Dy Speaker Thambidurai urges Speaker to revoke suspension of members

first_imgM Thambidurai, AIADMK leader and Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha Rafale: Disruptions continue in both the Houses COMMENTS Storm in the House over Rafale Deal COMMENT Published on January 04, 2019center_img RELATED AIADMK leader and Deputy Speaker M Thambidurai on Friday urged Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to revoke the suspension of members, who had faced action for repeatedly disrupting the House. Thambidurai made the demand during the Zero Hour, to which the Speaker replied that the situation had become “unbearable” and asked as to who will give an assurance that the suspended members will not again enter the Well of the House. Proceedings in Lok Sabha during the winter session that commenced on December 11 were repeatedly stalled due to protests by AIADMK and TDP members over a proposed dam on river Cauvery and special state status to Andhra Pradesh respectively.Plea for pardon Mahajan had suspended 24 AIADMK members on Wednesday for five consecutive sittings. On Thursday, she suspended 21 members of AIADMK, TDP and an unattached YSR Congress member. The action was taken under rule 374A of Lok Sabha which says that they cannot attend the remaining days of the session, which concludes on January 8.“Madam you have the right to take the action, I am not objecting to that. I know any violation cannot be tolerated. At the same time, members are also agitated about their issues. My request is to pardon them. As only two days of this session are left,” Thambidurai said Friday. He agreed that the members should not enter the Well of the House. “You have already punished them, so I now humbly request as a custodian of this house, please pardon them. Allow them to participate from Monday in the proceedings of this house. At the same time they should not enter the well of the house. Please revoke suspension,” Thambidurai said.Responding to the Deputy Speaker’s demand, the Speaker said the behaviour of suspended members was sending a very bad message to the public. “Who will give the assurance that they will not enter the Well of the house. This is sending a very bad message about MPs who represent lakhs of people. We should discuss this in our chamber. All leaders should come together and discuss this issue,” she said.Unusual action The Speaker described some of the scenes witnessed in the house as “ugly” and said “unbearable things were happening in the house”.Action against such a large number of MPs is unusual.In February, 2014, the then Speaker Meira Kumar had suspended 18 MPs from Andhra Pradesh following bedlam in the House. Those suspended then were either supporting or opposing creation of Telangana. While AIADMK has 37 members, the TDP has 15 in the lower house. SHARE SHARE EMAIL Send Triple Talaq Bill to select panel, Opposition insists in RS SHARElast_img read more

Gehlot seeks review of poll code in public interest

first_imgpolitics Published on COMMENT June 21, 2019 Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot   –  PTI Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday demanded that the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) be reviewed keeping in view public interest and welfare.“It becomes difficult for any elected government to work due to prohibition on even small work when the MCC is in effect. It should be reviewed in view of public interest and welfare,” Gehlot wrote in a letter to Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora.‘Obstruction to duties’Gehlot, in the letter, expressed the need to minimise the duration for which the poll code is effected and sought a review of its various provisions. He said the implementation of code of conduct for a long time obstructs States in discharging their constitutional obligations, causing policy paralysis. The Model Code of Conduct remained effective in the country for 78 days during the Lok Sabha elections and the government work stopped — which led to problems for the public. Conducting elections for such a long duration has “raised question mark on Election Commission’s motive and its credibility” as it did formality in the case of violation of MCC in several cases, the Chief Minister said in the letter. center_img SHARE SHARE SHARE EMAIL COMMENTS Rajasthanlast_img read more

Chile removes statute of limitations on child sex abuse amid Church crisis

first_img Related News SANTIAGO (Reuters) – Chilean President Sebastian Pinera signed into law on Thursday a bill to remove the statute of limitations on sex crimes involving children amid a sex abuse crisis that has rocked the country’s Catholic Church and claimed more than 200 victims.The law, which first was proposed in 2010, ends impunity in cases that would have previously had a statute of limitations that varied between five and 10 years, depending on the nature of the crime. The new law is not retroactive.”Beginning today, the passing of time will never more be an accomplice to those who abuse our children, nor an ally of impunity,” Pinera said.The centre-right Pinera revived the nearly decade-old bill last year, following a visit to the South American nation by the pope that brought to the surface a string of abuse allegations now being investigated by prosecutors. {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} World 08 Jun 2019 Solar eclipse frenzy fuels astronomical tourism in Chile World 09 Jul 2019 Trump defends cabinet member Acosta embroiled in Epstein sex-abuse casecenter_img Chile’s Public Ministry says it is investigating more than 150 cases of sexual abuse or cover-up involving the Catholic Church.The new law applies to crimes of rape, sexual abuse, the production of pornographic materials and prostitution involving children and adolescents. (Reporting by Natalia Ramos; Writing by Dave Sherwood; Editing by Bill Trott) Related News World 07 Jul 2019 Ecuador to join market-friendly Pacific Alliance under Morenolast_img read more

