By Hassan YartiRabat- A journey that began on foot five and a half months ago is not over yet for 19-year-old Moroccan Othmane Zolati. In his journey, he is covering a distance of a little over 6,745 km, which has brought him to Ivory Coast.The second part of his journey is to reach to South Africa using the daily schedule of walking 27 to 30 km per day. For two months, Othmane has been walking across Senegal and Mali, reaching places a vehicle could not reach and coming across wild animals and flowers. He has been sharing each experience on his Facebook profile.Most importantly for Othmane, the journey through Africa has been about understanding the land and its people.“In Mali, for three days I slept in the poorest neighborhood in the capital, Bamako, without water or electricity. The next day, I slept in a luxurious villa located there. All people are giving you their best,” He said.After completing the walk in Morocco, Othmane headed south to complete his journey. His passport confirms his presence in each place. But the most striking places have been Mauritania, Mali, and the Ivory Coast.Othmane will return to Morocco after he “finds himself and happiness, freedom, and peace.”

Moroccan Man Walks Across Africa on Foot
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