Creepy BioShock Infinite propaganda trailer sings tales of the Songbird

first_imgFollowing up the the first in this series of unsettling BioShock Infinite propaganda trailers, we have part two, which focuses on the Songbird. So far, the series of trailers represent those old-timey scare-tactic educational films that border on propaganda. The series, entitled “Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus?” explores the mysterious tale of the sky city of Columbia, BioShock Infinite‘s new city that will try to find room in our hearts next to where Rapture resides. The Songbird to which the trailer refers appears in numerous other non-stylized trailers of Infinite as a large steampunk flying robot, terrorizing the main character, Booker DeWitt. The Songbird has recently been the focus of BioShock Infinite media, but we’re here to remind you that it won’t be the only character to assume the Big-Daddy-like role of this sequel, as the Handyman has also been featured in such a role. As the above trailer suggests, the Songbird is feared by people without intimate knowledge of Columbia, but is rumored to actually have been created to keep something within Columbia, rather than to terrorize the city’s opposition. It wouldn’t be BioShock if there wasn’t some kind of twist, and other trailers have already shown glimpses of what appears to be a time bubble mechanic, with pockets of space and time opening up around Columbia that are like a window to more modern-day scenery. For the thematic effort put into these educational film trailers so far, we would be surprised if they — or fictional host Alistair Bloom — didn’t make it into the final game in some way. The game is currently slated for a March 26 release, so we have a little over a month until we can find out.last_img read more