Infuse Your Next Museum Visit With Moon Power With This Sailor Moon

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. The Best and Most Loved Anime Series of All TimeThe Best Anime On Hulu Stay on targetcenter_img Do you like visiting museums? They can be hit or miss, depending on which ones you go to. There are too many loud kids, not enough exhibits, or boring exhibits at that in some cases. What if you had a chance to check out Sailor Moon-themed exhibits at a space museum? Would you be interested? If your answer was anything but an enthusiastic and resounding “absolutely,” then you might not want to continue reading.The TeNQ space museum in Tokyo Dome City is having a special Sailor Moon collaboration that starts on December 15 this year and extends through April 15 next year. You’ve got several months to check it out, and the event is called Over the Sailor Moon. It’s meant to explore the Sailor Soldiers’ relationships regarding the cosmos itself, such as celestial bodies, the planets, astrology, and more.【更新】東京ドームシティにある宇宙ミュージアムTeNQとの夢のコラボレーションがついに実現! 企画展『Over The Sailor Moon ~宇宙への招待~』の開催が決定しました!— セーラームーン25th公式 (@sailormoon_25th) October 25, 2017There are five different themes with myths from the planets and stars, photography areas to help you get into the mood with the Silver Millennium-themed decorations with the Moon Kingdom, and an area to draw Sailor Moon characters and create messages for others to be shared in the corner of the museum. It’s going to be a full-on Sailor Moon explosion, with plenty of excellent sights to see for fans of the show and those who want to learn more about the real-life planets and their role in the expanse of space.There’s also a whole lot of awesome Sailor Moon merch to buy too, with tote bags, necklaces, bookmarks, and plenty of other items to purchase that will commemorate your time spent at the museum. If you’re interested in attending and will be in the area, make sure you reserve your ticket and snap up this limited-edition march, because as you can imagine it’ll be going quick. And who wouldn’t want to remember their awesome time spent at a museum with an entire area dedicated to Sailor Moon?last_img read more