Poetry spreads its web

first_img “Poetry in America,” taught by Professor Elisa New, will cover the full chronology of American poetry, from the poetry of early New England to contemporary spoken word and hip-hop. The first module, a four-week course on the poetry of early New England (AI12-1X), will launch on Oct. 31. Visit edX.org to sign up.“I’m also negotiating with two classes at Brookline High to do some on-camera tapings in the spring. And all of these classes, I’m hoping, will be testing these modules, telling me what works and doesn’t work,” she said.Communication will be essential, New said. “This is a course about conversation between people about poetry. It’s not just about me lecturing. It’s about how you can huddle around a poem with a bunch of other people and get to know them, and the poem better. For me, that’s the center of what humanistic inquiry is,” she said.Saying she learned about HarvardX later than others, New quickly recognized and wanted the kind of reach an interactive poetry course could have.“I’m hoping there will be communities of readers and students who develop in far-flung places, that high school teachers who take the course will want some involvement, that we will all be connecting. Why not partner a class in Boston with a class in Bogotá?” she asked.“I really believe in this course, and I really believe in people making meaning together.”On Nov. 14, New will lead a panel discussion on the power of poetry and its rich tradition in New England. The event will also be available via livestream. To attend in person, RSVP here. “It’s funny that I’m this ‘online’ person now, when I’m so backward,” said Elisa New. In her Barker Center office, shelves of antique books — many of them first editions — sat everywhere. An early hardback issue of Poetry magazine poked from a glass case.Still, New is no novice at using digital resources to access the past. Those antique books? “Mostly from eBay,” she said. And now New, the Powell M. Cabot Professor of American Literature, is on the cusp of launching “Poetry in America,” her first digital course via HarvardX.“I wanted to do this course using all of the resources of Harvard, its libraries, archives, museums, its students on camera, experimenting with making this a course that uses what the University offers, but for a reason — and that reason is that the history of American poetry and Harvard’s history are so completely intertwined,” she said.“There are some major poets who didn’t spend time at Harvard, but the list of major American poets who did spend time at Harvard is very, very long. We have their manuscripts. They taught here. Buildings are named after them. So this is a perfect place as a base for the course.”When “Poetry in America” goes live on Oct. 31, close to 7,000 students will get a taste of verse in the 17th century. The course is broken down into modules, and will eventually culminate in contemporary American poetry. The course combines interactivity, video, traveling, and an element of surprise, said New.“We filmed here at Harvard, in Cambridge, on Cape Cod,” she said. “I’ll be filming in Washington, D.C., Manhattan, California, even Vermont to talk about [Robert] Frost.”Along the way are some exciting guest “interlocutors,” New said, including her husband, Charles W. Eliot University Professor Lawrence Summers, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, “The Vagina Monologues” playwright Eve Ensler, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” author Michael Pollan (“I gave him a poem about corn to read,” said New), and other guests whose identities New is guarding for now. While celebrity involvement is undeniably unique, New is most excited about opening her course up to local high school teachers and students.“I’m drawing in teachers and students in a variety of ways,” she said. For the course’s second module, on Walt Whitman, New utilized discussions with local teachers. On Nantucket, she filmed a group of local high school students reading William Carlos Williams’ poem “Nantucket.”Poetry in America X: Trailerlast_img read more

