Clinic Founder Linked to Baseball Steroids Scandal Surrenders to

Clinic Founder Linked to Baseball Steroids Scandal Surrenders to

Anthony Bosch (center) turned himself in to DEA agents Tuesday.Before sunrise Tuesday, Drug Enforcement Administration agents arrested several men involved with the now-defunct Biogenesis lab, an anti-aging/wellness business that was at the heart of a Major League Baseball performance-enhancing drugs scandal last year. Around the same time, the company’s founder, Anthony Bosch, and his attorney drove to a DEA office in Florida to surrender.According to Special Agent in Charge Mark R. Trouville, Bosch was one of 10 people arrested Tuesday as part of a two-year Operation Strikeout investigation. U.S. Attorney Wilfredo Ferrer said at a news conference Tuesday that seven arrests were related to Biogenesis, and three were arrested as part of a separate indictment regarding the party drug Molly.Federal sources said Bosch, 50, had reached a deal to plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids between October 2008 and December 2012. He was led in a DEA vehicle to the U.S. District Courthouse in Miami after being processed in Fort Lauderdale. He faces up to a maximum 10 years in prison.Among those arrested Tuesday was Yuri Sucart, the cousin of Alex Rodriguez, the baseball player who was suspended for an entire season for using PEDs. Federal agents described Sucart as one of Bosch’s recruiters. Sucart, 52, was banned from the New York Yankees clubhouse, charter flights, bus and other team-related activities by Major League Baseball in 2009 after Rodriguez admitted he used steroids while with Texas from 2000 to 2003, saying Sucart obtained and injected the drugs for him.Carlos Acevedo (Bosch’s business partner), Jorge (Oggi) Velasquez, Juan Nunez, Christopher Engroba and former University of Miami pitching coach Lazer Collazo also were arrested along with Bosch.Sources told ESPN’s Outside the Lines that MLB players and other pro athletes are not the focus of the federal investigation; rather, authorities focused solely on potential illegal activities involving Bosch and other associates.Trouville, the special agent in charge of the case, said Bosch and his associates distributed performance-enhancing drugs to minors as well as professionals. Trouville said Bosch isn’t a doctor; “he’s a drug dealer.”Bosch, a self-described biochemist, has been at the head of the largest performance-enhancing drug scandal in American sports history. To date, nearly 20 professional players connected to his clinic have been suspended by Major League Baseball after either testing positive or having their doping regimens uncovered in clinic records.The aggressive, lengthy MLB investigation ended in a record number of suspensions, but at times proved tumultuous and costly. Baseball officials threw tens of thousands of dollars at potential witnesses in seeking to nail their case, at one point paying an ex-convict $150,000 for clinic documents — some of which a state health official said it should have known were stolen. Baseball’s Department of Investigations was recently overhauled in the wake of the Biogenesis investigation. read more

