6 of the Best – Kambi’s Mattias Eriksson

first_img StumbleUpon Share Share Submit This week’s 6 of the Best gives the readers on SBC News an insight into the life of Mattias Eriksson, the newly appointed Chief Product Officer at Kambi.Keep reading to find out more about Eriksson, formerly Director of Business Development and Innovation at Svenska Spel, including which album changed his “exploration of music”, and what book he describes as lifelike in its “logical irrationality”.Best HolidayCan we just agree on how unfair these questions are? It’s like picking which one of your children is your favourite.Having said that, probably visiting friends in Delhi a few years ago – we got an insider’s look into life in one of the most dynamic cities I ever had the chance to visit! The people are incredible!Best AlbumStevie Wonder’s ‘Songs in the key of life’ is an astonishing accomplishment. I didn’t spend serious time with it until I was in my mid-twenties, but it fundamentally changed the trajectory of my exploration of music.Best FilmToo many to mention, but Dr Strangelove comes to mind. Sign of the times we live in, perhaps.Best Sporting ExperienceI was in the stands for Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s 30-yard bicycle-kick goal against England in 2012. And then, of course, anytime my hometown ice hockey team Skellefteå AIK plays in the Swedish top division.Best BookJoseph Heller’s ‘Catch-22’. Its logical irrationality is both highly entertaining and slightly annoying – a bit like life really.Best AppTwitter, I’m a politics junkie – enough said. At work, I couldn’t function without the Calendar. Strike that, I wouldn’t function at all.last_img read more


first_imgClick on the video above to enjoy some of the action from last Saturday’s brilliant Northfit Corporate Fitness Challenge.A whole host of local businesses competed in both the morning and afternoon sessions of the event, in what turned out to be an incredibly enjoyable event for all participants. The event encouraged business to get active again by participating in a whole host of fun and ‘wacky events’.The main theme of the event was to promote fitness and well-being in a working environment.On the day businesses competed with each other on a head-to-head basis.While it was competitive, there was an element of fun to all challenges and despite a small bit of cheating from a few teams, it was all played out in the right spirit. Packie Mailey from Northfit told Donegal Daily that he was absolutely delighted with how the event went.Packie said, “It was a great day, we couldn’t have envisaged it would’ve been as successful as it was, but we’re absolutely delighted with the reaction we received.“Everybody who participated in the event, really enjoyed themselves, and that was our main priority when we launched the event.“I want to thank all businesses who participated and those who helped sponsor the event.“We’re hoping to run another one, sometime next month and we’ll be announcing details on that shortly.  DDTV: NORTHFIT CORPORATE CHALLENGE AN OVERWHELMING SUCCESS! was last modified: October 10th, 2014 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:BusinessDDTVFeaturesnewsNorthfit Corporate Challengelast_img read more

How to throw an awesome New Year’s geocaching bash in 5 easy steps

first_imgNew Year’s is an opportunity to celebrate the end of one year and welcome the beginning of the next. While end-of-year traditions come in many shapes and sizes, celebrations around the world will all have one thing in common this year: geocaching.This year, we invite you to say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016 with two new geocaching souvenirs. Find a geocache or attend an event on December 31 to earn the Goodbye 2015 souvenir. Then, start your year off right with the Hello 2016 souvenir, which can also be earned by finding a geocache or attending an event on January 1.Without further ado, here are four easy steps to hosting a great New Year’s geocaching bash!Step 1: Pick a themeLike creating a new geocaching username, all great Event Caches start out with a theme. Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:Host a “DNF Forgiveness” party. In Japan, New Year’s is considered a time for renewal — for forgetting the problems of the past and forgiving any grudges or misunderstandings. Make your event a safe space for geocachers to move on from those DNFs that have haunted them in 2015.Throw a muggle initiation party. Do you have friends who would love geocaching, but haven’t tried it out yet? Planning a New Year’s Event Cache can be the perfect way to get them started! Make the event both fun and educational, and invite your fellow geocachers to bring their non-geocaching friends too. Newbies can then get started by finding their first geocache the very next day.Keep things warm & cozy. Plan a daytime event on January 1 at a coffee shop or cafe so that geocachers can warm up (or cool down) with a tasty beverage after finding their first geocache(s) of the year.Step 2: Select the date, time, and location of your eventThis is an easy one: plan your event for December 31 or January 1 so that it qualifies for a souvenir. In picking a time, be sure to think about your guests. If you’re encouraging families to bring young kids, you may want to plan your event earlier in the evening on New Year’s Eve or even schedule a daytime event on January 1.Reminder: The geocaching guidelines prohibit event stacking. To avoid event stacking, Event Caches should be separated by time, organized by different geocachers, have a minimum duration of 30 minutes and take place at a different location than other events. Please check out the geocaching guidelines for more information about planning an Event Cache.You can host Event Caches anywhere available to the public — a restaurant, park or even your house. Be sure to find a place that has enough space for activities!Step 3: Plan fun and engaging activitiesA great way to make your event fun for all is to schedule activities to help your guests meet each other. Here are some ideas to get you started:Set up a photo booth. This can be as easy as finding an area with a simple background. Play the “geocaching predictions” game. Ask guests to write down their geocaching predictions for 2018 (e.g. “I will find my 25th T5 geocache” or “Moun10Bike will finally beat me to an FTF this year”) and throw them into a bucket. Take turns reading the predictions out loud.Play geocaching bingo. Create a bingo card based on geocaching achievements (e.g. “Earned a new country souvenir” or “Found more than 100 geocaches”). Guests will need to find other geocachers at the event who have completed the achievements in 2015 to fill in their board.Bake a lucky trackable into a cake. In Bolivia, coins are baked into sweets so that whoever finds the coin has good luck for the next year. Give your guests the gift of geocaching luck by hiding trackables in the dessert. Make sure to mention this to them before they take a bite!Step 4: Invite friends, new and old!Create a new event on Geocaching.com to have your event listed on Geocaching.com. (This will also qualify your event for the Goodbye 2015 or Hello 2016 souvenir.) Remember, events must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event date. Once your event has been published, share the event listing with your local geocaching organization.Whether you’re already a well-established social butterfly or a first-time attendee, geocaching events are a great way to meet new people who share your love for geocaching. We hope these tips help you host a rockin’ New Year’s geocaching bash and we’d love to hear your ideas too! What tips do you have for throwing a great geocaching New Year’s event? Tell us in the comments below. SharePrint RelatedSay Hello to 2016 with Two New SouvenirsNovember 10, 2015In “Geocaching Weekly Newsletter”Guide to hosting an unforgettable Last/First New Year’s eventNovember 27, 2018In “Community”How to host the best New Year’s event for Last/FirstNovember 28, 2017In “Community” Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

The 3 Ingredients Every Great Movie Trailer Needs

first_imgYour film’s trailer is arguably the most important element when it comes to the commercial success of your project. No matter what style or genre your film may be, there are certain universal rules that you should be following to ensure your trailer is as strong as possible.Low budget independent films are notorious for having poor trailers. On the bigger budget side of things, large film trailers are most often cut by a dedicated trailer house who literally have the art of editing movie trailers down to a science. Some of these guys are so talented that they can take a very mediocre (or even poor) film and cut a mind blowing trailer from it. Unfortunately though, on the independent end of the spectrum trailers are often cut in house by the same editor that has just finished editing the entire film. This might not seem so bad on the surface, but in reality it can lead to the trailer falling flat in many ways, seeing as its editor may have little to no experience with trailers.The good news is you don’t need to spend a lot of money or hire a dedicated trailer editor just to get a half decent product, you just need to focus your efforts in the right places. There are a lot of considerations to make when cutting your own movie trailer: length, pacing, tone, story, etc. and this post will focus on several key elements that all successful trailers share.Lead with your film’s best