Mariachi ND cha-chas to the top

first_imgIt is no longer a secret that the best way to turn your campus event from siesta to fiesta is to include a performance from Mariachi ND. In its first year as an official club, Mariachi ND is drawing more attention than ever before, senior Briana Cortez, Mariachi ND president and director, said. The group has already performed at a tailgate hosted by Multicultural Student Programs and Services (MSPS), the [email protected] series, the Fiesta del Sol and the NDream Immigration Celebration, Cortez said. Sophomore Maggie Schmid, Mariachi ND secretary, said Mariachi ND is and should be enjoyed for their cultural connotation and their talent. “You can celebrate a culture you grew up with or learn about a new culture,” Schmid said. “We also have some very talented people in our group and everyone should want to hear them.” Schmid said joining Mariachi in college has been a way to reconnect with her heritage. “I didn’t necessarily grow up around it, but my mom’s family loves mariachi music. [Mariachi ND] allowed me to get back to my roots,” she said. “And everyone in Mariachi is like family now.” Cortez said gaining club status made it easier for the group to contact and be contacted by those requesting a performance. She also said they began providing a Valentine’s Day serenade service last year and have benefitted from the publicity it generated. Although this is their first year as a club, the group has been around since 1995 as a subdivision of the Coro Primavera, a Spanish-language liturgical choir for Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s students, Cortez said. She said in past years the group has performed annually at the Kellogg Institute’s Dia de los Muertos celebration, Latin Expressions and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe mass in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Sophomore Samantha Rosas, Mariachi ND social media representative, said a future goal for the group is to play during halftime of a football game. Cortez said one of her favorite things about Mariachi ND is exposing people to Mexican culture and the mariachi tradition. “I love the people and I love the music, but I also love just walking around campus and seeing the reactions of people,” she said. “They stop us to ask questions and take pictures, and it’s really fun. Our club is about sharing the culture and what mariachi stands for.” Cortez said she came to the University fully intending to join Mariachi ND after seeing a performance while visiting as a high school senior. “I wasn’t that into mariachi before I came here. It was just always in the background growing up,” she said. “I came for spring visitation weekend and saw Mariachi play. I thought it was so cool. I came as a freshman looking for this band, and was once I was in it I thought it was amazing.” Cortez said the group offers new experiences both musically and socially. “It’s a perfect opportunity to explore musical creativity. It’s a chance for musicians to challenge themselves and expand their horizons,” she said. “You also get to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. Every Tuesday you can come to relax and play music with your friends.” Rosas said performances provide a great way to communicate a cultural heritage to those who are unfamiliar with it. “You can reach out to people who don’t even understand what you’re saying. The music breaks down barriers,” Rosas said. Rosas said Mariachi is her favorite activity on campus because the group is like a family. “I joined freshman year looking for that sense of family that is sometimes lacking in college,” she said. “The group provides this because it is centered on a love for the same type of music, a commonality that brings us together. It is my favorite thing that I’m part of that does have a sense of family.”Senior Fernando Lozano, Mariachi ND librarian, said he joined the club because it represents a connection to his family, especially his grandfather. “The reason I joined Mariachi is mariachi has always been a big part of my life,” Lozano said. “I wanted to stay connected to my grandpa who loved mariachi – he would have mariachi music playing all the time and sang well himself. It’s also a connection with all of my family back home. We always have mariachi music at family gatherings.” Lozano said the club encourages all interested musicians to join Mariachi ND. He said he recommends joining because they are very creative and experimental. “People should join us because we try a lot of new things and experiment – it’s very spontaneous. We’re even considering doing some covers of non-mariachi songs this year,” he said.last_img read more

Bill W. And Dr. Bob Will End Off-Broadway Run

first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on May 4, 2014 Bill W. and Dr. Bob In addition to Boll and Crowe, the cast includes Michael Frederic, Kelli Ruttle and Denise Cormier. View Comments The off-Broadway production of Samuel Shem and Janet Surrey’s Bill W. and Dr. Bob will end its run at the SoHo Playhouse on May 4. The play, starring Patrick Boll and Steve Brady, opened in July of 2013 under the direction of Seth Gordon. At time of closing, the show will have played 243 performances and 8 preview performances. Related Shows Bill W. and Dr. Bob is based on the lives of Alcoholics Anonymous founders William Wilson (Boll) and Dr. Robert Smith (Brady) and their wives, Lois Wilson and Anne Smith, who created Al-Anon. The year is 1929 and stockbroker Bill Wilson has been hit by the stock market crash and is a drunk. Dr. Bob Smith is also an alcoholic, often going into the operating room with a hangover. By some chance occurrences Bill and Bob meet and form a relationship, each trying to keep the other sober.last_img read more

How Young is Too Young for the Outdoors?

