Chinese Teeth Upset Early Man Timeline

first_img(Visited 100 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Is the truth in the teeth? Modern-looking human teeth in a Chinese cave create improbable migration patterns and dates.The old story: modern humans emerged out of Africa 40,000 years ago and conquered the Neanderthals.The new story: modern humans migrated to south China 80,000 to 120,000 years ago, but not into north China; that’s where the simpletons hung out. Then, 40,000 to 80,000 years later, the moderns decided to go west into Europe after the Neanderthals started committing collective suicide or starved, unable to support themselves as they had for up to half a million years. The moderns married some of the Neanderthals and had kids that became us, but shoved the others out and moved into their caves. They didn’t think about civilization for another 30,000 years but made some nice art, some of it as good as Picasso.Does this make any sense?It’s what you’re going to have to believe if you take seriously what Chinese paleoanthropologists (with some help from the Spanish and Dutch) are saying in Nature. They found 47 teeth in a cave in south China that shouldn’t be there. The Editor’s Summary lays out the trouble:A collection of 47 anatomically modern human teeth from the Fuyan Cave in Daoxian, southern China, shows that anatomically modern humans were in the region at least 80,000 years ago, and possibly as long as 120,000 years ago. That is 30,000–70,000 years earlier than in the Levant and Europe. These people were much more modern-looking than hominins in northern and central China. The discovery adds to the complexity of the human story and shows that much remains to be discovered.Robin Dennell tries to be nice about this in her Perspective piece in the same issue of Nature. “A discovery in southern China of human teeth dated to more than 80,000 years old indicates that Homo sapiens was present in the region considerably earlier than had previously been suspected.”Let’s see if we get this. People our equals in stature and brain size, able to migrate across continents, sat in caves for 40,000 to 80,000 years. Not one of them ever thought of planting a farm, riding a horse, or building a building. All this time they didn’t mix with the stupid hominins to their north, although they could have married them and had children. Then (nobody knows why) they decided to move west clear across Asia, have sex with Neanderthals, and watch them all die out. About 6,000 to 10,000 years ago, a mutation must have happened, and presto! Civilization.Better believe it. All the media & the experts do: you know, Ann Gibbons at the Science Rag, (twice), Ewen Calloway at Nature, the UCL pros at The Conversation, Charlie Q at Live Science, — all the smart guys. Who are you to doubt the new tale? Some creationist wacko nut job?They need to be reminded, “Oh what a tangled web we weave when we at first practice to deceive.” When the self-proclaimed experts all laughed their away from Genesis and became the new wizards of the misty past, they started a train of lies that is now so thick, it would take an acid wash to get down to the first one. Each layer proclaims, “Everything you know is wrong.” At what point will their current tale become so convoluted and ridiculous, people will scream, “Start over!” How about now?Mark Strauss had a good piece in National Geographic when he wrote, “12 theories of how we became human and why they’re all wrong.” Today we add a 13th, but we think he miscounted. It should be up somewhere around 144 by now; you know, real gross.  All that stuff about Java Man, Peking Man, Nebraska Man, Heidelberg Man, Piltdown Man, the Laetoli prints, Skull 1470, Zinjanthropus, and on and on. Nobody talks about those anymore, because secular paleoanthropology drops its old bones in the muddy past and keeps holding up the Latest New Thing. That’s how they get funding. That’s how they lure reporters to follow the Pied Piper down the Primrose Path.Sadly, there are creationists of the old-earth persuasion who follow the Pied Piper too. They trust the stories these “experts” tell about their finds and how old they are. When something has to give, it’s always God’s word. They keep all the hominids and their long ages, then picture God picking out a couple of them and naming them Adam and Eve, sheltering them in some garden away from the others. (All the others were not really people, they say; they were just animals without souls that looked like people, built tools, used fire, cooked food, migrated long distances, probably had language, but were kind of, well, zombies.) “But,” is there comeback, “we don’t have to give up on SCIENCE!”Choose you this day.last_img read more

10 months agoREVEALED: Europe’s big 5 in talks with Arsenal midfielder Ramsey

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say REVEALED: Europe’s big 5 in talks with Arsenal midfielder Ramseyby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveAaron Ramsey is in talks with five of Europe’s biggest clubs about a move away from Arsenal, it has been claimed.BBC Sport says starting from January 1, the opening of the transfer window, Ramsey is able to negotiate and sign a pre-contract agreement with foreign sides.The Welshman is considering moves to PSG, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Juventus, and Bayern Munich.Over the past week speculation over Ramsey’s future destination has stepped up, with Juventus being the current most likely club to acquire his services. The 28-year-old is reportedly ‘increasingly tempted’ by a move to Turin and the Italian champions. last_img read more