moments.Your trailer is essentially a highly condensed version of your feature, and in order to whet your audience’s appetite you need to start your edit by including some of your film’s best moments (with the exception of 3rd act material or any other spoiler moments). This point may seem obvious, but the truth of the matter is that many filmmakers are so afraid to give away important plot points in their trailers than they end up only leaving in some of the flatter or less important scenes to be used.Don’t worry too much about what you’re giving away plot wise right off the bat (within reason of course) as you can always fine tune things later, but rather try to focus more on simply selecting the best content that you can. Great trailer material can consist of anything from punchy dialogue in a particular scene, to an outstanding performance moment, or a montage of beautiful imagery. Every film should be showcased differently, so you need to identify what it is that makes your film stand out and highlight those moments as much as you can.The first step in editing your trailer should involve going through your master timeline and pulling together different types of material into their own individual sequences. For example, you might make a sequence of your film’s best imagery, and then a separate sequence of your film’s best dialogue. From there, you can cut things down even further by including only those moments that convey the essence of the story you’re trying to tell. By using multiple sequences to break down your story, you will effectively force yourself to rebuild your trailer in a way that is truly geared towards the trailer format, as opposed to just cutting down a 90 minute film into 2 minutes. It’s also extremely important to remember that your teaser may tell a slightly different story from your film and that’s perfectly fine. Your trailer, more than anything is a marketing piece designed to attract audiences, so if you are able to connect with your viewers and get them wanting to see your movie, then you have done your job.Rhythm is everything.Perhaps more importantly than anything else when it comes to trailers, is the rhythm of the edit. Even though your trailer’s rhythm might not fully come together until you’ve gone through multiple edits, the general rhythm and tone is something that you really need to have a sense of before you even start cutting.The best starting point (especially for editors that are new to this) is to give your trailer a three-act structure. Just like your movie, your first act should showcase your characters and their setting, the second act must illustrate the complications and obstacles the characters experience in their world, and for act three you want to show how these issues become intensified. Don’t make the mistake though of literally using material from act 1, 2 and 3 from your film, but rather create new acts that are primarily pulled from act 1 and 2A of your feature. You want to build excitement and it’s primarily through rhythm and pacing that you can achieve this. If the trailer has no rhythm to it, it doesn’t matter how great it looks and how many awesome scenes were cut into it, audiences won’t respond well.Be extremely picky with your music choices.Selecting the right music for your trailer is arguably the most important factor with regards to overall audience perception. Music is integral to the cinematic experience across the board and picking the wrong music will not only clash with the true nature of your film, but may leave your audience feeling disengaged and uninspired. It’s often tempting to hear a track, cue, or score and want to cut your trailer to that music – even if it isn’t the right choice. Music is subjective and one of the most common mistakes that editors/filmmakers make when choosing music (for their trailers or otherwise) is basing their choice purely on personal preference. Obviously as an artist you want to put your stamp on things and use music that is true to who you are as a filmmaker, but there is a very thin line between staying true to your vision and dropping in music that you simply like, but that isn’t actually right for your film.Always put your film first, and understand that trailer music needs to be able to lead an audience through a variety of emotions in order to truly make an impact. If you have a great track in mind for the trailer, but it doesn’t have enough peaks and valleys, or the lyrics contradict the imagery, or there are any other number of potential red flags – stop right there and look for something else. I can’t stress enough how important it is to find the right score (or cues) for your trailer, so always give yourself enough time to make the right choice.last_img read more

I should never have listened to Lalit Modi and Shah Rukh on IPL: Shoaib Akhtar