Yankees vs Red Sox Is Going To Be Epic This Season

Yankees vs Red Sox Is Going To Be Epic This Season

31950April 18155415601556.9 How this year is shaping up for the Yankees-Red Sox rivalryBest Elo ratings for the Yankees and Red Sox (based on harmonic mean of two teams’ ratings) going into their first matchup of the season, 1901-2018 152018April 10154915471547.7 The harmonic mean helps identify pairs where both values are high, which lets us weed out pairs where only one team was very good and the other was bad. 82010April 4156915371552.9 11978June 19154815681558.2 172008April 11153615581547.1 41943April 25156915451556.7 The first Yankees-Red Sox matchup of 2018 is happening tonight, and ordinarily, we’d be full of anticipation over one of the best seasons in memory for the historic rivalry.And yet, between injuries and early-season slumps, a bucket of cold water has been splashed on each team’s start of the season. The Yankees come into the game with a disappointing 5-5 record, headlined by the well-documented struggles of right fielder Giancarlo Stanton — who has turned into a $25 million strikeout machine. And the biggest factor driving Boston’s early success hit the disabled list Monday, as shortstop Xander Bogaerts injured his ankle Sunday sliding into the dugout after a stray ball. Because of these setbacks, we might not see the best the Red Sox and Yankees have to offer until later in the year, with this week’s games merely serving as previews for the true battles to come.Stanton’s problems were on display Sunday, when he had his second five-strikeout performance of the season, this time against the Baltimore Orioles. In the process of earning that platinum sombrero, Stanton became only the third player in MLB history to post multiple five-K games in the same season (joining Ray Lankford of the Cardinals in 1998 — who had three such games — and Deron Johnson of the Reds in 1964). The difference is that it took both Lankford and Johnson months to get rung up so many times in separate games; for Stanton, it took exactly 11 days. (Not to mention that Lankford and Johnson were not reigning National League MVPs.)His whiffs might have also earned Stanton the record for the quickest descent from fan adoration to full-on boo birds at Yankee Stadium, even adjusting for the notorious pressure-cooker that is baseball in the Bronx. Obviously, Yankees fans need to collectively take a timeout and walk around the block — Stanton is sure to regress back to some version of his established norms before long. But Stanton does appear to be a little out of sorts these days. So far this season, he’s swinging at more pitches outside the strike zone than he did last year. He’s getting in favorable hitter’s counts less often. He’s making much less contact, whiffing especially often on pitches inside the zone. And in an era of uppercut swings, Stanton’s swing is flattening out: He’s down to an average launch angle of 10.6 degrees this year, continuing a three-year dip in the metric.Of course, Stanton used only a barely steeper swing plane to bash a career-best 59 home runs last year, even flirting for a while with Roger Maris’s pre-steroids-era record (61) for homers in a season. And Stanton’s average exit velocity is higher this year than last. So it’s a good bet that Stanton will eventually settle down and start delivering on the big expectations that followed him from the Marlins to the Yankees. The question is when — and whether it will come against a Red Sox staff that ranks second in the majors in fielding independent pitching.Speaking of the Sox, before Sunday, finding faults in their MLB-leading 8-1 start to the season was difficult. But without Bogaerts, Boston is down its best hitter this season just as the archrival Yankees are arriving in town. According to the Red Sox, Bogaerts is expected to miss up to two weeks with the ailment. It’s not a severe injury, but it comes at the worst possible time for the budding star.Bogaerts has long been one of the most tantalizing players in baseball, a shortstop with the bat skills to potentially hit .300 and the power to mash 20 homers. But even though he has enjoyed a fine run over the past three seasons and change, he hasn’t quite put everything together in the same season like, say, Houston’s Carlos Correa was able to last year. Just like Stanton in New York, Bogaerts has been a victim of both his own talent and the expectations that come from playing under the microscope of an insatiably baseball-crazed fan base.In the first week-plus of this season, however, Bogaerts appeared to be enjoying the breakout season that Boston fans have been waiting for. Not only was he leading all Red Sox players in wins above replacement, but he also ranked seventh in all of baseball (including hitters and pitchers) in the statistic. If he were to have more games like the six-RBI performance he produced against the Rays on Saturday (which included this mammoth grand slam over the Green Monster), Bogaerts would have been building the foundation for a potential MVP-type season. Now, his absence leaves a hole in the middle of Boston’s lineup.Of course, the Red Sox still have Mookie Betts, J.D. Martinez, Rafael Devers and even the resurgent Hanley Ramirez. They also have that stingy pitching staff, led by Tuesday’s starter, ace Chris Sale (who’s off to another Cy Young-caliber season with a 0.82 ERA in his first pair of starts). There’s plenty of talent on both sides going into this initial Boston-New York skirmish.In fact, according to our Elo ratings (a rolling estimate of each team’s quality over time), this is among the best the teams have ever been1In terms of the harmonic mean of the two teams’ Elo ratings. going into their first meeting in a given season (and the best since 2010): 191999May 18155915311544.6 202009April 24153315511541.9 52000May 26155915541556.7 71949April 22155815481553.0 101939April 20156615351550.5 131998May 22157715211548.5 91942April 17156815371551.9 112005April 3153715641550.2 161979May 18154615481547.2 Elo Ratings 141986June 16155015461547.9 61940April 26158415281555.5 122003May 19156315361549.1 181952April 23155715351546.0 RkSeasonDateYankeesRed SoxHarmonic Mean 21951April 17156515501557.7 Still, there’s a good chance that we won’t see that true potential emerge until we get deeper into the two teams’ 19-game head-to-head slate. Bogaerts will return soon enough, and Stanton will surely get comfortable and go on a home run tear at some point. Last season’s Red Sox-Yankees matchups were the most meaningful they’d been in a dozen years — in terms of influence on the pennant race — and this year’s crop could be even more consequential, given the aforementioned Elo ratings and the projected closeness of the AL East race. This week’s series is just the beginning, a sneak peek for what still ought to be the summer’s most compelling tug-of-war. read more

