Haiti’s Government is working to foster stability and economic growth but will require international support to back its efforts, the country’s ambassador told the United Nations General Assembly today during its annual debate.Léo Mérorès said in order to provide relief to the suffering masses in the country and eliminate the roots of gang recruitment, the Government had launched a programme aimed at generating jobs. To create a climate conducive to good governance, the Government had worked with all concerned to achieve social cohesion and political reconciliation.The international conference on Haiti earlier this year produced promises of financial commitment, he noted, adding that the Government was preparing to carry out a long-term development plan and the international community should do its part to help. Donors should live up to their promises and support Haiti, he stressed. “In the long-term, the financial aid from the international community will facilitate the consolidation of democracy and will help us to establish the basis for sustainable development.”He voiced Haiti’s gratitude for international assistance it has received so far, pledging that with this continued global backing, “my country will attain its goals.”

International support crucial to solidifying progress in Haiti official tells UN
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