3rd Test, HIGHLIGHTS: How Sri Lanka fought back after Shikhar Dhawan’s century

first_imgHello and Welcome to our Live Coverage of Day 1 of the third Test between Sri Lanka and India at Kandy. (Live Scorecard)India 1st Innings:17.22 IST: STUMPS! India 329/6 (90 overs) vs Sri Lanka. Saha 13*, Pandya 1*, Kohli 42, Pushpakumara 3/40A good day of Test cricket comes to an end. 34 overs, 94 runs and 3 wickets in this session shows that it was an even session for both sides. This was the first time in the series when Sri Lanka actually turned up, it seemed. Their bowlers, led by Pushpakumara, tested the Indian batsmen and kept them in check. Bad balls were far and between today from the hosts. Runs were hard to come by, and most of the catches offered today were accepted, unlike earlier in the series. Fernando was also largely impressive, especially towards the end.The Indians, on the other hand, have a right to be disappointed today. Scoreboard tells a story and the their batting card says that batsmen did get starts but didn’t bat to get a big score. What the scorecard doesn’t say, is that most of them departed by playing shots that they could have done without. They have batsmen in the hut in the form of the unbeaten Saha and Pandya, apart from Kuldeep Yadav who can also be handy with the bat.At Stumps Day 1, India 329/6 (90 Ovs) Saha 13*, Pandya 1*, Pushpakumara 3/40, Sandakan 2/84 #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/nF1XC9VYtE- Sri Lanka Cricket (@OfficialSLC) August 12, 201717.11 IST: Fernando to Ashwin, OUT! New ball has done the trick as Fernando picks up his maiden wicket, Ashwin edges one to the keeper. IND 322/6 in 88 ovs advertisement16.49 IST: Second new ball has been taken by Sri Lanka. Malinda Pushpakumara will have a go with it first up. IND 308/5 in 83 overs16.39 IST: India 298/5 in 80 overs. New ball is due now for Sri Lanka16.31 IST: NOT OUT! SAHA SURVIVES! Good decision by the TV umpire in all honestly. Flighted right up there, outside off, Saha attempts to drive it through the covers but misses. There is a noise as the ball goes past the bat and into the keeper’s gloves. Loud shout from Dickwella, convinces his skipper to take the review as the umpire doesn’t show any interest. It’s taken upstairs and replays show that the noise is of the bat hitting the ground and not the ball.16.30 IST: Sandakan to Kohli, OUT! KOHLI DEPARTS! This is a big, big wicket for the hosts. The Indian skipper has been sent back and at a crucial juncture too. Tossed up well outside off and Kohli is seen going after this. Attempts to play his whippy cover drive and ends up getting a thick edge behind to Karunaratne at first slip, who takes a very good catch.Sandakan picked up his 2nd wicket, Virat Kohli out caught for 42. IND 296/5 (78.2 Ovs) #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/N7oNCpuCO7- Sri Lanka Cricket (@OfficialSLC) August 12, 201716.09 IST: DRINKS BREAK! Both sides have put up an even show till this point in the session. While the Lankans have succeeded in stemming the run flow, Kohli and Ashwin are battling it out after the fall of Rahane. India 279/4 in 73 overs. Kohli 33*, Ashwin 8*. Virat Kohli in his last 7 Test inns (excluding: his 103* at Galle): 62 runs, ave 8.86. Highest: 15#SLvInd- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) August 12, 201715.40 IST: Puspakumara to Rahane, BOWLED! Pushpakumara is doing the wicket-taking stuff today! Rahane plays a shot that he could have done without. Loopy ball around off and middle, Rahane looks to flick it towards the on side. He missed the ball completely only to find the wood work disturbed. The ball stayed a tad low and also he played for the turn that wasn’t there. Another Indian wicket falls to spin in Pallekele. IND 264/4 in 65.4 ovs65.4: WICKET! A Rahane (17) is out, b Malinda Pushpakumara, 264/4 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201715.28 IST: Sandakan to Rahane, Huge shout for LBW, umpire says NOT OUT! Tosses it outside off and spinning in to Rahane. He strides forward in defense, but the ball misses his bat and strikes him on his pad. The Lankans appeal, which the umpire turns down and after some thoughts they decide to review. There is no bat involved and the ball-tracker shows that even though the pitching and impact are in line, the ball would go on to miss the stumps. The onfield decision stays, owing to which Sri Lanka lose a review. Rahane bats on. IND 255/3 in 62.2 ovs15.24 IST: Fernando to Kohli, FOUR! Lovely, lovely