first_imgMusic festivals always seem to boast the most memorable experiences for both bands and fans alike. There is something about the immersive culture of the festival experience, from camping out with your friends for three or four days, to making new friends and connections over the course of the weekend. From the magic that happens on stage when your favorite band is locked in and playing their hearts out for a massive crowd, all the way to the little things like a simple look from a special someone, to that random dance party at a nearby camp that goes all night long. Whatever it is, festival life certainly a special experience. And The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival is no exception to that rule.Boasting what is arguably its best lineup yet, and taking place from August 4th-6th at Legend Valley in Thornville, OH, this year’s fest features headlining sets from festival hosts The Werks (3 nights!), STS9, Greensky Bluegrass, and a supporting cast that is made up of Lettuce, Dopapod (2 nights), Twiddle (2 nights), The Motet, Turkuaz, a special “Twerkapod: Tribute to the 90’s“, and much more. This year’s Werk Out is going to be the B-A-N-A-N-A-S, where many more special moments are sure to be created. With that in mind, we collected some of those special moments that fans have shared over the years. What memories will you make this year? (Get your tickets HERE!)Dillon Reif: “Best memory was being part of something that at the time I didn’t know was going to be so huge. Being there for their first year and continuing the tradition every year is my favorite memory. I met my fiance there three years ago. Everything about The Werk Out is a great experience and I can’t wait for it again!”Zac Peterson: “Sending our two friends out to see who could get the most signatures on their bodies. They were covered head to toe in sharpie for weeks lol.”Daniel Stephen: “Seeing the mighty collaboration of The Werks, Papadosio, Dopapod & Zach Deputy put Pink Floyd’s “The Great Gig In The Sky” into reality for my friends and me. What a way to start off the weekend.”Pam McKinley: “Donna Jean and Dark Star Orchestra playing with The Werks in 2011 when The Werk Out was at Shawnee Caverns. The best ‘Shakedown Street’ that I’ve ever heard.”Denny Shivener: “So many amazing memories but what takes the cake for me personally is when Zach Deputy wore my handmade EL wire glasses during his stage set and again while he was jamming on the Further bus in 2014. Definitely made my weekend.”[photo courtesy of Joshua Timmermans and The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival]Sarah Leach: “Laying under a tree at The Werk Out 2015 watching the lasers reflect off the leaves. My guy grabbed me and told me he loved me (for the first time) and that I was the woman he had been waiting for. The woman he could spend forever with.”[photo courtesy of B. Hockensmith Photography and The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival]Haley Phelps: “Last year at the Werk Out when I looked at my friend and said ‘man they haven’t played ‘Duck Farm‘ yet this weekend, and I was really looking forward to jamming to that live. ‘Duck Farm’ immediately followed. Followed by a ‘Hey Jude‘ sing-a-long. Can’t really beat that. So many tears of joy were shed that night.”Julie Ann: “During the 2nd Werk Out on Saturday night during The Werks, I was standing in the crowd with a couple people who had just lost a friend very close to them and a friend that had just lost his mom to cancer. The Werks gave them a shout out and we took a moment of silence to remember the ones we’ve lost. The energy that set over the crowd was unbelievable. Although not everyone knew girl that had passed away, everyone in the crowd had lost someone special to them. So it meant something to everyone.”Chelle Shivener: “Watching 2 new friends get married on the Further Bus.”[photo courtesy of August J. Photography and The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival]Amanda Smiddy: “Last year after two total strangers offered to paint me and when they were done I looked in their mirror and written on top was the words ‘you are beautiful!’ When ever we see this picture we are reminded about how happy we were! So memorable… He had this printed on a blanket for me for Christmas! So now we are going to make sure the blanket goes to The Werk Out every year!”Hannah Elizabeth: “Cryder-Spaeth marrying Gavin M Spaeth in the jelly dome last year.”Marty Nesser: “I will never ever forget when The Werks closed with ‘Hey Jude’ in 2015. My husband, Kevin and I were in awe by this song. I play this song daily because my husband passed away unexpectedly last fall. I remember we held each other in our arms listening to this song.”Caitlin Styka: “Our neighbors had brought a full-sized trampoline to the festival, my favorite was bouncing on it during Papadosio‘s set while the sun was setting, it was beautiful and so much to take in!”Kevin Phelps: “Being able to funk out last year with Lettuce, then talk to them about how awesome their set was while Adam Deitch set up with Break Science.”Austin Ortberg: “2015 Werk Out was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I went with my best friend Ryan Spears and many other buddy’s and had the best weekend we’ve ever had and meet some crazy cool people to vibe with and help spread the love. Unfortunately, it was the last weekend we would ever spend together cause he was killed in a car crash the next week but he fell in love with The Werks and just all the good people and good times just as I did and I know his soul and spirit will keep rocking on. I’m just thankful enough to have our last weekend together jamming at the Werk Out!”*** For additional information and tickets, check out the festival website HERE ***[cover photo courtesy of Joshua Timmermans and The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival]last_img

Fans Share Their Favorite Memories From The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival

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