first_imgThe Rawalpindi Express may be out of cricket but he has not run out of steam. He’s here, there, everywhere. He was at a cricket clinic in Hong Kong to coach youngsters. In Dubai, he is trying to raise funds to start a chain of pace academies. His next stop,The Rawalpindi Express may be out of cricket but he has not run out of steam. He’s here, there, everywhere. He was at a cricket clinic in Hong Kong to coach youngsters. In Dubai, he is trying to raise funds to start a chain of pace academies. His next stop is Delhi to promote his autobiography, cryptically titled Controversially Yours.It is a book that is unlikely to win him any friends in a career marked with clashes, injuries, and a colourful nightlife wherever Pakistan played. He was cricket’s superbrat with an indescribable Punjabi-Irish accent and an insatiable appetite for adventure, his rollercoaster life making headlines for all the wrong reasons. As he tells India Today in a midnight chat from Dubai, “I was born with an attitude.”Pakistan’s World Cup-winning captain Imran Khan, now president of Tehreek-e-Insaaf party, says pace was his biggest asset. “Many remember the 2003 World Cup disaster because expectations were high. He had terrified Australians the year before with some great spells at Colombo and Brisbane. In 2003 itself, he was devastating in New Zealand with 6 for 30 in the second Test, at Wellington.” The admiration is mutual. “Politics is not for me, but I will support Imran,” Akhtar told India Today.Sachin Tendulkar with Sourav GangulyHis bowling had nothing conventional or unique, just a long run-in and unsettling pace. Akhtar wanted to settle scores in the first five overs. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. The 2004 home series against Sourav Ganguly-led India was a total whitewash for Akhtar. But the speedster silenced his critics with blistering pace in the home series against England in 2005-6. Pakistan won the three-Test series 2-0 and the five odi series 3-2. “In many ways, he was singularly instrumental in helping Pakistan win the Test and odi series but got a raw deal at the end,” remembers former Pakistan pace bowler Sarfraz Nawaz, who spotted Akhtar for national selection.advertisementImran (left) and MiandadAnd then the slide started. His temperament was as wayward as his line and length. Javed Miandad, former Pakistani captain and coach, detested Akhtar’s presence in the team because the bowler made more news off the pitch. “He behaved like a rockstar with the collar turned up,” says Miandad.The 2007 and 2011 World Cups were unmitigated catastrophes for Akhtar, riddled with disciplinary scrapes that ranged from breaches of night curfew to drug abuse, from a rape charge to several indiscreet comments. Akhtar has now realised that discretion is the better part of valour. “I don’t kiss and tell” is his answer to a query on his escapades wherever Pakistan toured.Over 13 years, he played 46 Tests and picked 178 wickets and missed almost as many games as he played. He has 241 odi wickets. But no one knew when he was fit and available up until the 2011 World Cup semifinal against India in Mohali which he missed.Now, he is genuinely no longer available. “I have retired from cricket and done with the game.” The Rawalpindi Express has run its 22 yards.Excerpt”Sachin and Dravid no match-winners, didn’t know the art of finishing a game”The Pakistani team cements together when we play against India. But the Indians, though they always have a great selection of talent, especially in the batting department, often play for themselves first and then for the team. In our dressing room, when we sat around discussing strategies, we always remarked upon the fact that some of the Indians would play to get runs for themselves and that would help us win the match. We, too, have had great batsmen like Inzamam -ul Haq and Javed Miandad, and we almost always had the edge when it came to bowling-we’ve had terrific bowlers like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, all match-winners. Although we had differences with each other, we held together as a team because we were passionate about winning… I could be wrong in my judgment but I do believe that batsmen the world over are to some extent selfish and play for records… I think players like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid weren’t exactly match winners to start with, nor did they know the art of finishing a game. Things changed when younger players like Virender Sehwag and Yuvraj Singh arrived on the scene. These guys didn’t play for records, they played to win… I know our whole team gives Sehwag the credit for being the one to lead India’s winning streak. Gautam Gambhir and he have given India quick and wonderful