9 months agoChelsea boss Sarri: Willian and Hudson-Odoi must stay

first_imgChelsea boss Sarri: Willian and Hudson-Odoi must stayby Paul Vegas9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea boss Maurizio Sarri says Willian must stay after he proved the matchwinner against Newcastle.Willian is being linked with Barcelona.But Sarri says: “Willian, for us, is a very important player. As I said yesterday in the press conference, in my opinion he has to stay with us. He’s very important player, like Pedro.”Hudson-Odoi is becoming a very important player so with Eden like a striker today, we need wingers, so we need Pedro, Hudson-Odoi and Willian, of course. At this moment he’s a fundamental player.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

6 days agoIbrahimovic slams Maldini: AC Milan are a disaster

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Ibrahimovic slams Maldini: AC Milan are a disasterby Carlos Volcano6 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLA Galaxy star Zlatan Ibrahimovic is sorry to see the state of former club AC Milan.The Swede slammed Paolo Maldini’s work as director.He told Gazzetta dello Sport: “Milan are a disaster. They’re all talk and no action.“This is not the club everyone fell in love with, in Italy and all over the world. Perhaps there are too many wrong people who should be elsewhere.“Paolo Maldini doesn’t have what it takes to be a director, whereas in his playing career he was one of my all-time favourites.“In fairness, Maldini does have a difficult task, because it’s not easy to do well with limited resources.” last_img read more

Rock Legends Attend Right To Rock Benefit

first_imgLast week, non-profit organization, Little Kids Rock, hosted its fifth annual Right to Rock benefit to ensure the gift of musical education remains in America’s most economically challenged public schools.For her continued dedication to music education in the classroom Darlene Love was presented with the Big Man of the Year Award during the Right to Rock BenefiThe event generated over $850,000 in donations, which will help fund music lessons and instruments for 15,000 additional children in disadvantaged public schools across the United States. Darlene Love, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and star of “Twenty Feet from Stardom,” was honored for her tireless effort to help keep music in the classroom with the organization’s “Big Man of the Year” award.In addition to the funds raised, Little Kids Rock founder, Dave Wish, announced a $4.5 million initiative to bring music education to 60,000 kids in 600 schools in New York City. Details of this program to be announced.“At the end of the day, when the musical performances are over and the crowd has left, the children are what remain,” said Wish. “We are dedicated to providing a creative outlet for students, one that allows them to become self-confident, to transform their lives. Music is that outlet.”The night began with opening remarks from Jake Clemons, whose late uncle, Clarence Clemons, was the inspiration behind the “Big Man of the Year Award.” Love was joined onstage by student musicians from Franklin L. Williams Middle School in Jersey City, N.J as well as friends and fellow musicians Elvis Costello, Bill Medley, Brian Wilson, Paul Shaffer and Steven Van Zandt.Jim Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International, was also honored for his continued support of the organization. Hard Rock International sponsored the 2012 Right to Rock Benefit, which honored Steve Van Zandt as the “Big Man of the Year.” Van Zandt, an honorary board member of Little Kids Rock and avid supporter of music education through his Rock and Roll Forever Foundation, was the musical director of this year’s production.And since it’s all about the kids, Little Kids Rock student Ashley Nunez, a fourth-grader at P.S. 98 in Manhattan, took the stage with fellow classmates to perform an original song they wrote about Hurricane Sandy, “She’s Got a Lot Going On.”“Since joining the program three years ago, Little Kids Rock has been a haven for me,” said Nunez. “Writing and playing music has allowed me to express how I feel, take more risks, and know that it is ok to make mistakes.”Fellow student musicians from Jersey City performed a mash-up of some of today’s most popular songs by chart toppers like Bruno Mars and Alicia Keys.With Steven Van Zandt on lead guitar, Brian Wilson kicked off the star-studded musical lineup with “California Girls,” and was joined by the night’s “Big Man” for “God Only Knows” and “Don’t Worry Baby.” Elvis Costello brought the house down with “Not too Young to Get Married.”Love was in the air when the night’s honoree teamed up with Bill Medley on a rousing duet performance of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling,” which brought the crowd to its feet to dance and sing along.The night concluded with an epic performance by Love, who was joined onstage by many of the evening’s performers, including special guest Paul Shaffer, to sing her classic, “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).”The evening’s success was due in large part to the dedication and support of advisory board members Maureen Van Zandt and Steven Van Zandt, Little Kids Rock’s dinner committee (the “Right to Rock Roadies”), and the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the event such a success. Presenting sponsor, Beats by Dre, as well as lead sponsor, Hard Rock International, also helped to make the benefit possible.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