shot. Full ball outside off, inviting the drive from Kohli. He is too good to miss out on his favourite stroke, he plays it to perfection and collects a boundary. That was one you could have watched on loop.advertisement3rd Test. 61.4: V Fernando to V Kohli (21), 4 runs, 255/3 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201715.10 IST: Fernando to Kohli, FOUR! CRISP KOHLI SPECIAL COVER DRIVE! Fuller ball outside off, Virat leans forward and plays it through the cover region. The sweeper cover in the deep didn’t have any chance as the ball raced away.3rd Test. 57.3: V Fernando to V Kohli (17), 4 runs, 247/3 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201715.05 IST: Sandakan opens the attack post tea with Kohli on strike.14.43 IST: India 235/3 (56 overs) at tea vs Sri Lanka at Pallekele. Kohli 11*, Rahane 3*, Dhawan 119, Rahul 85 The @SDhawan25 moment through the lensman’s eyes #TeamIndia #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/q9Ik3NdM40- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201714.21 IST: Sandakan to Pujara, OUT! Another wicket down! Sri Lanka have made their way back into this game in some fashion. Expecting the ball to turn in, Pujara goes back to cut but the ball holds its line. Takes the outside edge and brushes off Dickwella’s gloves, before eventually settling into Angelo Mathews’ safe hands. Good catch, wasn’t an easy one by any means.50.1: WICKET! C Pujara (8) is out, c Angelo Mathews b Lakshan Sandakan, 229/3- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201714.17 IST: Pushpakumara to Kohli, FOUR! Drifting in on middle and leg, Kohli gets his front leg out of the way and blasts a straight drive across the boundary line. Super shot.3rd Test. 49.2: M Pushpakumara to V Kohli (7), 4 runs, 227/2 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201714.09 IST: Pushpakumara to Dhawan, OUT! Malinda with his second! He’s been superb since he’s come on and has dismissed the two dangerous, set openers. Tossed up delivery, Dhawan kneels and sweeps it hard. This time, however, he doesn’t keep it down and it flies towards Chandimal at square leg. He moves to his left and takes a good, sharp catch. Sri Lanka rejoice, but both the Indian wickets to fall have been rather sloppy. Can be argued that they threw it away. The Lankans won’t mid, this is their chance to make further inroads. IND 219/2 in 47.1 ovs47.1: WICKET! S Dhawan (119) is out, c Dinesh Chandimal b Malinda Pushpakumara, 219/2- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201713.57 IST: Kumara to Dhawan, FOUR!3rd Test. 44.2: L Kumara to S Dhawan (115), 4 runs, 210/1 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201713.45 IST: Pushpakumara to Dhawan, FOUR! Not sure when will the Sri Lankans learn. You don’t bowl that to anybody, especially to somebody like Shikhar Dhawan. Short and wide, Dhawan smashes it through point and sends it across the rope. Slams sixth Test hundred in 107 balls. India 195/1 (41.2 overs) vs Sri LankaShikhar Dhawan – 6th Test 100, 5th away from home!#SLvInd- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) August 12, 20173rd Test. 41.2: M Pushpakumara to S Dhawan (103), 4 runs, 195/1 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201713.35 IST: Pushpakumara to Rahul, OUT! Rahul throws away yet another start! That’s bowled flatter around middle, KL tries to go big over mid on. All he manages to do is find the leaping Karunaratne there to perfection. The opener is distraught and why not! He had a 100 for the taking yet he’s thrown it away. IND 188/1 in 39.3 ovs advertisementWhen KL Rahul made 199 against England at Chennai in Dec 2016, he then had 4 100s & 1 fifty in Tests.Now he has 4 100s, 9 fifties!#SLvInd- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) August 12, 201739.3: WICKET! L Rahul (85) is out, c Dimuth Karunaratne b Malinda Pushpakumara, 188/1- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201713.17 IST: Sandakan to Dhawan, FOUR! Another ball where Dhawan churns run off Sandakan! Floated around leg, Dhawan sweeps fine, the ball passes the keeper and rolls away to the fine leg fence. Replays show that it came off the back of his bat.This is the highest opening partnership (Dhawan 91*, Rahul 79*) against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka. The previous best stand was between Navjot Singh Sidhu and Manoj Prabhakar at the SSC in Colombo back in 1993.3rd Test. 35.3: L Sandakan to S Dhawan (91), 4 runs, 175/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201713.07 