Alabamas Offense Is Now As Terrifying As Its Defense

Alabamas Offense Is Now As Terrifying As Its Defense

RKSeasonPlayerTeamTotal QBR For years, Alabama’s offensive blueprint seemed like a relic from the 1980s: Run the ball on the first few downs, attempt a short- to moderate-length pass, and move the chains or punt to play the field-position game. It was a Ritz Cracker offense that, at times, appeared premeditated to suck the entertainment out of the sport entirely. It worked: Alabama has had 11 running backs/fullbacks and 13 offensive linemen drafted over the past 12 years. Tua is on historic paceSingle-season leaders in Total Quarterback Rating, 2004-18 2012Johnny ManzielTexas A&M91.3 The engine powering college football’s pre-eminent outfit over the past decade has typically been a blue chip-laden, pressure-oriented, versatile defense. In Tuscaloosa, where Nick Saban has helmed the Alabama Crimson Tide since 2007, that engine has only gained steam in recent years. The winner of 87.2 percent of its games and five national titles since the diminutive kingpin’s arrival, Alabama is the only program to qualify for the College Football Playoff in each of the first four years.Much of that sovereignty is attributable to the historically great fortresses that Alabama closes off its end zone with. There have been six instances since 2007 of a team holding opponents to five or fewer rushing touchdowns over an entire season. Alabama accounts for four. Some have even claimed the team’s stockpile of 18- to 22-year-olds could be competitive on Sundays. Baseless claims notwithstanding, the Tide have sent more talent to the NFL than any other team over the past decade. Since Saban’s arrival, 41 members of the Crimson Tide have been selected in the first two rounds of the NFL draft. More than 60 percent of that pool came from the defensive side of the ball. All 11 defensive starters in Alabama’s 2016 season opener were selected in the past two drafts.However, four games into the 2018 season, all anyone can talk about is the Crimson Tide offense — and for good reason. Saban, it would appear, finally has an offense as ostentatious and dynamic as his defense, a horrifying development for the rest of the country.Spearheaded by starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and under the direction of first-year offensive coordinator Mike Locksley, the Tide offense is crashing down on its competition like a tsunami. Alabama has outscored its four opponents by an average margin of 41 points. The Tide have played 16 quarters of football and failed in just two to put more points on the scoreboard than their opponent, and in both cases it was the fourth quarter of a blowout.1A 7-7 fourth-quarter tie against Louisville when Alabama led 44-7 entering the fourth, and the final frame of its blowout win over Texas A&M, when it ceded a touchdown while leading 45-16.Locksley’s offense has been so devastatingly effective that Saban, a well-established curmudgeon who cares not for style points, beseeched the press to “look at some of the things we didn’t do so well” following Saturday’s 22-point win over then-No. 22 Texas A&M. One can only be so sated by a unit averaging 53.8 points and 539.5 yards, after all.Alabama’s offensive efficiency — a metric graded 0 to 100 that controls for quality of opponent and “garbage time” — scores a 98.02. That’s the top mark of any team measured by ESPN Stats & Information since Saban’s arrival. Its defensive efficiency of 94.24 ranks a lusterless fourth since 2007, behind the current Georgia team and two other versions of Bama. According to College Football Reference’s Simple Rating System, Alabama is 49.71 points better than the average Football Bowl Subdivision team this season. However, in Saban parlance, “our team needs to do a lot of things to improve.” Source: ESPN Stats & Information Group 42010Andrew LuckStanford93.8 32011Russell WilsonWisconsin94.1 52018Dwayne HaskinsOhio State93.7 82008Sam BradfordOklahoma91.9 22018Kyler MurrayOklahoma95.6 Tagovailoa vaulted into Alabama lore last season when, as a freshman, he was inserted into the national championship game after halftime and led the Tide to a come-from-behind win over Georgia in overtime. Now the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy, Tagovailoa has performed like a video game character in his sophomore campaign, accounting for 1,033 passing yards, 14 total touchdowns and zero interceptions. He can feather a ball onto the chest of a full-sprint receiver 40 yards downfield and Houdini his way around would-be tacklers bearing down on him in the pocket — execute and improvise. ESPN has been calculating Total Quarterback Rating, which seeks to value quarterback play on a 0-to-100 scale while adjusting for the strength of opposing defenses faced, since 2004. The left-handed Hawaiian is in line to produce the top single-season figure ever — by nearly four points. 12018Tua TagovailoaAlabama97.8 92016Baker MayfieldOklahoma91.8 102014Marcus MariotaOregon91.3 72017Khalil TateArizona92.0 62017Baker MayfieldOklahoma92.3 However, that bland cadence hasn’t manifested under Locksley. Considering the second half of Alabama games have largely been a formality — the Tide have outscored opponents 148-20 in the opening 30 minutes — let’s assess first-half play calling. Alabama is taking to the air on 53.9 percent of plays, which ranks 38th nationally. That mark is 13.9 percentage points higher than last season’s average, which ranked 110th nationally. On first and second downs, Alabama’s pass percentage is 40.5 percent, up from 34.5 percent a season ago. Compared with previous seasons under Saban, this year is a clear aberration, like the Indiana Pacers suddenly learning the value of the three-point shot.“(Locksley) really is doing a good job of mixing up the run, the pass, the play-action screens,” tight end Hale Hentges said. “And he’s making a very natural flow to all of our plays and that’s what has made us have success. … He’s an offensive genius.”What once were almost always Mark Ingram carries on second down have been replaced by deranged sequences of Tagovailoa evading a pass rush to heave a cross-body rocket to the back of the end zone for a touchdown.Alabama has already attempted 17 passes that traveled at least 20 yards downfield, in line to finish the regular season with 51, according to data provided by TruMedia. Last season, the team accounted for 50 in 14 games. Only Hawaii (with 27) has accounted for more passing plays of 20-plus yards this season than Alabama’s 25. In turn, the Tide rank third in expected points added on passes (79.34) and second in adjusted offensive expected points added (98.2), according to data provided by TruMedia.“We feel like as a group, collectively, when we go out, we’re unstoppable,” wide receiver Henry Ruggs III said.Unstoppable isn’t far off. Alabama has scored a touchdown on 48.1 percent of its drives, the top mark of any SEC team. Locksley’s unit has only gone three-and-out eight times, in line to produce the lowest three-and-out percentage (15.4 percent) by an Alabama offense since Saban’s arrival by nearly three percentage points, according to data provided by ESPN Stats & Information.The onslaught of points hasn’t gone unnoticed by pundits like Kirk Herbstreit and Tim Tebow, who knows a thing or three about leading an explosive offense in the SEC. Both have posited that this year’s Alabama offense has the makings of the best in program history. Alabama no longer just suffocates its opponent with defense; in 2018, its offense brings the reckoning. read more