Some candid pics and the Winners of the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards

first_img Facebook Advertisement Twitter 1 of 46 Best Movie: It’s Only the End of the WorldBest Director: Xavier Dolan, It’s Only the End of the World 2017 Canadian Screen Awards LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment center_img Advertisement Some candid pics and the winners of the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards winners: Login/Register With: Advertisement Best Actress: Tatiana Maslany, The Other HalfBest Actor: Stephan James, RaceBest Original Screenplay: Daniel MacIvor, WeirdosBest Drama Series: Orphan BlackBest Comedy Series: LetterkennyBest Actress in a Comedy Series: Catherine O’Hara, Schitt’s CreekBest Actor in a Comedy Series: Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Kim’s ConvenienceBest Actress in a Drama Series: Tatiana Maslany, Orphan BlackBest Actor in a Drama Series: Adrian Holmes, 19-2Fan Choice: Natasha Negovanlis, CarmillaBest Performance in a Variety or Sketch Comedy Program: The Tragically Hip, The Tragically Hip — A National CelebrationDonald Brittain Award for Best Social/Political Documentary:Guantanamo’s Child: Omar KhadrLifetime Achievement Award: Christopher PlummerEarle Grey Award: Tantoo CardinalIcon Award: Just for Laughslast_img read more

If Mattas recruits would have stayed in school

What if?It is one of the most popular questions among sports fans. It allows us to ponder certain scenarios or outcomes involving our favorite sports, teams and players.With last week’s game against Purdue, people asked what if the Buckeyes had called a timeout after rebounding the Boilermaker’s missed free throw in the waning seconds?What if calling that timeout would have set up a better chance for Ohio State to tie the game and send it into overtime?This question has led me to think of another scenario that most of Buckeye land wished would have happened.What if Thad Matta’s recruits hadn’t bolted to the NBA after one year on campus?What if they had all stayed at least one more year?Why couldn’t Greg Oden, Mike Conley and Daequan Cook all return for their sophomore campaigns? The year before we saw a highly talented group of sophomores at Florida win a National Championship, only to announce to the country they were coming back to school to do it again.This was an Ohio State team that had just breezed through its Big Ten schedule on its way to a No. 1 seed and an NCAA Championship appearance.Imagine that core of players returning with Jamar Butler, Othello Hunter and then-highly touted incoming freshman Kosta Koufos.There is no doubt that this team would have won the National Championship and possibly finished with an undefeated season.One can wonder how many nights Thad Matta has cried himself to sleep, reflecting on the potential team he could have had if all three elite players decided to stay in school.Let’s break down the following two seasons.With Koufos staying for at least one more year, the Buckeyes would have had another dominant season in the post with BJ Mullens joining the team as the latest five-star recruit under Matta. Koufos would flourish with his outside game as Mullens and Dallas Lauderdale provided depth down low.This squad, which fell in the first round of the NCAA Tournament last year, would at worst make it the Sweet 16 in this “what if” reality.For this current season, OSU would most likely lose Koufos to the draft but would retain Mullens for another season. After showing flashes of potential in his freshman year, Mullens would flourish during his sophomore season by living up to his recruiting hype.This, coupled with the emergence of Evan Turner as a National Player of the Year candidate, would have instantly made Ohio State Big Ten favorites and a major Final Four contender.So if Matta’s major recruits had just stayed one more year, the basketball culture at Ohio State would be dramatically different. They would have produced a National Championship-caliber squad one season and have two other squads make possibly deep tournament runs. With another top-rated recruiting class also coming to Ohio State this fall, Matta would have created a basketball powerhouse that would be among the elites for several years.But as they say, hindsight is always 20/20.So, snapping back to reality, Matta has had to deal with five of his players leaving for the draft after one season. He still had success, winning the NIT in 2007 and reaching the NCAA Tournament in 2008.But even with his squad this season currently fielding a Top 10 ranking, we all sometimes find ourselves asking the same question.What if? read more