first_img Agriculture sector: 107 applications received, 43 completed Fishery sector: 206 applications received, 150 completed Residential sector: 239 applications received, 146 completed Small business sector: 143 applications received, 45 completed Forestry sector: 729 applications received, 0 completed. EMERGENCY MEASURES ORGANIZATION- Hurricane Juan DisasterFinancial Assistance Update The provincial Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) plans tohave all the Hurricane Juan disaster financial assistanceapplications (DFAA) from the fishery and agriculture sectorscompleted by mid February. The majority of residential and small business applications underthe program are expected to be completed by the end of March. In total, 1,424 applications were received for disaster financialassistance. Six hundred and ninety-five applications came fromfarmers, fishers, small businesses and individuals. To date, 384of these applications have been completed with more than $1.35million already being distributed. “This is the largest disaster financial assistance program theprovince has ever administered and I am pleased with the progresswe are making,” said Ernest Fage, Minister responsible for theEmergency Measures Act. “It takes time to review each application, especially consideringthe federal eligibility guidelines we must follow are subject tobroad interpretation and require extensive consultation with thefederal government. Individuals who submitted applications,however, deserve to know that their applications are going to becompleted in a timely fashion and that is why we have initiatedthe completion target dates.” Friday, Feb. 13, 2004, is the target to have all the fishery andagriculture applications completed. “Completed” means theapplications have been screened for eligibility, evaluated, apayment amount established and the payment is either made or aletter of commitment provided. EMO has also set the date of March31, 2004 to have 80 per cent of the residential and businessapplications processed. The remaining 729 applications involve woodlots where applicantswill be paid after they have completed the required silvaculturework. Since restoration work is still on going, no payments haveyet been made for woodlot restoration. Applicants have been givenuntil March 31, 2005 to complete the work. The following is a breakdown of the disaster financial assistanceapplications to date:last_img

Hurricane Juan Disaster Financial Assistance Update
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