IST: Sandakan to Dhawan, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for the Delhi Dasher! Tossed up around off, Dhawan gets down and slogs it through mid-wicket yet again for another boundary. He’s just toying with Sandakan at the moment.3rd Test. 33.2: L Sandakan to S Dhawan (82), 4 runs, 165/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201713.06 IST: Sandakan to Dhawan, FOUR! Rank short delivery is dealt in the manner it should be! That was pitched way short, giving ample time for a well set Dhawan to rock back and pull it with disdain through mid-wicket to increase the boundary count.3rd Test. 33.1: L Sandakan to S Dhawan (78), 4 runs, 161/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201712.44 IST: Sandakan to Rahul, FOUR! Another chance gone begging! Short and quicker ball outside off, this one didn’t turn. Rahul went back to cut and got a thick outside edge that flew from the left of Mathews at slip and raced away to the boundary.3rd Test. 27.3: L Sandakan to L Rahul (71), 4 runs, 139/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201712.43 IST: Lakshan Sandakan opens the bowling attack post lunch.Back to work! #TeamIndia #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/kcYcLGXIdz- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201712.02 IST: India 134/0 (27 overs) at lunch vs Sri Lanka at Pallekele. Shikhar Dhawan 64*, KL Rahul 67*India’s last 100+ opening stand away from home came at Fatullah in Bangladesh, when Vijay and Dhawan put on 283 in June 2015#SLvInd- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) August 12, 2017India, India, India! That’s how this session panned out. It seemed that the Indians continued the battering of the Lankans from the previous game. Both the openers got to their respective half centuries and seem unstoppable at the moment. Sri Lanka missed some chances that came their way – more glaring being the dropped catch of Rahul – and the Indian openers made them pay for it. The home side would hope for some magic potion in their lunch, which would make things go in their way come the second session.India reached 134/0 at Lunch on Day 1 of the 3rd Test. Shikhar Dhawan 64*, Lokesh Rahul 67*. #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/cVkjjbE1Xu- Sri Lanka Cricket (@OfficialSLC) August 12, 201712.00 IST: Perera to Rahul, FOUR! Easy. Just too easy. The Lankan bowlers are just giving the runs away here. Full outside off, Rahul takes half a step forward and with a crisp drive finds the cover fence.3rd Test. 26.5: MDK Perera to L Rahul (67), 4 runs, 134/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201712.00 IST: Perera to Rahul, FOUR! Dropped short and Dilruwan pays the price for it. Outside off, Rahul rock back in a jiffy and punches it sweetly through the gap in the covers for a boundary.11.34 IST: Kumara to Rahul, Classy flick to get to his fifty. Full on middle and leg, Rahul plays it wide of mid on for a brace. He’s been getting those runs on a regular basis, now he needs to get a bigger score. Rahul has now equaled the record for most fifties in a row with his seventh score of 50+.7th consecutive 50 for KL Rahul – most by an Indian. Now shares Test record with Weekes, A Flower, Chanderpaul, Sanga & C Rogers. #SLvIND- Rajneesh Gupta (@rgcricket) August 12, 201711.25 IST: Kumara to Dhawan, FOUR! 4th Test fifty for Shikhar Dhawan. Another boundary ball from Kumara results in INDIA GETTING TO 100! Full and outside off, Dhawan powerfully cover-drives it for a boundary. A well-played and a well-deserved half century for the Delhi lad.3rd Test. 17.4: L Kumara to S Dhawan (52), 4 runs, 100/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201711.22 IST: Kumara to Rahul, FOUR! Kumara comes back, a boundary welcomes him! Spears it full and wide outside off, Rahul dishes out a glorious cover drive. This shot is so well timed, that even the outfield couldn’t play a role in helping Sri Lanka here.11.15 IST: Perera to Dhawan, FOUR!3rd Test. 14.4: MDK Perera to S Dhawan (43), 4 runs, 81/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201711.12 IST: Perera to Dhawan, FOUR! Dhawan plays it up and over for a boundary. Tossed up around off, he steps down the track and lofts it over mid off. The ball rushes away to the long off fence.3rd Test. 14.1: MDK Perera to S Dhawan (39), 4 runs, 77/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201711.04 IST: DRINKS BREAK! First hour of play comfortably negotiated by Dhawan (32*), Rahul (34*). The first hour has clearly belonged to the Indians yet again, but not before the generous Lankans let off a couple of chances. Hope this drinks interval would spur the home side to get refreshed and make a few inroads into the Indian batting line-up. IND 69/0 in 13 ovs10.58 IST: Karunaratne to Dhawan, FOUR!3rd Test. 11.6: D Karunaratne to S Dhawan (32), 4 runs, 67/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201710.56 IST: Karunaratne to Rahul, DROPPED! How costly would this prove? Fuller ball Rahul tries to go over the top on this slow paced wicket and almost pays the price. Kumara is late in turning and running back from mid on and drops it even after getting a hand on to that. The batsmen take two, to rub salt on the Lankan wounds.10.46 IST: 50 up for India in the 10th over. Dhawan 27*, Rahul 21*10.42 IST: Fernando to Dhawan, FOUR! Glorious! Short ball outside off, Dhawan times his cut wonderfully through backward point for a boundary.3rd Test. 8.2: V Fernando to S Dhawan (25), 4 runs, 48/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201710.40 IST: Karunaratne’s first over goes for two runs, decent start for him. IND 44/0 in 8 ovs10.27 IST: Kumara to Rahul, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for KL! Short ball on off, Rahul goes for the pull instinctively and gets a top edge. The ball goes on the bounce to the square leg boundary.3rd Test. 5.4: L Kumara to L Rahul (17), 4 runs, 36/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201710.27 IST: Kumara to Rahul, FOUR! Classy Rahul! Kumara steams in from over the wicket to the righty and spears it full on middle at 144 kph. Rahul just times it brilliantly past mid on for another boundary.10.27 IST: Kumara to Dhawan, FOUR! CLUBBED! Kumara runs in from round the wicket and bowls it short and wide of off. Dhawan stays on the back foot through cover-point for another glorious boundary.10.23 IST: Fernando bowls his first maiden. IND 21/0 in 5 ovs10.19 IST: Expensive over from Kumara, 11 runs came off it. IND 21/0 in 4 ovs10.17 IST: Kumara to Dhawan, FOUR! Good shot! Very full ball outside off, an attempted yorker converted into a low full toss by Rahul, who guides it through the gully region and into the third man fence for a boundary.10.15 IST: Kumara to Rahul, FOUR! Good shot! Very full ball outside off, an attempted yorker converted into a low full toss by Rahul, who guides it through the gully region and into the third man fence for a boundary.3rd Test. 3.1: L Kumara to L Rahul (8), 4 runs, 14/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201710.13 IST: Fernando to Dhawan, EDGED BUT FOUR! A tad fuller ball moving just a bit, draws Dhawan forward who looks to drive. Gets a thick edge that dies down towards the second slip and past a diving third slip. The ball races away to the third man fence for a boundary.3rd Test. 2.5: V Fernando to S Dhawan (5), 4 runs, 10/0 https://t.co/owBRclfgU1 #SLvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 201710.10 IST: Excellent first over from Kumara, starts off with a maiden. IND 6/0 in 2 ovs10.05 IST: Good first over for India, six runs came off it. Lahiru Kumara will share the new ball with Fernando from the other end.10.01 IST: Fernando to Dhawan, starts over the wicket, bowls a fuller ball angling into Dhawan, he flicks it to fine leg to get off the mark.10.00 IST: Left-arm fast bowler Vishwa Fernando will open the attack for Sri Lanka. Shikhar Dhawan to take first strike for India.And…we are off #TeamIndia #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/mPZLZwmLp6- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 2017Pre-match updates:9.53 IST: India Playing XI – IND XI: S Dhawan, L Rahul, C Pujara, V Kohli, A Rahane, R Ashwin, W Saha, H Pandya, K Yadav, M Shami, U Yadav- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 20179.35 IST: Dinesh Chandimal says they would have batted first as well. Mentions you can’t control the toss so now just have to restrict the Indians as well as possible. Continues saying India played some good cricket in the last two games, so his side just has to keep its spirits up and do its best. Lets everyone know there are three changes – Rangana Herath, Nuwan Pradeep and Dhananjaya de Silva are out for Lahiru Kumara, Vishwa Fernando and Lakshan Sandakan. 