first_imgDear Mountain Mama,I’m the proud dad of a healthy two-month old baby girl. My wife and I hope to raise her to enjoy the outdoors. How early should we start introducing her to the outdoors?Thanks,Outdoorsy DadDear Outdoorsy Dad,I applaud your desire to raise a child who loves the outdoors! The desire to wonder about the natural world begins as an infant. It’s up to us parents to nurture that connection early and often.From the first few days of life, when my baby started to fuss, an easy solution was to take him on a walk outside. Something about the cool air in his face and the sound of birds chirping soothed him.When the weather was warm enough, I’d place him on a blanket. He first learned how to roll outside, off the blanket and onto the grass. Rolling around on the grass led to learning to crawl outside. Crawling outside, in turn, has naturally progressed to learning to walk outside.It’s true that spending time outside can mean contending with grass burns, bug bites, dirt, sun, rain, and wind. Babies get germs, they get dirty and they can even get hurt. We can’t baby-proof the outdoors.  My little guys has fallen in puddles, scratched himself, eaten a few not-yet-ripe tomatoes, and has gotten bitten by a bug or two along the way.  He’s also become comfortable outside.  He’s learning that nature is something he is meant to explore, along with my kayak!Outdoorsy Dad, let your babe feel the joy of sunrays on her skin, and to laugh as blades of grass tickle her toes. Encourage your sweet baby girl to relish the cool relief that splashing around in water provides on a hot summer day.  You’ll be helping her develop life-long habits that keep her active in nature.Yours,Mountain MamaGot a question for Mountain Mama? Send it herelast_img read more

House passes financial services spending bill

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr The House late Thursday passed a financial services spending bill that cuts funding for the Internal Revenue Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission.The measure was approved by a largely party-line vote of 239 to 185.In total, the bill provides $21.7 billion for various agencies and programs in fiscal year 2017, $1.5 billion less than this year’s enacted level. IRS funding would be cut by $236 million and SEC funding would be cut by $50 million.The bill would cut FCC funding by $69 million and curbs the agency’s ability to take action on its proposed set-top box rule until a study is finished.The bill also provides funds for the federal courts, Small Business Administration, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, General Services Administration and Federal Communications Commission. continue reading »last_img read more

3 innovative apps that will better your life

first_img 28SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Wendy Moody Wendy Moody is a Senior Editor with CUInsight.com. Wendy works with the editorial team to help edit the content including current news, press releases, jobs and events. She keeps … Web: www.cuinsight.com Details When you have free time on your hands, do you immediately jump on social media? It seems that the minute we have even the smallest bit of down time, we can’t wait to check our social accounts. But, is this really the best use of your time or the best way to better our lives? If you’re phone is handy and you’ve got spare time, instead of exploring social networks, check out these three interesting (and free!) apps that will actually better your personal and professional life.BlinkistYour full-time job is demanding and you’re always on the go. So, how in the world are you supposed to find time to boost your knowledge and explore new ideas and trends? With over one million users, Blinkist provides access to over 2,000 bestselling non-fiction titles in 15-minute summaries for reading and listening. Offering “big ideas in small packages,” Blinkist lets users explore over 19 categories from management and leadership to money and investments.BrightNestThis free home maintenance app offers users a variety of creative cleaning tricks, interior design advice, and general tips for keeping homeowners happy. BrightNest will send subscribers free customized tips for meeting maintenance goals and provides a scheduling tool for tasks and projects, complete with On-the-Go Reminders.Habit ListAre you working to better yourself but have difficulty staying motivated? Whether your goal is to develop new and better habits or drop bad ones, Habit List helps you “build a better you” by keeping you focused and on track with your goals. Just as the Fitbit motivates users to stay healthy by taking a certain number of steps each day, Habit List lets you decide what to work for and challenges you to stay committed and beat personal bests. The app tracks your daily “habits” and shows your progress and provides weekly and monthly reports on completion percentages.last_img read more

Blown away: Dealing with a disaster

first_img continue reading » Hurricane Dorian ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrcenter_img As Hurricane Dorian makes its way up the east coast, I have decided to dedicate today’s blog to an issue many credit unions are concerned with: what to do during a hurricane or other disaster.One important task to complete in the days leading up to or immediately after a disaster-related closure is to notify NCUA. Section 748.1 of NCUA’s rules and regulations requires all federally-insured credit unions to notify the regional director within 5 business days of the disaster. A disaster is any event that causes physical damage to the credit union or is expected to cause an interruption in vital member services projected to last more than two consecutive business days. Vital member services include account inquiries, withdrawals and deposits and loan payments and disbursements. For many credit unions, one or more of these services may be affected by an office closure due to a hurricane.NCUA has explained that it expects credit unions to have procedures in place to be able to communicate with NCUA about disasters affecting the credit union. NCUA has emphasized that its field staff need the following information from the credit union in the case of a disaster-related closure:last_img read more