Womens soccer team falls short of first Big Ten title

After a 1-0 loss to Michigan State Friday, the Ohio State women’s soccer team will not win the program’s first regular season Big Ten championship. The Buckeyes entered the game hoping to clinch a share of the conference title with a victory, but their loss, coupled with Penn State’s 2-0 win Sunday, leaves them second in the league at season’s end. The Nittany Lions earned their 12th consecutive conference title and an automatic bid into the NCAA tournament. The Buckeyes, now 14-3-2 overall, should still receive an at-large bid, but might have lost any chance to play a home game to begin the tournament. The official brackets will be released during the NCAA Women’s Soccer Selection Show, which airs today at 8 p.m. on ESPNEWS. read more

If Mattas recruits would have stayed in school

What if?It is one of the most popular questions among sports fans. It allows us to ponder certain scenarios or outcomes involving our favorite sports, teams and players.With last week’s game against Purdue, people asked what if the Buckeyes had called a timeout after rebounding the Boilermaker’s missed free throw in the waning seconds?What if calling that timeout would have set up a better chance for Ohio State to tie the game and send it into overtime?This question has led me to think of another scenario that most of Buckeye land wished would have happened.What if Thad Matta’s recruits hadn’t bolted to the NBA after one year on campus?What if they had all stayed at least one more year?Why couldn’t Greg Oden, Mike Conley and Daequan Cook all return for their sophomore campaigns? The year before we saw a highly talented group of sophomores at Florida win a National Championship, only to announce to the country they were coming back to school to do it again.This was an Ohio State team that had just breezed through its Big Ten schedule on its way to a No. 1 seed and an NCAA Championship appearance.Imagine that core of players returning with Jamar Butler, Othello Hunter and then-highly touted incoming freshman Kosta Koufos.There is no doubt that this team would have won the National Championship and possibly finished with an undefeated season.One can wonder how many nights Thad Matta has cried himself to sleep, reflecting on the potential team he could have had if all three elite players decided to stay in school.Let’s break down the following two seasons.With Koufos staying for at least one more year, the Buckeyes would have had another dominant season in the post with BJ Mullens joining the team as the latest five-star recruit under Matta. Koufos would flourish with his outside game as Mullens and Dallas Lauderdale provided depth down low.This squad, which fell in the first round of the NCAA Tournament last year, would at worst make it the Sweet 16 in this “what if” reality.For this current season, OSU would most likely lose Koufos to the draft but would retain Mullens for another season. After showing flashes of potential in his freshman year, Mullens would flourish during his sophomore season by living up to his recruiting hype.This, coupled with the emergence of Evan Turner as a National Player of the Year candidate, would have instantly made Ohio State Big Ten favorites and a major Final Four contender.So if Matta’s major recruits had just stayed one more year, the basketball culture at Ohio State would be dramatically different. They would have produced a National Championship-caliber squad one season and have two other squads make possibly deep tournament runs. With another top-rated recruiting class also coming to Ohio State this fall, Matta would have created a basketball powerhouse that would be among the elites for several years.But as they say, hindsight is always 20/20.So, snapping back to reality, Matta has had to deal with five of his players leaving for the draft after one season. He still had success, winning the NIT in 2007 and reaching the NCAA Tournament in 2008.But even with his squad this season currently fielding a Top 10 ranking, we all sometimes find ourselves asking the same question.What if? read more

