According to a UN spokesman in New York, fighting between the rival Lendu and Hema militias erupted on Saturday. The UN Organization Mission in the DRC (MONUC) reported that some 500 Lendu militia personnel launched an attack against the Hema militia at around 6:20 a.m. to regain previously held positions. After several hours’ fighting, the Hema pushed the Lendu out of Bunia.Reports of casualties from the fighting are unconfirmed; there are reports of at least four killed and six wounded. The Mission said, however, it feared the figure might be higher. Around 14,000 internally displaced persons are still located within the two camps in Bunia under the UN protection. There was an influx of displaced persons into the camp on Saturday when fighting resumed. However, most of those coming into the camp have now returned home.Meanwhile, the advance party of the UN-authorized Interim Emergency Multinational Force, which arrived in the region late last week, is now in Bunia patrolling the road from the local airport into the centre of the battle-scarred town. The French troops have arrived ahead of the main rapid reaction force that will be deployed in the coming days in a bid to restore order after weeks of conflict among rival militias has claimed more than 400 lives over the past month.

Bloody ethnic clashes in DR of Congo claim more lives UN mission
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