New glasses help doctors see patient trauma feelings

first_imgThere isn’t a single person who hasn’t wished for the ability to read minds at some point in their lives. Well now you can with 2AI Lab’s special glasses, fitted with lenses that can read different emotions.Most humans are already good at reading body language – it’s not too hard to guess someone is sad, happy, or embarrassed. But these glasses pick up on emotional indicators that the naked eye cannot see. It senses oxidisation in your hemoglobin just under your skin, which is why we can sense certain emotions. For example, when we see someone’s cheeks go pink, it’s the oxygen levels changing and we associate pink cheeks with embarrassment.However these glasses aren’t for freaking out your friends or trying to tell how you girlfriend is feeling, they are being trialed at two hospitals to see how helpful they can be for doctors. They’re great for medical assessment as they use three different filters allowing doctors to detect a variety of problems.The first filter means the glasses can see where trauma has been dealt – since hemoglobin changes color when trauma has occurred. Another can detect where your veins are, making those moments when a nurse stabs you in the wrong part of your arm a thing of the past. Apparently this is because veins glow when looked at with these glasses. Lastly, the glasses can be used for a general assessment to see how the patient is feeling during initial check ups. For example, when the blood looks more green-blue it means hemoglobin concentration is high, but hemoglobin oxygenation is low, suggesting the patient is sick and/or cold.This invention could save hospitals some serious expenses on tests. If the glasses are as good as they say at detecting trauma and sickness, doctors wouldn’t need to spend time and money using other machines to scan patients. It’s a much faster method too, meaning patients could get treated more quickly.More at 02Amp Labs, via psfklast_img read more