Can an entrepreneur ever retire

first_img Tags / Keywords: Corporate News 22h ago Leave PLUS alone! My wife and I have to start planning for our own journey, the last innings so to speak as our children chart their own course in life. But first, I have to unravel all my commitments in my “traditional” businesses and I reckon it will take me at least a year to restructure my business interests and leave my children with just an investment holding company to worry about when I am gone.Closing a company is not easy. It is easier to close a wholly-owned company than a joint-venture company with partner shareholders. More so if it is an ongoing concern. Divestment in property-related companies is easier as you either sell the properties or complete the development project which signals the end of the partnership. There is a definite timeline to such divestment.Divestment from a listed company is much easier as the shares are publicly traded but divestment from a private limited company with an ongoing business concern is more difficult as your partners worry about the sustainability of the business without your presence.Private equity investments only happen when the entrepreneurs stay invested (smaller stake) and continue to manage the company. This investment business model has worked out well hence more funds have been invested into private equity worldwide. Generally, entrepreneurs dislike running businesses based on numbers and forecasts as required by private equity partners but I guess the end results will help mitigate the entrepreneur’s unhappiness of losing control of the company that he has built. My advice to entrepreneurs who decide to sell a majority control of your company – be very sure that you want to exit this business completely in five years time. No regrets will be entertained. It does help if you have decided not to leave the business to your children and you are not the sentimental type.With so much disruption happening so fast, we are witnessing a record number of companies closing down. Big and small, they stand no chance of survival if disruptive forces attack their established business model in their industry. Most of the time they see disruption coming but they could not predict the speed nor the breadth of the attack. Futile efforts are made to adapt existing distribution channels with new channels but in some industries, that particular business model does not work anymore. Like publishing magazines and newsprint business, advertisers have disappeared in big numbers and not all advertising budget have gone to digital mediums either. Just a fraction.Fast-moving consumer goods companies reduce their total advertising spent and divert the dollars to supporting price wars at retailers who is under attack by e-commerce. This vicious price war reduces margins for all but it does benefit consumers. With a smaller value chain, middleman will be the first to go. Manufacturers will be forced to go directly to the market place. Due to worldwide excess production capacity, manufacturers who do not adapt fast enough to new distribution channels and consumer preferences will be the next wave of companies to close down. From this disruption, we will see the emergence of brand savvy manufacturers, who work directly with retailers and e-commerce partners, crunching consumer data and producing in exact quantities as to what consumers need. Hopefully the problem of excess unsold stocks currently sitting in shops, warehouses and the logistic chain will be reduced substantially. So my children’s decision to avoid participating in my “traditional” businesses does make sense as it will take a lot of hard work to re-invent its current business model. I was foolish enough to invest in manufacturing concerns as I thought that the future will still be in the hands of production capabilities but not knowing that manufacturers now have to absorb the middleman role as well. Gets more complicated but doable.However, I am getting old and just the thought of the massive tasks ahead can make me feel tired. I guess it is time to call it a day as an entrepreneur. No more new business ventures and no more predicting the future. Just need to tidy up the loose ends, complete some projects, close some companies and reshuffle the few pieces of investments. By the end of next year ( if I am still alive ), I will be twiddling my thumb every morning, planning my daily empty schedule and hoping to hold my first grandchild. I know predicting the future is difficult but without hope, there is no reason to live … especially for an entrepreneur. The views expressed here are solely the opinion of the writer. On Your Own , Tan Thiam Hock {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} Comics 20h ago Kee’s World – July 13, 2019 – Star2.comcenter_img EVERY journey in life comes with continuous uncertainty. It is just so difficult to predict the future. Whether in bringing up your children or starting a business, one can only plan with hope that everything will turn out well. As parents or entrepreneurs, we can only worry that we have made the right decisions and let events unfold as we travel through the twist and turns of an uneven road fraught with potholes.Recently, my daughter who is the baby of the family, joined the working class of the corporate world, preferring the consulting business rather than joining the family business. Her two elder brothers have also ventured into the “sexy” modern world of insure tech and private equity. They have absolutely no interest in my ‘traditional’ businesses of manufacturing, trading and distribution and property development.Every parent shoulders great responsibility in bringing up their children, hoping to provide the best education possible and hoping that they will turn out well as a responsible productive citizen and a humble, good human being. To a certain extent, in this context, I am relieved that my responsibility as a father has ended. They are literally on their own now. Business News 22h ago Average natural gas tariff to rise 5.3% Related News Related Newslast_img read more