Beating the odds Former Buckeye Art Schlichter working to put life back

Art Schlichter lost everything. But now, it seems he has found salvation. Since his release from Indiana’s Marion County Jail in 2006, the former 1978-81 Ohio State quarterback who notoriously gambled his way into prison has been slowly putting the shattered pieces of his life back together. He has found work at a local radio station, his record has been clean, and he’s helping others conquer their addictions to gambling. Schlichter’s family, ripped apart by his compulsive gambling, has seen him take a more active role with them now than at any other point in his life. “I have two kids that I love and I wanted to be there for them, but for many years I wasn’t,” Schlichter said in a phone interview with The Lantern. “Now that I am, it feels good. Same with my mother. It’s good to be there for her.” His mother, Mila, who lost a breast to cancer and a husband to suicide, came close to losing her son as well. Once an All-American and arguably the greatest quarterback ever to play at OSU, Schlichter developed an affinity for gambling during college that would spiral beyond his control for the next 24 years of his life. During his college years, he was often seen at Scioto Downs racetrack, placing bets to relieve himself of the overwhelming pressure that comes with being an OSU quarterback. “Gambling is excitement,” Schlichter said. “People get involved with it because it’s fun and takes their mind off of what they’re doing at that point. Yet, they don’t realize how devastating it can be if it’s done the wrong way or if that person has a propensity to be an addict.” He left OSU as the school’s all-time leader in passing yards, with 7,547, a record that still stands. When Schlichter was selected fourth overall by the then-Baltimore Colts in the 1982 NFL Draft, the struggling organization expected him to restore the team to its past glory. But when he received his first paychecks, the money left his hands faster than a football as he started making high-stakes bets on major sporting events, including other games in the NFL. Before the end of his rookie season, he had already gambled away his $350,000 signing bonus. Schlichter became so focused on gambling that he did little to prepare himself for the NFL and saw only limited action during his rookie season. His problems made national headlines after threats from bookies forced him to contact the FBI, leading the NFL to discover his addiction. Although Schlichter maintains he never bet on any games involving any teams he played for (including OSU), the NFL still suspended him until the 1984 season. Schlichter’s gambling problems continued after his reinstatement, and the Colts released him five games into the 1985 season. He never played in the NFL again. For the next several years, Schlichter struggled to find work as his debts mounted. Any money he made was put down as action, hoping to win enough money to pay off his debt. His notoriety as one of the biggest failures in NFL history only fueled his addiction. “Gambling was my way of killing the pain,” Schlichter said. “It distracted me from reality. And the more pain you’re in, the more you want to use.” Even starting his own family couldn’t pull Schlichter from his addiction. In 1988, he married Mitzi Shinaver, with whom he later had two daughters, Taylor and Madison. He even found success playing in the Arena Football League and hosting a radio show in Cincinnati. But he lost all of that when he was arrested for writing a bad check that was stolen from his sister-in-law’s bank account. That was the final straw for Mitzi, who could no longer deal with her husband’s problems. She left Schlichter and moved to Indiana with their daughters. Schlichter fell into depression as his mind and spirit seemingly became eviscerated. Alone with only gamblers and his demons as company, he contemplated suicide. “You get suicidal thoughts when you feel like there’s nowhere else to go,” Schlichter said. “Any addiction brings that on at some point. Everybody that goes through an addiction has thoughts of just wanting the day to end and not have to deal with it anymore. I was one of those people and I’m not alone.” He continued to gamble, hoping to alleviate the pain he had caused everyone around him. After the FBI raided his home in search of stolen money in 1994, he was sent to prison. He started gambling almost immediately after his release in 1996. “Anytime you go back out, you think you can conquer it,” Schlichter said. “Gambling is a lot of lies. It doesn’t get better. It can only get worse.” Schlichter spent most of his freedom like he did during his stint in the NFL, dodging authorities like they were blitzing linebackers. And as was the case in the NFL, he couldn’t avoid them. Between 1994 and 2006, Schlichter spent more than 10 years in 44 prisons, losing an estimated $1.5 million. The two years of “freedom” were highlighted by two awful experiences. The first was the suicide of his father, Max, whose body was found in a swimming pool in 2002. The second was after prison guards caught him gambling on college basketball in 2004. Schlichter was punished with solitary confinement, where the loneliness brought on by years of self-inflicted mental wounds tortured him for four months. “You really don’t have anywhere to go but death,” Schlichter said. “It’s very depressing, very isolated. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.” In 2005, Schlichter lost $20 betting on a basketball game in prison. It would be his last bet. When Schlichter was released from prison in 2006, he stayed at a treatment center in Baltimore before moving back with his mother, who was one of the few people who visited him in prison and supported him during his darkest years. “My mother had to go the extra mile to stay by my side, and that’s one thing she instilled in me,” Schlichter said. “You have to love your kids and be there for them in the good times and the bad times. That’s what I try to do.” In 2006, Schlichter founded Gambling Prevention Awareness, a non-profit organization aimed at helping compulsive gamblers find treatment for their addictions. Assuring confidentiality to those who seek his help, Schlichter offers advice about treatment, prevention and legal action to those in need and their family members. He also regularly attends speaking engagements on behalf of the organization, warning people about the dangers of compulsive gambling. In 2008, Schlichter was hired to cover OSU football by the Columbus radio station 610 WTVN. WTVN Program Director Mike Elliott said that, despite his past, there was little opposition to hiring Schlichter by listeners and station employees. “He came on and was very humble and shared some of his stories in a real raw and honest fashion,” Elliott said. “Once the curiosity factor waned, his football knowledge took over. The guy knows what he’s talking about.” Matt McCoy, sports director for WTVN, who works on-air with Schlichter, said Schlichter’s radio work has not only been helpful to the station, but also to his image. “He’s very natural,” McCoy said. “That’s one of the things that impressed us right away. He’s also won a lot of people over. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. We get that almost weekly.” Schlichter said his transition back to free society has been helped tremendously by the Buckeye faithfuls. “Buckeye fans have been great to me,” Schlichter said. “I’m very lucky to be a part of Buckeye nation. Their support makes me proud to be a Buckeye.” Nonetheless, McCoy said there are always some people who won’t accept Schlichter on account of his past transgressions. “Some people just don’t want to let that go,” McCoy said. “It’s like (former OSU running back) Maurice Clarett. Hopefully he doesn’t slip up. He’s paid his debt to society. Same thing with (Schlichter). There are people with hard feelings who don’t want him associated with the program. My thought is ‘move on.’ Let somebody try to live their life and do it the right way.” Still dealing with years’ worth of debt, Schlichter fears that casinos built in Ohio will ruin the lives of others like him. In the months leading up to last year’s passage of Ohio Issue 3, Schlichter and his mother made several commercials opposing the bill. Although he’s not opposed to gambling, Schlichter said he believes Ohio Issue 3, which plans to offer 2 percent of its revenue to the state to pay for gambling prevention and addiction programs, will not do enough to help prevent compulsive gambling. “My concern is about what it’s going to do to help those gamblers who are hurt,” Schlichter said. “I don’t think the issue is written well enough to do that.” Schlichter is also concerned about the exposure gambling has received in recent years. TV broadcasts of poker tournaments and the development of online gambling will lead to disaster, he said. “I think gambling is going to become an epidemic in our country with all the outlets these days,” Schlichter said. “It’s much more exposed than it’s ever been.” As for his family, Schlichter visits his daughters in Indiana as much as he can. He said he maintains a fair relationship with Mitzi, even though she has since remarried. He also takes care of his mother, whose health has been deteriorating. Schlichter is confident he can successfully fight the addiction. However, he knows he is forever shackled to the temptations of gambling and that every day for the rest of his life will be a struggle. “I can’t judge what’s going to happen tomorrow or the day after that,” Schlichter said. “I’m just trying to get through today, do the right thing and take care of myself and my family.” read more