partnerships. Before that there was only Sachin; the poor man carried the entire burden on his shoulders. With him was Dravid, who has a great technique but has never been a match winner.advertisementSachin has started scoring quickly, and playing the role of a match-winner for his team. I can’t recall a series from his earlier playing days when he helped win matches. But now, with the help of Sehwag, Yuvraj, Gambhir, Virat Kohli and others, who are terrific batsmen and keep things moving, he wins matches for India. He has taken a leaf out of their book and bats beautifully. Now he is a complete batsman. Please don’t get me wrong. I think he was always a great batsman, if not the greatest in the world, and I admire his extraordinary skills. To me, however, winning is everything. Vivian Richards, Ricky Ponting, Brian Lara and the likes of them are great batsmen who dominated with the bat and were truly match-winners. Initially, when I bowled against Sachin, I found these qualities missing. He might have had more runs and records but he lacked the ability to finish a game. Apne run liye aur out ho gaye. But in the last three years, I can see that he has changed his game.An important thing that happened to Indian cricket was the captaincy of Sourav Ganguly. I think he was a superb captain, a giant of a man in a slight body. One of his greatest gifts to his side was the very brave decision to bring in youngsters, and he backed them as well. This has changed the face of their team. Dhoni has benefited greatly from taking over Ganguly’s team. He is a very smart man, an intelligent captain, and on the field he is calm and collected, and means business. He knows how to lead, and the Indian team were deserving winners of the 2011 World Cup.Inzamam (left) and Younis”Pakistan has everything but qadar, the ability to value what we have”I wish I had played under Imran Khan and that he had been around to guide us as youngsters. He was the last man who cared about the game, about the Pakistan team. Our seniors set the example of going out, having a good time-girls were always coming and going out of their rooms. This was the prevailing culture in the Pakistan team. This is what we saw and learned. But when one of the seniors became our coach, he preached what he never practised in his own time. I know people who were drunk and came out to play. This is a fact. And now they call me undisciplined-it’s unbelievable.I wish now that I had never listened to Javed Miandad. I should have gone back home, trained, and then gone to England for the county season… My grouse is with my own board. If a batsman gets out of form, he is given some time to regain it. If a bowler bowls poorly, he too is given a chance to find his rhythm. After all, no one can play brilliantly all the time. But no one had the patience for Shoaib…advertisementIf you ask me, Pakistan has everything but qadar, the ability to value what we have. Allah has given us both a gift and a curse and the curse is that we will never be valued by our own, whether in politics or sports. Benazir Bhutto was shot dead-whoever wants to work for the good of the nation is bound to be finished…Younis Khan won us the T20 World Cup in 2009 and was repaid by being forced to face inquiries…Even Imran Khan… He was beaten up by politically motivated rogue elements in Punjab University in 2007… Can you imagine something like that happening just across our border, a mere 30-minute drive from where he was so heartlessly treated? Can anyone imagine this happening to Tendulkar in India? Is it possible that Tendulkar or Dravid have not made mistakes? They are protected because they are national treasures in a country that has invested pride in them.Shah Rukh Khan”It was not the board alone that ruined Pakistani cricket, it was the team too”I nzamam, at one point, did manage to keep the team united. He and I didn’t get along but that didn’t affect the team-we did well under him for a while. However, a strange thing happened in the dressing room just about then. It is my opinion that the namaz is the duty of every Muslim. Every Muslim knows this, and he also knows that if he doesn’t do the namaz, he will be held responsible in the court of the ultimate judge, Allah. To force grown-ups, as though they were children, to do the namaz or zikr seems a bit strange to me. The problem begins when someone feels that now he has got on to the right path, he must make everybody else do what he does. I think that’s missing the point; it’s also a form of arrogance. If you can find the right path and correct yourself, so can the other man. If you impose your will, Allah’s benevolence and kindness are ignored.But some people thought that this was the way to take the team forward. Roza, namaz, tabliq were to be compulsory