9.35 IST: Virat Kohli reckons that the wicket looks similar to the second game but not as dry. Feels that it will break down from the end of day 2. Says they expect resilience from sides in Tests and it was a challenge in the previous match that they expect from their oppositions. Admits that he knows that he hasn’t played the same side in consecutive games, and those are due to circumstances and not some pattern followed consciously. Confirms the one change in the side that of Ravindra Jadeja being replaced by Kuldeep Yadav. .@imkuldeep18 seems all set and ready for the Kandy Test! #TeamIndia #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/4w61K25UGI- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 20179.33 IST: TOSS! Virat Kohli wins the toss for the third time in this series and opts to bat first vs Sri Lanka in Pallekele. Toss done. #TeamIndia win the toss and will bat first. Just one change – @imkuldeep18 in place of Jadeja #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/yHDr1J7nR0- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 20179.20 IST: Wriddhiman Saha going through the drills this morning.Three cheers to the silent but smiling @Wriddhipops on his 100th First class appearance #TeamIndia #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/Ww9DghFOHj- BCCI (@BCCI) August 12, 20179.00 IST: Check out the sweet music of the ball hitting the middle of the bat as India players get cracking in the nets.How’s that for batting symphony #TeamIndia #SLvIND pic.twitter.com/KDEUjEfs67- BCCI (@BCCI) August 9, 2017Brief Preview:Virat Kohli and his men stand on the cusp of history, aiming to become the first Indian team to complete a whitewash in an overseas three-Test series when they meet a below-par Sri Lanka in the third and final match, starting on Saturday.India have won the first two Tests by comprehensive margins – by 304 runs in Galle and by an innings and 53 runs in Colombo. The island nation, which has been going through a transition phase for quite some time, has decided to roll-out a green top with an aim to salvage some pride from the inconsequential game.Their saving grace could be inclement weather after a spell of showers led to India’s practice session being cancelled on Friday. By including pacers Dushmantha Chameera and Lahiru Gamage in their squad, replacing the injured duo of Nuwan Pradeep and Rangana Herath, the Lankans are aiming to strike back with pace.Two days before the match, it was difficult to differentiate the 22-yards from the lush green outfield of the Pallekele stadium. The nature of the pitch may prompt Kohli to play his third specialist seamer in Bhuvneshwar Kumar in place of the suspended Ravindra Jadeja. Bhuvneshwar has done well in the few chances he has got in the Test team during the Kohli era.For seaming conditions, he has been Kohli’s ‘Go To Man’. However, there is a possibility that Bhuvneshwar, with his decent batting ability, will replace Hardik Pandya with chinaman Kuldeep Yadav playing as the second spinner. Kuldeep did wonderfully well on a bouncy Dharamsala track against Australia, where his four first innings wickets proved to be decisive.last_img read more

DATA MODUL: automotive level 7” TFT for portable, mobile outdoor use

first_img Continue Reading Previous Socionext develops AI accelerator engine optimized for edge computingNext Mouser: global distribution partnership with Advanced Energy Industries At Ortustech, it’s not just the TFT portfolio which is continuing to grow, but the panels themselves which are also growing in size. As of now, the high-resolution (800 x 480 dots) COM70H7M24ULC, a 7” TFT panel in landscape mode, is available as part of the product line. The display is equipped with Blanview 2 technology, which particularly proves its worth in sunlight-intensive outdoor use. Even at 7”, the readability remains unabatedly good, even in critical environmental conditions. The temperature range has been significantly expanded from its standard value of -20 to 70°C, to -30 to 85°C.Thanks to VA technology, the displays offer high contrast values, a natural, brilliant color reproduction without color value shifting, with excellent whiteness and an 80° viewing angle from all sides.  The backlight is specified with a service life of 100,000 hours, saves approx. 