Technology Helps Protect Society and Inform Urban Planning

first_imgTechnology is no longer just a business tool – it is also helping to solve social issues. Take the question of personal and public security, which is a growing concern in today’s world. For example, as a parent, have you ever had the awful experience of your two-year old, wandering off in a busy shopping mall? One minute, they are beside you. You turn your head for literally a moment and when you look back, your son or daughter seems to have vanished into thin air. The chances are that the child has just wandered off innocently and there is no abduction involved but the panic of that moment stops you straight in your tracks and you are sick with worry until your child is safely located.At the AirportPicture a busy airport, milling with people.  A bag – abandoned in the check-in area – has been designated as a potential security threat. It may be an innocent mistake on the part of a distracted passenger or it could represent a terrorist attack and present a risk to everyone at the airport? What does security do? How do they quickly identify the owner?Of course, nothing can ever replace the importance of traditional policing, smart intelligence, surveillance and the presence of police on the ground but the Internet of Things, coupled with secure CCTV technology, is certainly putting real-time data at the finger-tips of both police and security personnel.In the Shopping MallTake for example, the case of the missing toddler. Imagine the security guard, using his/her smartphone – loaded with special software – to photograph the parent for immediate upload into the shopping centre’s facial recognition system. Armed with this image, the system instantly searches the footage from that day and identifies when the parent first arrived at the shopping centre with the child.Having extracted this footage, Security can then enroll the child’s face into the online facial recognition system. This automatically searches for the missing child across all the CCTV cameras in the network, tracking the movement of the child in real time – where they have been and where they are right now. Based on the GPS coordinates, the guard closest to the child is automatically alerted and the family is quickly reunited. This whole process – from start to finish – takes minutes, helping to quickly resolve a very traumatic experience for both parent and child. Real-Time TrackingLet’s switch to the scenario in the airport. The IoT-based CCTV system quickly locates the abandoned bag– even if partially obscured. It then jumps back to the relevant footage and enrols the face of the person who has left the bag there. This image is transmitted to all cameras in the network and the person’s location is automatically tracked in real-time. An urgent alert – complete with a photograph of the person and details of the incident – is automatically sent to the nearest Security guard for action.  The likelihood is that the episode was simply an innocent mistake but IoT-enabled personal devices with face recognition technologies, connected to a database of criminals, can proactively warn Police when convicted offenders are in the vicinity.Other DevelopmentsIn other security developments, the New York City Police Department has tested acoustic sensors, which can detect illegal gunshots to provide real-time alerts to police in busy precincts. Many police officers now wear body cams on the beat with studies indicating that they improve self-awareness and help promote the right behaviour from both the police and those they interact with.The bottom line is that police agencies across the world are moving toward more data-driven approaches to solving crimes. Machine learning is particularly good at identifying patterns and can be useful when trying to discern a modus operandi of an offender, particularly in the case of serial crime.Supporting Urban PlanningLet’s switch to a more benign setting. Maybe you work in the local planning authority. How do you make public spaces in the city work better for citizens? What is the air pollution level like at any given moment in time? What streets in the city centre attract the most foot fall?  What is the percentage of car users versus pedestrians and cyclists?Data Is the AnswerThanks to the use of sensors, IoT CCTV and analytics, planners can now better understand foot fall patterns – how many people are going where, how and when. It’s important to say that in this instance, people are not individually identified – rather, the planners are looking at aggregated data to help determine infrastructural requirements, like the number of required cycle ways, car lanes, footpaths, parks and bins.There are other potential benefits. For example, business-people looking to open a new shop could potentially be given accurate figures for foot fall near their proposed location to help them assess the potential for their new venture.Smart parking can also use sensors and devices to help drivers quickly locate parking spaces and reduce congestion and fuel emissions. There are also obvious public security benefits. Apart from detecting and preventing vandalism and crime in real-time, in the event of an accident or say an elderly person falling, the emergency services can be automatically summonsed to the scene.Smart PartnershipsSo, what role does Dell EMC OEM play in all of this? The answer is simple. We collaborate with specialist video surveillance and security partners, like iOmniscinet, Milestone, V-5 Systems and Pelco to power their solutions. Our partners provide the IP while we provide the customised hardware platform, and support services.Of course, it goes without saying that criminals and hackers will try to exploit any vulnerability they can find in new security systems.  All these interconnected networks and devices need the right levels of security, built in from the start to protect both the cities and their citizens. That is where we can also add value. We have a dedicated focus on surveillance with experts available in our IoT lab to collaborate with specialist video surveillance and security partners.As a society, I believe that we need to continue to respect the importance of individual privacy while carefully balancing this against the need to protect the common good.What are your views on technology being used to improve security and urban planning? I would love to hear your comments and questions.last_img read more

