and drug safety issues, outstanding to cultivate outstanding enterprises and brand, and actively create a bad atmosphere of public opinion three Youzhi Fu, organized five special operations: food additives, dairy products, meat products, beverages, liquor, wine, bee products, Chinese wolfberry, pastries, edible vegetable oil, vinegar and other key products of food products "sword" action; to tableware cleaning, excessive added, as the focus of the school canteen catering service food products "sword" action; to lose weight, blood glucose, relieving physical fatigue and other products as the focus of health food products "sword" drug action; fake cosmetics to selling counterfeit drugs, illegal online sale of drugs, cosmetics illegal use of restricted substances, such as the focus of illegal advertising Sword action to false registration declaration, illegal production, illegal business, exaggerated propaganda, the use of unlicensed products, such as the focus of medical equipment counterfeiting sword action.   read more