Mens soccer battles to goalless draw with No 17 Louisville

Junior midfielder Ryan Ivancic (23) signs autographs for fans after a game against Louisville Oct. 2. OSU and Louisville tied, 0-0.Credit: Ryan Robey / For the LanternAlthough their goalless skid continued against No. 17 Louisville, the Ohio State men’s soccer team managed to hold off the Cardinals on the way to a scoreless draw Wednesday.OSU’s best opportunity came late in double overtime when a through ball was played to freshman forward Danny Jensen. The ball was collected and scored by Jensen but called back after he was flagged for offsides.“I think we had more of the better chances in the game,” junior goalkeeper Alex Ivanov said, who ended the game with four saves.The shutout was Ivanov’s fourth of 2013.The Buckeyes were able to play compact, keeping minimal space between the midfield and defense. This allowed OSU to pressure Louisville and move the ball up the pitch.Ivanov said he has faith in the attack and hopes for an end of the Buckeyes goalless streak.“I think it’s a good confidence booster but we still haven’t gotten that monkey off our back getting that goal,” Ivanov said. “Hopefully we can get that goal against Michigan.”OSU was out shot 23-12, but coach John Bluem said that statistics can be misleading.“We allowed a lot of shots but that can be deceiving,” Bluem said. “They take a lot of shots from distance. I don’t think Ivanov was that threatened.”Going forward, Jensen said the match will be a boost for OSU’s confidence moving forward.“I think that was one of the best games we played this year,” Jensen said. “We definitely showed that we have it in us to win.”OSU tallied 24 fouls to Louisville’s 13, including a yellow card to Louisville redshirt-junior and former Buckeye Santiago Vélez also picked up a yellow in the 43rd minute.Bluem likes the result by the Buckeyes but was hopeful for a win.“Super proud of our guys tonight. They played hard and battled 110 minutes,” Bluem said. “I think they deserve better.”OSU is set to resume conference play against Michigan Sunday at 2 p.m. at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. read more