team events. Guys were taken to task if they wished to pray in the solitude of their room. Threats were used; if you don’t pray with the team, you will be thrown out. I can guarantee that ten of those praying with the team were doing so because they were scared of being thrown out. I mean, to go around telling all of us that if you recite the namaz with the group, you will be selected and will be in our good books is the strangest thing. Namaz sadda zameer hai-namaz is our conscience-but Islam has also given us instructions on when and how to pray. Islam da adda hissa pakeezgi hai. When the whole team got together for namaz, the bathroom floor would become wet and filthy, with tissues strewn all over-it was disgusting. Islam is all about purity, cleanliness… We began praying on airplanes, if you please, although it is absolutely clear that if you are travelling, you can be excused for namaz. And the toilets-oh my God! Once, the team made the water flow out into the aisle and there were complaints all around; they stopped us from praying on that flight. It wasn’t safe either.I was happy when Younis Khan became captain because he is a great team player, but he wasn’t aggressive enough with the management. At long last we had a good man, a great teammate and a good cricketer at the helm and we won the T20 World Cup. It was as simple as that, but did the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) care? Look what happened to him. The chairman didn’t like him and he got dropped, faced inquiries and struggled to find a place in the team. Later in 2010, we won the series against Australia so they said we won, we don’t need him. How sad is that? Talent and experience were made to sit outside and he had to apologise for nothing, just to appease the egos of the board members, before he was allowed to play again.Unfortunately, our seniors were the most corrupt people I have known in my whole life. Barring a few like Rashid Latif and Moin Kahn, the rest indulged in activities that certainly did not help the game, yet most of them were let off with fines. The fact is I can’t point to any one player and say, this man steadied our team-issne Pakistan cricket ko sambhala. Pakistan cricket ki jo tabahi hai, voh Pakistan team ne khud ki. Always leaking our disagreements to the media, devising devious schemes to throw this one or that one out, infighting, not allowing young talent to grow and thrive… So it was not the board alone that ruined Pakistani cricket, it was the team itself. Players often took their issues to the press. Some, mind you, did it to sell a story and make some money… As a consequence, relationships within the dressing room broke down. Rashid Latif, Aamir Sohail, Wasim Akram, all ended up with extremely bad relationships… Moin Khan stepped down from vice-captaincy. He was banned from entering the dressing room and even the ground. Lalit Modi”I should never have listened to Lalit Modi and Shah Rukh on IPL”Shah Rukh Khan, the Indian actor who owns the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), had got in touch with me to play for his team. I left for India again for the negotiations and was invited to Shah Rukh’s house for discussions. During our meeting, I got the feeling that it was Sourav Ganguly and not Shah Rukh who wanted me on the team. Shah Rukh wasn’t sure about me, but Ganguly knew the kind of bowler I was. Then I met Lalit Modi, who had actively pursued me to join the ipl; he promised the heaven and earth if I did. But when the bidding took place, I was disappointed.The ICL (Indian Cricket League), on the other hand, was offering more. Subhash Chandra and Himanshu Mody, who used to be a part of the icl meetings, rang me to say that I should let them know my terms; they were very keen that I join them. I was trying to be practical and think about my future for a change, and I knew I needed to make the right decision. I thought I might have to bow out of playing for my country, so I asked the ICL for an amount that would compensate for that and a bit more, and they were ready to give me what I wanted. Tony Greig was their main man and Moin Khan represented them in Pakistan. But I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of never being able to play for my country again, and that finally swung the balance in favour of the IPL.Shah Rukh and I had talked about my not being happy with the money… I let him know that it was not just the money, it was about justifying and acknowledging one’s stature and talent. I told him, look, I am letting go of a lot of money for you, so please compensate me for it; otherwise, please let me go. He tried to persuade me, saying, this is the first time we have tried bidding-we have an extra million for you. Somehow, even though I wasn’t satisfied with the