Qinghai Telecom Xining branch business pilot package signing steadily increased

since April, Qinghai Telecom Xining branch of the government and broadband, the transformation of the three market space, increase the Biznavigator series packages and key industries to promote the application and development efforts, and for the first quarter of Biznavigator package, system support and acceptance specification, open business training and other aspects of improving and adjusting constantly, promote better the Biznavigator business development contract. Especially in the March to April period, enterprise customers to give up holidays time concentrated successively in Beishan, Huangshuihe building materials wholesale market, victory road electronic market, commodity market more than ten cluster marketing Biznavigator package business, greatly improve the signing amount. As of April 27th, the pilot package business contract volume reached 2376, of which the signing of the contract in March, in April signed a contract of 1320 households, the development of the package business has steadily improved, initial success in. read more

The first national rock climbing competition starts in Xining

for players from Qinghai Wanjia game scene (left).

July 24th, the 2012 national climbing competition the first station of Xining race start, the game is the most influential and authoritative climbing competitions, therefore, attracted 19 teams from all over the country, bringing together 42 top domestic Master rock climbing circles, many world-class master speed which represents the highest the level of the domestic rock climbing.

by the Chinese Mountaineering Association, the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, the provincial mountaineering management center. The competition is divided into men and women speed and difficulty, the national ranking in the top 30 climbers all together in Xining, including the world speed record holder Zhong Qixin, Pan Xuhua, and other masters of all to attend the scene. It is noteworthy that the two men from Qinghai’s female athlete Hu Jiaojiao, representing China University of Geosciences, Xi’an Physical Education University Wanjia Mountaineering Association to participate in the tournament, which is with the climbing competition in our province continue to hold, more and more local players appeared on rock, the sport popularity in our province has played a positive role. The venue was once again praised by the Chinese Mountaineering Association, which is considered to be the best preparation, the most experienced and the best environment in the world. At the same time, this game is also the 2012 Guide World Cup rock climbing warm-up match, the game set a total bonus of 6 million 60 thousand yuan. On the day of the men and women is difficult and the speed of the preliminaries and semi-finals, today is the final, more exciting will appear in the final. (author: Ge Wenrong) read more

The poor people out not to engage in superfluous

The train station east district community due to the presence of the old district and more difficult to manage, the movement of large, complex factors such as community residents, to know the people, warm people, gather public opinion "as the goal, focus from the heart for the people helping residents, grief and solve the sufferings of the masses and maintain social stability, harmony and stability of the community the residents live and work in peace.

is not alone lonely empty nest hollow read more

Xining municipal government held a grassroots medical institutions to implement the second batch of

July 22nd afternoon, the municipal government held a grassroots medical institutions in Xining, the implementation of the national second batch of basic drug system pilot work will start. Provincial Health Department deputy director Wang Lian, regulatory director Jeff Huang, municipal government deputy mayor Wang Xuan, municipal development and Reform Commission, human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the preparation of the office, the Municipal Health Bureau, District, county government, development and Reform Commission, the health bureau is mainly responsible for the grass-roots medical institutions, medical staff representatives attended the the meeting. Provincial Health Department deputy director Wang Lian, deputy mayor of the city government Wang made an important speech. The conference by the municipal government deputy secretary general presided over the Lupan chai. read more

Xining and other more mature areas will take the lead in the establishment of real estate registrati

was informed that the reporter held from March 3rd 2015 the province’s land and resources work conference this year, the province at all levels of the departments of land and resources will go all out to promote the "real" Provisional Regulations on property registration landing, to formulate implementation rules promulgated as soon as possible, use the same book certificate to the state (city), county level two as the key for carrying out duties the integration of the year. Conditions are relatively mature areas of real estate unified registration information platform construction, the establishment of a unified real estate registration window.
since March 1st, has attracted attention of the masses "Provisional Regulations on real estate registration" formally implemented. The reform of real estate registration has been regarded as an important reform measure to ensure the stability of real right and the benefit of the people. By the end of 2013, the national real estate unified registration preparatory work in full swing, and gradually establish and improve the unified registration mechanism of real estate. In February 2014, the land and resources in Qinghai province formulated the "Qinghai Province Construction unified registration of immovable property plan", after extensive consultations in 6 issued to municipalities, state governments, on the guiding ideology, integration method, the establishment of institutions, staffing, work responsibilities, time schedule and put forward specific demands. Last July, the provincial government approved the establishment of the province unified registration of immovable property at the Provincial Bureau of land and resources department, responsible for the supervision and guidance of land registration, housing registration, registration of woodland, grassland registration of real estate registration.

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