Half-time: QPR 0 Blackpool 1

first_imgQPR trail at Loftus Road, where a win would see them close the gap on second-placed Burnley.Three points would take them to within seven of the Clarets, who were beaten at home by leaders Leicester earlier today.But Rangers went behind when David Goodwillie took advantage of some shoddy defending and bundled the ball in at the far post after Andrew Halliday’s 10th-minute corner had been flicked on by Chris Basham.The lively Ravel Morrison has looked QPR’s best hope of an equaliser but has been well contained by Blackpool, not least when he wriggled away from two defenders only for his shot to be blocked by Gary MacKenzie.On a brighter note for the home fans, Danny Simpson is back in action after more than two months out with a back problem.Simpson came on in the 38th minute as a replacement for Aaron Hughes, who was struggling at right wing-back and appeared to pick up an early knock.And Simpson went close to scoring a minute before half-time, when keeper Matt Gilks had to produce a good save to keep out his header from Benoit Assou-Ekotto’s left-wing cross.QPR (3-4-1-2): Green; Onuoha, Dunne, Hill; Hughes (Simpson 38), Henry, Carroll, Assou-Ekotto; Morrison; Keane, Zamora.Subs: Murphy; Yun, Hoilett, O’Neil, Maiga, Petrasso.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Raiders find their new feature back in Alabama’s Josh Jacobs

first_imgALAMEDA — Jon Gruden looked into the camera and issued a message to his new running back.“If you’re listening Josh, I encourage you to get some rest, because we’re gonna run you a lot,” Gruden said with conviction. “We’re gonna give you a great opportunity.”Josh Jacobs, the former Alabama running back, is the Raiders’ new feature back after they drafted him with the 24th overall pick on Thursday night. Jacobs’ arrival officially spells the end of Marshawn Lynch’s career, beginning a new era …last_img read more