30% electricity in comparison with conventional TFT LCDs, and makes the panels of interest for portable, mobile applications and battery-operated applications in particular due to its flat, light and compact design. Additionally, the LVDS interface enables simple integration with quick transfer rates.Many large TFT manufacturers develop no, or only a few models with touch panels. For standard sizes such as the 7” display from Ortustech, DATA MODUL offers the opportunity of assembling a touch panel from the easyTouch family, or of directly developing a customer-specific touch panel which will then be applied in-house in the clean room. Optimized touch versions are available from entry to advanced levels by means of AirGap, LOCA or Gel bonding. Alternatively, resistive touch panels can also be implemented. Upon request, these are also delivered by the Munich-based display specialist with additional features, e.g. in designs with many options, e.g. anti-reflection film, anti-fingerprint film, smooth touch film, privacy filter, etc., and as part of a kit, equipped with eMotion LCD control, developed in-house.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Chips & Components last_img read more

Cool Leclerc delivers Ferrari Monza triumph

first_imgMonza: Charles Leclerc secured Ferrari’s first victory at their home Italian Grand Prix since 2010 on Sunday when he resisted race-long pressure from both Mercedes rivals to claim his second successive Formula One triumph. The 21-year-old Monegasque, who dedicated his maiden win last Sunday to the memory of his late friend Anthoine Hubert, who was killed in an F2 race a day earlier, was exultant as a vast army of ‘tifosi’ in an estimated crowd of more than 150,000 celebrated deliriously. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over Chandigarh”What a race!” said an exhausted Leclerc. “I have never felt so tired in a race. It was so difficult. For me, it is a dream to win here like this in front of the ‘tifosi’ – thanks to everyone!” Lelcerc came home narrowly ahead of second-placed Valtteri Bottas and his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton, who pursued the victor for most of the race until his tyres let him down. After a late pit stop, Hamilton then claimed the fastest lap of the race. Also Read – Vijender’s next fight on Nov 22, opponent to be announced laterLeclerc’s Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel endured a torrid and disappointing day, finishing 13th after spinning off and taking a penalty for rejoining in a dangerous fashion. Hamilton apologised to Mercedes and said his tyres “had gone off the cliff…. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to pull it off,” he said. The defending five-time champion now leads his Mercedes team-mate Bottas by 63 points in the drivers’ championship. Daniel Ricciardo came home fourth ahead of his Renault team-mate Nico Hulkenberg, Red Bull new boy Alex Albon, Sergio Perez of Force India and Max Verstappen, who finished eighth after starting from 19th in the second Red Bull. Local hero Antonio Giovinazzi came home ninth for Alfa Romeo ahead of Lando Norris of McLaren, who continued his impressive rookie season. The air temperature was 20 degrees Celsius and the track 33 as the lights went out, Leclerc making a clean start and fending off Hamilton at the first chicane. Verstappen was an opening lap casualty and required a pit stop for a new front wing and a set of hard tyres, after a collision at the first chicane. After a wheel-banging battle between Albon and Sainz, Leclerc clocked a fastest lap and then Vettel spun at Ascari, clipping Lance Stroll’s Racing Point as he re-joined. Both cars were damaged, Vettel pitting for a new front wing. Vettel was given a 10-seconds stop-and-go penalty and dropped to last. By lap 19, Hamilton and Vettel had warned their tyres were gone, the Briton pitting immediately for ‘mediums’ as Mercedes went for the ‘under-cut’. He fell to fifth, but Leclerc hung on to pit a lap later for ‘hards’ and return fourth as the champion roared down the straight. The two fought ferociously, Hamilton attempting to pass twice, the second attack ending with him escaping across the grass. “He didn’t leave me a car’s width,” said Hamilton. The stewards agreed and Leclerc was shown a black-and-white flag, warning him to behave. “I need more power, man,” exclaimed Hamilton after another foiled attack as Leclerc surged out of range again. On lap 36, Leclerc kept his lead by scampering across the run-off at the first chicane. “Some dangerous driving here,” reported Hamilton as the stewards noted the incident and Bottas, remorselessly fast, closed to within three seconds in third. His tyres worn, with 10 laps to go, Hamilton out-braked himself and ran into the first chicane escape road. Bottas passed for second and the hunt was on. “I’ve nothing left in these tyres,” said Hamilton.last_img read more