result of the auction, Shah Rukh and Modi got me to agree. I remember Lalit Modi telling me not to join the ICL; we will eventually give you more, he said. Please play for the IPL.Meinu behla-phusla ke-I’ll get this for you, I’ll get that for you-they got me to say yes. Lalit Modi told me I wouldn’t regret my decision and that he would ensure that I made more money through endorsements and the like, but that never happened. I should have never listened to Modi and Shah Rukh. All those who joined the ICL eventually played for Pakistan.Shoaib Akhtar with a fanNow here’s the twist in the tale. I was prepared to accept less money in order to keep playing for my country; my board then slammed a five-year ban on me. I had openly declared my dissatisfaction with the pcb for not renewing my contract, preparing dead pitches and other stuff…I went back to Mumbai and signed the contract with kkr. The next thing I knew, the ban was in place. This was the beginning of another difficult period in my life. Modi had a contract that didn’t resemble mine. There was nothing in the contract that I had which indicated that the five-year ban by my board would be upheld by the ipl as well…I believe Modi’s attitude towards me was influenced by his relationship with then pcb chairman Naseem Ashraf. Ashraf wanted to ban me-Shoaib kahin ka na rahe-and Modi was ready to oblige. Shah Rukh remained committed to my playing.Once again, I found myself running from pillar to post, trying to get some semblance of justice. When nobody on the board was prepared to ease things for me, I called up Mubashar… He immediately introduced me to Faisal Butt, who was a very close friend of President Asif Ali Zardari. Butt agreed to help…Then Benazir Bhutto was shot and Zardari started gaining strength politically so the tables were turned on Naseem Ashraf-he was Musharraf’s blue-eyed boy but the General’s clout was waning.”There were girls lining up outside the hotel, I just loved all the attention”The 1999 World Cup was here. I flew into England feeling very positive. I was peaking, my form was good and I remember telling teammates that this tournament would belong to me. They must have put it down to arrogance but I know that it was confidence and self-belief. I’ve been given speed and smartness as a gift from Allah. I am not just a fast bowler; I am a very smart bowler.When my teammates mockingly asked me how it would be my tournament, I told them that the very first ball that I bowled would be of such speed that the world would say the fastest bowler in the history of cricket had arrived. As usual, their response was a derisive, ‘Really?’ Yes, really.My very first ball in our match versus West Indies at Bristol had Sherwin Campbell hopping… I was on fire, performing in every match and bowling really quick. Before this, everybody hailed Alan Donald as the quickest… now everyone was talking about my pace as well and then Tony Greig named me ‘Rawalpindi Express’.And there were girls everywhere. I was the star performer, so you can imagine how many of them crowded around me. They would follow us on the motorway and crowd the hotels we were staying in, yelling out my name almost without a break. Ooof! I just loved all the attention but I had begun to dream of taking the World Cup back to Pakistan. So I was really focused and kept to my room…The night before the final, I lay in bed thinking about the next morning. I imagined the sheer ecstasy of winning, I imagined the winning lap… What happened the next day was a downer, to say the least. Things went horribly wrong right from the start. Wasim won the toss and chose to bat. Bowling second was a rather ignorant decision. We should have studied the wicket more carefully and chosen to bowl first. Pakistan’s batting is known to collapse, and it did-we were all out for 132. A pitiable score that was very difficult to defend because we needed about 200 to 230 runs on the board to keep the Australians at bay.The loss was devastating and we came back to the dressing room a deeply dejected lot. It was so quiet ke hamare saanso ki awaz aa rahee thi ek doosre ko-we could hear each other breathe. Most of us were in tears and emotions were running high.”Media insists on portraying me as a star-struck kid”If I am in India, I end up meeting some film stars. Salman Khan, in particular, is straight after my heart. He is generous, likes to help people, is a straight-talking guy, and I get along with him very well. But the media insists on portraying me as a star-struck kid who likes to party in Bollywood and wants to be an actor. I guess it all began in 2005 when Meera, the well-known Pakistani actress, told me that Mahesh Bhatt, an acclaimed director of Hindi films, wanted to meet me. I was attending a cricket camp in Karachi and he flew in with a film script. Mahesh wanted me to play a role in his film Gangster and I was tempted. It was a great script and I have always enjoyed movies but I did not accept the role for a couple of reasons. The PCB was on my ass and was threatening to ban me-if you do the film, we will do this, we will do that. Secondly, everyone around me was against me doing the film. If you want to continue to play cricket, don’t do it, it’s not possible to handle two professions, they advised me. I did not want people to think I was a non-serious cricketer-movie bhi kar raha hai, like Mohsin Khan.last_img read more

