Qinghai provincial government office strictly regulate the use of official vehicles management

in order to consolidate the party’s mass line of educational practice, earnestly implement the general office of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, Qinghai Provincial People’s Government Office forwarded "on the leading cadres of official vehicles equipped with the management of" the spirit of the notice, the office of the provincial government to act quickly, at the end of last year, the use of a special research work on the management of official vehicles make arrangements. read more

Qinghai training shortage of more than 5 people

Reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that this year, our province in-depth implementation of professional and technical personnel of knowledge engineering, professional characteristics, according to the work of professional and technical personnel occupation development and the need to work, the annual training at all levels of personnel urgently needed 51695 people. It is reported that this year the Provincial Department of human resources and social security around the key areas of economic and social development in our province, earnestly organize the research, elaborate design topic, a positive declaration of national advanced training project, provincial senior training project and provincial training project. Through the vigorous implementation of knowledge engineering advanced training project, training has a good quality, excellent service, strong innovation ability, with strong competitiveness of high-level professional and technical personnel for the economic and social development in our province. I have strengthened the much-needed talents training and job training, this year to continue in the key areas of information, biotechnology, environmental protection, energy resources, disaster prevention and mitigation, modern transportation, agricultural science and technology, social work, and electronic commerce, law, accounting, tourism and other modern service industry, to carry out knowledge update and master advanced technology, enhance the technical level as the main content of the much-needed talents training. At the same time, continuing education base base, Qinghai University, Adult Education Institute of Qinghai Normal University and other 10 provincial professional and technical personnel through the national professional and technical personnel, continue to expand education service platform for professional and technical personnel to participate in the study whenever and wherever possible.   read more

This year, the city’s vegetable self-sufficiency rate will reach 58%

The rural work conference held in the city of

in February 21st, from "stable grain production, improve food basket ability and the construction of the enclave economy", this year the city will be a big increase in rural work, and strive to stabilize vegetable planting area of 320 thousand acres, production reached 820 thousand tons, desalination season average vegetable self-sufficiency rate increased to 58%, deputy secretary Ms. Su Rong, vice mayor Jin Jiuchen attended the meeting.

The main targets of read more

Xining economic upgrade steady start

To increase the downward pressure on the economy, the economic situation continues to increase the complexity and severity of the first quarter of 2014, steady start, the city’s economic growth highlights prominent economic indicators higher than the provincial average, ranking in the capital city of the five northwest provinces. The economic and social development in the spring and again full of vitality. Under the GDP market stability, the city’s industry contrarian growth, the service sector has slowed down, one of the key projects under construction, a piece of people’s livelihood landing sound.

– to the development zone and industrial growth contributed. The city’s industrial growth of 9.18 percentage points, to achieve industrial added value of $10 billion 490 million, an increase of 16.5%. Among them, the economic development zone industrial added value of 7 billion 47 million yuan, accounting for the city’s industrial added value of 67.2%.

– meat and milk yield were increased. The city’s 351 thousand and 100 acres of crop cultivation, vegetable cultivation area of 53 thousand and 200 acres, total meat production of 19081 tons, milk, egg production growth.3.93 percentage points of

[digital] analysis of 1-3 months, the city’s investment in fixed assets of 5 billion 849 million yuan, an increase of 27.3%, of which the infrastructure investment of 921 million yuan, up 82.9%. According to the analysis, the total investment in private investment accounted for 67.2%, the main force to support investment growth.

– projects steadily. In the investment guarantee, as of now, the city’s 757 construction projects, comprehensive renovation, Xining Railway Station Road (bridge) and other expensive municipal roads, Salzburg to infrastructure, real estate and other 454 projects in key areas to start building a comprehensive.

– financial backing and strong support. The city’s local public revenue 1 billion 955 million yuan, an increase of 22.9%, the balance of financial institutions loans of $285 billion 282 million, an increase of 20.42%, to ensure that major projects, environmental protection and other key expenditures.

[digital] analysis of city residents per capita disposable income of 5194.5 yuan, an increase of 11.8%; the per capita cash income of farmers 2527.7 yuan, growth; read more

Tens of thousands of guests will gather in Qinghai to seek cooperation

The people of Qinghai are to welcome guests to the full range of open mind, looking forward to the convening of the 2014 young and fair. This reporter learned from the office of the Executive Committee of the fair will be informed that the current green will be invited to participate in the meeting and the work is still docking, is expected this year will reach more than 10 thousand participants merchants.

