Comcasts terrible terabyte data cap is rolling out across the US

first_img Elizabeth Warren Reveals $85 Billion Public Broadband PlanAT&T, Comcast Team Up to Fight Annoying Robocalls Comcast has been toying with 300GB data cap in a number of markets around the US, and the time has come to bring data caps to the rest of its footprint. The company has announced the wide rollout of the “XFINITY Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan.” As the name implies, everyone will get 1TB of monthly data. That might sound like plenty, and it is right now. But make no mistake, this is Comcast’s attempt to screw you down the road.The new 1TB cap is already live in almost 20 markets, and it’s coming to a further 18 on November 1st. When that happens, you’ll be limited to 1TB of up and downstream data in each monthly billing period. If you go over, Comcast will give you two free passes. After that, you will be automatically charged $10 for each 50GB block past 1TB. If you are paranoid, you can pay an extra $50 per month for unlimited data, but you have to pay that every month regardless of how much you use. Comcast also plans to offer a ridiculous $5 discount for people who promise to use less than 5GB per month. If they go over, they lose the discount and have to pay an extra $1 for every gigabyte used up to $200.Comcast will push an in-browser notice to customers who have used more than 80% of their monthly cap. It quite rightly points out that very few consumers will see these warnings right now. Most people don’t use anywhere close to 1TB, but five or ten years ago you would have been able to say the same thing about a 300GB cap. See below for Comcasts attempt to spin this.This data cap feels like Comcast’s attempt to protect itself from cord cutters. More than anything, it wants everyone to keep paying for expensive cable TV packages rather than stream everything. You can stream a lot of HD video for 1TB, but 4K video bitrates are at least three times higher for streaming content. This will become the standard in a few years as more consumers buy 4K TVs, and they’ll find themselves bumping up against the cap much more easily. And then there are game downloads that are constantly increasing in size — GTA V is a 60GB download by itself, for example.Comcast is letting us acclimate to the idea of paying more for data before it slams the brakes on. Like they say, if you drop a frog into boiling water, it’ll jump out. Increase the heat slowly, and it’ll be boiled to death. We’re the frog. Stay on targetlast_img read more