Asian Games: Parveen Rana wants to emulate guru Sushil Kumar

first_imgSushil KumarThe promising Parveen Rana considers himself lucky to be groomed by none other than Sushil Kumar, for he belongs to the same weight category as the two-time Olympic medallist. Rana has been Sushil’s sparring partner for some time now and has picked the brains of the champion wrestler.So when Rana steps on to the mat in Incheon, he would know that he will have to live up to a legacy. Had Sushil competed at the Asian Games, he would have turned up in 70kg but he chose to skip the event and hand the youngster his first major international break.”I consider myself very fortunate that I got the opportunity to train with Sushil bhaiya. This time he told me, ‘How long will I compete. Now it is time for you to compete in major events and win medals for the country’. Sushil bhaiya has set such high standards and to match his exploits will be a big responsibility for me,” Rana told Mail Today.”I know he will be watching me closely. He is always present during my training to help. I am lucky to learn from him.”Both Sushil and Rana had to switch from the 66kg to a higher category after the change of weight classes. Sushil competed in the 74kg in Glasgow as there was no 70kg class in the event.The 21-year-old Rana has shown his talent at the junior level, and also at international competitions in which Sushil did not participate. He won a bronze medal at the junior World and Asian meets and gold at the Youth Commonwealth Games, besides bagging bronze at the Senior Asian Championships. “I have always sought his advice at every step in my career and he has been there to guide me,” he said.advertisementAs luck would have it, Rana suffered a neck injury three months back and doctors advised surgery. “Had I been operated upon, I would have missed the Asian Games. Sushil told me that physiotherapy will help and gave his example as to how he had competed with injury many times in his career. That boosted me.”last_img read more

6 days agoIbrahimovic slams Maldini: AC Milan are a disaster

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Ibrahimovic slams Maldini: AC Milan are a disasterby Carlos Volcano6 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLA Galaxy star Zlatan Ibrahimovic is sorry to see the state of former club AC Milan.The Swede slammed Paolo Maldini’s work as director.He told Gazzetta dello Sport: “Milan are a disaster. They’re all talk and no action.“This is not the club everyone fell in love with, in Italy and all over the world. Perhaps there are too many wrong people who should be elsewhere.“Paolo Maldini doesn’t have what it takes to be a director, whereas in his playing career he was one of my all-time favourites.“In fairness, Maldini does have a difficult task, because it’s not easy to do well with limited resources.” last_img read more

Video: Joel Stave Misses On Crucial 4th Down Throw, Iowa Wins Heartland Trophy

first_imgWisconsin flag bearer runs across the field.LINCOLN, NE – OCTOBER 07: A cheerleader for the Wisconsin Badgers celebrates a score against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Memorial Stadium on October 7, 2017 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)Wisconsin entered the season as Big Ten West favorites, but after this afternoon’s game, things in that division have been thrown for a loop. The Iowa Hawkeyes pulled off an upset of the No. 19 Badgers in Madison, winning the Heartland Trophy for the first time since 2009. Wisconsin had a chance to take the lead, but Joel Stave fired incomplete on a 4th & 2, looking for tight end Troy Fumagalli on the play.Not the best throw here pic.twitter.com/bsIn9uOFBm— Dan Lyons (@Dan_Lyons76) October 3, 2015He looked for a pass interference call, and there was some contact, but the refs held their flags, and Iowa was able to take a knee and win the game.The Heartland Trophy comes BACK to Iowa City! #IOWAvsWIS I’m done bragging now. pic.twitter.com/di1hbirdu1— Y2Jason Strasburg (@Strasconsin) October 3, 2015Iowa is 5-0 with the win, and a favorable schedule ahead. This year could be a big one for Kirk Ferentz and his Hawkeyes.last_img read more