in various sectors and regions, the joint efforts of all members of the unit will be under the Green Fair of the preparatory work smoothly. After confirmation, the Ministry of foreign affairs agreed to continue to support the general assembly and the organizers, the Ministry of land and resources and other 5 ministries will participate in the delegation, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Korea and other countries, said the participants. In terms of display, the current Fair will be located in Sanjiang, the source of ecological civilization construction, recycling economy and other special equipment as well as foreign trade show, Taiwan commodity exhibition 18 plates. Beijing, Zhejiang and other 19 provinces, PetroChina, Beijing Xin identity 12 central enterprises and private enterprises, as well as the province of 8 regions, 3 large parks, western mining 7 exhibitors, Chongqing, Hubei, Yunnan and other provinces for the first time by the delegation of the government of special equipment exhibition. In May 22nd, the relevant departments and units have been entering the exhibition, will be completed in June 8th before the exhibition.

in the reception area, Green Fair board on food safety, food quality of pre inspection. Provincial Public Security Bureau set up a leading group of security work, the full deployment of security work. The city of Xining is to carry out special operations, safety inspection of the city’s public places, key industries, key areas to strengthen the patrol to the vital part of security, to resolve the disputes, dangerous goods safety supervision work. To rule blocking, punishment, and safety is the key to ensure smooth traffic order rectification, and strengthen emergency measures of security, traffic, fire, emergency medical aid, food safety etc..   read more

Operating health care products to make money worry free market demand is very hot

now many industries are beginning to face the transition, because the product can not meet the needs of people, or can not keep up with the trend of development, had begun to change. And some industries have not only stand up, and more popular. Health care industry is one of them, operating a health food store easy to make money, absolutely trustworthy.

Medical research shows that:

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Xining will start the creation of the museum group 5A

following the successful creation of the Kumbum Monastery scenic national 5A scenic spots, the city once again to the national 5A scenic sprint, decided to start this year to create a museum class 5A scenic area. This is January 17th, the reporter learned from the fourth session of the city’s fifteenth session of the people’s congress.

according to reports, this year the city will continue to vigorously develop the tourism industry, around the "China xiadou" brand quality upgrade, the depth of mining culture, strengthen the cultural and tourism planning, promote the overall development of the cultural connotation and character through the key elements in the construction of tourism projects. Further improve the scenic infrastructure, enhance the management level, and strive to build the Kumbum Monastery with an international reputation of the 5A level scenic spots. At the same time, and strive to start construction of Xining tourism service center, for the majority of tourists and tourism practitioners to provide comprehensive, one-stop integrated services, improve the service level of the city’s tourism industry from hardware facilities. (author: Sheng Nan)
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Passenger car in our province into the nternet plus online booking system is put into operation

Convenient service to the masses of travel, the day before, Qinghai province road passenger transport network ticketing system is put into use, the province’s 29 car passenger station network operation, covering 7 cities and 28 counties, of which 22 passenger station has officially opened online ticketing, by the end of next year will be basically coverage of the province for more than three 46 car passenger station.The implementation of

What is the favorite of the long holiday

During the National Day golden week, the citizens not only indulged in "repertoire shopping" idle away in seeking pleasure, but also a lot of people of the National Day golden week, which not only brought the "shopping tide", make some store sales record, at the same time, but also makes a lot of people reached saturation mall. October 4th is the fourth day of the National Day golden week, the city’s major shopping malls, supermarkets, passenger traffic continued to rise significantly, a thriving prosperity of buying and selling, then the National Day golden week people are buying?

properties: the most characteristic

type: flags printed on souvenirs

: buy index assumes.

flags printed on small items, a small Tiananmen pendant, beautifully designed, different forms of Chinese elements badges, ornaments…… National day anniversary of the national day of goods to become a touch of bright colors, the public to buy the National Day souvenirs of a wave of enthusiasm than a wave.

"the two ornaments are friends asked me to buy, he had no time to buy National Day. The badge is my favorite, I want to buy a collection of." In Yiwu City, specialized in selling National Day specialty goods store, Miss Lee soon picked up two in Tiananmen flag ornaments and a set of Chinese wind badge sets. Then a woman came to pick a souvenir with her daughter to buy a flag with a key buckle. "She wants to buy it." She said. There is also a company to buy gifts for the gentleman came to the counter, pointing to the National Day souvenir to send people.

properties: the most popular

types: home appliances

: buy index assumes.

"buy appliances, it must wait until the mid autumn National Day golden week, this is the year to buy household appliances the most favorable season, because manufacturers discount, profit sharing, send gifts, draw a lot, if good luck can also take home in a grand prix!" Miss fan said. In the United States due to too many appliances, consumers, sales in three before a TV counter member surrounded by customers, and to buy TV more than and 70 year old Aunt Wang and two daughters on the counter anxiously waiting for sales response. According to the salesman Xiao Zhou introduced, National Day period continuously for consumers to buy, store a lot of recruiting temporary promoters. During the national day, all of our sales staff rushed to battle together, usually two bills at the same time, not enough time to come down one day." Another salesman delighted to say that during the National Day sales of household appliances hot scene. According to her, after the National Day golden week began, home appliance sales have been innovative, and now some of the hot selling products have been sold out, some of the products; read more