Curiosity About Mars Rising

first_imgIf all goes well on November 26, the newest Mars rover, nicknamed Curiosity, will rise above Earth’s atmosphere on a rocket pushing it toward the red planet.  The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) is the largest and best-equipped rover ever built for the robotic exploration of another planetary surface. Live Science posted a video clip about one of the MSL instruments named RAD, the Radiation Assessment Detector.  This is the first instrument to study the in situ radiation environment on another world’s surface (radiation from orbit was measured by Mars Odyssey; see 8/07/2003 and 5/18/2005).  Of interest in the video is the comparison between Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere (that shields us from galactic radiation and solar radiation), and the spotty magnetic field on Mars.  The lack of a global protective shield exposes Mars to the onslaught of cosmic rays and solar flares, impacting theories of its habitability. One of the mission’s goals is, in fact, to study the habitability of Mars.  While tantalized whether NASA’s newest rover could find life, NASA’s Astrobiology Institute, of all places, stated that “The Martian surface is incredibly hostile for life.”  And it’s precisely because of the endless barrage of deadly radiation that hopes for finding even simple microbial life today are unrealistic. Rover designers want to find out if Mars might have had life in the past, provided the atmosphere and magnetic field were once more conducive.  But perhaps the most realistic goal related to life is to determine whether human explorers – human rovers – could someday survive the harsh radiation environment.  Past studies have been very pessimistic (see 9/23/2006, “Mars Radiation Would Fry Astronaut Brains”). Curiosity’s launch is scheduled for Saturday the 26th just after 10:00 a.m. EST.  It’s been a long wait.  The rover was essentially finished in 2008, but the launch was cancelled due to a lack of test readiness in March 2009.  Due to planetary alignment, the next launch opportunity would be two and a half years later (i.e., now).  Budget overruns and delays have plagued this mission.  A lot rides on the success of MSL – JPL’s reputation, NASA’s reputation, and public willingness to fund future space missions in a severe economic crisis.  A successful launch, landing in August 2012 and operational mission, on the other hand, could bring a boost to national pride and scientific prestige for the American space program.  Mars missions are known to be “unlucky” as the Russians recently learned once again last week, when their spacecraft to visit Mars’ moon Phobos never made it out of Earth orbit (  Stop your Christmas Saturday morning shopping long enough to root for the American team. What will it take to get scientists to admit there is no life on Mars?  You can’t disprove a universal negative.  Results were very disappointing in 1976 with the Viking missions, but hopes returned with the Martian meteorite, starting debates that took years to quell.  Secular scientists want so much to find life elsewhere so that they can assume evolution is a universal miracle worker. MSL is really not equipped to detect organisms, anyway – only “habitability” either now or in the distant past.  Habitability is to life what territory is to cities.  Finding nice valleys out West did not guarantee shopping centers; those require intelligent design.  Our secular scientific community, though, wants us to believe that life emerges out of habitability, like cities out of nice Western valleys – all by chance and natural law operating without design or purpose.  Prediction: MSL will bring disappointing news for astrobiologists (but lots of real science) if our Curiosity is satisfied at last.(Visited 24 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

It starts with you

first_imgBy Vuyiseka GezaA cross-section of South African organisations, businesses and government departments came together recently to launch the Movement for Good – It Starts With You campaign at the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg.The International Marketing Council (IMC), Heartlines, South Africa the Good News, the Valued Citizens Initiative, South African Tourism, First National Bank, City Press newspaper, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, Indalo Yethu, Cell C, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and various government departments put their resources together to encourage South Africans to take charge and “do good” for the country.“It is about personal responsibility. It is about not saying they must fix it, but I can fix it. I can help create the country I want my children to live in,” said Yvonne Johnston, chief executive of the IMC.“The destiny of our country is in our hands, and we all have to take responsibility for the future. We encourage everybody to be an active citizen, to take action, any action, to make South Africa the country we all want to live in,” said City Press editor Khathu Mamaila.South African citizens can register online at or use a cellphone by sending “Good” to 32197. Members will be required to specify their areas of interest, where they want to make a difference, and to provide specific profile information which will be protected by the website.“The movement for good is part of our healing as a nation, understanding our progress is important and it starts with you,” said Stuart Pennington of South Africa the Good News.Useful linksMovement for GoodInternational Marketing Council of South AfricaSouthAfrica.infoHeartlinesSouth Africa the Good NewsValued Citizens InitiativeSouth African TourismFirst National BankCity PressSouth African Broadcasting CorporationIndalo YethuCell CNelson Mandela Foundationlast_img read more

