Rabat – A Moroccan national living in Turin, Italy, helped save a woman who set fire to herself in front of Italy’s National Institute of Social Security on Tuesday, reported press agency ANSA.Casablanca native Anas Sabi was by the door of the building and behind the unemployed woman when he saw her set fire to herself. Sabi rushed to obtain a fire extinguisher and opened it on her to extinguish the flames.Despite the Moroccan’s quick response, burns have covered 70 percent of the woman’s body. Sabi said he thanked God for giving him “the strength to react while remaining calm.” The Moroccan added that he will pray for her, saying she told him that “everything would work out.”The brother of the woman in question told Italian media that he wanted “to thank the man who helped my sister.”

Moroccan Saves Woman from SelfImmolation in Italy
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