Soesdyke woman beaten unconscious

first_imgThirty-year-old mother of three, Savita Persaud is now clinging to life following a beating which left her unconscious, reportedly at the hands of her reputed husband, Naresh Dass.Savita Persaud was beaten unconsciousGuyana Times understands that the altercation took place at the couple’s Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara home and Persaud’s relatives are calling for the relevant authorities to conduct thorough investigations into the matter.The injured woman’s sister, Sally Persaud, explained that on Saturday last, the 30-year-old left with her three daughters and her reputed husband’s sister to visit the creek. Dass’ sister is on vacation from Trinidad.Reports are that the accused became enraged, and upon his sister’s return, reportedly threw her suitcase and other belongings out of his house. Guyana Times was informed that the brother and sister argued for a short while before the still fuming Dass proceeded to the upper flat of the home to throw out his wife’s belongings.“He then rushed upstairs to throw Savita’s belongings outside [but] she followed him to stop him. As she was going up the stairs, he grab her by the neck, lift her up and throw her down on the concrete,” Persaud’s sister said.This publication was told that the mother of three was unconscious for some time and was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre by her sister-in-law. However, when the doctors reportedly enquired as to how Persaud was injured, her husband’s sister allegedly told the medical officials that she [Persaud] was involved in an accident.“They [Doctors] took some blood test and sent her home. His [Dass’] sister then got her some medicine from the pharmacy that has ibuprofen in it so that she can sleep it off. His sister told me that she has to sleep it off then she’ll be okay,” Sally Persaud explained on Thursday.Shortly after returning home, the injured woman’s other siblings reportedly attempted to take her away to be treated at another medical facility. However, Dass attempted to stop them, but this proved futile.“My sister was taken to Best Hospital [West Demerara Regional Hospital]… The doctors have examined her and put on her record that she needs an MRI and that she has ‘Spine damage’. She’s currently in the hospital waiting for an answer from the doctors as to the extent of the spinal injury. Currently she’s not moving and needs attention as it seems so severe,” Guyana Times was told.Persaud’s relatives explained that the duo has been together for several years, but it only became known to them recently that their loved one was an alleged victim of domestic abuse. Relatives added that on a few occasions, the now injured woman had attempted to leave her husband but would always return based on Dass’ reported promises to change the error of his ways.“Together they have three daughters and my sister thinks of them mostly, as they keep asking for their dad when she takes them away. He makes promises to her that he won’t hit her ever again but still he does it,” a relative claimed.This newspaper was told that a report of the incident was made at the Diamond/Grove Police Station as well as the Timehri Police Station. However, Dass is yet to be apprehended.“The Police have to start stepping up and take actions against those men who find it necessary to beat their wives… What are the laws doing to protect us as women or anyone who is facing domestic violence?” a female relative of Persaud questioned.Incidents of domestic violence by both male and female parties have been recorded in the past months and years, with women being the primary victims of such attacks. As recent as August, 25-year-old Ryan Singh was remanded to prison on allegations that he slit the throat of his 16-year-old live-in girlfriend who was attacked on July 29. The two were reportedly arguing over his lack of interest in finding a job.The girl, Rosana Lakhpal, was a former Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) student and she met Singh on the social media website, Facebook. Neighbours said they had made numerous complaints to Lakhpal’s mother that Singh was abusing her daughter when they were alone but the teen denied this was happening. Their relationship commenced before she turned 16.Before that incident, Central Amelia’s Ward, Mackenzie, Linden resident Michael London, 35, was also remanded to prison days after being implicated in the brutal murder of his 37-year-old wife, Shenika London, in their Linden home. The accused fatally stabbed his wife after contending that she was unfaithful to him.Police had indicated that at the time of her murder, London rushed out of their home and into the neighbour’s yard, drenched in blood and calling for assistance. However, she collapsed just before she could reach the door. The blood-stained knife used to carry out the gruesome act was found at the crime scene. (Romona Luthi and Shemuel Fanfair)last_img read more