The real Nessie Skeleton of Jurassic predator known as the Storr Lochs

first_imgSkye is one of the few places in the world where fossils from the middle Jurassic period can be found and it has been referred to as “Scotland’s dinosaur island”.Dr Nick Fraser, keeper of natural sciences at National Museums Scotland, said: “The Storrs Loch monster highlights the rich fossil heritage of Skye.”Collaborations between scientists at National Museums Scotland, the University of Edinburgh and elsewhere in the UK are beginning to shed new light on the middle Jurassic of Skye – a time when dinosaurs were dominant on land but mammals were also diversifying.”The fossil was discovered on a beach near the SSE Storrs Loch power station by the facility’s manager Norrie Gillies, who died in 2011 aged 93.Once analysis of the fossil is complete, it will go on display at a number of locations, including SSE’s new visitor centre at the Pitlochry dam.Martin Pibworth, managing director wholesale SSE, said: “The fossil was found 50 years ago by Norrie Gillies who, like his son Allan, are both proud SSE company men and were determined it should receive the public attention it deserves.”SSE hopes this fossil will indeed prove to be a ‘crown jewel’ in Scotland’s Jurassic history and thanks to the foresight of the Gillies family, enjoyed by generations to come.” The fossilised skeleton of a Jurassic sea creature from the Ichthyosaurs family found on Skye in 1966 has been unveiled The fossilised skeleton of a Jurassic sea creature from the Ichthyosaurs family found on Skye in 1966 has been unveiledCredit:Rich Dyson Ichthyosaurs like the Storr Lochs monster ruled the waves while dinosaurs thundered across the land.Dr Steve Brusatte Experts say the fossil is from the ichthyosaurs group and the reptile would have been around four metres in length with a pointed head and hundreds of cone-shaped teeth used to feed on fish and squid.It is said to be the most complete skeleton of a sea-living reptile from the age of the dinosaurs that has ever been found in Scotland.Palaeontologists hope it will help to reveal how ichthyosaurs evolved during the middle Jurassic period.center_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A predator that ruled the seas 170 million years ago has finally been unveiled by scientists half a century after it was discovered.The fossilised skeleton of the dolphin-like animal – named the Storr Lochs monster – was found on the Isle of Skye in 1966 by a local power station manager.It had been preserved in National Museums Scotland’s storage facility for 50 years but a partnership between the museum, the University of Edinburgh and energy company SSE has now enabled the fossil to be extracted from the rock, creating a clearer picture of the dinosaur. Dr Steve Brusatte, from the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences, said: “Ichthyosaurs like the Storr Lochs monster ruled the waves while dinosaurs thundered across the land.”Their bones are exceptionally rare in Scotland, which makes this specimen one of the crown jewels of Scottish fossils.”It’s all thanks to the keen eye of an amateur collector that this remarkable fossil was ever found in the first place, which goes to show that you don’t need an advanced degree to make huge scientific discoveries.”last_img read more

Permanent memorial to hero policeman Keith Palmer to be built in his

first_img“It is impossible to fully describe the debt of gratitude we owe to him. I want to express my heartfelt condolences to his family, his colleagues and his friends at this incredibly difficult time. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “I know there is a profound sense of loss, but his actions will never be forgotten.”Pc Palmer’s name has already appeared on the Police Roll of Honour Trust website, and he will be remembered permanently at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire where the UK Police Memorial provides a lasting tribute to the sacrifices that all too many police officers have made.”Ms Rudd also gave her best wishes to the two officers who remain in hospital after being injured in the attack as she praised the police and emergency services’ “remarkable” response to the atrocity.”I’ve said it many times before – we truly have the best police force in the world and I’m humbled by the work you do every day when you put on that uniform not knowing what you might face,” the Home Secretary said. The Home Secretary spoke of how Pc Keith Palmer “touched the lives of millions of people in this country and around the world” as she thanked the police for their “phenomenal” bravery and professionalism after the attack.Writing for Police Oracle, she said: “That example is best summed up by the actions of Pc Keith Palmer. “He gave his life, in the line of duty, in order to keep others safe.”So much has been said and written in tribute to Pc Palmer – a husband and father who went to work on Wednesday morning and will never go home.”His sacrifice, the tragedy of his death, has touched the lives of millions of people in this country and around the world.”Pc Palmer had devoted his life to public service, first as a soldier in the Royal Artillery and then as a member of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command. Home secretary Amber Rudd has announced there will be a memorial built in honour of the heroic policeman who died while protecting London from terrorist Khalid Masood.The police officer stabbed to death in the Westminster terror attack will be remembered permanently at the National Memorial Arboretum.Unarmed Pc Keith Palmer was guarding Parliament when Khalid Masood stormed the gates and knifed him after driving a car into several pedestrians on Westminster Bridge.The 48-year-old husband and father will be commemorated at the UK Police Memorial at the Arboretum in Staffordshire, which provides “a lasting tribute to the sacrifices that all too many police officers have made”, Ms Rudd said.last_img read more