Support health and wellbeing in the branch

first_img This post is currently collecting data… Wellbeing is quickly becoming a focus of branch design. This is traditionally a topic focused around the corporate office working environment, but supporting health and wellbeing can add significant value to your branching strategy as well, especially in the COVID-19 era.As we’ve written in the past, workplace wellbeing has a strong impact on the productivity, focus, and overall motivation of your employees. And the inverse is true as well, a workplace that doesn’t support wellbeing can lead to employees disengaging from their work. This plays a major role in not only employee performance, but also winning the war for talent with recruiting and retention.These concepts extend to members and customers as well. Wellbeing oriented design seeks to eliminate sources of stress and other negative health risks while promoting attributes that improve occupants’ health. This includes natural light, indoor lighting that matches the color and intensity of outdoor light, comfortable temperatures, and plants and materials that inspire our connection to nature. These attributes make us feel more comfortable, focused, and at ease, creating spaces where people generally enjoy being.In the COVID-19 era especially, the air around us presents the risk of carrying infectious disease. One of the core aspects of wellness oriented design is clean air through efficient airflow and HVAC systems that pump in highly filtered outside air rather than simply recirculating inside air. This create a refreshing, clean space where occupants are less likely to breath in pollution, volatile organic compounds, allergens, or smoke from forest fires. This also significantly reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission, as the risk of virus concentration building up in indoor spaces as people breathe and talk is mitigated. This is placeholder text continue reading »center_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

LGPS duo pre-declares Barclays climate resolutions voting intention

first_imgBrunel Pension Partnership and Merseyside Pension Fund have said they will vote in favour of the climate resolution proposed by Barclays, but also the one they have co-filed.In a statement, the local government pension scheme (LGPS) investors said the proposal put forward by Barclays’ board was “a significant step forward”, but that the shareholder resolution requisitioned by ShareAction, which they co-filed, would complement and strengthen the bank’s commitments.“While Barclays’ own resolution sets out an overarching 2050-ambition encompassing all financing across all sectors, the shareholder resolution ensures a greater focus on short and medium-term actions needed in order to achieve that goal,” they wrote.Owen Thorne, portfolio manager for monitoring and responsible investment at Merseyside, told IPE the pension funds wanted to pre-declare their voting intention and “to do so in a way that encourages other asset owners, especially LGPS, to vote in support of both climate resolutions ahead of the cut-off for submitting proxy voting instructions”. “The intention is to be sending the company the strongest message possible at the AGM of investor expectations on them to deliver a credible plan in November 2020 for moving the bank toward Paris alignment.”The shareholder resolution in question was led by campaign group ShareAction and co-filed by 11 institutional investors, including Brunel and Merseyside.It directs Barclays to set and disclose targets to phase out its financing of fossil fuel companies within the energy and power sector that are not aligned with the goals of the Paris climate agreement.Barclays followed the filing of the shareholder resolution with an announcement about its own proposal.As per that resolution, the bank would “set an ambition to become a net-zero bank by 2050”, covering Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and also disclose and implement a strategy, with targets, “to transition its provision of financial services across all sectors to align with the goals and timelines of the Paris Agreement”.According to Brunel and Merseyside, the shareholder resolution “gives a necessary steer to the implementation of the resolution put forward by Barclays’ board”.Barclays’ AGM is on 7 May. Because of the coronavirus situation, it is being held virtually. Brunel and Merseyside said investors would not be enabled to ask questions on the day, which led them to “question the transparency” of the planned AGM.last_img read more

Venezuelan Embassy and Stockfarm Improvement Committee hosts Christmas party for 80 children

first_img Share Share Sharing is caring! 35 Views   one comment Tweetcenter_img Share LocalNews Venezuelan Embassy and Stockfarm Improvement Committee hosts Christmas party for 80 children by: – January 4, 2012 On Monday January 2nd The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation (IVCC) took part and made a contribution towards a Christmas party organized by the Stockfarm Improvement Committee for more than 80 children at the Simon Bolivar Housing Scheme in Stockfarm, where Santa Claus made a special appearance delivering gifts to all theyoungsters present.Representative from the Embassy of Venezuela Charge d’Affaires a.i. Mr. Jose Antonio Olavarria, Ms Alejandra Marquez, Coordinator of the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation and Mrs. Regina Walsh, Councillor of the Simon Bolivar Housing Scheme, witnessed the joy of the children during this fun oriented event.Press ReleaseEmbassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Commonwealth of Dominicalast_img read more