Future of SA arts in good hands

first_imgThe striking art of Nandipha Mntambo is created from cowhide.(Image: The Volta Show)For any South African feeling gloomy about the state of the nation, the plight of the continent, the receding world economy or any other anxiety-invoking subject, attending the annual Standard Bank Young Artist Awards ceremony should be prescribed as an antidote.Now in its 27th year, this collection of awards acknowledges both the past achievements and future potential of artists under the age of 35 in the categories of visual arts, film, dance, drama, classical music and jazz.Recipients are given a monetary prize, but perhaps more valuable is the platform that the awards provide for promoting each artist’s work; the awards have always been associated with the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and the winners feature prominently in the annual festival programme.The list of former recipients reads like a veritable who’s who in the South African arts community – artist William Kentridge, musician Johnny Clegg, mezzo-soprano Sibongile Khumalo, actors Paul Slabolepszy and Richard E Grant, and director Darrell Roodt, to name just a few.Distinguished winnersThe Young Artists for 2011, announced in late October, have a keen awareness of the prestige of the award.Jazzman Bokani Dyer summed it up in his acceptance speech: “The previous winners are all musicians whom I admire and respect … so this award is a great honour.”In similar vein, theatre-maker Neil Coppen admitted that he had often felt envious of previous winners, and that receiving the award had long been an ambition of his.The sense of continuity between Young Artists past and present was reinforced by the participation of previous recipients such as 2010 music award winner and violinist Samson Diamond, and 1982 theatre award winner Janice Honeyman, the evening’s compère.Indeed, varieties of continuity – both expected and unexpected – developed into the underlying theme of the evening.One such variety was the continuity between childhood dreams and their realisation through the support of family members. It is, of course, something of a cliché to begin an acceptance speech with the words, “I’d like to thank my parents …”. Yet there was nothing trite about the tributes paid by each of the Young Artist recipients to parents, grandparents, siblings and wider family who provided an environment in which their artistic talents could be nurtured.Dance winner Mamela Nyamza recalled how her grandmother, a domestic worker, made it possible for her to attend ballet lessons. Dyer pointed out that his father Steve is a seasoned jazz muso.Coppen jokingly thanked his parents for “not making me play rugby” – but the light-hearted allusion was nonetheless a reminder that there are many young people whose school experiences are tainted by widely-held prejudices in favour of sport and against the arts.Music recipient Ben Schoeman, who is passionate about the role that classical music can play in education, emphasised a different form of continuity by connecting South African students to Ludwig van Beethoven. In his acceptance speech Schoeman showed how, through a series of teacher-pupil relationships and over many generations, the famous German composer can be associated with those who have studied music at the University of South Africa.Such local/global continuity was echoed in the visual arts category. Award winner Nandipha Mntambo has pioneered the use of cowhide as a material for sculpture and in her photographic self-portraits she uses bovine images to provoke the viewer into questioning divisions between humans and animals, as well as between men and women. Cattle have a significant symbolic status in South Africa, but this is not unique: as Mntambo noted, they are central to myths and religions all over the world.Previous generations of South African artists have experienced acutely the tension between local and global commitments. For these Young Artists, however, the two are by no means mutually exclusive. Each of them is already well-travelled and has studied, exhibited work or performed internationally; the award will facilitate the growth of their reputation outside of South Africa’s borders as much as within the country.Supporter of the artsStandard Bank has been in the news of late for all the wrong reasons – sustained low revenues have forced the company to retrench over 1 500 staff members – and as a result it faces numerous public relations challenges.The bank’s long-term sponsorship of the arts in South Africa, particularly its association with the National Arts Festival, is doubtless one of its major assets in terms of public image, yet suggestions that the bank will reduce its sponsorship portfolio as part of a spate of cost-cutting measures do not augur well for the continuation of that relationship. If this does prove to be the case, it will be a great pity.But all may not be lost – in the words of Standard Bank’s head of arts and jazz sponsorship, Mandie van der Spuy, “As a bank we are dedicated to nurturing arts talent in South Africa, and we believe that the awards play a vital role in advancing the artists’ careers as well as our country’s cultural heritage.”Van der Spuy added that the Young Artist award plays a key role in the bank’s commitment to developing upcoming South African talent.last_img read more

buytra 2PCS Topsy Tail Magic Simple Hair Braid Braider Ponytail Maker Styling Tool Set – Good for styling

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Mary Kom: The woman as lean, mean fighting machine

first_imgWomen in Bollywood are usually presented as sexualised beings. If they are tough, they are portrayed as almost masculine, as in the recent film, Mardaani, where Rani Mukerji’s swagger approximates that of a generic male police officer. If they are soft, they are backlit in such a way that their curves are highlighted along with the old reliable studio rain in a wet sari routine (Sridevi in Mr India anyone?). And if they are your garden variety heroine, they have to do the obligatory midriff baring song, swinging to Hinglish lyrics, preferably as item songs which call them everything from baby dolls to badnaam Munnis.Priyanka Chopra as Mary is a completely uninhibited performance, lived physically and mentally So Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom is a relief. The camera lingers lovingly on her muscles as she stretches, does push-ups, punches, and gets punched. This is a woman’s body as a winning weapon, a lean, mean fighting machine, honed to perfection with months of rigour and training for a purpose other than titillation. This is not a woman as either Madonna or whore. This is a woman as an athlete at the top of her game–when she squares her shoulders in a tight-fitting white button down shirt while apologising to a hateful sport official, biting down her famed temper, you can almost see her muscles flexing with the effort of restraint. Salman Khan would have been proud. Ain’t nobody got a body like Shiela. So sang Shiela in Shiela ki Jawani. Katrina/Shiela, please meet Priyanka/Mary.advertisementBollywood movies still idealise the woman as someone who lives for others, as mother, daughter, wife, worker. Here Mary is shown as being totally dedicated to her sport. As her coach tells her: surrender to boxing. He tells her other fundamentals: committment, focus, no gain without pain and show no mercy. Like Maggie in Million Dollar Baby, Mary is a willing pupil, happy to go on an empty stomach if she gets a chance to fight–mera pet khushi se hi bhar gaya, she says.Mary is shown as being totally dedicated to her sport And when she becomes a mother, she, like all new mothers I know, is part elated and part depressed. She thinks it’s the end of her boxing career, and is resentful it happened while she was at the top. It’s when her husband supports her and asks her to think about herself–a rarity in Bollywood–that she starts training again, though she knows it will be tough to get back into shape.The movie addresses other areas that Bollywood shies away from–a married couple which is still attracted to each other, the female gaze (in a quick scene, Priyanka is shown ogling at her husband as he steps out of the bath), and a woman’s desire to be visible (in a telling scene on a bus, Mary is appalled when she is addressed as aunty by a child).How is Priyanka Chopra as Mary? It’s a completely uninhibited performance, lived physically and mentally. The fight scenes are visceral, and the fake bruises ain’t pretty. Priyanka’s freckles may be artfully spaced across her cheeks in too obvious a fashion and her accent a little dodgy, but it is a performance that channels Mary’s spirit–anyone who can apologise to India even after winning a bronze medal at the Olympics Games deserves India’s eternal gratitude.last_img read more

Video: Joel Stave Misses On Crucial 4th Down Throw, Iowa Wins Heartland Trophy

first_imgWisconsin flag bearer runs across the field.LINCOLN, NE – OCTOBER 07: A cheerleader for the Wisconsin Badgers celebrates a score against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Memorial Stadium on October 7, 2017 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)Wisconsin entered the season as Big Ten West favorites, but after this afternoon’s game, things in that division have been thrown for a loop. The Iowa Hawkeyes pulled off an upset of the No. 19 Badgers in Madison, winning the Heartland Trophy for the first time since 2009. Wisconsin had a chance to take the lead, but Joel Stave fired incomplete on a 4th & 2, looking for tight end Troy Fumagalli on the play.Not the best throw here— Dan Lyons (@Dan_Lyons76) October 3, 2015He looked for a pass interference call, and there was some contact, but the refs held their flags, and Iowa was able to take a knee and win the game.The Heartland Trophy comes BACK to Iowa City! #IOWAvsWIS I’m done bragging now.— Y2Jason Strasburg (@Strasconsin) October 3, 2015Iowa is 5-0 with the win, and a favorable schedule ahead. This year could be a big one for Kirk Ferentz and his Hawkeyes.last_img read more

Jack Nicklaus To Be Honored With Muhammad Ali Legacy Award

first_imgTime Inc.’s Sports Illustrated announced that Jack Nicklaus has been chosen to receive the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award.The award was created in 2008 to honor athletes and sports figures that have embodied the ideals of sportsmanship, leadership and philanthropy as vehicles for changing the world over their lifetime. Earlier this year the award was renamed the Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award in tribute to the iconic boxer and humanitarian.“It gives me great pleasure to know the first Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award will be given to one of sports’ biggest living legends, Jack Nicklaus,” said Muhammad Ali. “Jack’s passion for excellence on the golf course is only surpassed by his love and passion for children and their well being. For decades, he has used his celebrity to bring awareness and support for children’s health. I can not think of a more deserving person for this special inaugural award than the Golden Bear, himself.”Nicklaus, who this year became just the seventh athlete in history to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, is being honored for a lifetime of success and influence as one of the greatest golfers of all time. He is a record-setting champion of the sport who has also made philanthropy a central part of his legacy. He joins Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder and driving force behind the Special Olympics, and Earvin Magic Johnson, renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist and social and political activist, as Legacy Award honorees.“There are very few in the sporting world who are more synonymous with the word ‘legacy’ than Muhammad Ali, so to have his name attached to the prestigious Legacy Award is so fitting,” said Jack Nicklaus. “He is not only known universally as the ‘Champ,’ but he has been a wonderful global ambassador for sports and our country. This is a marvelous way to honor his contributions past and present, and to ensure that generations going forward will have the opportunity to learn, respect and admire all Muhammad Ali has done for the sporting world. That is why to be the first recipient of the Ali Legacy Award is both humbling and an honor.”The award presentation will take place during SI’s annual Sportsman of the Year celebration on Tuesday, December 15, in New York City. During this evening SI will also recognize the 2015 Sportsman of the Year and SI Kids’ SportsKid of the Year along with other transcendent individuals from the 2015 year in sports.Jack Nicklaus is a true champion in the world of golf and is one of the most iconic sports figures of our time. He has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated 22 times – more than any golfer – and was named SI’s Sportsman of the Year in 1978. In 1999 he was selected as SI’s Individual Male Athlete of the 20th Century.“Jack is the ultimate ambassador for golf and the sporting world,” said Sports Illustrated Group Editor Paul Fichtenbaum. “From his play, which set the standard in golf for decades and is still held up as the benchmark today, to his successful business pursuits and tireless efforts to support a range of charitable causes, Jack is one of a kind. Having spent a lifetime using his celebrity and influence for philanthropic endeavors and goodwill missions while serving as an inspiration for so many people around the world, Jack represents the ideals of the Legacy Award and stands up perfectly next to the award’s namesake, Muhammad Ali.”Nicklaus’s competitive golf career spanned five decades and includes 120 professional tournament victories worldwide and a record 18 professional major-championship titles (six Masters, five PGA Championships, four U.S. Opens, three British Opens), as well as being a five-time winner of the PGA Player of the Year Award. He has won recognition and praise for his dedication to excellence and his stewardship of the game, from personally designing close to 300 courses worldwide to his leadership in restoring golf to the 2016 Olympic Games.Nicklaus, known as the “Golden Bear,” has used his platform over the decades to support myriad charities, most of which have focused on pediatric health care. He and his wife, Barbara, created the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation, which provides pediatric services in various communities nationwide. It has raised tens of millions of dollars over the last decade, and reached a significant milestone this year when Miami Children’s Health System renamed its flagship hospital, as well as eight outpatient centers, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. He also supports a number of other pediatric care organizations, including Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As co-chairman of the Nicklaus Companies, he has integrated give-back components benefitting these and other children’s charities in a number of products — from golf balls to wine to ice cream.In addition to being recognized by almost every major publication in the world as the greatest golfer of the last century, other accolades and awards for Nicklaus over his lifetime include being only the 17th person in history to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal (the highest honors given to any U.S. civilian); the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award; the Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship; and being inducted, along with his wife, into the Ambassador David M. Walter International Pediatric Hall of Fame.Nicklaus, Shriver and Johnson are the only people to be selected by SI to receive the Legacy Award. Shriver was the inaugural honoree in 2008, with her son Bobby accepting the award in her honor. In 2014, Johnson accepted the honor and was praised by President Bill Clinton and NBA commissioner Adam Silver. On October 1 the award was dedicated to Muhammad Ali during a ceremony that took place at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Ky., which was attended by Ali, his wife, Lonnie, and other notable figures in the community and sports world including George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Shaquille O’Neal and Louisville mayor Greg Fischer.last_img read more